How Cordelia Got Her Amazon Groove

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Summary: This series of stories deals with the training that the Scooby gang gets from Steve and his friends.

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How Cordelia Got Her Amazon Groove



(Let’s Just Get the Bullshit Out of the Way)

They pass through history…

Living lives longer than any normal man can imagine.

Some pass through with hardly a ripple,

Others are like tidal waves, crashing on the shore.

They are the Immortals.

This is the story of the Wanderer, Warrior, Champion, Teacher, Demon Hunter.

These are his Chronicles…


Frank Iverson, Watcher (2033)



The Training Blues

Cordelia gets her Amazon Groove


<I guess the old saying is true. When dealing with really arrogant people always bet on stupidity. After all you can’t really get more arrogant than a batch of vampires,> Steven St. Wolf thought to himself as he watched the rest of the so called “Scooby gang” training with each other.


Steve couldn’t believe just how fast the huge void created in Sunnydale’s vampire population that he, the Scoobies, some other friends,  and Buffy had created had been filled.  After all, Buffy was the only vampire slayer on the Hellmouth.  The other, Kendra, was in her home country,


Given Sunnydale’s rapid decline in vampires over the course of one night a little over three weeks ago it didn’t take long for more vampires to move in. Steve, and Buffy thought that Sunnydale would most likely stay vampire free for quite a long time before the undead population started to go up again since news of their actions seemed to spread rather quickly..


<I guess they just can’t stay away from the Hellmouth. That’s the only logical explanation, > Steve thought as he watched the training session progress. After it was confirmed that more vampires had move in to fill Angelus power vacuum, Steve, Buffy, and Jenny along with Giles had agreed to help train the others in the use of swords, guns, and martial arts to help keep them safe, since Steve knew there was no talking them out of helping to defend the town.


So far it seemed to be working. “Ouch!!” Cordelia screamed as Willow threw her to the floor. Well, almost seems to be working.


Cordelia glared up at the redhead and sarcastically asked, “Was that hard enough, Willow?”


Willow grinned, “We’re supposed to be practicing our throws, Cordelia. I didn’t complain when you threw me the last time.”


“I know, but it just hurts,” Cordelia commented as Xander helps her up. As she feels his strong arms around her she melts into his embrace.


“Why don’t you go rest, Cordelia,” Steve replied as he watched her melt into Xander’s arms. <While Jenny and I get back to training the rest of them.> “We have to take out that new nest at the old warehouse in one hour.”


Cordelia looked at Steve, understanding that he wanted to finish the training session without any more interruptions. “All right,” she softly replied.



Summer’s Residence

(About the same time)


Joyce Summers and Carol Lancaster were going over their plan on taking out a new vampire nest that had sprung up in the last several weeks.


“Well I think that just about covers everything,” Joyce stated as she folded the map they were using back up, and then replaced it in the hidden pocket that was sewn into the back of the couch. When she finished Joyce continued, “Okay, we have half an hour to get ready, and then we’ll head over there.”


“Is Maria coming here first?” Carol asked.


“No, she is going to meet us there. She’ll only have enough time to get ready, and get over to that warehouse. Being the Chase’s cook and housekeeper it’s the best she can do.”


Carol nodded her understanding. Then she asked Joyce, “Do you think that we might run into Buffy and Steve tonight?”


Joyce shrugged her shoulders. “Who knows? It’s been over three weeks since we originally told Lady Felicia about what happened here at the high school gym, and she surprised us by telling us all about Steve. I mean who would have guessed that her friend “the Wanderer” she was always talking about, and Steven St. Wolf were the same person. <At least we now know who Steve really is, and where he stands.>  Since then Lady Felicia ordered us to start patrolling Sunnydale taking out any vampires we find, but we’re still horror bound to only tell Steve and the others that were Amazons only if they find out about us. We’ve been doing this for more than three weeks, and we keep missing them. Sooner, or later I’m sure that we’re going to run into them.”


“I’ll bet that will be a huge relief for you when you can finally tell Buffy everything,” Carol said.


“I know what you mean,” Joyce replied.


Carol nodded again, and then looked at her watch. She then said, “Well, looks like we’d better get going. We have just enough time to get into our armor, and get over to tonight’s target to meet up with Maria.”


“You know, I mean no disrespect to Maria, but I guess it’s a good thing she is the Chase’s housekeeper,” Joyce said.


“Why’s that?” Carol asked curious.


“Well, with all that dust we’re about to make we’re going to need somebody with a really big vacuum cleaner,” Joyce finished then breaks out laughing. Carol glared at Joyce for a minute before joining her friend in laughter as both women head upstairs to get ready for what the night will bring.



Apartment of Constance Lopez (local WildCat)

(About the same time)


Constance looked over the photos of the old warehouse where she noticed the vampire nest several nights ago.


<Most people probably wouldn’t pay any attention to a large group of people hanging around a warehouse at night. They probably just think that they were simply working there. Of course to someone who is able to tell that virtually everyone in that building had absolutely no body heat they kind of stick out,> Constance thought to herself. <I’m just glad that I met Natalia, and she told me what Steve, Buffy, and their friends had done three weeks ago. The only bad thing is more vampires have moved in.>


Constance glanced at the clock on her wall and noticed that she was going to have to get ready soon. Then she, and her Jaguar companion, Maya, would go and deal some payback to the vampires. Natalia had told her about the girl named Buffy who was the vampire Slayer, and biggest surprise of all, was currently living on the Hellmouth. That was wonderful news for Constance who had been doing what she could for several years against the vampires, but it never felt like enough.


Now, ever since she found out about the vampire Slayer, Constance vowed to do whatever she could to help Buffy and her friends out. Glancing at the clock again Constance realized it was now time to go.


She grabbed and stowing her katana, and then whispered, “Soon, Maya, soon.”


Constance heard a purring sound in her mind as she left her apartment, and was soon on her way.



Sunnydale’s Police Headquarters


Chief of Detectives Stein was not in a good mood. Of course, even when he was in a good mood it looked so much like his bad mood it was often hard to tell the difference.


He still couldn’t get over his meeting with Steven St Wolf.  It was more than three weeks since that happened, and he still became boiling mad every time he thought about how Steve and his house guests had treated him like he was some stupid flatfoot instead of Chief of Detectives of Sunnydale.


Ever since then, Stein had become more convinced that St Wolf had to be up to some kind of criminal activity. Especially since he had discovered that that bitch, Buffy Summers, and her no good friends were apparently friends with St Wolf. What really surprised him was that apparently Cordelia Chase was now part of that group. Why would the Chase girl be involved with them? They must have forced her somehow. Even thought he had absolutely no proof, Stein was certain that that must be the case, and that they had to be up to something.


Looking at his watch, Stein decided to knock off for the night. He got up from his desk, locked his office door, and proceeded to walk out of the building,


As he passed the reception desk at the front of the station the officer that was stationed there for the night spoke to him “Going home early, Detective Stein? Ms. Summers solve all your cases again?”


Suddenly, Stein whirled around and grabbed the arms of the chair that the officer was sitting in pinning his arms, and caused him to spill the coffee that he had been holding. Spinning the officer around to face him Stein got so close to the officer’s face that he could just about clearly see Stein’s Adams apple just by looking down his throat.




“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir!” the officer got put despite being shocked at Stein’s behavior.


Stein then let the officer’s arms go.  “That’s better, now clean up that mess and get back to work if you think you can manage that all by yourself,” Stein told the officer as he walked out the door on his way to his car. <I hate having to go out the front door to get to the parking lot. Why the holdup fixing the direct door to the parking lot I’ll never know. Every time I go out the front I have to put up with whatever idiot is on desk duty.>


Stein was still steaming by the time he got to his car. <I think I’ll take a drive around the warehouse district. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll find somebody to arrest. If I’m really lucky I’ll find somebody to harass, and I can only hope it will be that Summers bitch.>



Steven St Wolf’s house


<What am I really doing here?> thought Cordelia as she laid on the bed in the room attached to the loft she and the other girls were using to store their gear and change in. <After all, I’m Cordelia Chase. I’m not Wonder Woman. I’m popular. Why am I hanging out with these losers?>


When Cordelia thought about being popular she remembered something. Buffy had once told her, and the others: “I know this may be hard to believe, but I was part of the popular crowd back in my old high school. All that changed after I first became the Slayer. After I killed my first vampire, and saw how grateful their almost victims were, it just made me realize that there were more important things than being popular.”


Cordelia thought about that as she lay there. She also thought over what had happened over the last two years including the times Buffy actually saved her life. Cordelia remembered how she felt both before, and after being rescued. Then she thought of all the other people out in Sunnydale who might end up in the same situation some night, and she thought of just how good she felt when they took out all those vamps only a little over three weeks ago. It was then that she made a decision. Silently, she vowed that as long as she was able that she would do whatever she could to help, and support Buffy and her other new friends. She wanted to make sure that no one else had to feel like a powerless victim to the monsters of the night.


Cordelia knew that Harmony, and her popular friends would never understand her decision. They were all sheep as far as Cordelia was concerned. Harmony and the other popular students might never understand it, however Cordelia didn’t care. It was the only decision that Cordelia could live with. With newfound determination Cordelia got off the bed to get ready just as the other girls came in to do the same.


“Have a good rest, Cordelia?” Buffy asked her as they started to change into their matte black armored spandex catsuits that, although lightweight, acted like Kevlar with trauma plates.


Cordelia flashed Buffy a huge smile as she said “I certainly did. Now, are we going to keep talking, or do something more worthwhile? Like take out some vampires?”


After Cordelia finished Buffy and Willow looked at each other with stunned expressions on their faces. Willow had just reached into her bag for her mask, a spandex hood that covered everything but the eyes. <Boy, that must have been some nap. I don’t know what’s gotten into Cordelia, but I’m glad it did,> Buffy thought as she watched Willow pull her mask on before rolling it up so that it resembles a watch cap. Soon Amy and Jenny were the last to finish getting ready.


“Okay. I’m ready,” Amy says pulling on her gloves, and web gear with stakes, a flashlight, and a multi-tool.


“Same here,” Jenny said, grabbing her classic medieval sword while Buffy grabbed her katana.  At the same time, Cordelia took a katana from the table holding swords that anyone could use, and Willow took a cutlass from the same table.


“When am I going to get the cat burglar skills along with the gear like the rest of you have?” Amy asked.


“We got the skills when the Halloween costumes we were wearing were enchanted,” Jenny explains. “The gear came from my friends at Bureau 13.  Since you didn’t have the skills, they didn’t give you the gear. Sorry, about that.”


“That’s all right, Jenny. After all, I always have my magic to fall back on,” Amy said. They make sure their Bluetooth earpiece-looking comm units are in place, and leave the room to meet up with their teammates, Steven St Wolf, Rupert Giles, Xander Harris, and Daniel “Oz” Osbourne in the living room.


After that, Steve checked everybody over. Satisfied that everyone is ready they split up for the drive over. Steve, Buffy, Giles, and Jenny in Steve’s car, and the rest in Oz’s van.



Somewhere in Sunnydale’s Warehouse district


Shortly after arriving at the warehouse vampire nest, Constance used her retractable claws to quickly climb up the side of the building to its roof. Now she used her enhanced vision to look inside to see the large numbers of vampires. <Wow. There are a lot more than I thought. Well I’ll just have to take out as many as I can then call it a night,> Constance thought.


Constance was just about to call on Maya when a new sound reached her hypersensitive ears.  Looking over the front wall of the warehouse she noticed two vehicles that had recently parked in front of the building. With her night vision she could clearly see one was a Blazer, and the other was a van.


With the heat sensitive portion of her eyesight she could tell that their engines were still warm, but cooling slightly meaning they had just arrived. She could also tell that there were nine warm bodies total between the two vehicles. <Well if their warm that means that their not vamps,> Constance thought.


Watching carefully she was stunned to see Buffy Summers, Steven St Wolf, and several of their friends exit the vehicles and approach the front of the warehouse. <Well, I think it’s obvious what those two are doing here,> Constance thought. <I think I think I’ll keep an eye on things just in case they might need my help.>


With that Constance went back to the skylight she had been looking through before to keep an eye on the coming battle. She had moved from the front of the building so quickly she failed to notice three other cars show up. Two pulled up on the side of the warehouse where its occupants just caught sight of Steve’s car. The other car pulled just behind Oz’s van. Its occupant had a wicked grin on his face.


“Buffy, are you able to feel how many vampires are in there?” Steve asked as the group gathered by the main warehouse entrance after exiting their vehicles.


Buffy concentrated for a few minutes. Then she looked at Steve saying, “I can tell that there vampires in there, but for some reason I can’t tell how many. I don’t know what’s wrong. Sorry.”


“There is no need to apologize, Buffy. Your vampire sense is part of being a Slayer, but just like your regular senses it can be fooled as well,” Giles explained. Looking at Steve Giles asked, “What do we now, Steve. Go in, or abort.”


Steve looked up at the warehouse, and then back at the group gathered with him. “I’d feel more comfortable knowing exactly how many vampires are in there, but nothings perfect. We came this far. Buffy, Jenny, and I are going in.” Looking at the others he added, “However, In this case I don’t feel comfortable speaking for you guys. I’ll leave the choice up to each of you. If you decided not to go in no one will hold it against you.”


Giles, Xander, Oz, Willow, Cordelia, and Amy looked at each other.  To everyone’s surprise Cordelia spoke up and asked, “Steve, do you even have to ask? We’re not about to just let you, Buffy, and Jenny have all the fun. We’re going with you. Aren’t we?” she looked back at the others expecting them to agree with her. Cordelia did a double take when she noticed the stunned expressions on their faces.


“Well, are you guys going to stand their all night with those silly expressions on your faces, or are we going to take out some vampires?” Cordelia said. Her comment shook everyone out of their shock, and they all quickly agreed with her.


<Buffy was right. Something has gotten in to Cordelia, but right now I’m just glad it did,> thought Steve. “Okay then,” Steve began out loud. “Once we go in we’ll break into two teams. I’ll take Xander, Amy, and Oz and take the left side of the warehouse. Buffy, Giles, Jenny, Willow, and Cordelia you go right. If you find any vamps, take them out if you can. If not call for backup. Alright everybody ready, let’s go”


Steve carefully tried the door on the warehouse. Finding it unlocked he, and the rest of the group, moved inside carefully looking for any possible surprises.


Joyce and Carol had only just arrived at their intended target when Maria in her car pulled up behind them. The three Amazons quickly greet each other as soon as they get out of their cars dressed in their Amazon Battle Armor.


Just as Joyce is working on gaining entry through the warehouse’s side door with Maria watching Carol notices something in front of the building. Carefully moving to, and then looking around, the corner Carol notices Steve’s car, and Buffy’s friend Oz’s van.


Carol quickly moves back to Joyce and Maria. “Oh, Joyce, you’ll never guess whose car is parked out front,” Carol tells her.


Looking at Carol, and seeing the expression on her face, led Joyce to only one conclusion. “I’m guessing you are referring to Steve?” asked Joyce. Seeing Carol nod Joyce added, “Well that means that Buffy must be here, too.”


“It also means that Cordelia must be here as well,” Maria added.


Joyce sighed, “Well, we all knew this was going to happen sooner, or later. So let’s stop wasting time, and get in there and see if we can help.”


Joyce finishes picking the lock on the side door. Quickly checking for, and finding no evidence of any alarm systems the three warrior women make their way into the warehouse.



Stein drove through the warehouse district trying to cool off when he caught sight of something in front of an abandoned warehouse. He carefully stopped his car as a wicked grin spread across his face.


“Well, well, well. Looks like my instincts were right. St Wolf is a crook, and he’s got that Summers bitch and her friends helping him. This more than makes up for that idiot rookie flatfoot,” Stein said to himself. “I’ll just sit here a while, then go in and catch them in the act. I can’t wait to see the expressions on their faces when I surprise them.”


Little did Stein know that it wasn’t going to be as big a surprise as he had hoped for.



Inside the Warehouse


Once inside the warehouse that the vampires were using as a nest, Steve put the comms in Combat Mode, which keeps them all on and linked in.  Quickly breaking into the predetermined groups they move silently thought the warehouse.


Given that the warehouse wasn’t that large it doesn’t take long to get to the other end. Steve was scratching his head. The back wall only had a one door for trucks on its loading dock, and it was permanently bricked up when Steve checked it this afternoon. The building only had one floor, and no basement.


<If there were vampires in here they should have attacked us by now. That much I know for certain,> Steve thought. <Maybe they cleared out somehow when they heard us come in. After all Buffy had said that there were vampires here, but then again she wasn’t able to tell where they were. They must have just left.>


Steve was about to call everyone back to the entrance when suddenly he heard Buffy over the comm link call out, “Steve! We’re getting ambushed! Don’t bother coming to us, we’re on our way to you!” Steve could tell from the expressions on Xander’s, Amy’s, and Oz’s faces that they heard the same transmission.


Steve caught sight of Buffy, and her group being chased by a large group of vampires. Just as they reach Steve, and his group more vampires suddenly pop up out of several trap doors that had been cut into the floor. In a few minutes the Scoobies were dealing with a small army of vampires. It was smaller than the one they faced at the high school gym, but Steve knew there still too many for them to handle without somebody getting hurt, or killed.


“Everybody! Do what you can, and let’s get out of here!” Steve ordered.


“None of you is going anywhere,” the vampire leader with the Fu Manchu mustache said.


Just as he finished everyone heard Willow scream. “Willow!” Buffy yelled.


A vampire had gotten in behind Willow, and had quickly grabbed her. Now he had her in steel like grip with one arm around her neck.


The vampire leader smiled as he said, “There is no way out, Slayer. You and your friends here are going to be our midnight snack. Your only choice is if you die easy, or hard. I certainly hope you choose hard. You have five minutes to give up, or he will break your friend’s neck.”


Buffy quickly thought about what to do. She couldn’t give up, but she also couldn’t needlessly risk Willows life.


“Time’s up, Slayer,” Fu Manchu said. “Now what are you going to do?”


“I don’t know what she’s going to do, but I know what I’m going to do!” a new voice very, loudly stated. A voice that Steve knew he recognized. “Maya, attack!”


Suddenly, a very large black female jaguar jumped down, and smashed into the vampire that is holding Willow with a loud roar.  Willow fell forward, free of the vampire’s grip. The jaguar pinned the vampire to the floor. As he tried to squirm away, the jaguar’s razor sharp claws take off his head, and he disintegrated into a pile of dust.


“Good girl, Maya!” the voice said  as a figure jumped through an open sky light, and effortlessly jumps the distance to the floor landing on its feet. The owner of the voice has now joined them.  Steve was shocked to discover it was Constance, Sunnydale Motor Lodge’s housekeeper. He was even more shocked to see a certain necklace she was wearing.


Constance drew her katana and faced Fu Manchu. Raising her sword Fu Manchu knocked it out of her hand. “Now, what you going to do, little girl?” the vampire asked Constance mockingly.


“How ‘bout this, double ugly,” Constance extended the claws on her right hand. She then swung her right hand across the vampire’s throat. Fu Manchu turns to dust with a really stupid expression of his face.        


While the other vampires are stunned at what just happened to their leader, Steve seized the opportunity. “Okay, everybody, take them out!” he shouted. The rest of the Scoobies lay into the rest of the vamps.


“Steve, will you please explain to me what just happened to that vampire, and just what the heck is Constance Lopez doing here?” Buffy asked once she worked her way over to Steve.


Steve smiled as he said, “You remember your comment to Mac about wishing that we could have a full time WildCat around here?”


“Yes, so what?”


“I think we just found one.”


Buffy looked stunned, but then quickly smiled. “Now that’s the best news I’ve heard since we got in here. So this town does have a WildCat.”


“Good thing too, we need all the help we can get,” Jenny told them.


“Ask, and ye shall receive,” came another voice that Steve also recognized.


Just as Steve was about to deliver a kick to a vampire the same vampire suddenly finds himself punched in the face with an armored fist. “Carol! What are you doing here?!” Steve asked with a shocked expression on his face.


“The same thing that the both of us are doing here,” another new voice said. This time it was a voice that everybody recognized.  However, Buffy was sure that she was hearing things.


That quickly changed when both Buffy and another armored figure behead the same vampire. “Mom?! What are you doing here, and dressed like that?!”


“I’ll explain everything. Right now we have more immediate problems to deal with.” Joyce told Buffy as she beheaded another vampire.


Buffy was still in shock seeing her mother causally taking out vampires until a shout from Joyce finally broke through her shock. “Cordelia! Look out!”


Cordelia quickly turned, and stabbed the vampire that had been trying to grab her. Cordelia got ready to finish him off, but another armored figure popped up behind him and took his head. Cordelia couldn’t believe who it was. “Maria?!”


“Not now, Cordelia. Like Joyce said we’ll explain everything after we take care of this bunch.”


“Right. There are more vampires coming.”


The battle is quickly joined. Steve and the others attack the vampires as they also carefully watch the newcomers. Joyce, Carol, and Maria make short work of any vampire that they encounter. Constance uses her enhanced reflexes, and gymnastic abilities to out maneuver the vampires before she beheads, or stakes them. Maya also proves very effective against the vampires with her razor sharp claws and fangs.


Joyce just finishes off another vampire as she glances back at Buffy, and before she can utter a warning sees a vampire break Buffy’s neck and toss her aside. “Buffy!” Joyce screamed as she rushed to Buffy’s side intending to take out the vampire that hurt her daughter. Just as she reached Buffy, a large wooden crate came flying thru the air, and landed right on the vampire. He disappeared in a pile of dust as a sharp piece of wood stabbed him right in his undead heart.


Looking back to where the crate had come from Joyce saw Constance standing there. “That guy really needs to learn how to catch,” Constance said after watching what happened to the vampire that had tried to catch the crate she had thrown.


Joyce turned her attention to Buffy. Gently turning her over Joyce caught sight of her injury. “Oh, Buffy. Don’t worry you’ll be alright once we get you to a hospital. Slayer healing is great, but it does have its limits.”


“I’ll be alright long before I get to a hospital...” Buffy told her mother. “Just get ready for a major shock.”  Joyce didn’t understand what Buffy was talking about until she noticed that Buffy was doing her best to sit up. 


“By Artemis,” Joyce began. “How exactly did that happen?”


“Like you said, Mom, we’ll talk after dealing with the rest of these vampires. Speaking of which,” Buffy said as she got up and beheaded a vampire that was heading for them. Joyce quickly got up, and joined in the fight again.


<Boy that is going to be one really interesting conversation we all have later,> Joyce thought to herself as she took out another vampire.


The battle lasted for at least ten more minutes when it finally looked like the last of the vampires have been dealt with.


Everyone gathered together with the Scoobies looking over the new vampire fighters, and vice versa.


“Well, this certainly has been an interesting evening. Just full of surprises,” Steve said once they were all together.


“I just glad that it’s over.” Cordelia replied. “I don’t think I could take another surprise.”


Constance’s hearing suddenly picked up something, and she said, “I think you spoke too soon.”


Before anyone could ask what she meant a very familiar, and very annoying voice broke the short silence. “Well, Summers. Looks like I finally got you, and your little gang. I have enough on all of you to put you all away for few thousand years,” Stein said with a very wicked grin on his face.


“Oh, great. Detective Stein. You’re the last thing we need right now,” Buffy said.


“I’m sure. You’re just mad that I finally got you by discovering your little burglary ring.”


“Burglary ring? Did you lose your brains along with your hair? Who in their right minds would break into a half empty warehouse looking for stuff to steal?”


“They wouldn’t. That’s because this is your hideout. Nice try, Summers.”


Buffy looks around the almost empty warehouse. “Our hideout, huh. For a burglary ring we’re apparently not very good at it.”


“Did you say detective, or defective?” Maria asked Buffy.


“I think defective Detective would be the best choice.”


“Okay, now enough with the funny business. I’ll just call for some backup to haul all of you to jail. So I recommend that none of you move,” Stein said as he grabbed his gun from his holster and his two way radio from his belt. Fortunately for everybody, Stein didn’t get a chance to use either one.


Stein screamed as he’s grabbed from behind, and lifted into the air by a large male vampire that the gang had missed. “This looks like its blood is somewhat tasty,” the vampire said.


“Except it would probably give you indigestion. Now put him down, NOW!” Buffy said.


“Are you really sure helping Stein is such a great idea?” asked Xander.


“We have to, or we’re no better than the vampires,” Cordelia replied.


“Yeah, you’re right. Stein may be slimy, corrupt, and completely paranoid but he still passes for a human being. Somewhat.”


Ignoring Xander and Cordelia, Buffy once again tells the vampire, “Put him down, NOW!”


“NO,” the vampire exclaims before Maria cuts him off at the knees with her katana. The vampire screams, than becomes dust as Willow stakes it.


“Are you all right?” Joyce asked Stein as she catches him before he hits the ground.


“I’M SEEING THINGS! THIS ISN’T HAPPENING!” Stein managed to get out before he promptly faints.


“He’s passed out,” Joyce told everyone.


Steve asked, “Except for that, does he look like he has any other injuries?”


“No, he looks okay,” Joyce said after looking Stein over.


“Well that’s a lucky break for us.  Xander?”


“Yes, Steve?”


“Do you know what Detective Stein’s car looks like?”


“Sure do.”


“Okay. Take Cordelia and Oz, find Stein’s car, drive him home, park it in his drive way, and leave him in it. He’ll wake up by then. With luck he’ll just figure that everything that happened here was simply a bad dream.”


“Every time we see Stein it feels like a bad dream,” Buffy stated.


Steve could only nod at that as Xander, and Oz each take hold of Stein by his arms. “Xander. Once you guys take care of Stein head over to my place. The rest of us will meet you there,” Steve quickly told Xander.


“Right, Steve,” Xander replied as he, Oz, and Cordelia leave with Stein.


“Now, Constance, Joyce, Carol, and Maria. Would you all like to join us at my house? I think that we all have a lot to talk about?” Steve said.


“That we do, Steve. That we do,” Joyce agreed.


Maria added, “Constance, my Toyota Prius is outside.   If you like, I can drive you and Maya to Steve’s house.”

“I’d like that, I ran here.
  However, Maya’s going home,” Constance said before sending Maya back to her pocket reality. 



Steven St Wolf’s house

(Several minutes later)


Sometime later Steve pulled his car into his driveway. Followed by Joyce’s car and Maria’s.


Shortly after they got there Oz’s van pulled up with Xander, Oz, and Cordelia inside.


“Everything okay with Stein?” asked Steve.


“Yeah. By the time we got back to the van he woke up. Got out of the car, looked around a while, and then went into his house,” Xander told them. “From the look on his face I don’t think we need to worry about him bringing tonight up again. He had so many worry lines on his face he looked like a cancelled stamp.”


After hearing the good news about Stein, Steve invited everybody in. While they all found places to sit in the great room Steve put in a call to Romero’s Pizza for at least five large, deep dish pies with everything on them. Then he went and handed out drinks to anyone that wanted one.


“Okay, while we wait for the pizzas why don’t we discuss what happened tonight?” Steve asked.


“That’s a good idea, Steve. You can start by explaining why Buffy was able to heal so quickly from a broken neck?” Joyce asked.


“That’s because she is an Immortal, and since her friends weren’t shocked by what happened I’m guessing that some, or all of them are Immortal, too,” Constance said.


“Not all of us. Just Buffy, Jenny, and me for right now,” Steve explained. “However, I think the question I need to ask is how you know about Immortals, Constance.”


Constance smiled as she said, “I know someone you’re familiar with, and I happen to know he is Immortal as well, Duncan McLeod. I discovered his Immortality when I met him the last time he was in Mexico.”


Steve did a double take at that. “You couldn’t have met Duncan then? The last time he was in Mexico was during the fall of the Second Mexican Empire. That was shortly after the end of the Civil War around 1865 to 1867. You’re too young to have met him then.”


“Actually, Steve, I’m a little older than I look. One of the main gifts of being a WildCat is an extended life span. I’ve been alive for over a hundred years, and, barring any accidents, I should be able to live another four hundred.”


Buffy looked over at her mother, wondering what was going through her mind. “Mom, are you okay?” she asked slightly worried.


“Yes, Buffy. I think I’m starting to see the light,” Joyce said.


“It’s still dark where I am,” Carol mentioned. “Just what is an Immortal? For that matter just what is a WildCat?”


Steve looked at Constance and said, “Ladies first.”


“Why, thank you, kind sir,” Constance replied. Then she started to explain about the WildCats, and their history. How she found out about them, and became one. She explained about all their various powers, and just how long they could live. Their strengths and weaknesses. Constance finished by describing some of things she had done as a WildCat. It was a long, and very impressive list.


After Constance had finished the doorbell rang. Steve answered it, and found Ted waiting there with the pizzas. After paying, and thanking Ted, Steve returned to the great room, and started dishing out slices.


“Before we start feeding our faces perhaps you could finish answering my original question. Constance answered part. Now how about the rest. Just what is an Immortal?” Carol asked again.


“Okay, but before I explain that maybe I should explain Buffy’s role in this,” Steve began.


“No need, everybody in this room knows that she is the Vampire Slayer,” Carol said.


Buffy and all her friends were shocked at Carol’s statement. Giles was so shocked he almost fainted like Stein had.


“Mom, you know I’m the Slayer?! How long have you known?!” Buffy wanted to know.


“I’ve known since you were first called,” Joyce tells her.


Buffy just stared at her mother. She looked like she was on the verge of tears. “If you back then why did you have me committed to that mental hospital when I told you?”


“What was that about having you committed?” Willow asked. All of Buffy’s friends were looking to Joyce for an explanation.


“Buffy, before this gets out of hand let me explain. I didn’t want to put you in there.  That was all your father’s idea. He had an obsessive compulsive personality. He didn’t like anything disrupting his neat little version of the world. When you came to us and explained about being the Slayer I knew you were telling the truth, but Hank got it into his mind that you must have suffered some kind of breakdown. Before I knew what he had done it was already too late. You were already stuck in that mental hospital.”


Buffy listened, and then asked a question, “If you knew there was nothing wrong with me why didn’t you get me out.”


“Because Hank was the one who put you in there. His name alone was on the admittance papers. He was the only one who could get you released, and before you ask I wanted to go to him and explain that everything you told us was the truth. However, if I did that I probably have ended up in the padded room next to you.”


Joyce wasn’t sure what was going thru Buffy’s mind right then. However her worries went away when Buffy smiled, and said, “Well if you had ended up in the next padded room at least I would have been in good company.”


Joyce got up and went over to Buffy giving her a very big hug. Joyce was just glad that that major hurdle was over.  “Mom, you can fight at my side anytime you want.  Same for Carol, Constance, Maya, and Maria.”


“Thanks, Buffy.”


“Well not that we learned about WildCats, established the fact that everyone here knows Buffy is a vampire Slayer, and Joyce and Buffy just had a well-deserved mother/daughter moment will someone finally explain this Immortal thing to us,” Carol asked again.


“Okay, Carol. Take it easy,” Steve said. “Well I guess it’s my turn.” Steve cleared his throat, and started explaining about the Immortals, and “The Game”.  When he described the game he made certain that those that didn’t already know about the scroll understood that, hopefully, the Game would soon be over and the Immortals could concentrate on more important things. Like the group of them that Steve had called in to wipe out Sunnydale’s original vampire population. Joyce was worried at first once she heard about the Watchers for Immortals. She dropped her concerns when Giles told her he was responsible for not only Buffy, Steve, and Jenny’s Immortal Watcher, but also the Watcher who aided “Buffy as the Slayer. Everybody who didn’t know about Immortals before looked amazed when Steve finally finished.


“There is just one thing I would like to know, Mrs. Summers. Just how you were able to do all those cool moves with that sword? Not to mention why you’re carrying it in the first place?” Oz asked.


“Yeah, come to think of it just why were you calling to Artemis when you thought I needed a hospital?” Buffy wanted to know.


“Yes, I would like an answer to that question, too,” Giles said.


“The answer to that question is very simple, Mr. Giles. Carol, Maria, and I are Amazons. We belong to the Standing Amazon Family.”


Steve smiled while Giles once again had a shocked expression on his face. “I should have guessed. I thought I recognized your fighting style, and that would explain how you knew Buffy was the Slayer. I believe one of Felicia Standing’s relatives was one of the last Slayers called before Buffy.”


Giles picked that moment to get over his latest shock, and spoke up saying “Just wait a minute. How could you be Amazons I thought they were only legends?”


“Giles, need I remind you that up until three weeks ago you thought that the WildCats were just only legends, too,” Buffy told him.


“We Amazons truly exist, Mr. Giles,” Joyce responded. “Caesar was so afraid of us that he ordered us destroyed. According to the history books two hundred Amazons faced two Roman legions. More than half the Romans died killing what they thought were the last of our sisters. What the history books didn’t show was that many thousands of Amazons went underground, and continued to survive and thrive.”


“Just like us,” Constance replied.


Buffy looked at the floor for a moment, and then said “Mother, from now on, I want to your sister Amazon as well as your daughter.”


“Buffy, nothing would make me prouder than to have you become an Amazon. Unfortunately that can’t happen. You’re already the Slayer. You already have more skills than most Amazons. However there is no reason why your friends can’t join. Of course it’s going to be a while before their up to you level.”


“Maybe I can help with that,” said a new voice. Suddenly Artemis herself was standing in Steve’s living room. Joyce, Carol, and Maria quickly got up and bowed to her.


“Lady Goddess, this is an honor. Why are you here?” Joyce asked.


“I’ve been paying close attention to how my daughters were doing on the Hellmouth. I’ve seen how you and these other fine young ladies have handled themselves the last few years. I must say I am very impressed with all of you. So much so that I wish to make you an offer. With the exceptions of Buffy, and Constance since they already have their own special abilities I can enhance the rest of you so you are all on the same level,” Artemis stated.


“Just what do we have to do to keep these abilities?” Jenny asked.


“All I ask is the occasional sacrifice,” Artemis replied.


“Boy now I wish I had worn my fire proof shorts,” Xander told Steve.


“You can relax, Mr. Harris. It’s been a very long time since I asked for a man to be sacrificed on my altar. Like everything else the Amazons and I needed to change with the times. The sacrifices I like now are for my Amazons offering up prayers, and calling my name in battle.” Artemis paused a minute, and then continued, “Also, I would like you to me tell me how your lives are going. I’d like to hear how you are all doing against the Bacchi, and other monsters. Now what do you all say?”


“Does this mean we can only date women?” Cordelia asked.


“No, not anymore. Like I said the Amazons, and I needed to change with the times. The time is coming that men will be more widely accepted into the ranks of the Amazons like they are with the Standing Family. If you let me grant you my blessing of enhancement you will still be free to keep your current boyfriends.” Artemis replied.


“In that case I accept,” Cordelia said. Her sediment is echoed by Willow, Jenny, Amy, Carol, Maria, and even Joyce. Artemis motioned for them to gather in front of her.


After they gathered together Artemis spread her arms, and said “I Artemis, Patron Goddess of the Amazons, accept you all as my disciples and grant you my blessing.  Buffy, Constance, if you like, I’ll also accept both of you as my disciples.”  They both accepted.


A golden glow surrounds the ladies. Then all but Buffy and Constance slowly drop to the floor in a state of sleep. “Don’t worry, Buffy. They’re perfectly fine,” Artemis told her when she noticed the concerned expression on Buffy’s face.


Just then the now blessed ladies stirred on the floor. Xander goes over to Cordelia, and helped her up.


“Cordelia, are you okay?” asked Xander. Cordelia’s only response was to plant a long, powerful kiss on Xander’s lips.


“Yeah, I’m okay. In fact I feel incredible,” Cordelia finally said after finishing her kiss. Similar scenes were being played out with Willow and Oz, and Giles and Jenny.


Xander just stared at her for a moment than said, “I’ll agree with that. I think you just drained my sinuses.” Cordelia lightly punched Xander in the arm while she and everyone else laughed.             


“Mom, how do you feel?” Buffy asked her mother.


“Buffy, if this is what you felt like when you were called I understand why you like Slaying so much,” Joyce replied as Carol, and Maria nodded in agreement.


Steve looked around the room. He was glad Constance was around to help, but he had no idea of what to do with seven newly blessed Amazons. “Well, now what do we do?” he asked.


“First we clean up this mess,” Artemis said as she waved her hand. All traces of their little pizza party disappeared from the room. “Then we need to change clothes,” Artemis waved her hand again, and everyone was suddenly wearing their normal street clothes. “Now we women are going out to celebrate the rebirth of the Amazons. You men are welcome to join us.” Artemis replied with a grin as she makes her clothes resemble those of the other ladies.”


“Sounds good to me,” Steve said as the three couples took each other by the arms, and everyone began to file out the door. “I was just wondering about one thing. Shouldn’t this just be a ladies night out?”


“Ah, no, honey,” Buffy replies with a grin. “After all just who do you think is going to pay for the party?”


Steve paused to lock the door, and then caught up with Buffy at his car. All the time wondering just how long sixty million dollars was going to last with this bunch.