Name: Arrin Parkin

DOB: March 3rd –2185 Dr or 1500 BC (earth time)


Born the youngest son to the house of Parkin, Arrin was born into Nobility to the Wood-Elvin Tribe that lived in the Hidden Valley located below the Eastern reaches of Spine of the World mountains, on his 20th birthday he was sent out to make something of his life, sent on the quest of the Seven Seals of Opecial, so gathering up a few items he was off to join other adventures who were gathering in the city of Mirabar where he meets up with the humans Condor the Magician, Tarack the Fighter and Helda the Illusionist and a half orc by the name of Gath the thief.

Joining these and about 50 other adventures the group started southeast toward Evermoors where the first Seal was reported to be. Over the next seven years the Adventures gathered the Seals as their numbers dwindled a kinsmen bond formed between Condor, Tarack, Helda, Gath and Arrin, choosing to stick close to one another in fights as well as traveling. When finally they went for the last seal, it was in the Ice Mountains being horded by a particularly mean White Dragon, who had horded more than his share of magical items. When the group entered the cave there were 20 adventures left out of the original 50 and when the Dragon was finally defeated only the five remained. In the Dragon’s treasure were some things which have not been seen for many years. Found just out side the cave were multi colored roses, four different colors to be exact, which were White, Blue, Red and Black. Identifying the individual rose Condor told the group, "The Red is explosion, the White is antidote, The Blue is Healing and the Black is poison. Along with the roses was a single apple tree with five golden apples, folk lore told that this apple tree also known as the tree of life would stop the ageing process of a person for 50 years and if one being could eat eight of the apples though that first fifty ears and then never again that person would become immortal. However if said person should eat one more apple the ageing process would resume as normal. The one catch was that the apples had to be eaten in such a way that there would be the same lapse of time between each apple and the first and last apple must be eaten on the same day of the year. Which tallied to every 6 years 3 weeks and 6 days by Toril time. Condor, Tarack, Helda and Gath all chose to eat one of the apples right then, however Arrin picked his apple and placed it in a small bag and placed it in his bag of holding, along with it he also placed 3 buds of each rose bush looking at the others he said, "Something to tell the kiddies about."

Returning home the hero’s the others stayed around the town of Mirabar telling their story and reaping the rewards, However Arrin being a Nobleman had to return home, it had been two years since he had heard any word from his home and he wanted to find out how his family was doing. His trip home took 4 days on the large horse that he had bought with the treasures he had won on the adventure. Entering the secret passage he was surprised to see that the hedges here were not cut back like they normally would be nor were there any elves watching the passage for any raiding parties, puzzled by this he pushed his horse to a faster pace toward home. Arriving in the Hidden valley, tears came to his eyes as his heart was practically ripped from his chest at the site that met him. His village had been raided and everyone and every thing was killed, butchered would be a better word for it. Near one skeleton the words Drow attack was written out in the hard sand. Seeing the words coldness washed over him. The Drow war had been going on for a year now, but as he looked over the village he swore to himself that it was just starting.

He spent the next 15 days clearing the area of dead, burning the skeleton’s hoping that they would find rest. Next he planted the buds and the tree, in a hidden grove half way up the mountains praying to Corellon that he would keep the treasure safe and alive he then left the hidden valley, to reek havoc on the Drow where ever he found them. It was at this time he found the bow of the Rainbow in the Cave of the lost Souls. The bow was encased in rainbow diamonds and was said to have a will of it’s own as he worked with the bow finding out it’s powers while fighting the Drow, even as he moved across the land a one elf army his name became known only as the Rainbow Archer the name was feared by all Drow Elfin communities and when he was reported to be in the area, they either moved or hid depending on his nearness. No Drow was safe from him in those years, and in that time he made three trips to the mountain to get another apple and each time noticing that the other five had gone there to get theirs too thankfully Arrin had sent them word where it could be found and have given them the pass word to get in.

After 20 years of fighting the Drow, Arrin unstrung his Bow and Promised Corellon he would not fight openly again asking Corellon to arrest the bow’s powers so that they can not be turned to evil while he would put it somewhere no one would be able to get at it. Becoming a cleric for Corellon, Arrin took time to study anything and everything he could get his hands on, the art of thief, the skill of Archery, Magic and of course to become a better cleric. All this time he began building his home in the mountains above the Hidden Valley in a Cave, while down in the Valley he had contracted a community of White Mountain Dwarf’s to build a City on both sides of the Great river that flowed though the Valley, he also hired a community of Sea Elf’s to come and build his docks, to help the Dwarf’s design ships that could sail on the river than to foreign ports. Leaving them to get it done while he went out for travels that would take him between two and three weeks.

If was on one of those travels that he came upon a young Amethyst Dragon which was chained down by 15 large fighters. Seeing that they were beating the Dragon to death with mallets so not to damage the organs inside Arrin became mad, deciding to help the Dragon out he got in to a easily defended area and attacked the Fighters with magic and his bow. Bringing down the odds to 5 to one Arrin shot a Magic missile at one of the chains causing it to break he slipped down behind the rock to wait the out come of a battle that the fighters would soon not forget. He had already made up his mind that the dragon would win and shot a magical arrow at the dragon that would heal her wounds, coming up out of his hiding place after watching the Dragon fly over head, Arrin moved down to see if there was anything he could do to help any of the survivors. Only one Fighter survived the brutal but short fight, and even he was not in good health. He moved from one dead fighter to the next taking anything of value. It was the way of the land and Arrin would have let him go about it, except that when the fighter got to there wagon he noticed several jars filled with organ of various sizes. It did not take a genius to know what was in those jars. He knew a lot of wizards who would pay plenty for those jars and not all those wizards were as loving as Condor so he decided to relive the Fighter of the bounty. Not wanting to kill the man, after all it must have been dangerous and hard work to get that many organs Arrin smiled to himself as he came down the grade whistling a happy tune. When the man asked what he wanted, Arrin calmly said that he would take one of two things for letting the fighter out of his valley alive. Either 100 years of service in which time the man would not leave the valley, or the wagon and all that it carries. The man laughed so Arrin transported him in to the eastern lands where Ice was said to be the weather of the day. The wagon he buried with the contents on it, Arrin knew that those components would make a lot of his spells more powerful and that if he was to sell them he would become a very rich man, however the 7 seals campaign already made him a rich man and in his heart he knew that what ever beast the organs came from would rest easier knowing that their organs would not be the cause of someone’s death. To say Arrin was a strange man would be like saying that rain is wet, no need to state the obvious.

Race: Wood or Wild Elf

Description: Abnormally tall for a Wood elf Arrin stands 5’8" weighting about 158 with light brown hair that reaches the middle of his back which easily hides his long pointed ears, a Chieftain lock a long strand of hair that comes out of the top of the head, a band around the base, solid upper body with narrow waist and strong legs. Normally wearing Soft leather pants but no shirt, if it gets cold he will don a soft leather tunic that carries the emblem of a broken Token on the lapel. His hazel red eyes are actively moving never missing much that is going on around him.

Abilities (uncommon): Along with the Races abilities of Infravision, immunity to charm and sleep spells, Arrin has also build up immunity to most types of poisons. Working with Gath had given him a great respect for the trade of the assassins and their use of poisons. He has also mastered how to hide his feelings behind a mask of unimportance, pushing off his own heroism acts on to others in the area.

Abilities (learned): Being close to 3000 years old and living on a magical world Arrin has put much of his time to good use. He trained under Condor The Magician, and is a powerful magician in his own rite now; he trained under Gath the Thief and has excelled in picking a lock as well as a pocket. Under Helda he learned patient and understanding of illusions, Tarack the Warrior showed how to make different types of weapons and the use of each one. *NOTE due to a very strange occurrence when handling swords and hand held weapons Arrin would much rather use distance weapons including daggers, for what ever reason when handling long blades like swords, Arrin becomes all thumbs and his friends are in more danger than the enemy. Baurabus the high priest of Corellon taught him to be a cleric to help those who were hurt or too weak to defend themselves.

Current Beliefs:

Arrin has only one belief and that is all life have merit, so don’t step on mine. Outside of the Avenging five one being himself and Solace he has nothing but faint curiously for anyone else.

Favorite quote: For each attack you befall on me I will visit back to you 10 fold.

Nicknames: Pac, The Rainbow Archer, the Archer, Arrow, Flight, the Angry one

Proper Introduction:

Son of Shobin Parkin, High Priest of Corellon, survivor of the Seven Seals campaign, Guardian of the Balance, One of the Avenging Five, Lord of the City in Hidden Valley, First Student of Tarack the Warrior, First student of Gath the Thief, First student of Hilda the Illusionist, First Student of Condor the Major Magician, Fifth and favor student of Baurabus High priest of Corellon, High Archer of Spine, and Master of the Rainbow Bow.