Author: Anne Parnell

Title: Ringside Seat in the Bleachers

Category: Crossover (not really)
Rating: G

Summary: Short, first person perspective of Sunnydale.

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Authors note: Just a quick fic based on a relatively normal person in Sunnydale.� It mentions a few of the Wandererverse heroes and a few little bits of HCGHAG and DSS but no interaction between the characters.�

Thanks to Tim for giving me suggestions on stories to base these fics around and to Steve for not only creating such a great character in Steve St Wolf but the Wandererverse and the fics this story is based on.

Ringside Seat in the Bleachers

High School Hallways Are A Great Way To Find Out Gossip

Sunnydale High School
Sunnydale, California
26 February 1998

It�s a normal school day; I�m getting my textbooks out of my locker when I turn around to see Cordelia Chase, the most popular girl in the school walk in.� We�re talking cheerleader, good looks, athletic, can have her pick of the most good looking guys around.� I see her walking past Harmony and the other good looking girls.� Harmony being the second most popular in the school, Cordelia�s deputy if you may.

I watch as Harmony runs over to Cordelia and gushes around her.� I can hear something mentioned about gang members.� In this town?� As if!� Gang members wouldn�t survive what is really out there at night.� But that�s another story.

Cordelia doesn�t break her stride and just keeps walking, annoying the popular girls.� And this is where it becomes weird.� She grabs Xander by the shirt and full on kisses him.� Cordelia kisses the one boy she has never admitted to liking in front of anyone popular, in the middle of the hallway.� This is way weird!� I wonder if she�s on PCP?� Could explain her attitude recently, she�s been really going through the changes.

Willow�s watching on, actually pretty much everyone is watching what is happening.� Harmony is disgusted; I wouldn�t be surprised if I can hear retching noises coming from that way soon.� I go to turn away from watching too much of a public display of affection when the voice that makes everyone cringe barks out orders to Xander and Cordelia.� Man, are they in trouble now!

I can see Willow rushing down the hallway; she�s heading towards the library.� I guess she�s going to tell Mr. Giles and Buffy.� I don�t know anyone else who uses the library.� But I better rush, I don�t want Snyder to find a reason to use that voice on me.


The Bronze
26 February 1998

It�s my first night off in a while, so I decide to kick back and enjoy the music at the Bronze.� The DJ has some really great tunes playing, and the dancers are having fun.� I scan the room looking for someone I know.� At this point in time even a vampire would do for company.� I lock eyes on a fairly close couple dancing, necking, hell the way their going it won�t be long til their making out.� I notice just when I am about to look away, that its Xander and Cordelia.� Oh Gawd!� She is really close to him.� Maybe she does like him�

I can see Percy across the room and he doesn�t look too happy.� Yeah, Xander�s made himself an enemy here.� Percy has liked Cordelia for a while now, so he definitely won�t like watching someone as �uncool� as Xander dancing, let alone kissing, Cordelia.� His goons are all watching the show in the middle of the floor; I�ll bet any money that they are planning something drastic at school tomorrow.

I watch Xander and Cordelia heading back to the table where their friends are.� I recognize Buffy, Amy and Willow but it�s a mystery as to who the rest are.� From the way Buffy is acting, I guess one of them is her new guy.� I wonder what happened to previous boyfriend, he was so good looking!� This one is pretty hot too, with some nice muscles by the way he and the other guy are flexing.� Hang on; that other guy looks like Kevin Sorbo, nah it�s just my imagination again.

Well I�m bored.� I�ve watched enough groping and kissing to last me till my next night off.� Which if Ted keeps going the way he is, it will be very shortly.� So I grab my bag and leave, now I have to find my car.� Gawd I hate the parking available at the Bronze.


Sunnydale HS Cafeteria
27 February 1998

I�m sitting at my table, watching Xander in the lunch line.� The reason?� Percy and his goons are heading his way.� This has the potential for a few things to happen; a. Xander being pommeled b. Buffy pommeling Percy or c. Xander being pommeled.� I have my bets on d. all of the above.

Xander�s surrounded by Percy�s group and from the crashing sound, has just lost his tray.� I flick my eyes over to Buffy and she�s noticed what�s happening.� Cordelia looks ready to throw something at Percy but Buffy�s holding her back.� Doesn�t want her to break a nail I guess�� Actually, since when does Cordelia hang with Buffy in public?� Must have missed the memo.

Oh Gawd, Cordelia is now getting involved; her shrill voice is penetrating the air.� Cordelia�s backed up by not only Buffy but Amy and Willow too.� I watch as Percy tries to intimidate her, but it isn�t working.� Percy hits Xander in the chest, a fairly good hit but hang on� why didn�t he move?� Xander should have moved even an inch but he hasn�t.� Hmmm�

Percy has definitely said the wrong thing; I can�t believe he thinks he can tell Cordelia what to do.� Man, he really doesn�t have many bright ideas running through his head.� No wonder the only way he can pass is by having someone else doing his assignments!� Oh sorry, assisting him in his assignments.� Yeah right!

Oh this is getting good, there is definitely going to be a fight.� Me being the observant one quickly rush to the best vantage point.� And watch the most remarkable thing� Xander Harris is beating the crap out of Percy and his goons.� This is unbelievable!�

Man I wish I had a camera, I would take a whole roll of film with that last move, Percy being slammed into a brick wall.� This is too cool!� Wow!� Dave Johnson is actually running away from a fight.� Xander even drops three of them in rapid succession!� Only to have the fourth guy picked on by Jack O�Toole.� And Xander isn�t flinching away from him.� What�s going on here?� Xander is good, but how?� Maybe Buffy taught him a few moves.

Cordelia�s wrapped her arms round Xander just before the troll turns up.� Snyder, the world�s most hated man!� He�s trying to figure out what�s happened but Greg Thompson covers for everyone.� Guess he doesn�t want to get Percy and the others in trouble. �And Snyder has the nerve to try to put the blame on Buffy!� Gawd, she should be getting a medal not being blamed.�

Snyder should have stuck around a bit more; cause Greg�s eating a brick sandwich.� What the hell did he say to Xander to make him this pissed off?� And how the hell did Xander get that strong?� This is going to be puzzling me for a while, I can tell�


My name is Alison Jarman, and I live in Sunnydale, California.� I attend the local high school and deliver pizzas for a living.� And in the last two days I have had more surprises than in the rest of my short life.

I saw Cordelia kissing Xander, and the world is never going to be the same ever again.� Nothing like this would ever have happened if not for Buffy coming to town�

The End