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Title: The Chronicles of Wanderer - Training Blues Series - How Cordelia Got Her Amazon Groove

Copyrighted: October 1999

Category: Crossover

Rating: PG-13 Some Foul Language

Spoilers: A few

Keywords: Highlander/Hercules/Xena/Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Summary: This series of stories deals with the training that the Scooby gang gets from Steve and his friends.

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Author's Notes: All right I admit it. I really liked the two episodes of Hercules where the characters were playing the production staff. One more thing, words expressed with the < > are thoughts.

How Cordelia Got Her Amazon Groove

(Let's Just Get the Bullshit Out of the Way)

They pass through history. . .
Living lives longer than any normal man can imagine.
Some pass through with hardly a ripple,
Others are like tidal waves, crashing on the shore.
They are the Immortals.
This is the story of the Wanderer. Warrior, Champion, Teacher, Demon Hunter.
These are his Chronicles. . .

Frank Iverson, Watcher, 2017.


The Training Blues
Cordelia gets her Amazon Groove

"Ouch!!" Screams out Cordelia as Willow throws her to the floor. Cordelia glares up at the redhead and sarcastically asks. "Was that hard enough, Willow?"

Willow grins. "We're supposed to be practicing our throws Cordelia. I didn't complain when you threw me the last time."

"I know, but it just hurts." Cordelia whines as Xander helps her up. As she feels his strong arms around her, she melts into his embrace.

"Why don't you go grab some rest Cordelia." Steve replies with a sigh as he watches her melt into Xander's arms. < And I can get back to training the rest of them. >

Cordelia looks at Steve, understanding that he wanted to finish the training session without any more interruptions. "All right." She softly replies. She gets up and takes her bag with her. Cordelia walks out of the gym to the living room. She sits down on the couch and quietly begins to cry. As she cries, she looks around the room and sees a statue of a woman warrior. She slowly gets up and walks over to the bookcase and picks it up. She looks it over and her tears fall down and strike the statue.

She stares as the tears are absorbed by the statue and walks back to the couch and stares at it in wonder. As she stares, she begins to talk to it. "Why me? Why did I have to fall in love with a guy who spends his spare time hunting vampires? Why did I have to become friends with some of the weirdest people on the face of the earth? Like who can believe that Buffy's an Immortal Slayer? Or that Steve St. Wolf is an Immortal Demon Hunter who has the hots for her? Why am I here trying to become Warrior Woman to hang with that loser bunch?"


Mount Olympus - Home of the Greek Gods

Artemis sits at her worktable as she prepares a new bow for the forthcoming hunt. She grins as she thinks about the wild boars that she'll get with it. She feels a prickling on her back and she suddenly feels something that she hasn't felt in almost two thousand years. A woman calling to her in supplication.

Artemis walks over to a mirror and passes a hand over it and Cordelia's image comes into view. She studies the face and the tears running down the face and wonders.

"What in Hade's name is she calling to me for? I'm not Aphrodite. What can possibly be causing this maiden such difficulties?" Her hand again passes across the face of the mirror and she watches as time flows backward. She watches as Cordelia attempts to absorb the lessons given to her by a pair of Immortal warriors, a large man wearing Hercules' bracers on his arms and a young looking girl with fantastic skill and abilities.

< By Zeus' thunderbolts, those two are incredible. Who are they? > Artemis thinks to herself as she watches them fight and destroy a dozen Bacchi.

< They're now training these young ones to fight beside them and protect their fellow mortals. > Artemis then watches Cordelia as she tries to, but fails to absorb the lessons given her and her companions by the two Immortals. Artemis smiles. < Now I see what the problem is. >

She pops herself into the room with Cordelia who's now picking up her things and unknowingly packs the statue of Artemis in her bag and leaves, tears still in her eyes. Artemis follows her outside and into her car.


Cordelia cries as she drives home. "How could I have thought that I was good enough to be with Xander, Buffy and the rest. They're all learning how to fight and I'm only good for vampire bait." Cordelia softly tells herself as she drives the dark streets to her home and her bed. "I am such a loser. First for loving Xander Harris, second for wanting to be one of the gang with him and that loser bunch he hangs out with. What am I doing? I'm Cordelia Chase. I'm popular. I have a life. What am I doing with these people?"


Artemis listens to Cordelia's rant and grins. < You've found a set of comrades girl. That's what. > Her train of thought is interrupted by the sounds of a girl screaming. She watches as Cordelia's face loses all of its tears and becomes hard. < By Zeus, she's got more to her than meets the eye. > Artemis thinks with a smile.


Cordelia's roused out of her depression by the sound a girl screaming nearby. She turns the car into a side street and looks
around, using her car's headlights and the flashlight from her glove box.


Artemis nods her head in agreement with the way that Cordelia was looking and using her vehicle.


Cordelia spots a vampire holding a familiar face and stops her car. She gets out, taking a stake and a high pressure water gun with her and points it at the vampire. "Let her go." Cordelia orders.

The vampire looks at her in disbelief and demands. "I take that you're the Slayer?"

"No. I'm not that fashion victim." Cordelia angrily barks out.

The vampire laughs darkly as he asks. "So what makes you think that I'm going to let her go?"

"Just this." Cordelia replies as she cuts loose with the water gun and sprays both the vampire and his victim with the water. The vampire screams and lets the girl go. "Harmony, get out of here, now!" Cordelia orders. The girl immediately runs away and Cordelia faces the vampire all alone.

The vampire gets up from where he had fallen and growls out. "Little girl, that will cost you a lot of pain and hurt. Get Her!!!" He screams out and a dozen vampires come out of the shadows, including the girl that Cordelia just rescued. She was being held by another vampire.

"Oh Shit!" Cordelia mutters as she lets loose with her water gun and sprays all of the vampires in the alley, holding them back and getting Harmony free again. As she's spraying a vampire, two others grab her from behind and knock the water gun from her hands. Cordelia struggles and dusts one of them as three more grab her arms and hold her tight. Cordelia feels her bones strain as the four vampires hold her.


Artemis watches on in glee as the young woman fights the vampires with only her water gun and a stake. Artemis also realizes that the vampires had cut off any hope of escape for the two mortals and picks up her bow and lets fly with her arrows, shooting two vampires at a time. She quickly decimates the vampires surrounding Cordelia.


Cordelia watches as the lead vampire walks towards her and grins evilly. "I'm going to rip your heart out and eat it little girl." He tells her as he licks his lips.

"Not in this life little Bacchi." Artemis replies with a snarl as she shoots him down with her bow. The four vampires holding Cordelia break away and look at the woman with the bow and quickly rush her, leaving Cordelia behind. Before the vampires could run five steps, all of them are dust in the wind from Artemis' arrows.

Cordelia looks Artemis up and down, not liking her one bit. She glares at her and asks in a disgusted voice. "I take it that you're one of Steve's Immortal friends?"

Artemis bends down and helps Cordelia up. "No. I'm Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt and Patron Goddess to the Amazons. I'm here because you called me."

Cordelia does a double take and then realizes. "You're the statue. Aren't you?"

Artemis grins as they walk towards Cordelia's car. "No. That's just a statue of me. It was created by one of my priestesses over two thousand years ago for my temple in Athens."

"Why are you here?" Cordelia asks.

Artemis grins. "Because you want to become an Amazon and I want the Amazons reborn and you will be a good start."

Cordelia stops and stares at Artemis and asks. "What are you talking about? I don't want to be an Amazon. They're like lesbians or something. Eewww."

Artemis grins. "Not all Amazons were lesbians. Most of them had men that they had sex with on a regular basis."

"That's a relief. I really like Xander and want to be with him." Cordelia mutters softly.

Artemis grins. "What's so special about this Xander person?"

Cordelia grins. "He brings out the worst and the best in me. He can piss me off and make me laugh my head off. When he holds me, I feel safe and secure in those arms like nothing in the world will ever hurt me. He made me want more out of my life then what I was getting."

Artemis just shakes her head in awe. < True love. Aphrodite would be giggling her head off if she heard this. > She gives Cordelia a hug and asks. "So, do you want to become an Amazon.?"

"What does it take to become an Amazon?" Cordelia asks, slightly worried about this strange woman now.

"Just ask to become one and I'll give you the abilities and skills of an Amazon." Artemis replies with a grin.

"Will I become as powerful as a Slayer?" Cordelia asks.

"You know about the Slayers? How?" Artemis asks.

Cordelia giggles. "Who do you think Buffy is? She's an Immortal Slayer."

Artemis just stares at Cordelia, not believing what she'd just heard. "You mean that little blond girl is the Slayer?"

Cordelia nods her head. "She's one of the Slayers. There's another one called Kendra who works out of Jamaica."

"Now this is news." Artemis mutters as she watches Cordelia's face as she pulls up to her home. "When we made the Slayers, we limited them to one at a time and for another Slayer to be called, the previous one had to be killed."

"We?" Cordelia asks in shock. "You mean you created the Slayers?"

"Not just me." Artemis admits. "I was one of seven Gods and Goddesses who merged our power and created the first of the Slayers. We got a powerful warrior to train her initially and then we made sure that those skills would be passed on to each succeeding Slayer."

"Wow. Who trained the first Slayer?"

"A Warrior Woman named Xena."

Cordelia chokes back a laugh. "You mean that Xena was real?"

"I'm afraid she is. Much to Ares' ire. She became a Demi-goddess after she died."

"Can I ask a stupid question?"

"No question is stupid Cordelia, only ignorance." Artemis replies with a grin as they walk into Cordelia's house.

Cordelia doesn't say a word as she walks past her parents and up to her room. The moment that the door closes, she asks. "Kevin Sorbo had these little stories on his show where he played the real Hercules playing Kevin Sorbo who played Hercules. Are they true?"

Artemis giggles. "My, you are a smart one. Very few people would have put that together so quickly."

"So what do I have to do to become an Amazon? And what do I have to do afterwards?"

"Just tell me that you're sure about becoming an Amazon and after you become one, offer up prayers to me. An occasional sacrifice wouldn't hurt either."

"What do you mean by sacrifice?"

Artemis grins. "The sacrifices that I always liked were recent kills from hunters and my name called forth in battle by my Amazons."

"You don't want me to sacrifice a man on your alter?" Cordelia asks.

"No. But I will require that you tell me how your life is going with your friends. I'd also like to hear how you and your friends are doing against the Bacchi and other monsters.

Cordelia smiles, liking this woman. "I could live with that. What about Willow, Jenny and Amy?"

"Who are they?"

"The other women who are learning how to fight. They're also having a hard time with the training. Can you help them?"

Artemis thinks for a minute and asks. "Do you think they could live with what I've asked of you?"

"I don't think that they'll have a problem with it. Jenny's already a Techno-Pagan, Willow's a Wiccan witch and Amy calls to someone called Hecate to power her spells, so calling to you shouldn't be a problem." Cordelia replies.

Artemis grins. "Sounds like a great bunch of women. Think they would like to become Amazons?"

Cordelia giggles. "I'm sure they would. But what will our boyfriends say?"

Artemis also giggles. < Zeus. But I like this young woman. > "If they have the sense the Gods gave to a fish, then they'll do nothing and just accept it."

"I'm in." Cordelia replies, making her decision.

"Very well then. Just lay back and relax." Artemis tells her. Cordelia does as she's told and lies back on her bed and watches as Artemis hands begin to glow and she passes her hands over her. Cordelia's eyes drop as she falls asleep. Artemis looks down at the young woman and grins. < This is a good beginning for the rebirth of the Amazons. > Artemis thinks to herself as she disappears.


The next morning Cordelia wakes up and feels different. She looks at her arms and feels the muscles play under her soft skin. She gets up and strips out of her clothes and moves to the full-length mirror. As she walks towards the mirror, she notices how lithely she moves on her bare feet.

She stretches herself and watches as the muscles ripple under her skin. She begins to do various extensions and watches in glee as she finds herself to have the natural balance of a cat. She tries various exercises and can't believe how much she was enjoying her enhanced body. She grins evilly as she rushes off and grabs a quick shower.

As she dries herself, Cordelia walks confidently over to her closet and looks for the proper clothes to wear to school. She looks over her closet and goes through the clothes there and chooses a tight pair of black jeans, white blouse and knee-high boots. She then goes through her weapons and chooses a pair of stakes and puts them down the sides of her boots. She then chooses a dagger and puts it down the inside of her right boot and grins as the blade stays comfortably out of sight.

She picks up her books and rushes out the door and gets into her car. She quickly drives to the High School and parks her car in the lot and heads into the school. As she passes Harmony and the rest of the 'Popular' clique, Harmony runs over and gushes. "Cordelia, I can't believe that you're here. I thought for sure that those gang members were going to hurt you."

Cordelia grins and walks away without saying a word. She leaves behind a flabbergasted Harmony who watches her walk away and feels a cold dread walking up her spine. One of the other 'Popular' girls walks up to Harmony and asks. "What's got into her?"

"I don't know, but she's beginning to walk like that loser Summers." Harmony remarks as Cordelia walks over to Xander Harris and grabs him by his shirt front and kisses him in public. "Eeeww. Is she kissing that loser Xander Harris?"


Cordelia walks past Harmony without a word. < Stupid sheep. > She grins as she sees Xander standing by his locker. She calmly walks up to him and grabs him by his shirt front and kisses him deeply in front of the entire school.


Xander closes his locker and turns to talk to Willow as he feels a hand grab his shirt front. < Shit! If its one those football jocks, I'll break them in half. > He turns to hit the jock and feels a soft pair of lips cover his. < Hey, this isn't some football jock. > He looks around himself and sees only the deepest, darkest brunette hair. < Oh Shit! It's Cordy. What the hell did I do now? > He feels her tongue in his mouth. < I have got to ask Willow what I did so that I can do it again. And how
many times can I do it and get the same results > Xander eagerly returns the kiss until a little troll voice breaks through the haze of the kiss.

"Harris! Chase!! That's enough! Break it up!" Snider barks out. Xander and Cordelia break up and turn to look at Snyder.

"What do you want, you little troll?" Cordelia demands.

Snyder stares back and suddenly feels very scared as he stares at the way they were looking at him. < What the hell is going on here. Those two are looking at me like I'm nothing for them to worry about. Well, we'll see about it. > "I want to see you both in my office. Right now!"


Willow giggles as Xander tells her a joke about two figs and a grape. When Xander doesn't finish the punch line, Willow turns around and watches as Cordelia ravages his lips. Willow feels a pang of jealously, but it's quickly smothered as she sees how they melt into each other. < Oh wow. Is Cordelia crazy? The entire school will see her kissing Xander. Doesn't she care about her reputation? > Willow watches Cordelia and Xander hold each other close and continue to kiss until Snyder runs up to them and forces them apart. < I better get Giles and Jenny. > Willow thinks to herself as Snyder escorts the pair to his office.

Willow quickly runs to the Library and finds Giles, Jenny, Buffy, Amy and Oz waiting there for her and Xander. Buffy takes one look at Willow's wide eyes and asks. "What happened Willow? Where's Xander?"

"Snyder dragged Xander and Cordelia to his office." Willow replies in a rush.

Buffy grins. "What happened? Xander and Cordy get into a shouting match in the hall?"

"No. Xander was telling me a joke when Cordelia walked up to him, grabbed him by his shirt front and kissed him full on the lips."

Buffy's jaw drops. "Willow, please tell me that you're kidding. Xander and Cordy kissing in public? What the hell's happening here?"

"I must say. Now that is strange. Cordelia is usually more, how do you say it?"

"The word 'bitchy' comes to mind." Amy replies with a grin and the room erupts with laughter.

"But seriously." Giles replies. "Why would Cordelia kiss Xander in public? She cares more for her precious reputation than anything else."

"I don't know, but there's one way to find out." Jenny replies as everyone turns to listen to her. "Let's get them out of the troll's office and in here and find out what's going on."

"Very well then. Jenny and I will go down to Snyder's office and pick up Cordelia and Xander before they get into any more trouble." Giles replies as he gets up and puts on his coat and holds out Jenny's chair for her.


Cordelia and Xander walk into Snyder's office and stand waiting for the little troll to come in. Cordelia crosses her arms and begins to tap her foot while waiting for Snyder to make his way to his chair. Both of them look at each other and glare at the man who had interrupted a very important moment in their lives. They both watch him as he makes himself feel important. Cordelia glances back at Xander and sees the open disgust on his face. She grins back to him and he returns the grin with a small smile.

Snyder watches the two students in front of him and shudders, feeling like they were walking on his grave. < Those two aren't acting like normal kids. What the hell is going on with them? > He clears his throat as he orders. "Take a seat you two. This is going to take a while."

Cordelia growls lowly. "Listen you little troll. I'm not buying any of your little power trips, so why don't you just give us detention and we'll be on our way back to class?"

Xander glances at Cordelia, not believing that those words came from her mouth. < What the hell is going on here? >

Snyder stares back at Cordelia, open mouthed. < No student has ever dared to speak to me like that. > "You're both suspended until I speak with your parents." Snyder angrily yells out at them.

"All right." Cordelia replies icily as she leans down on Snyder's desk, getting in his face. "But when my father finds out that you suspended me for kissing my boyfriend in the hall, he's going to ask his friends on the school board what sort of person they have running this school."

Snider freezes in his chair, contemplating his situation. After a few seconds, he quickly backs down. "All right, I'm not going to suspend you. But I'm giving the two of you a week's detention."

"Don't piss me off Snyder. You wouldn't like me pissed off." Cordelia icily replies.

Snyder backs down even further, suddenly very afraid of Cordelia. "All right. I'll just give you a warning this time."

"Better." Cordelia replies and leaves the office and two shocked men in her wake. Xander watches as Cordelia walks away from him and he turns to Snyder, not believing that that was Cordelia. As their eyes lock, Xander's arm is grabbed and Cordelia pulls him from the office. "I swear Xander, I can't take you anyplace."

Xander just dumbly follows her out of the office and they meet up with Giles and Jenny. As they walk up to Cordelia and Xander, Giles asks. "Are you two all right?"

"We're fine." Cordelia replies evenly.

"What did the little tyrant want?" Jenny asks.

"He wanted to send us to detention, but I convinced him that it wouldn't be smart." Cordelia replies with a smile as she walks away, leaving Xander standing there with his mouth open.

Giles turns to ask Xander what was going on, but before he can ask, Snyder storms out of his office and barks out. "You two are the cause of this!"

"We are the cause of what?" Giles asks.

"You and Calendar are responsible for those hellions that look like students. Did you know that Chase now has the audacity to threaten me?"

Giles and Jenny look over to Xander who nods his head in agreement. "I don't believe it. Cordelia?" Giles remarks in disbelief.

"Believe it G-man. I've never seen Cordy act like this." Xander quietly replies as Snyder stalks down the hallway in anger.

"Do you think anything happened to her last night?" Giles asks as they begin to walk towards the library.

"I don't know. She left after Willow threw her, but she went home with her car and she knows better than to stop in Sunnydale at night." Xander replies.

"We are talking about Cordelia here." Giles begins.

Xander looks at him and nods his head in resignation. "Yeah, you're right. So what do we do now?"

"We get back to the library and hope that we can find out what happened to her."

"We're also calling in Steve?" Xander asks.

"It would be prudent to have him available if things get out of hand." Giles replies as they walk down the hall.


Several hours later...

Xander slams down the book and mutters. "We can't pin it down Giles. There are too many possibilities in these books."

Giles takes his glasses off and cleans them with a handkerchief. "I agree Xander. So we go to plan B?" Giles asks as he looks at the large, dark haired man sitting next to Buffy Summers.

The Immortal Demon Hunter known as Steve St. Wolf nods and turns to Willow, Amy and Jenny. "Do it. Draw a containment circle and Buffy and I will get her into it."

"Do you want me to get her in here?" Xander asks nervously.

"Just get her to the door and we'll take it from there." Steve replies as he checks his weapons.

Xander looks nervously at the weapons that Steve is making ready and asks. "Are those really necessary?"

Steve grimly nods his head. "I hope not. But we can never be too sure, especially when we don't know what happened to her."

Xander nods his head and leaves, going to find Cordelia. < Man, I hope it's nothing serious. I don't want Cordy hurt. > Xander thinks to himself as he rushes off to Cordelia's next class. As he gets near the door, the bell rings and the class empties. He quickly spots Cordelia and makes his way to her. As he draws near, he wraps his arm around her waist and feels Cordelia stiffen, but when she sees him, she relaxes into his arm and asks. "What's going on Xander? Why are you here?"

"Giles wants us in the library. We've got something major coming our way."

"Another prophecy?"

Xander nods his head and they both head back to the library. Xander watches her as they walk to the library and wonders. < What is it about her that's different? > Then he catches it. < Damn, she's walking like Buffy does. > As they walk to the library doors, Xander holds it open for her and she gives him a dazzling smile which makes Xander's knees quake. < Cordelia, please forgive me after we do this. > Xander thinks to himself as he shoves her inside the library.

Cordelia feels Xander's hands on her back and she's suddenly propelled inside the library. She immediately falls forward and does a cartwheel into a modified horse stance. She looks around and sees Buffy and Steve both headed for her. She glances at Xander who was quickly locking the doors and shutting the shades. She quickly looks back to Buffy and Steve and sees Buffy reaching for her. Cordelia grabs her hand and pulls her forward and slams an elbow into her stomach. Buffy goes 'oomph' and falls back as Steve moves in and slams a kick into Cordelia's side. She quickly falls back and snaps out a kick of her own. She catches Steve's ribs and he lets out a grunt as he catches her foot and tips her over. Steve quickly follows her and suddenly goes flying back as Cordelia kicks out and shatters his kneecap. Steve goes down and Buffy quickly catches her by the arm and whips her into the containment circle that Jenny, Willow and Amy had already drawn. Cordelia catches herself as she enters the circle and a barrier surrounds her. She hits the barrier and finds that it won't break. She looks around and demands. "What the hell is going on here!!?"

"You, Ugh, tell us." Steve replies as his knee snaps back into place, whole. Buffy helps him up as she stares at Cordelia, not believing how well she fought.

Cordelia stares back at everyone and suddenly understands what everyone was talking about. "Oh." She replies and calms down.

Steve, Giles, Buffy and Jenny walk over to the containment circle and stare at Cordelia. "Who are you and what have you done with Cordelia?" Giles demands, his voice cracking like a whip.

Cordelia stares back. "It's me. I'm Cordelia. Don't you believe me?"

"The real Cordelia couldn't do what you just did." Steve replies with a rueful grin. "Her skill level doesn't even come close to what you just showed us. So care to tell us who you are?"

"But I'm the real Cordelia." Cordelia replies in an angry tone.

"Somehow, we don't believe you." Steve replies as he touches his knee.

"How can I make you believe that I'm the real Cordelia?"

"For starters. Tell us how you became so good at fighting." Buffy demands.

"Oh that? Artemis made me into an Amazon." Cordelia replies, deadpan.

"Who made you into a what?" Giles asks in shock, not believing what he'd just heard.

"Care to explain how you just happened to meet Artemis?" Steve asks.

Cordelia then tells her friends what happened to her the previous night. Steve just shakes his head in disbelief as Xander mutters. "That's Cordelia all right. She doesn't even hesitate for a second in taking something that she likes or worrying about the consequences."

"Where's Artemis right now?" Steve asks.

"Standing behind you." Cordelia replies with a grin as Artemis appears behind her friends. Steve and Buffy immediately turn around and move to attack and suddenly find themselves frozen in place.

Buffy looks over to Steve. "I think we're in trouble here."

"Not really." Artemis replies with a small smile as she walks up to them. "I'm not going to hurt you, but I'm also not going to let you try and fight me. That would be stupid and very wasteful."

"Who are you?" Steve asks. < If this is Artemis, then we're in deep shit. >

"I'm Artemis." Artemis replies.

"Okay." Steve replies quietly. "What are you doing here Artemis?"

"Keeping an eye on the first of my new Amazons."

"You mean Cordelia?" Buffy asks in wonder.

"Yes, Cordelia. I felt that it was time that the Amazons were reborn and from the battle she just gave you, I made a good start."

"Why her?" Steve asks.

"Because her reasons were pure."

"That's it?" Steve asks in disbelief. "You're helping her because her reasons are pure?" Artemis nods her head. "What do you get out of it?"

"I don't need much." Artemis replies evenly.

"Somehow I doubt that." Steve replies dryly.

Artemis smiles. "You don't believe me?"

"Let's just say that I've had past experiences with your family and they've left little to doubt in that regard, with one exception."

Artemis giggles. "So you're the one that's been pissing off Ares, Discord, Strife and Bacchus?" Steve doesn't say a word, but his silence speaks volumes. "Yes, you are him." Artemis replies with a smile, looking Steve up and down. "You should hear the screams of frustration on Olympus when you screw up their plans." Steve gives her a small grin of satisfaction, Artemis laughs softly, enjoying herself. "What can I do to make you believe me when I say that I only want to help you and your friends?"

"How about telling us what Cordelia will have to do to keep her abilities?" Giles asks.

"Very simple. Kill as many vampires as possible. I gave her those abilities to help you in your coming battles against the vampires and demons. I also want to offer the same abilities to your other friends." Artemis nods towards Willow, Amy and Jenny.

"Why don't I believe you?" Steve replies sarcastically.

"Why don't you call my other brother and ask him?" Artemis asks.

"Can't do it."

Artemis raises her eyebrow, not believing what she just heard. "And why not?"

Steve grins sheepishly. "My cell phone is in my coat pocket which is located on that chair on the other side of the room."

Artemis laughs lightly and passes her hand over them and everyone can move again. Steve looks at Artemis' easy manner and orders. "Jenny, free Cordelia." Jenny nods and utters a quick spell and Cordelia walks out of the circle.

She glares at everyone in the room and walks up to Xander and punches him in the stomach, Xander goes to his knees, holding his stomach. "That's for setting me up." She tells him. Xander looks up, his mouth open and she takes his face her hands and kisses him deeply. "That's for caring." She tells him after she finishes the kiss. Xander just stays there, dumbfounded, not knowing what to do.

Artemis laughs softly. "Now I see what you see in him. He is a cute one." Cordelia also grins. Xander looks first to Cordelia, then Artemis, his head moving back and forth between the two women who are talking about him.

He slowly gets up and moves away. As he moves, he bumps into Giles, who's watching Artemis in fascination, he asks. "Giles, what did I do wrong in my past life?"

"What are you talking about Xander?" Jenny asks.

"First it was the Mantis Lady, then the Mummy Girl, now I have an Amazon wanting me. What is my problem?" Xander mutters back.

Giles looks at Cordelia and softly mutters. "My boy, many men would wish to have that particular problem." Giles remarks.

Xander looks over to where Cordelia was standing and realizes just how lucky he was and shuts up.


Steve picks up his cell phone and dials a Malibu number. The phone is picked up after three rings and a female voice asks. "Hello."

"Is Kevin home?" Steve asks.

"Hold on a minute." The voice replies and then yells out. "Kevin, it's for you."

"Who is it, Sam?" Kevin yells back.

"Who is this?"

"Tell Kevin it's Steve St. Wolf and I need to talk to him."

"Okay." The woman replies and yells back. "Kevin, it's some St. Wolf guy." Sam Jenkins' surprised to see Kevin run into the room and grab the phone.

"Steve are you all right?" Kevin asks while Sam looks on, worried.

"I'm fine Kevin, but I have your sister here. She's done something that I find hard to believe after my past experiences with your family."

< Oh damn. > "Who is it?"

"Artemis." Steve simply replies.

< Oh Shit!! > "I'll be right there." Kevin replies and hangs up the phone. He turns to his wife and explains the situation. She just nods her head and he disappears.

"Kevin will be here in a short while." Steve tells his friends.

"Who is this Kevin?" Giles asks as a man appears in the middle of the library.

"Hercules!" Xander bursts out in shock.

"Yep. That's me." Kevin Sorbo replies with a lopsided grin as he takes in the situation and sees Artemis standing next to a young dark haired woman. He looks at the young girl closely and suddenly understands what the problem was. He glares at his sister and demands. "Artemis, what the hell is going on here?"

"Simple, brother mine. It's time for the Amazons to return. The world has need of their skills." Artemis replies with a smile.

"You're serious. Why choose her?" Kevin asks.

"Because she called to me and I like her courage. Not many mortals would face one Bacchi, let alone a dozen without flinching. She is worthy of my gift as are her three friends."

"Three? I see four other women here. Why not her?" Hercules asks.

"The fourth one is an Immortal who was a Slayer in her mortal life, she's now an Immortal Slayer. Your friend, St. Wolf, is her boyfriend."

Hercules looks at Buffy and the way she was standing next to his old friend and grins. < It's about damn time. > "That's incredible. When we originally created the Slayers, we never thought one would become Immortal."

Giles, whose been listening in, stutters out. "Pardon me, Mr. Hercules, but did you say, you and Artemis created the Slayers?"

Hercules sighs. < Now I'm going to have to explain everything. > He turns to Giles and tells him. "Yes, Artemis, I and five other Gods were responsible for creating the Slayers."

"Wait until you hear who trained the first Slayer." Cordelia replies with a grin. Hercules glares at her and Cordelia smiles sweetly. Hercules just shakes his head.

"So who trained the first Slayer and how do we become Slayers." Buffy asks.

Hercules looks at Artemis, who nods her head in agreement, he turns to the group of young people watching him closely and begins. "It all started about twenty five hundred years ago. Bacchus had started to create more and more Bacchi, so Artemis, Aphrodite, Athena, Ares, Zeus, Eros, and I got together and we choose a girl named Alika to train to hunt them down. We got one the greatest warriors of the time to train her and teach her how to hunt Bacchi."

"So who trained her?" Buffy asks.

"Xena, the Warrior Princess." Hercules replies with a straight face.

The entire room is silent until Xander asks. "So are those shows with the Xena scrolls for real or what.?"

"Yeah, they were for real. I take that you're a fan?" Hercules asks.

"Uh, well, yeah. I sorta enjoy watching it." Xander mutters out. He squeaks when Cordelia gives him a friendly hug.

Hercules just smiles, already starting to like this group of kids.

"So that explains how the first Slayer was made, what happens when one Slayer dies and another is called?"

Artemis continues the story. "The first Slayer became a spirit which entered the body of the next girl to be chosen. It was through her that every succeeding Slayer was created."

"So you mean that I was possessed." Buffy asks in disbelief.

"Only in the mildest sense. The spirit enters your body, makes it stronger, tougher and teaches it how to fight." Artemis replies.

"So when we die, the spirit leaves us and finds another host." Buffy remarks. "So then how come I still have my Slayer abilities?"

"The spirit doesn't take away your skills or abilities as it leaves Buffy." Artemis replies. "If the spirit realized that you were still alive, then it would have stayed, but in becoming Immortal you died and the spirit left you and sought out another girl who it made a Slayer."

"That explains Kendra." Giles remarks.

"Who's Kendra?" Hercules asks.

"The other Slayer." Steve replies.

"Oh." Hercules replies as the room goes silent.

Jenny breaks the silence "So where do we go from here?"

Artemis walks up to the three witches and asks. "I told Cordelia that I would help and if you let me, I'll give you three the same skills and abilities that I gave her."

"No strings attached?" Jenny asks carefully.

"Other then offering up a prayer once in a while, no."

Jenny turns to Willow and Amy and asks. "Well, what do you two think?"

"Will it effect our powers?" Amy asks.

"Not at all. I'll only be giving you the abilities to be able to protect yourselves physically. Though you might be able to do stronger spells with the increased endurance that you'll have." Artemis explains.

Jenny, Willow and Amy look to their friends and watch as Steve and Hercules nod their heads in agreement. Jenny turns back to Artemis. "All right, we agree. Thank you for this, Lady Goddess."

"I should thank you. Few people have the courage to face what you face on a daily basis. You will make fine Amazons." Artemis replies as she holds up her hands and all three women are covered in a golden glow, they slowly fall to the ground, asleep. A few minutes later, the glow fades and Jenny, Willow and Amy stand up and look at themselves.

"Jenny, do you feel any different?" Giles asks hesitantly.

Jenny grins as she confidently walks forward and kisses him. Giles' eyes widen as Jenny doesn't let go of the kiss for a full minute. After she lets go of the kiss, she looks into his eyes and tells him. "Yeah, I feel very different."

Willow walks up to Oz, who's been silently watching everything, she takes him by the back of his head and also kisses him deeply. After Willow, stops kissing him, Oz simply replies. "Wow."

Amy just shyly looks around her and grins.

Steve softly coughs and everyone turns to him. "So what happens now?"

"Well, we women are going out to celebrate the rebirth of the Amazons. You men are welcome to join us." Artemis replies with a grin.

"Sounds good to me." Steve replies, wondering what he's going to do with four Amazons. "But shouldn't this be an all girl's night out?"

"Ah honey." Buffy replies with a grin. "Who do you think is going to pay for the party?"

"What?" Steve replies as he's lead out of the library by Buffy and Amy.

As the group walks out of the library, Hercules turns to Artemis and asks. "Are you sure about this Artemis?"

"Of course I am Hercules. You're just jealous that you didn't think about doing it yourself." Artemis replies with a grin as she changes her clothes to fit in with Buffy and her friends as they leave the library.

The End