Author: ellmarr - Erica L. Marr

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Title: A Dragon's Scale - In the Heat of A Dragon

Copyrighted: May 2001

Category: Crossover

Rating R - Hefty amount of foul language. Plus there are also descriptions of violence. Remember this is JD we're talking about if she isn't cussing in one language she is cussing in several hundred different dead ones that no one has ever heard and her past is quite violent.

Spoilers: A few, but who cares? This story reveals how JD and Katie met in the last couple of years and is told in parts by others.

Keywords: Diagnosis Murder/Highlander/Touched by an Angel/In the Heat of the Night crossover with a few guest stars.

Highlander: All rights and properties owned by Rysher Entertainment. Season 5 until Season finale. Richie Ryan lives and Season 6 does not take place.

Diagnosis Murder: All rights reserved by Viacom Productions a Paramount Company, who is currently on my Black Ball list for Canceling Diagnosis Murder.

Buffy: Season 2 until Phases.

In the Heat of the Night characters belong to their creators.
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No money can be made from this story. It can be distributed freely so long as it is kept in its entirety, with all notices and copyright information intact.

Summary: This story reveals a few details about JD's live in the past 15 years.

Thank you:
Steve Pantovich (The Grand Poobah of the Wandererverse) for allowing JD into the Wandererverse.
Timothy Daniel Knight for putting JD into his story. Which pressured me into writing more of JD’s Past.
To Drake for his patience while I bugged him on several of the Chapters.
Dustin Linder for helping edit it for me.
To the readers for your help in proofing, editing and the encouragement.


A Dragon's Scale - In the Heat of a Dragon

Chapter 1:
(Driving Lessons)

The Parking Garage of Community General
Los Angeles, Ca. (Wandererverse)
1 October 1999 21:20 PST


A Ford Taurus comes to a screeching halt inside the parking garage of the Community General Hospital. JD barely puts the vehicle in park before she tries to jump out and gets strangled for a few moments by the seat belt. Her new partner, Detective Steve Sloan, pries his long strong fingers, one by one, from the dashboard and reminds himself to never ever let his new partner drive again.


"JD, slow down," Steve yells as his long muscular legs easily caches up with JD's shorter faster ones.


"Can’t. Katie," she yells back.


"You don't even know where she is," he says as she impatiently hits the elevator button.


"Fine! You lead the way," she snaps, knowing full well that his father is the Chief of Medicine at Community General.


"Now you're being more reasonable," he says with a sigh as he ran his hand through is short black hair.


"Nah, it ain’t got nothing to do with being reasonable. I just like watching your ass." She replies with a smile and a twinkle in her hazel eyes.


At her comment, Steve’s high cheekbones turn a slight shade of pink, and then he firmly places his behind against the wall of the elevator.


JD just laughs. "Take it easy, Sloan. I’m trying to calm down a bit. So don't take it personal," JD snickers as she stands in front of the doors to the elevator.

"I know, I’m just trying to help," he lies through his teeth.


"I would like to know what the hell happened. She’s supposed to be safe here. She was just getting over those damn nightmares," JD hisses, just as they leave the elevator and bump into an African American female doctor.


"What nightmares?" the woman asks.


"Listen lady, I don't know you so I don't mean to be rude but it’s none of your damn business," JD shoots at her looking for any sign that would tell her where her daughter is.


"Sorry Amanda, but this is my new partner, JD Heart. JD, this is Doctor Amanda Livingston." The two women nod to one another. "We got a call from dad that Riggs and Murtaugh had brought Katie, JD's daughter, here and that she was needing immediate care and he needed JD’s authorization to treat her."


"You mean the M.E.?" JD asks, assuming the worst as it dawned on her that this was the Medical Examiner that Steve had told her was the best her in field and had helped solved many of the cases Steve and his Father worked on.


"Mark asked me to meet you here," Amanda replies as she quite visibly appraises the young woman who stands before her.


"Fine, where’s Katie," JD snaps at the 5’8" woman.


"They had to rush her right into OR a little less than a hour ago, so I don't know all of the details. It is my understanding that she had undergone a severe trauma, Mark is working on her but that's all I know," Amanda explains.


"I am going to kill the bastard that hurt her," JD hisses at Amanda and start to walk past her.

"Now where the hell is she?"


"You can't go in there," Amanda tells her as she tries to keep JD from going towards the OR.


"Why?!" JD questions with a cold stare that sends a bleak chill through Amanda and makes her release JD.


"She’s probably afraid you might break some of his bones," a male voice answers from behind her before Amanda can reply.


"I would never hurt the man who’s helping my daughter. You on the other hand are fair game," JD answers as she turns to face a tall lean man with shoulder-length black hair who was known to her as Detective Riggs and his partner an African American Detective in his mid fifties named Murtaugh standing next to them.


"Sloan, tell your partner to take it easy. We're just the ones who found Katie," Detective Murtaugh says.


"Okay what the hell happened and why the fuck were you at my place?" JD demands at the two taller men.


"Listen, JD, we thought that it was your night off so went over to see if you needed any help settling into your apartment," Riggs lies.


"Yeah, right, Riggs!" she snaps. "You went over to challenge me to a rematch."


"Well, anyway," He stammers. "When we got there, the door was smashed in and the place was a mess."


"Go on," JD says, her voice not warming a bit.


"We entered, and found Katie in the living room. She was out cold with an iguana guarding her," Murtaugh continues.


"Yeah that damn thing wouldn't let us near her at first. It even bit me," Riggs says, showing his left hand covered in bandages.


"Sloan, remind me to get it a big treat," JD remarks with a smile but then becomes deadly serious again. "What about the intruder?"


"There were two, one was in the kitchen and the other in the bathroom. They both looked like they had been mauled by some kind of animal. Also both of them were covered in a really disgusting smelly slime," Murtaugh answers.


"Well, it's a good thing you guys didn't touch that slime," Doctor Jessie Travis tells them as he comes up to them.


"Why?" Murtaugh asks.


"Because it is full of a variety of bacteria strains. If you hadn't gotten those two here when you did, I don't think they would have made it. As it was, it’s pretty much touch and go," Jessie informs them. "Plus, I have them on every antibiotic I got."


"Was Katie exposed to that stuff?" JD asks, dreading the answer.


"No. Only those guys were exposed to it," Jessie answers.


"Yeah, well you'll need a new place if that stuff is as dangerous as he says," Murtaugh comments.


"What?!" JD bellows.


"Kiss your deposit good bye, sweetheart. Your place is covered with that stuff, that is except for where Katie was," Riggs confirms with a smooch to the air.


"One warning Riggs, there are only few people who may call me sweetheart more than once and live to tell about it. Especially just after my daughter was attacked. You aren’t one of them, so you better not call me that again. And then I won’t hold back like I did in our first match," JD blows up at Riggs, who shrinks back under her glare. Then she turns to Murtaugh and asks, "What does it look like?"


"It's really weird, like whatever produces that stuff chased them all around your apartment. Even putting holes in some of the doors. But it didn't seem to know that Katie and her pet were there," Murtaugh replies, trying to not provoke her.


"Why do you say that?" Steve asks as his 6’4" fame came to stand at JD’s side.


"Slime trail and the fact that the stuff was nowhere near Katie and her pet," Riggs answers, still avoiding JD’s gaze.


"So, do we know who these guys are?" JD asks, silently hoping that there are some more people involved, people she could visit.


"We thought that they were friends of yours," Riggs replies.


"I don't know who it could be."


"They weren't carrying ID so we're running their fingerprints," Murtaugh answers.


"One of the guys is more than likely to be Kenneth Jackson. He escaped from prison last week," a solemn voice from behind JD informs them.


They turn to see three men one African American and two whites coming up to the group. Their police shields clipped to their hips sparks some interest for it revealed that these new persons where from a place called Sparta. Their body stance replied that none of which were looking very happy at having to see JD.


"You son of a bitch, Forbs!!! Why didn't you tell me that bastard was loose?!?!" JD demands as she gets into the 6"4’ African American face by grabbing his shirt and pulling him down to her 5"3’ height and lets her quickening play across her face.


"Careful, JD. You're letting your Sirreen show," Hampton Forbs quietly warns her, then continues in a louder voice. "Bubba, Parker and I wanted to catch him before you got to him and took him out."


In that moment, a very tired Mark Sloan comes to speak with them drawing everyone’s attention.


"She's going to be all right. I took a bullet out and set her arm," Mark says.


"You didn't say anything about her being shot!" she screeches and glares at Amanda.


"She didn’t know," Mark replies but before he can say anything else a woman’s scream of terror got everyone’s attention.


"AAAAHHHH!!! A MONSTER!!!" a nurse screams as she runs down the hall towards the group.


"Where?" Mark asks the nurse as she runs into his arms.


"Lying on top of that poor girl," she cries out as she points toward the room she had just come from.


"That’s Katie's room!" Mark snaps.


At that, all the cops draw their guns and make their way toward the room with JD in front. The taller muscular Bubba kicks the door open and JD makes her way inside. The sight that greets her just makes her laugh and stuns the rest of the people.


"I’m out of here," Riggs growls, but his face shows that he wants to shoot the thing lying next to Katie on the bed.


"How the hell did that thing get in here?" Murtaugh asks. Then just before he leaves he adds. "I am getting too old for this shit!"


"You mind telling us what that thing is doing here?" Steve demands of his partner.


"From the looks of it, and the way he is lying next to Katie, I'd say he feels the need to protect her," JD answers with a shrug and holsters her gun.


"What is that thing?" Forbs asks.


"That is Katie's pet iguana," JD answers with a half smile, noting the way the lizard lay next to Katie with its head lying over Katie's good arm as it watches them.


"A hospital is no place for pets." Mark decides as he moves toward it, the lizard promptly hisses at him for his trouble.


"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Doc, you may have fixed Katie up but it feels the need to protect her. Not even I am dumb enough to try and move it because it only listens to Katie."


"Well I don't see any harm in its staying here until tomorrow." Mark amends as he pulls his hand back before he gets bitten. "Listen JD, why don't you stay here for a little while." Mark suggests.


JD just nods helplessly and puts a chair next to the bed. Suspiciously watched by the Iguana, she takes Katie’s hand into her own and carefully strokes her face. Steve steps behind his staggered partner and slightly squeezes her shoulder. JD stiffens at the unexpected touch, but gladly accepts the support and leans back into it.


Mark and Amanda observe the two for a moment, before Mark clears his throat. "I think we should give JD some time alone with Katie. If anything should happen, press the button or simply get on the floor and shout for me, JD. I’m sure I’d even hear that at home," he tries to lift her spirit.


JD glances at him and nods, a smile playing across her lips for a short moment. As she turns back to Katie, her partner and the two doctors leave the room.




"So Dad," Steve asks his father who just shut the door to Katie’s room. "How is she...really?"


"I’m just a little concerned that she hasn't regained consciousness since the attack." Mark says.


"Know of a place to get a cup of coffee?" Chief Forbs asks Steve Sloan, having waited with his partners outside the room.


"Yeah, It's not the greatest, but follow me, because I think we're going to have a long night." Steve answers.


"Would you gentlemen excuse me? I need to call my sitter to let her know that I am going to be late," Amanda says as they walk past the nurse’s station and picks up a phone to make the call.


When the men are out of sight, Steve’s ex-partner African American by the name of Cheryl Banks, walks up to Amanda, with open disgust on her face.


"Let me guess, little Miss white princess broke a nail," Cheryl sneers as Amanda gets off the phone.


"Actually they’re here because her daughter was shot," Amanda replies coldly.


"Oh, you mean her adopted daughter," Cheryl comments belligerently.


"What is your point? Does it make the situation less grave? You should have seen her she nearly broke down. Without Steve, she might have. I don’t know what your problem with JD is, other than she is now Steve’s partner. Which is no reason, as you and him are no longer seeing each other, anyway, after you broke up with him. But it seems that he cares for JD, a lot. He deserves some happiness. So stop mouthing off and demonizing her." Amanda demands.


"Listen Amanda this has nothing to do with what Steve and I had but I just don’t trust her. You see I checked out her personal record and believe me there is no way she could have done half the stuff it says. The only way to get such a record is to sleep with a bunch of people. Especially at her young age," Cheryl answers as she slaps a copy of JD’s personal file in front of Amanda. "See for yourself."


Amanda picks up the file and begins to read the large file in her hands.

"Interesting. It certainly explains some things about her. Her parents died in a car crash, while she was nine. So she knows what it is like to be alone. She might even be one of the few cops, who manage to do a good job without neglecting their family. And her inherited money will help, too.

"And her education is certainly quite good. I mean, Joan of Arc Boarding School in the Swiss Alps. There is not much above that. You should know how crappie the US primary education system is. After finishing school, she returned home and joined the Memphis Police Academy, when she turned eighteen. There she showed her ingenuity and potential in privately investigating the disappearance of her roommate, which ended in the exposure of a death squad recruiting center working within the Academy, which lead to the exposure of the whole network. Certainly nothing that could be achieved in bed. Then she graduated with honors and joined the MPD. Certainly nothing unusual there, either.  After joining, she almost immediately showed that the takedown of the death squad was no stroke of luck, by saving the eight year old son of a multi-billionaire, that had been kidnapped by a mass murderer. How likely is it to achieve that in bed?  She took and passed the Detectives Test not even a year later, which, seeing her education, dedication, and high profile cases, does not surprise me. Honestly, I’m more surprised, that she was only the youngest female Homicide Detective of the MPD, but it shows, that such fast advances are not unheard of. And the twenty commendations she got from the Police Commissioner, the FBI, and the NSA? I’m sure she sneaked into the NSA Headquarters at Fort Meade and seduced whoever was in charge there.  And given this background, it’s almost ridiculous that only the Sparta PD offered her to become Chief of Detectives in 1995, but she also accepted that. That she adopted Katie at that point in her career is certainly unusual, but given her own childhood to be expected. I fail to see what this file should prove," Amanda counters.

"Now she’s here. And there is now way she could get over 20 commendations in less than 4 years without sleeping with someone. Or more likely a few dozen," Cheryl retorts.

"No, this just shows that JD is one damn good cop. The simple fact that she’d have to find a hundred or more corrupt officials is unlikely enough. Add to that all the reporters she’d have to seduce to get these cases fake press coverage, and you little theory falls apart. So go take your jealous act, whether it’s because she’ll get Steve, which I don’t doubt seeing what I saw in Katie’s room, or because she’s a better cop than you are, somewhere else," Amanda states as she turns towards the doctor’s lounge, taking the folder with her.


Chapter 2
(Shop talk and the hairs on the back of JD's neck are dancing the Polka.)

Doctor's Lounge
Community General
Los Angeles, CA
1 October 1998 - 21:35 PST


The doctor's lounge becomes crowded as the three LA detectives, several Sparta Police Officers, and two doctors gather there. They drag two tables together to discuss things over coffee.


"So which one of you," Parker asks, indicating the detectives, "Do we need to feel pity for?"


"For what?" Steve, Riggs, and Murtaugh say simultaneously.


"Which one of you is the poor sap who is JD's new partner?" Forbs clarifies.


"Oh, that would be Sloan here," Riggs says, pointing at Steve.


When Riggs identifies him, Steve notices that the largest of the three new officers stares at him, stone faced. Shaking it off, Steve drawles, "She's not so bad."


"Excuse me...are we talking about the same JD Heart?" Parker asks.


"Hey! She's not a problem!"


"I take it you haven't been called in to the Captain's office about her yet?" Forbs asks with a grin.


"Not as much as Riggs and Murtaugh here," Steve says as he points to the officers on each side of him.


Parker snorts. "She'll probably top them within a month."


Bubba chuckles and nods. "Knowing JD, it'll be less than that."


Steve grits his teeth. He is a bit upset with these out-of-towners running down his partner. "Hey, back off," he said, his voice tinged with a slight growl. "She's a little brash, but she's a great cop."


"No one said any different," Forbs notes. "She just tends to get into trouble a lot. In fact Parker and I found her in the Captain's office ..."




10th Floor of Memphis Police Department
Memphis, Tennessee
17 May 1995 - 10:00 PST – 13:00 Local


Chief Forbs and Parker Williams leave the elevator as soon as the doors open. Forbs knows that time was of essence. If they are around too long, they will be involved in something. JD, his old partner has a tendency to get involved in strange cases and pull others along with her. That is how he met her in the first place. He was part of a task force sent by the FBI to help with the investigation of several bizarre murders that had plagued Memphis for a while. And after that they basically became partners. As they entered the Homicide Department of the Memphis PD, the desk Sergeant, Phil Johnson, greets them.


"Well, well, if it isn't Agent Forbs," Desk Sergeant Phil Johnson says, as Chief Forbs and Parker Williams approach his position.


"Hey, Phil," Forbs says with a thin smile. "What are you still doing here, you old fossil. The last

time I saw you, I thought you told me you were going to retire?" Hampton cheers back.


"Are you kidding?" he asks, then laughs. "And miss all the fun of watching your old partner get into new unexplored troubles?"


Forbs answers with a knowing smile, then says, "Speaking of JD...where is she?"


"You of all people should know where she is," the desk Sergeant answers. "Just follow the yelling."


As if on cue, Captain Robert's voice can be heard throughout the entire floor. The reactions among the people in the office vary. The senior officers don't even bother to spare a glance, while others placed wagers on the outcome. But the reaction of the newer personnel in the office is to jump and stare at the source of the yelling for just a few moments and then to continue what they were doing but with an occasional glance back to the Captain’s office.


"Again?" Hampton Forbs says as he shakes his head with a slight smile on his face as he recalls the countless times he was in there with her and still managed to come out of it without a bad mark on his record and in most cases even got commendations.


"Actually it's down to only twice a week now that you’re no longer here," a Detective from behind Parker and Chief Forbs announces.


"Sam Carter. How are you?" Hampton quickly says changing the subject because he sees the look on Parker's face.


"I am thanking the Lord above that, when JD pulled this shit, I wasn't her partner at the time," he states firmly.


"Why it can not be any worse than the stuff she's done before and came out of without any problems," Hampton states with utmost confidence in her.


"Not this time. JD was given all the easy homicides to keep her out of trouble. Well her last one was a homicide of a 14-year's old hooker. I mean it was pretty cut and dry. The girl OD’ed on some bad stuff. Well it seems that JD believes that Senator Kelly was involved and she questioned him."


"I don't see how questioning him would get this JD into trouble," Parker replies


"Oh no," Hampton says with a groan. "How bad was it?"


"Oh, just a cracked sternum, six broken ribs, two broken legs, seven broken fingers and he is now more than likely having problems going pee, but other than that I think I let him off quietly lightly compared to what he is getting from Maylynn's father's friends," comes a response from behind Hampton.


He turns around to see a smiling JD Heart in her trademark black trench coat with her long sandy blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. She walks past him and confronts Sam Carter by saying, "Where's my fifty bucks?"


"What...? How...? It's impossible...?" Carter sputters.


"That was just what I was wondering," a grinning Hampton asks.


"What he owes you some money too?" JD innocently replies.


"No. But how did you get out of discipline this time?" Hampton questions.


"Oh, that. You see Maylynn was no hooker. She and her sister Kapo were on their way to a mall when someone kidnapped them. It just so happens that the girl's father is none other than the Japanese Ambassador who is with his daughter Kapo while some Fed's are talking with Captain Roberts and Senator Kelly right now," she answers as all of the men look back to the Captain's office to see seven men in black suits. All of the officers quake with fear as they watch the Head of the National Security Agency speak with the Captain who is visibility squirming. Meanwhile his men proceed to handcuff the wheelchair-ridden Senator. "I left as soon as I saw Hampton. So I hear you're the Chief of some small backwater town," JD states as she slaps Hampton on his back to get his attention.


"Yeah... I mean yes. I am the Chief of Police for Sparta. I also see that you are up to your usual self," he answers as he watches her collect her money from Carter.


"Now, why would you say something like that?" she shrugs.


"So what the hell is the NSA doing here? Shouldn’t the FBI be handling this case?" Sam questions as he hands over his money.


"It seems that the President wants this handled quickly and quietly to save relations with the Japanese and the man in there has that rep," JD affirms as she sees the Japanese Ambassador and his daughter. JD politely responds to the Ambassador, while the others stand dumbfounded because they could not understand a single word that the two speak.


"It was all part of the job, sir," she speaks in English as a signal for the Ambassador to speak in English. He takes the hint and does.


"I can never thank you enough for what you did for my daughter."


"I just wish I could have saved both girls," JD heartfully says as she bends down to Kapo and smiles lightly.


"Can you save the others?" Kapo timidly asks.


"Others?" JD asks as she realizes that there must have been other girls that were being held somewhere else. She keeps smiling at the young girl as the anger inside of her rises.


"Yes. There were several other girls and even some boys that were being held like Maylynn and I were being held," she timidly answers.


"Sweetie, do you remember where you were before I found you at the Senator’s house?" JD gently asks.


"No. We were kept in a very cold room with a large mirror on one wall until the guards came in and took us out to the Senator's limo," she cries.


"That's ok sweetie. I think I know who WILL know," JD says as she rises up and heads for the Captain's office with Hampton and Parker close behind, Hampton to help keep the Senator alive, Parker just because his Chief goes, but each secretly wanting to kill him.


"Fifty says JD gets him to talk in less then ten minutes?" Sam Carter bets the Sergeant.


"I say less than 5," is the sergeant’s response as he placed fifty on the desk.


"I bet it takes less than two," a little braver Kapo says.


"Listen no offense, but kids don't make bets here," Sam says as he wonders what she knows that he doesn't.


"I will bet for my daughter then," the Ambassador says as he pulls out a fifty.


"Alright but first I want to know why she thinks that it will take less than two minutes?" Sam questions.


"Simple. When she rescued me from Kelly, she took out over half his body guards in less than fifteen minutes, while she was beating him up, and saving me," Kapo proudly replies.


Phil is the first to response by placing his money in her hands and then Sam followed suit by saying, "How does she do it?" as he places the money into the girl’s hands, while her father watches in awe, at how easily the men hand over their money.


"Sam you better quit gambling against JD before she puts you in the poor house," the sergeant laughs.


Sam just gives Phil a threatening look that just made Phil laugh harder.




JD opens the Captain's door with more force than necessary. Every eye in the room is on her as she calmly walks over to the wheelchair-ridden Senator and picks him up and throws him against the outside window with so much force it starts to crack. Some of the NSA agents start to respond, but Hampton accidentally gets in their way. Parker follows his lead and does the same with the others. This becomes unnecessary with JD's next words.


"YOU SON OF A BITCH! WHERE ARE THE OTHERS?" JD demands, as she slams him against the window another time, causing it to crack further.


"JD, calm yourself," Captain Roberts shouts.


JD’s only response is a cold look that could freeze hell several times over. Accepting that he can’t stop her, he sits back down in his chair, and doesn't say another word. Then she sends a questioning glare to the rest of the men present. Two of the NSA agents begin to close the Captain's shades, while two others put the door back into its hinges, and move in front of it to prevent anyone from entering. They remaining stand quietly, waiting for the answers to her questions. The one in charge gives her a look that said she may proceed without interruption.


"I don't know what you mean..." Senator Kelly lies through his teeth. In return, JD's grip on his throat tightens.


"Don't lie to me you piece of shit. WHERE ARE THE OTHER CHILDREN?!" she demands once more.


"You don't understand. If I tell you I am a dead man," Senator Kelly wheezes out.


"If you don't tell me I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER IN MORE WAYS THAN CAN BE CONCEIVED BY MORTAL MEN!" she promises as she gets right up into his face, and lets her quickening play across her eyes to emphasize her point.


"They are at the old Ace Meat Packing Plant in the Warehouse district," he gulps out, as he waters his pants.


"Address and the security they have there," the Agent in charge of the NSA group asks in a low, demanding voice that gives no to room for argument.


"176 Pike Street. There are a few guards, but it the dogs that are the worst. Nobody gets past them."


"Oh, really. How many dogs?" JD demands.


"At least 20, if not more," Kelly squeals.


JD then drops Kelly back into his chair with a loud thud, as the head of the NSA team introduces himself.


"I am Jack Castle. You must be the JD Heart?" he says as he extends his hand. He knew he liked the woman from what he had heard about what she had done but he is even more impressed with her now. "From what I have heard of you, you will go after the children. My men and I would like to assist you."


"Yes sir, I am, and you are more than welcome to come along; that is if my Captain approves," she answers as she shakes his hand.


"I see no problem with them assisting in the arrest. But we need to do this fast. They will more than likely move the kids after they realize that Kelly has talked." Captain Roberts states, "We'll need to find someone who knows that area."


"That would be Hampton here. What do you say old friend?" JD says as she smiles at her old partner.


"I say that you better have room for at least myself and Parker here," he replies.


"Good. Jack how good are your acting skills?" she asks


"Good enough to fool anyone into believing I am some rich dude looking to score some young thing for my private use," he replies as he watches a plan forming in JD’s eyes, and it spells trouble for the bad guys.


"Alight. Kelly here, will give us full details as to where the kids are being kept, the rest of the security, and anything else we need, won’t you," JD sneers at Kelly. "Captain we'll need the blueprints of the place where they’ve got the kids. Plus have 4 SWAT teams surround the area while Jack is inside. Hampton, Parker, and myself go in first by the back of the building. This will keep the dogs distracted while the SWAT teams move in. Once inside, we will find the kids and protect them, so they can't be used as hostages. Only then will the SWAT teams move in."


"Are you nuts? Those dogs will tear you apart," Kelly spats, as he recalls how the last guy who tried to cheat them was fed to the dogs.


"I think I can handle a couple of little puppies," JD replies with a shrug.


"The blueprints are being sent here as we speak," Captain Roberts replies as he gets off the phone.


"Fine. We move out in two hours people," JD barks.




Ace Meatpacking Plant Back lot
Near the Warehouse district
Memphis, TN
17 May 1996 12:00 PST – 15:00 Local


JD, Hampton Forbs, and Parker Williams arrive to find no one guarding the back gate. Parker cuts the chain to the fence, while Hampton, in his new bulletproof vest supplied by the Memphis Police, is watching their backs. Meanwhile, JD is scanning the back lot for any sign of the dogs. All three silently move into the lot, carefully checking the empty crates for the dogs. Deeper and deeper the three go into the maze of empty broken crates, without any trace of the dogs that is until…


"I don't see any sign of the dogs," Forbs whispers.


"Uh, sir, you may not, but I think I have," Parker says, as he pulls his foot out of a very large pile of soft smelly brown stuff, and proceeds to try and clean it off his shoe by scrapping it on a piece of wood from one of the crates.


Both JD and Forbs can’t help but smile at what Parker has stepped in. At that point, they all heard a low, menacing growling coming from behind Parker. Parker slowly looks over his shoulder to see one of the biggest, meanest-looking dogs he has ever seen. It is baring teeth uncomfortably close to his backside, which was not cover by the bulletproof vest.


"Does he do this all the time?" JD asks Forbs with a smile.


"Always," Forbs answered as he watches her slowly walk over to the huge Rottweiler at Parker's backside. But then he notices that Parker isn't the only one with a 200-pound Rottweiler growling at his backside. Indeed, they are surrounded by at least 20 of them.

"And you called these things puppies. I would have called them the hounds from hell," Parker remarks, as JD approaches the dog without the slightest trace of fear.


JD doesn't even spare him a glance as she lowers herself to one knee in front of the dog, meeting it eye to eye. While she is locked in a staring contest with dog, the other dogs slowly make their way closer and closer to their prey, JD. Much to Forbs relief, even the one that had been at his backside slowly makes its way towards JD, whose bracelet is producing a tone that can only be heard by the dogs.


Once all of the dogs surround JD, the dog that she has been having the staring contest with ends it with a slobbering lick to her face. The rest of the dogs take his lead and attack JD with slobbering licks of their own.


"How?" Parker asks, dumbfounded as he pointed a finger at the sight before them.


"She's always had a way with animals," Forbs responds with a smile.


"Ok let the SWAT teams know that the dogs are no longer a problem," JD quietly says as she pries herself loose from the assault of wet slobbery licks.


"Are sure they won’t bother them?" Parker asks


"Yup," is her only response, as she looks at the multitude of giant puppies vigorously waging what they have for tails.


"How can you be sure?" Parker asks.


"Because they're coming with us," she answers, as she follows the lead dog toward the building.


"Oh," comes the response from both men as they follow her lead.




Inside the Ace Meatpacking Plant
Near the Warehouse district
Memphis, TN
17 May 1996 – 12:28 PST – 15:28 Local


"Kelly called," a tall, lanky thug, by the name of Rickie, tells his Boss Antonio, who is feeling up a young female, who is bound to his desk.


"What, did Kelly kill that other girl?" he demands, as he turns toward his man.


"No, Sir, he said he has a friend who would like to be fixed up with something special," Rickie replies.


"Did he tell you anything about his friend?" Antonio asks in anguish, as he leaves his little unwilling playmate.


"Yes, Sir. Kelly said he is a really big wig back in D.C., and that he has a lot of pull with the White House."


"Oh, really? And who is this guy?" he asks, thinking this might help him with his long-range plans of getting into politics.


"Kelly said that you wouldn't believe him until you met the guy. And the guy is only going to be in town for a couple of hours."


"Kelly has never steered us wrong. I hope you invited him over."


"He'll be here in 20 minutes."


"Great. Throw this trash back with the rest," Antonio says, as he looks over to the naked girl on his desk. "I want this place presentable. And bring out something really young and fresh for him."


"Yes, Sir."


"Oh, just in case Kelly was lying about this guy, and it’s a trap, have a couple of the boys watch over the merchandise," Antonio says as he walks by Rickie.




Unknown to Antonio and Rickie; JD, Forbs, Parker, and the pack of dogs are already entering the back of the building, where the children are being held, next to the dogs’ kennels. The dogs go into their kennels from the outside to see if there are any guards. JD, Forbs, and Parker enter after them. To no ones surprise, there are no guards present. While Parker cuts the chains on the kennels to let the dogs into the main building, JD creeps down to the only door into the kennels. She hears someone coming so she places her gun back into it's holster and pulls out twin Katanas from under her black trench coat, then goes back against the wall closest to the door.


{Author’s note: This next part is dedicated to Tim (you know who) for keeping me in suspense about the outcome of Wish.}


When Tim Dew, a well-built man, walks into the kennel to get his boss’s favorite dogs for the upcoming meeting, he finds two intruders letting the dogs out. He starts to pull his gun, but is stopped by a female voice from behind.


"I wouldn't do that if I were you," she says as she placed a sword against his throat and another against the sensitive area between his legs. "Now we can do this easy way, or you can loose your equipment. Your choice?"


"Any way you like it, lady," he gulps at the sexy female voice.


"That's the way I like my play toys, always willing to please," she smiles, and wiggles her eyebrows toward Forbs and Parker.


"What's with the swords?" Parker quietly asks Chief Forbs, as he cringes at the sight of a sword between the man's legs.


"Much quieter than guns," Forbs says with a sigh as he shakes his head at the scene before him.




"Now you’re going step into that kennel right over there," she sweetly whispers into her prisoner's ear, as she removes her sword from his groin.


Tim can do nothing but what he is told. When he is in the kennel, JD proceeds to knock him out with the handle of the sword that had been against his groin. Then she takes his gun and closes the kennel. But just before she turns to leave, she throws the unconscious man a kiss.


"Just like old times," JD says, as she walks up to Hampton, who watched the whole scene.


"I just hope nobody looses a head this time around," he tells her, remembering how he found out she is an immortal.


"Hey. We've only just begun," she teasingly replies, as she walks by him.


"And I was going to offer you a job. What was I thinking?" Forbs groans.


"What kind of job?" she quietly asks, as they make their way to the meat locker that holds the children.


"Oh, just Chief of Detectives in Sparta," he replies.


"Sounds tempting."


When they reach the meat locker, they find the pack holding two men to the ground. They open the locker to find almost thirty terrified, naked children, huddled together in the far west corner. As if on command, all but two dogs stay to hold the down goons.  The others go over to the children begin to lick and cuddle up to them to warm them up. The children seem to understand that the dogs are there to help them.


"I swear; I am going get this sick son of a bitch," JD hisses, as she sees that many of the children are suffering from frostbite.


"Just leave some for me," Forbs spats.


"Uh, guys, I think you should see this," Parker says, after he opened the adjoining door.

Both Forbs and JD walk over to Parker. JD is the first to respond, by cussing up a storm in several different languages that had last been used for conversations several thousands of years ago. Forbs stomach threatens to come up, while Parker’s lunch does, at the sight of several misshapen and battered children’s corpses hanging from meat hooks. Even the pack is affected by it, and several whimper in pain at the smell emitting from the room.


"He's a dead man," JD states, as she closes the door, and heads for the main part of the building where the meeting is taking place.


"Wait JD. What about the kids?" Forbs questions.


"The pack and Parker can stay and watch them," she calls back through the door.




At that point, Jack Castle enters the building in a limousine. Both Antonio and Rickie, along with ten of their goons, are there to greet him. Sam Carter, pretending to be the driver, gets out and is searched. Then he opens the door for Jack.


"What’s the meaning of this?” Jack demands, as he is searched.


"Can't be too careful. Considering my man says that Kelly has had a problem with a Detective JD Heart," Antonio responds.


"She is no longer a problem for the Senator," Jack replies.


"I find that hard to believe considering she is the most dangerous cop I’ve ever heard of," Antonio says.


"I arranged for her to be fired," Jack lies with ease.


"How can you do that?" Rickie asks suspiciously.


"When a certain Captain Roberts gets a phone call from the head of the NSA he was more than willing to comply with my request," Jack answers.


"You're the Jack Castle?" Antonio replies in awe.


"None other. Now let's get down to business. Where are the special items I requested?" he replies.


"Right this way gentleman," Antonio says, and turns around to face a very pissed off female with a sword in each hand.


"Oh, shit," is the response from every man in the room, as JD shoves the sword in her left hand through Antonio's manhood. He doubles over in pain as everyone in the room can clearly see the point of her sword coming out his ass. She then removes it and is about to slice the bastard in half when Hampton interferes, and the SWAT teams come in to surround all the goons.


No one but JD resist.


"You can't," Forbs insists and blocks her way.


"Why?" she hisses, trying to push past him.


"Because you'll be no better then him if you do it, and I know you don't want to go back to that," Forbs says as he looks into her eyes where lighting sparks play across, then steps aside to let her make the final decision.


She looks at the pile of shit that lay in front of her, and remembers the lifeless faces of the dead children hanging in the meat locker. She has done worse, but she had been under the influence of a dark quickening. This man hadn’t. He committed this cruelty without any valid excuse. As she tries to decide what to do with the animal at her feet, her gaze falls upon a familiar face. The angelic man with short blond hair calmly walks towards her and stops directly in front of her.


"Well, yes or no. I don't have all day!" JD snaps, appearing to be yelling at thin air.

The angelic man named Andrew shakes his head no, then he looks at Chief Forbs and smiles. JD follows his gaze and realizes what Andrew is saying. Then he is gone.


"Fine," JD says reluctantly. Then she looks down at the pile of shit in front of her, she firmly stats, "You have the right to remain silent. If you give it up, I will kick your teeth in and gag you." As she puts away the swords, she turns to Forbs, and says, "I'll be in Sparta at the beginning of next month for that job." Then she walks away, without another word.


"Does she always carry swords? And whom was she talking to?" Jack asks Forbs.


"Yeah, she says swords are quieter than guns. And I have no idea who she talked to," he replies. "Better get some ambulances and the coroner here right away."


"Oh, god. How bad?" Jack asks.


"From how JD acted, it must be pretty bad," Sam says, as they watch JD walk past Captain Roberts and throw him her badge, just after she put her swords away.


"Was it me, or did JD just quit."


"I'd say so," both Forbs and Jack reply.



Chapter 3
(Dishing the dirt and now the hairs on the back of JD's neck are putting the Stomp dancers to shame.)


Doctor's Lounge, Community General
Los Angeles, Ca
October 1, 1998 - 11:50 Local


"Damn that's got to hurt!" Riggs laughs, referring to what JD had done to Antonio. But Steve just shakes his head at the thought, while Mark can't help but make a very strange face at it.


"Wait a minute, how could this Carter be her partner if you were her partner?" Doctor Jessie Travis asks, while he squirms in his chair at Riggs' earlier comment.


"Actually I was an FBI agent, and she was the local police officer I always got assigned to, whether I liked it or not." Hampton replies with humor in his voice.


"So what happened to the kids and the dogs?" Amanda asks.


"Funny you should ask. You see, each dog chose a kid and went home with them." Parker answers with a smile.


"I am surprised that neither the police, the kids, nor their parents objected. I'd expect the police to at least try to put them away." Amanda remarks.


"Well, at first there were some that objected, but the dogs made it quite clear where they belonged." Hampton replies.


"And so did the kids, ma'am." Parker laughs.


"This is Doctor Amanda Livingston." Mark introduces Amanda and is about to introduce the men, but realizes he doesn't know their names.


Seeing the confusion on the doctor's face, Chief Forbs introduces himself. "I am Chief Hampton Forbs of the Sparta, Mississippi Police Department."

"Parker Williams." Parker says.


"Captain Bubba Skinner." Bubba says with a tip of his Stetson to Amanda.


"Bubba?!" Riggs laughs. Which prompts a cold stare from Bubba that would have made JD proud. "Geez, did you take cold stare lessons from JD?" Riggs asks.


"As a matter of fact, he did." Parker smiles as he begins to relate when Bubba and JD first met, much to Bubba's discomfort.


"Parker!" Bubba hisses in warning, too late to have any effect.

While Parker goes over the mild version of how JD and Bubba met with the people in the room, Hampton Forbs quietly remembers the things that Parker and the rest didn't know about that day.




Sparta, Mississippi
In Front of the Sparta Police Department
May 26, 1996 - 9:30 Local


Captain Bubba Skinner watches as a black Ninja motorcycle pulls up and parks in the police vehicles parking space right in front of him. He is about to say something when the driver pulls off her helmet and flips her long, sandy blonde hair out of her face. Bubba can't help but stare at the beautiful woman in a full, skintight black leather outfit. As she walks up to him he finally finds his voice. Meanwhile Chief Forbs and Parker Williams walk out of the Police station and quietly observe the scene that is unfolding before them.


"Ma'am, I am sorry, but you can't park there." Bubba manages to get out.


"Why?" JD asks in her best airhead blonde voice.


"Because this spot is for Police vehicles." Bubba replies, as he stares into her beautiful hazel eyes.


"So what's the problem? This is a vehicle, you're a police officer, or so I presume because of the badge." JD says as she flicks his badge. She then very visibly appraises Bubba's muscular body and comments with a brilliant smile, "And especially with that big gun, you must be a police officer."


At her last comment Bubba turns bright red and begins to pull at his suddenly tight collar. "Huh, huh. Ma'am the sign reads for Police vehicles only. So you will have to move your bike." He tells her, an uncomfortable feeling rising in his lower abdomen.


"And where am I supposed to move it? Oh, I know. Where's your place?" she asks as she bats her eyes at him.


"Huh, huh. Excuse me ma'am," Bubba sputters as the feeling in his lower region becomes all too visible.


"It's quite simple, tall dark and huh huh. You tell me where you live, and I'll park my bike and myself there," she whispers into his ear as she gets up close and personal with him. All the while enjoying her little game of teasing the big good-looking cop and leave him hanging. A game she and Sonja played in various ways over the centuries. But for some reason, this time it is just a little different. She is slightly affected by it, in a way she had never been before. She mentally kicks that feeling off when she sees Hampton and Parker trying not to laugh at what she was doing.


"You're a week early," Hampton says to let poor Bubba out of whatever JD had in mind to torment him.


"Hampton what's up?" JD asks as she reluctantly moves away from Bubba to greet them. "Well, I figured that I would come early to find a place to live. Your officer here has just volunteered to show me the town," JD winks at Forbs and Parker.


"JD, it's good to see you again," Parker tells her, walking over to JD and giving her a big hug.


"Good to see you too, Parker. Hope you haven't stepped in anything lately." JD comments with a twinkle in her eyes, as she returns the hug.


"You're JD Heart?" Bubba says overcoming his surprise, "The new Chief of Detectives? The woman that Parker can't stop talking about?"


"Yeah. At least that's what it says on my driver's license, and I do believe that was the position I was offered. So I assume I am that person. But now onto important things, what exactly has Parker been saying about me?" she asks as she gives Parker an icy stare that makes him squirm. She then starts to smile sweetly, and that really unnerves him.


"Well, it's actually quite good you showed up early," Chief Forbs interrupts the scene with a little mischievous grin on his face.


"Don't tell me that I am not even in town for five minutes and you have a homicide for me already?" she groans back at him.


"How did you know?" came from both Parker and Forbs.


JD just moans while Bubba snickers at her expense. At that she gives him a dirty look and orders, "Fine, tall dark and huh, huh will take me there."


"I was just going to suggest that," Chief Forbs replies with a lopsided grin at seeing how uncomfortable it made his friend Bubba feel.


"So where to? And who's the victim?" JD asks, all business.


"According to Sgt. Luanne Corbin, it is one Jason Knox. He was one of the partners in the new computer Factory."


"New computer Factory? Should that tell me something?" JD inquires.


"Nothing special, just your average hardware store. No idea if they actually produce something. No special political directives apply."


"Anything else before we go?" JD asks, all the while ignoring the two little voices in her head that are getting so much enjoyment out of the scene.


"No, but Luanne may have more by the time you get there," Forbs replies.


"So where's your car, huh huh?" JD asks Bubba.


"It's Captain Bubba Skinner." Bubba replies, as he makes his way to his cruiser.


"Touchy." JD comments to Forbs with a smile.


"Oh, by the way JD, did you get a chance to read over the contract I sent you?" Forbs asked.


"Yes, and I was surprised that you were able to work out such a good deal for me," she answers as she hands him a signed contract.


"Don't blame me. Thank our good friend Jack Castle at the NSA, who just happened to call during the meeting with the City Council on hiring you." Forbs tells her innocently.


"Damn did I teach you well or what?" JD comments knowing full well that Forbs and Jack had set up the City Counsel. Then she starts for her bike to retrieve a couple of items.


"JD I hope you’re not going to take what I think you’re going to take? Hampton asks.


"Don't worry I am leaving the pains in the ass here. I'll just take standard stuff this time." JD smiles at the smart ass comment made by one of the pains in the ass that were hidden on her bike, about how was she going to get to the crime scene if she didn't take the pain in the asses in the car. After grabbing the gun and a knife hidden under the seat she locks down her bike, then turns and goes towards the cruiser. Bubba is already inside while Parker holds open the front seat passenger side door for her, and then gets into the back.


"Parker what do you think you're doing," Bubba demands of him.


"Going with you."


"No you're not. Now out." Bubba orders as he points at the door.


"I am the only one who knows where the body is, plus I know the victim's ex-wife and daughter." Parker states with a victorious grin.


"What? Don't look at me. I am just here to solve murders, not be referee for you two. Or did you want to be alone with me?" JD replies to the look on Bubba's face that says. "Why don't you help me?"


"Fine." Bubba huffs as he puts the car into reverse and starts to leave.


JD distinctively hears Forbs laughing his head off, as she sees a short man with gray hair walk up next to him and comment. "I take it that was JD?"

Forbs manages to say, "Yes Bill," in between laughs.




Sparta, Mississippi
The Bottoms
May 26, 1996 - 10:00 Local


"Bubba just radioed and said not to move the body. He's bringing the new Chief of Detectives." Sgt. Luanne Corbin tells Lieutenant Lonnie Jamison.


"She's early." Was his only response as he rises from taking pictures of the body.

When the trio arrives, every eye in the area is on the new Chief of Detectives, who is still clad in her form fitting leather motorcycle outfit. JD ignores them all and proceeds to the body with a look of pure business.


"JD, I would like you to meet Lieutenant Lonnie Jamison," Parker points to tall skinny officer who looks white as a sheet.


"Ma'am," Lonnie says with a tip of his hat, which gets him nod from JD.


"And this is Sgt. Luanne Corbin," Parker introduces a younger black woman to her, who is quite visibly disgusted at what JD is wearing.


"Have the picture's been taken?" JD asks.


"Yes, ma'am," Lonnie says as he to quickly checks out JD's outfit.


"Did you use regular film, or digital?"




"Good. Have them on my desk first thing tomorrow morning. Plus get a few pictures of the lookie lous," JD says as she dons some surgical gloves on her hands and proceeds to check the dead man's hands. She then continues to his chest, which is covered by a bloody shirt.


"Lookie lous?" Lonnie asks.


"The spectators," JD replies while she continues to examine the shirt on the body that is covered with blood.


"Find something of interest?" Parker asks JD, who moves up the shirt to examine the collar.


"Maybe." JD replies as she notices a faint trace of pink lipstick behind his ear. "Lieutenant

Jamison, did you get a close up shot of this?"


"Yeah, got that. CSU already sent a sample to the lab. You should have an analysis sometime tomorrow." Lonnie says as he holds up his camera.


"What is it?" Bubba quietly asks from behind JD trying not to enjoy his view of her backside too much.


"More than likely lipstick, but we'll wait for the lab test. Strange that the victim is only wearing a plain white shirt and black pants without a belt, considering both of which are much too big for him. Also from how Parker described him, he had more expensive tastes than this." A JD comment as she takes a closer look at the shirt the body was in.


"Yeah, you're right. Jason was a fanatic about his clothes being tailor made. Even in high school he let everyone know that nothing machine made had ever touched his skin." Parker replies as he notices JD checking a label on the back of the bloody shirt.


"Well, then, it looks like these clothes aren't his." JD states as she walks over to Luanne and asks. "Do we know who reported the crime?"




"Figures. What about any witnesses to whomever dropped the body here?"


"I am sure there are witnesses, but no one is willing to come forward." Luanne answers.


"Why does that not surprise me? How did you ID this guy so quickly with his face and body so badly beaten?" JD questions.


"I've met him on several occasions from different charity committees I work on." Luanne replies.

Accepting her answer as fact, JD takes off the gloves and asks. "Does this guy have any other family besides the ex-wife?"


"Just his daughter Katie, who lives with his ex-wife." Parker answers.


"Who's going to tell the ex what happened?" JD asks.


"Well, I was going to. You see, we were friends back in high school, plus I wanted to give it to her as lightly as possible. You see, she's been in and out of the hospital for the last year." Parker replies.


"First, Parker, I hate to say it but there is no way of putting this lightly to anyone. Second I think having a woman present may help so Bubba can take us." JD decides as she starts towards the car.




Jackson Residence
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 11:20 Local


After Bubba parks the car in front of a beautiful two-story mansion, Parker jumps out of the back seat and quickly opens JD's door and remarks to her. "Nice place, isn't it?"


"It's not the outside that matters, but the inside." JD answers as they approach the front steps.


"Do you think we are expected?" Bubba asks, as he nods toward the open door.


"I don't like this. Parker, Bubba, go in through the back, I will go through the front. Be ready for anything." JD orders, pulling out her gun.


"I don't th…"


"Don't bother, Bubba. Once she's made a decision, nothing's going to change her mind. And believe me, she can look after herself." Parker interrupts him, drawing his gun. After a moment, Bubba nods and follows Parker to the back.


Mindless of the caution exercised by Parker and Bubba, JD sprints up the stairs and rings the bell. Without waiting for a second, she booms out in voice trained on endless sea voyages.


"Sparta Police. Is anyone there?" Following a few moments of dead silence she entered the foyer to find a trail of blood coming down the stairwell leading towards the back of the house.


"Fuck, just what I need on my first day here. Here I come a few days early to set up my apartment in peace, but instead I'm running from one murder to another. The fucking bastard responsible for this shit will wish he'd never been born when I'm finished ripping him new assholes for messing up my plans."




Parker and Bubba make their way to the back and discover a trail of blood at the back door, leading outside to where a vehicle had obviously waited. Following the trail, they carefully opened the kitchen door; guns ready, and enter the building. Following the blood through the kitchen, they enter the foyer, where JD waits for them.


"Bubba, you go back to the car, and call in backup, CSU, and an ambulance. There is the smell of fresh blood in the air, and this blood has already dried. Parker secure the upper floor."


"Could you be any louder?" Bubba asks annoyed.


"Yeah, you should experience me in bed."


Bubba stares at her, and then leaves the house, shaking his head. While Parker proceeds upstairs, JD passes by a closet where she hears a faint noise coming from inside. JD slowly opens the door to find a naked little girl, bound and blindfolded.


JD sits down beside the girl and attempts to remove the blindfold. The girl immediately starts trembling and crying silently. Seeing this, JD gently stokes her hair and quietly reassures her, "It's okay, I won't hurt you, kiddo. I'm one of the good guys." Then she removes the blindfold and unties her. As soon as she has finished, she hugs the girl to herself and lets her cry on her shoulder. The child holds on to JD for dear life as if this woman is her only lifeline to the world.


"CSU will be here in a couple minutes." Bubba calls out as he reenters the house.


"Get me a blanket or something like that." JD orders. "And then tell Parker to get some of the kid's clothes down here."


"What about the bad guys?"


"Gone. You think I'd send Parker upstairs if I thought there'd still be bad guys around? Haven't done things like that for a long time."


Bubba nods and heads for the living room, returning a moment later. "Here." He says as he hands JD an afghan.


"JD you better come up here." Parker calls from upstairs.


"What is it Parker?" Bubba inquires, as JD cares more about quieting the little girl that he presumes is Katie, then what Parker wants from her.


"It's Karen." Parker yells back.


"Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" Katie starts screaming.

JD carefully picks Katie up and carries her upstairs, while she continues to scream for her mommy all the way. JD's attempts to calm her down fail miserably.


"JD I don't think that is a good idea." Parker says as he sees JD entering the room with Katie.


Seeing the bruised and bloody body of Karen, JD for a moment agrees with him, "No, maybe not. But it is necessary."


"You're her?" the badly beaten woman on the bed whispers as JD approached it. "You're the woman Andrew said would come. You don't know how happy I am to see you."


"Yeah Andrew always has tendency to state the facts." JD smiles.


"Mommy! Mommy!" Katie cries.


"Shhhhh little one. Listen to me very carefully. I love you with all my heart but this time I won't be coming home from the hospital. This woman will be the one who will take care of you after I am gone. So listen to her. She will protect and love you. Won't you?" Karen reassures her daughter, which causes JD to nod her head in agreement.  At that Katie looks at her mother then at the woman holding her. When Katie's eyes meet JD's a deep-rooted feeling starts to form. JD slowly stands up. "Let's get cleaned up, Katie." she says softly, as she picks her up.


"What about Mommy?"


"Mommy has to talk with Parker, Little One. We'll go to the bathroom now, and do some cleaning up. And then we'll get dressed to go to the hospital with Mommy, ok?"


"Can't I stay with Mommy?"


"No, Little One. Parker really needs to speak with her alone. And you don't want to go to hospital like this, do you? Say do you have a favorite toy you'd like to take with you?"




"What is its name?"


"Sully. I made him with mommy's help."


"Ok we'll get you cleaned up and get Sully for you. K"


The little girl sadly nods her head in agreement. As they were about to leave Parker started to say. "JD, I don't think cleaning up would be a go…"


"Shut up, Parker, or you'll lose your tongue." JD snaps, before leading Katie out of the room.

Just after Karen relates to Parker what happened she drifts off to exhausted sleep. A short while later the CSU and ambulance arrive.




Sparta Hospital
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 12:00 Local


The ambulance carrying Karen arrives first, followed by the one with Katie and JD. Bubba and Parker follow them in their car. The Doctors and nurses rush Karen into the OR, while JD carries Katie into ER. None of the nurses is suicidal enough to try and take Katie from JD. After the doctors finish treating Katie, JD accompanies her to a room and holds her hand until she's finally asleep. Feeling drained, JD gets up to get a cup of coffee. As she leaves Katie's room, she runs into Chief Forbs.


"I want Sgt. Corbin and another female officer to take shifts being inside with Katie. Also have a male officer guarding the door." JD informs him.


"Luanne is up front right now so consider it done, but I want a run down on what happened." Forbs orders.


"Fine," JD huffs, "But I only know what Parker told me. According to Karen, her second ex-husband, Kenneth Jackson came in on her and her first ex-husband after they had just finished making love. Knox hurriedly put on some clothes to confront Jackson about some bruises he had seen on Katie earlier. It seems that Katie told her father that Kenneth had hit her. The two men started to fight the second Kenneth walked in. Karen tried to stop them but was hurt in the process. Jackson continued to beat on Knox long after he had murdered him. After he was done with Knox, Jackson went after Karen who lay helpless on the floor. He dragged her to the bed and brutally raped her. Just as he was finishing with her Katie walked in. So that bastard went after Katie and raped her in front of her mother! %^&*&%^*(*((((^O(*^*&(*…"


"All right how about that in English." Hampton requests after he let JD rant and rave, in languages he was sure hadn't been spoken it many years, for a few minutes.


"Your ears are too damn young and innocent for it." JD snaps.


"With you it wouldn't surprise me. How about just continuing from just before you started cussing?"


JD takes a deep breath, and then continues. "He dragged Katie downstairs. Karen could hear Katie's screams but was too weak to do anything. Kenneth returned a short while later to remove Knox's body. And the rest we already know; he dumped the body in the Bottoms. Karen's out at the moment, though, and the doctor's don't think she'll pull through. We might have a chance to talk with her later, but she'll be out for at least an hour."




Sparta Hospital
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 15:00 Local


"Hello, nurse. I'm looking for Karen Jackson. Could you please tell me where I can find her?"


"May I ask who you are?"


"Certainly. I'm Mathew Abrabanel. I'm Mrs. Jackson's lawyer, and a close friend. The police told me that she was admitted earlier today."


"Yes, she was. But she's still in ICU. You'll have to talk to Dr. Barns and the police before you can see her, if it is at all possible."


"Thank you very much," Mathew immediately heads to the ICU.


"Can I help you, sir?" a Nurse at the ICU asks.


"Yes, please. I'm looking for Dr. Barns."


"How can I help you?" a female voice asks from behind.


"Dr. Barns? Matthew Abrabanel. I'm a close friend of Mrs. Karen Jackson. A nurse at reception told me that I had to see you, before I could visit her."


"That is correct Mr. Abrabanel. But I'm afraid it doesn't look too good. I'm sorry, but I doubt your friend will survive. May I ask what your exact connection to Mrs. Jackson is?" The African American doctor answered.


"Thank you. I'm her lawyer and have been a friend for several years. Karen, Mrs. Jackson has asked me to do some major changes to her last will, since she believed that she'd die soon. Apparently she was right. But the documents are neither complete nor signed yet. Would it be possible to see her, to complete the documents? I believe she'd want the changes to be lawful, before her death. And could you, and another person please be present to verify the validity of the signature?"


"What will happen with her daughter?" Lieutenant Jamison asks, standing next to her.


"I don't know. Karen asked me to set everything up for her to name a new guardian after her death, but she hasn't revealed that person to me, yet."


"I see. Officer, could you come along please? This is Mr. Abrabanel, Mrs. Jackson's lawyer. Mrs. Jackson has just revised her last will, but it is not yet signed. When she dies, at least the last will should be in order."


"When?" Luanne asks as she approaches them.


"Like I told your partner, her injuries are very grave. She's completely aware of her surroundings, but the injuries are too massive to repair. I'd give her 12 hours, 24 at most," the African American tells them.


Silently the trio enters the room. "Mrs. Jackson?" Dr. Barns asks silently.


"Yes?" she replies in a very weak and tired voice.


"Mr. Abrabanel is here to visit you."


"Matt? Are you there? I can't move my head."


"I'm here, Karen. How do you feel?"


"I'm dying, even if nobody wants to tell me, I know it. Do you have it here?"


"Your will? Yes, I have everything here."


"Read it."


Mathew slowly reads the whole document. "That is all."


"Where do I sign?"


"First I have to know who Katie's new guardian is going to be."


"There was an officer at our house. A woman. Heart. I want her to take care of Katie."


"JD Heart?" Luanne asks, not believing her ears, "The new chief of detectives?"

Karen looks at the angel in front of her, who simply nods. "Yes, her."


"Officer, do you know if Ms. Heart is married?"


"Uhh, no. I mean, I don't know. She just started work today. But I doubt it. The way she acts screams single. And she's not all that old either. She about 20, 25 at most, I'd say."


"Thank you. Karen, why do want this woman as her guardian? You know that there are others like myself who would be more than willing to take care of her?"


"Andrew and his boss recommended her. You remember Andrew. He helped you through your wife's death." Karen weakly answers him.


"Ok, I can enter Ms. Heart as guardian for Katie, but I don't know if it will happen. Courts and the government don't like singles adopting children, least of all police officers. Andrew and his boss will likely have to act to make it happen." Matt says with a look of understanding, as he remembers how the Angel of Death helped him find a focus in life after his wife's death.


"Please, try. Matt, please."


"Of course Karen." Matt answers, as he fills in JD's name in the will. Then he hands Karen a pen. "Could you please sign here?" With visible effort, Karen signs the will. Matt quickly signs it, and then has the two witnesses sign. "Anything else I can do, Karen?"


"Yes. I want to speak to Heart. And then to Katie, please."


"Of course. I'll be back as soon as I can."


"Thanks, Matt. You always were a good friend."


Matt finds Chief Forbs talking to a young woman that fits Luanne's description of JD Heart in front of the coffee machines.


"Excuse me, Chief Forbs. I am Matthew Abrabanel, Mrs. Jackson's lawyer. I'm looking for JD Heart." He informs them.


"I'm JD Heart. Why are you here?" She questions.


"I believe Karen will answer your question. She wants to talk to you." He states and then heads back to the room Karen is in.


The two solemnly follow him to the room to see a very weak woman lying on the bed and a male orderly with sandy blonde hair. Even though JD recognizes him she doesn't give the slightest hint of it, for she knows the real reason for his presence there.


"JD, my time left here is short. I need to know that you will protect and care for my daughter. I have made arrangements for you to be her guardian after my death. Matt knows what I want done after my death. Money will not be a problem with the trust fund that was set up for her. I am asking you to swear that you will take care of her." Karen says.


"I swear upon everything that is holy and unholy, I will care for her as though she were my own." She vows without hesitation, causing the orderly to flinch a little.


"Thank you. Please bring Katie here… I want to talk to her."


Within a few moments JD has sprinted down the hall and is back with a very sleepy Katie in her arms. When she enters the room she sees that the orderly is now dressed in a white suite and has a familiar glow to him. JD at first hesitates to enter but he smiles to reassure her that she still has time. Hampton pulls up a chair next to Karen's bed and JD places Katie there. Seeing that they need privacy Hampton ushers all but Katie, JD and Matt out of the room.


"Honey…. Listen to me I am going to leave." Karen begins.


"No Mommy!!!!"


"Sweetie…. You may not be able to see me but I will always be watching over you. JD and Matt will be here to help you and take care of you… Listen to them… But remember most of all… I love you." Karen says as weakly holds Katie's hand.


"I love you too, Mommy but don't leave me." Katie begs.


"I love you," Karen speaks with her last breath of life.


"Mommy!!!!!!! NOOOOOoooooooo!!!!!!" Katie cries as she clings to her mother's lifeless body.


Unseen and unheard by the mortals in the room, Andrew speaks with his reluctant charge.

"Karen, Katie will be alright in time, the Heavenly Father will make sure of that." Andrew reassures her.


"I know. I just hate leaving her. She is my baby." Karen says as she lightly brushes her hand against her daughter's jet-black hair.


"Don't worry baby… Our Heavenly Father has an assignment for you already." Tess, another Angel, says as she appears next to them.


"You mean I can stay?" Karen asks with such joy, as she hugs Tess.


"Well, first you must be trained in your assignment as a guardian angel and that will take a little time. But the Heavenly Father has said that after your training period, your daughter will be one of your assignments," Tess sweetly smiles, which gets her another hug from Karen.


"Now let's get you started," Andrew says as he leads her off. Tess stays behind just long enough to tell JD that she can't tell Katie, at least not for a while.


Even after hearing what is going to happen, it still breaks JD's heart to seen Katie cry herself out at her mother's passing. But there is nothing she can do at this time to comfort Katie, who finally cries herself to sleep. But there is something she can do to the animal that hurt them. JD takes the sleeping girl back to her room, barely conscious of Matt following her. He can tell by the look on JD's face that Kenneth is going to suffer. After she checks the room, JD leaves Matt and a blonde female officer to watch over Katie while she sleeps.




Outside of Katie's room Hampton is waiting for JD.  "I know what you're planning and I know there is nothing I can do stop you. So let's just do it legally. Here's your badge and a warrant for Kenneth Jackson's arrest." Hampton says as he hands her both items.


"Parker, where the HELL can we find that fucking inbred son of a hermaphrodite cunt Kenneth Jackson?" JD demands through grinding teeth.


"At the Dixie line bar, most likely." Parker cautiously answers as he approaches them.


"Good. Let's go get that son of an ikkeal eel," JD orders as she turns towards the exit.


"Do you think we should warn her that the bar is frequented by cop haters?" Parker asks Bubba who had been standing next to him.


"I said let's MOVE! That means NOW!" JD roars back as she slams through the glass doors, not giving them the time to open.


"No, we should warn them." Replies Bubba as he heads towards the now shattered doors.


"Shouldn't you try and stop her? I mean someone could get hurt," Bill asks Chief Forbs.


"Bill, I'm not suicidal. Luanne, tell the Doctors to be expecting a bunch of wounded within the next couple of hours," Hampton says and then walks away.


"Yes sir,"


 Bill just stood there, starring blankly at the man's back.




Dixie Line Bar
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 15:30 Local


Bubba deactivates the lights atop his car before he brings the car to a halt.


"See, we survived it, and not one injury. I knew Bubba could do that. I mean, what is so difficult with driving hundred-twenty miles an hour in a city? If it isn't, it should be standard training." JD informs them, as a sick Parker climbs out of the car.


Bubba slowly pries his hands from the wheel and tries to get back some feeling in his foot, after JD pressed it down on the accelerator during most of the drive, having decided that he was going too slow.


"Ok, we are going to do this the simple way, boys. I'll do all the questioning and you'll guard the doors to prevent him for making a break. Easy enough?"


"It might get messy."


"Oh, I most certainly hope so. I can't wait to trash that bastard and show him what it feels like to be on the receiving end." Stepping forward, JD uses her Sun Source martial arts skills to kick in the door and send the remains flying through the bar.


Entering, she notices that the bar is about half filled with a detestable mix of bikers, hillbillies, and cowboy wannabes. Seeing that she has their attention, she pulls out her badge. "Evening boys. I'm the new Chief of Detectives, JD Heart, but my enemies usually call me JD, at least those who want to stay alive. So which of you mother-fucking bastards is Kenneth Jackson?"


"What do you want from him?" a voice asks from the bar.


JD stalks forward, until she stands in front of the speaker. "You Kenneth Jackson?"


"What if I am?" he stupidly asks.


JD grins at him and drives her knee into his crotch. Holding him up by his long dirty hair, she asks again. "You Kenneth Jackson?"


The moaning guy shakes his head, while the rest stare on and some drift towards the exit and past Bubba and Parker.


"So which of those guys is he?" JD asks, cutting his belt with a combat knife she retrieves from her boot.


The guy looks at the knife for a second before pointing to a table in the back corner, where three guys watch the scene.


JD grins and drops her victim. Swaying towards the table, she hides the knife; after all she wants to have some fun with Kenneth - the child rapist - Jackson. "Morning ladies," she greets the three guys in a sweet voice. "Which of you is Kenneth?"


"That would be me, officer," the man in the corner replies. "Is there a problem?"


"There won't be if you comply and confess about the rape of the girl, Katie, the murder of her parents, and any other crime you've committed. Will you comply?"


"I‘m sorry, officer, but I don't know what you're talking about. I've been here all day with my friends. Right boys?" Kenneth says and his two friends mumble a yes in agreement.


JD reaches across the table and grips his throat with the unnatural strength of her gifts. Lifting him, she pulls him over the table and slams him onto the neighboring table, right between the two bikers sitting there. "Thank you for complying," she honestly says as she pins his hand to the table by ramming her knife through it. Ignoring his scream, she tells him sweetly, "We were just talking about your confession."


"You fucking bitch!" one of the men at the table exclaims, and empties his mug into her face. JD reflexively closes her eyes and mouth before anything spills into them.


"You shouldn't have done that, lowborn bastard son of a mother-fucking wench and a bull terrier." Keeping her eyes closed to prevent any beer from running into them, JD lashes out against him, breaking his arm and slamming him back against the wall next to the Juke box, causing it to start playing as the man slides unconscious to the floor. Pirouetting, she slams her foot right into the face of the biker sitting across from the mug spilling one, stunning him. Grabbing the sides of the table, she slams it right against her stunned enemy, pinning him into his seat, while ignoring the cries of pain from Kenneth as the knife grinds against his bones.


Having cleared the immediate area of hostiles, she wipes her face and sees that the rest of the crowd is advancing on her, their stares promising pain. She grins at them and rubs her hand in anticipation. "As the song says, ‘Yeah got to Kick a little,'" JD says as the jukebox plays that song.


Before anyone can react, she rushes the two people sitting with Kenneth. Before she reaches them, she drops to her knees and slithers right between them, delivering devastating groin punches. As her enemies double over, she gets up behind them and, thanking fate that she decided to wear steel tipped shoes today, delivers a pair of groin kicks that send Kenneth's buddies flying across the whole room.


The crowd winces at this treatment and is momentarily frozen. JD grins at them and takes off her jacket. "So, you see that you are hopelessly outclassed, and that I can handle your sorry asses if I want to. So are you mother-fucking sons of bitches surrendering, or do you want to be fed your cocks first?"


Of the menacing mob before her, a big bruiser of a Neanderthal with a pool cue took the first swing. JD simply catches the cue in her hand and rips it out of the guy's hands. Within a blink of an eye, JD grabs his hand and crushes his fingers. Stepping back, she rams the business end of the cue into the previous wielder's groin. The guy's eyes cross and he falls unconscious to the ground. JD gives the rest a smile, and rams the cue into the right kneecap of the nearest guy, busting it. Out of the corner of her eye JD sees a biker drawing a colt 45 six-shooter.


Before the next breath JD throws the broken cue across the room and down the barrel, milliseconds before he can fire it. The impulse of the impact breaks the biker's hand and sends the gun spinning through the room. On impact with the floor a shot is triggered, and shatters the kneecap of another biker. Grinning, JD turns her attention to the crowd and smashes her elbow into the face of the closest assailant.




Towards the front of the bar, Bubba exchanges blows with a grizzly Bear of a Biker. The drunken biker admires Bubba's backside while Bubba tries to knock him out. Finally fed up with the punches, the biker grabs Bubba's hands and forces them behind Bubba. "Hey, cutesy, anything planned for tonight? We could go out, have a few drinks, and then go to my place."


Bubba looks disgusted into his face, "Sorry, but I don't play for the other team."


"Have you ever tried it? Come on cutie, I know you'll enjoy it. We could also go to visit Mephisto's, if you want a cunt or two. They have everything there, from four upwards. And they have a nice playroom. Come on."


"Forget it, bastard. I'm not interested in your sick games."


"But honey I love you." the drunken, bleeding man says to Bubba's face before giving Bubba a wet kiss on the forehead.


In response Bubba head butts the guy, pushes away, and then sends him flying back with very hard right cross.




JD grabs the two last people left standing in the bar, besides Parker and Bubba, and shatters the kneecap of the first before she sends the second one sailing through the air. No longer needing her energy to maintain absolute situational awareness and high reflexes, JD puts all her power behind the throw. The wall turns out not to be solid enough to stop the flight. Nodding contentedly, JD picks up the guy whose kneecap she just shattered and sends him through the wall beside the first guy.


If anyone had the chance to look at their watch they would have seen that the whole fight took less then 5 minutes.

Walking over to the hole, JD looks into the private room and finds a casino. "Hi guys. I'm Chief of Detectives, JD Heart. And you are all under arrest for illegal gambling. Bubba, watch them, Parker, call backup." JD orders while walking back to Kenneth. Grabbing his hair, she forces him to look into her eyes. "So Kenny, you got your hands in some business I'd like to know about?"


"You'll rot in prison for this, bitch. My lawyer will get me free in no time, and I'll have your head for this."


"I doubt that because you're already dead. It's just your choice of wanting to die painlessly with lethal injection, or fight with death for the next couple days, unable to speak at all courtesy of me. If you're thinking your boys over there will back you, you're wrong. The Conspiracy Act will deal them a big blow if they try it. And if you don't confess I'll let everyone inside and outside of prison know that you are a pedophile. We both know your life will be meaningless. If you're a good little shit head I'll promise to keep you in solitary. So, any business you involved in, that I might be interested in? " JD asks in a low voice.


"If you want evidence, my computer is full of everything, names, addresses, shipments, and anything else you'll need. But I didn't do anything like today before," Kenneth stammers, starring fearfully in JD's Quickening sparkled eyes.


"I believe you," JD replies as she does a nerve pinch on his ear, sending enormous amounts of pain shooting through out his entire body.


"AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!" Kenneth Jackson screams for several minutes after JD lets him drop to the floor. His screaming fades as he passes out, even while his body continued to twitch in pain.


Bubba walks up to her and just shakes his head at the scene around the bar. A few moments later several Sheriff's deputies and EMS members arrive to pick up the mess.


"Young lady do you realize what you've done!" the same man she had seen talking to Hampton earlier yells.


"Yeah, arrested the man that this warrant is issued for. And when he and his buddies resisted, there was a little fight, which revealed an illegal gambling place in the back. Oh yeah, there's also a computer in the back room, full of evidence." JD bluntly states as she points the holes in the wall.


"I've been looking for this place for months." The Sheriff replies in awe.


"According to Parker, I'm sure you'll be very interested in some of the people your men are arresting." JD smiles as she nods towards four of the seven-city councilman being held by the deputies.


As one of his deputies begins putting the cuffs on the members of the city council who had been most opposed to his and Harriet's interracial marriage, a smile starts to form. At seeing the sheriff smiling at him, the city council tries to pull weight.


"How dare you…. I am a city councilman… I'll have your badge for this." Frank Nelson screams at JD.


"That will be hard for you to do behind bars, or did you forget what I told you when I first became Sheriff. Well, guess what, you aren't going to forget it again. And if you think that you're going to be a city council member after the Sparta Herald hears what happened here, you're sorely mistaken. Now are you going to go peacefully, or do I have to let Detective Heart restrain you?" Bill's voice booms out. Frank looks from Sheriff Gillespie to JD, whose eyes promise something he was sure he didn't want, so he immediately settles down and leaves quietly with one of the deputies.


"And I thought I could threaten people." JD comments to the Sheriff offering her hand.


"I'll take that as a compliment and welcome to Sparta." Bill says as he shakes her hand.


"How do you do that?" Hampton asks, observing the scene in the bar and several city council members in police cars outside.


"Just lucky, I guess." JD replies with a big dumb grin.






"What's up?" JD asks, looking up from the computer.


"Any address for the Mephisto's?"


"No idea. I haven't checked the address book. Why? What is it? A hotel you want us to spend the night at?"


"Cut it out, JD. It's a brothel."


"So? Brothels have been around for millennium. I can't see anything wrong with that. You're not a hypocritical moral apostle, are you, tall dark and huh huh?"


Bubba rolls his eyes. "It's not your typical kind of brothel. The guy I was fighting mentioned something about the age goes as low as four years."


"Please tell me you are joking." JD asks, a cold chill running down her spine.


"Sorry, that's what the guy said."


"And here I hoped that they shut down the business for a decade or two. Oh, well, at least this time I'll get to do something," JD mumbles as she looks through the computer files. "Here we go. Mephisto's. You know this address, Bubba?"


"Yeah. Three blocks from the house Chief Forbs said you would more than likely want for your new place. In fact, he bought the place so you could move in right away."


"Well, Hampton does know my taste and my stuff should be here any time. I told the guy driving my stuff here to stop at the police station. So you better let whoever's there know where to have the guy drop off my stuff and that I'll be there a little later tonight."


"Forbs sent Parker to wait for the guy."


"Good. It's still a few hours till dusk. Back to the hospital it is."


"What are we going to do there?"


"Katie is going to wake up soon. I want to be there."




(Bad Dreams)
Sparta Hospital
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 19:00 Local


"When can I take her home?"


"We've done everything we can here. For my part, you could take her home now, but Social Services doesn't like that. We'll keep Katie here for another few days for observation. But unless you are accepted as her guardian…" Dr. Barns leaves the rest hanging in the air.


"I understand doctor. Is there anything else?"


"Katie is going to need help. I can see that you love her, and your eyes tell me that you are one of the ageless ones. I don't know if you have the experience or knowledge to help her, but your job won't allow you to be there for her all the time. And I'm afraid that the government will not be on your side. And they are something that you can't fight with force. Oh, while we are talking about force, could you please refrain from hurting those bastards that badly? You know how hard it is for us to have to help people we know raped children?"


"You don't need to help them." JD snaps.


"Oh yes, we do. We have no choice in that matter. We are doctors; we have to help everyone brought in here. We took an oath to that end. I still have nightmares from that serial killer I had to treat, just to have him escape a year later and kill another dozen people. I really don't need a child rapist and double murderer added to that list. Not to mention that you're little fight messed up the schedules of a lot of people. You think we have nothing better to do that to clean up your messes?" She snarls a bit. "Guess what, there are other people, innocent people, out there, that need our help, and they had to wait hours until we got through with your friends. Not to mention that the cops cleaning up the house couldn't watch the streets, possibly leading to the death of an innocent or more. I don't know how old you are, kid, but it is time to grow up. Your actions have consequences beyond the obvious, consequences that you can't control or foresee. I know it has to be hard being imprisoned in a teenager's body, complete with hormones and all, for eternity, but that doesn't allow you to act like a mad bitch." She glances around and gives her a look that mixes sympathy and determination. "If you want drugs to suppress your hormones, just ask. Or even to relieve them regularly. But stop making other people's lives hell, just because you can't handle the big bad world. I don't know who you got a hold of this time, but I guarantee you, if you don't grow up, I'm going to do everything I can to keep you away from Katie. She doesn't need a lunatic around, messing her up even more. And believe me, I have enough pull to get the press on your tail, and we both know that that is the worst thing for your kind!" Finishing her speech, Barns turns around and vanishes around the corner, leaving a speechless JD behind.


"What are you staring at?" Bubba asks, as he walks up to her.


JD whirls around. "What the hell are you doing here?" she demands.


"You told me to pick you up after dusk, remember? Since you didn't come out, I decided to look for you here. So what's going on?"


"I need a quick tour of the neighborhood. Mephisto's first. Then my house, then drop me off at the station, I need to pick up my bike."


"What are you planning, JD?"


"Nothing. Now shut up and get into the car before I rip your head off," JD snaps angrily.

Bubba stares at her for a moment and silently leads the way to the car. Without saying a word, he points out Mephisto's and her house as they drive past, before letting her out at the police station. JD quickly takes her bike and races off to her house, leaving a confused and hurt Bubba behind.




Parking the bike before the front door, JD enters her new house. She quickly strips out of her leather clothes and puts on her black ninja suit. Opening another box, she takes out two silenced MP5's and a sniper rifle. Quickly assembling the weapons, she fastens the guns and several spare magazines on her suit. Then she picks up her two swords, puts them into the sheaths, and hides everything under a long black trench coat. Picking up her IR-binoculars, she rushes out of the door and jumps on her bike.




JD lies on the roof of the building across the street from of the Mephisto, surveying the house through her binoculars. Slowly she takes out her rifle and adds her last magical suppressor.


"I'll have to get a few more of them. If those damn things weren't so fucking expensive. I could get a God damn rocket launcher for less then one of these suppressors. And those blasted things are worth shit after five lousy shots. Oh well, I guess I should be thankful that those damn bastards have just six people guarding the fucking place. And you have to love that anti-intruder system. Just one entrance, through a hallway circling around the whole house, twice, before you get in. Certainly effective, but you should tell your idiotic friends that it is useless, if you only use thin wood as walls for everything but your perverse playing rooms. Oh, and that it is, of course, a death trap against any determined attack. Well, guess you people never learned anything about security, did you?" JD asks the head standing next to her.


Giving it a small smile, JD quickly shoots the other five guards around the house, and removes the now useless suppressor. "Now let's play, my friends."


She throws a rope over the side of the building and quickly reloads her rifle. Using her IR sight, she takes out the electricity for the building with her first shot. (Got to keep the computers from being erased. The info might be interesting.) Then she swings the rifle around, and opens fire at the area she figured are the offices of who ever runs this show. The .50 caliber bullets penetrate the wood without a problem, and take down their targets.


As the rifle clicks empty, she grasps the rope and quickly descends the wall. With a trained flick of her hand, the rope drops behind her. After securing the rifle on her bike and putting the rope away, JD runs into the Mephisto, shooting down the two men who try to leave with her two MPs. First circling the house on the ground floor, then on the second floor, she finally reaches the entrance to the members only area. Kicking in the door, she sees two men with bloody knifes running toward her in the main corridor. Not hesitating a second, she guns both men down.


Seeing no further danger, JD decides to check out the playrooms first. Thanks to the soundproofing of those rooms, her scopes had not been able to see what was happening in there.


As she opens the first door, a scene from hell greets her. Six young girls are lying in their own blood. JD quickly checks for life signs, but finds none. Checking out the other nine playrooms on the first floor, and the ten on the main floor, she finds between four and ten corpses in every room, but encounters no further resistance. Slowly she enters the office area and quickly checks on the nine guys she shot down with her rifle. Using her scope, she quickly checks the other rooms through the walls, but only finds heat signs in one of them. Checking the other rooms anyway, knowing that some things don't have heat signatures, and not wanting to let those escape, she finds nothing.


Finally she kicks in the door and enters the last office, where she figures the guy in charge of this operation would be. Instead of the slimy guy she expected, the sight of a woman who would have had no problem making a career as an actor in Hollywood, and six bodyguards greets her. Rolling through the door, JD cuts loose with her guns, and takes down all six bodyguards.


The woman smiles at her, "Guess it will end this way."


"Who are you?"


"Does my name matter?" she asks wearily.


"Well, I like to know who I kill."


"Everyone calls me Valkyrie. Everyone does."


"And why is that?" JD asks, wondering about the strange name.


"I killed some biker that raped me when I was eleven, and cut off his partner's balls. Names like that tend to stick."


"So what are you doing here?"


"Earning my living, what else? Males like cunts, the younger the better. Women generally prefer somewhat matured girls, but not all. I simply supply what they want, and no matter how many you kill; there will always be more of them. And as long as there are people wanting it, there'll be people replacing me. Though I doubt anyone else will bother to provide the kids education, psychological support, and the love of a family."




"You don't know from what kinds of hellholes I got the kids. You can ask them, they like it here. Well, maybe not, but at least they prefer living here to what they had before. At least here they are never beaten and don't starve and things like that. I sometimes wonder why demons are considered bad, humans do a lot worse than any demon ever could."


"Then you are lucky and only know the lesser demons. Believe me, the Old Ones are pretty nasty."


"Is there anything worse than a caring and loving father during the day, that rapes his daughters brutally every night, and has them conditioned in a way that they think it perfectly normal?" JD simply stares at her. "Yes, it is true. Happened to a couple of my girls. The perfect family during daylight. Though I've also seen other cases. Daughters seducing their brothers or fathers, and being happy, only to have their love and happiness destroyed by the biases of society against such love, as if there is something truer, more beautiful and righteous than love."


"What happened to the girls upstairs?" JD asks after a couple minutes of uncomfortable silence.


"I thought my spell had finally weakened, and someone tried to take over my house. I couldn't allow the girls to fall into anyone's hands. Who knows what they might have done with the girls. I couldn't allow that. We have planned for that, we had plans for every eventuality. This one was to provide the girls with a way to prevent being captured."


"What do you mean?"


"Suicide. I mean suicide. The girls knew that I was good to them, that no one else would treat them like this. They were afraid of what other guys might do to them, if they’d been taken alive. Especially all those children. They still remember what it was like, selling their bodies before they came here, and here they finally found a home, a place to be safe, where people cared about them, where they got medical and psychological care. Whoever you work for won't get them. They are safe, wherever they are now."


"You mentioned a spell earlier?" JD asks, trying to wrap her mind around what has happened here.


"Yes. I'm a White Mage, and a Priestess of Wicca. At least I am now, after the angel told me my reason in His plan. I cast a spell on this house that should have prevented anyone from trying to capture the girls. Seems I was not strong enough, or didn't cast it often enough. But you won't get anything. All my magical items, and everything else important will be teleported beyond your reach."


"And what do you think is beyond my reach?" JD asks.


"The treasury of the Illuminati. The angel told me where it is. All my belongings, magical or otherwise, will be teleported there the moment I die and my corpse will be destroyed, so you may never gain access to anything I know. You have failed, creature of evil. You have failed," her voice becomes quiet as she finishes the sentence. Before JD can reply, Valkyrie presses a button on her desk. The next moment a blade separates her head from her body. In a flash all items of value disappear from the room, while the body completely decomposes in a holy white fire, leaving not even ashes behind.


JD stares at the scene, and then decides to leave, before the police get here. While she heads out, she notices that everything of value seems to be gone from the whole building. Just as JD turns around the corner on her bike, the first police car pulls up to the house, the driver not noticing the bike.




JD pulls up to her house and quickly steps inside. She quickly begins to clean her weapons, when Andrew appears.


"You happy now, JD?"


"Not really. Didn't get to kill that sick bitch."


"You could not have killed her. And the One who created us all has gifted her immunity to everything she doesn't allow to harm her. Your swords and guns would have been useless."


"He did WHAT?!?!" JD explodes.


"Sometimes there is only a choice between Gray and black, JD. Valkyrie was chosen to help the kids. You can believe her, that where they lived before was a lot worse. And until now hundreds of Pedophiles could satisfy their urges there, without harming anyone."


"Yeah, anyone but the children."


"Without Valkyrie, they'd have been  a lot worse off. Most would already have been dead. I know you don't believe it, but they were a family, and they loved each other. They had something that most of them had never experienced before. Do not blame Valkyrie for making the world a better place. The world would be better without pedophiles, but they are just like drug addicts. And unless you take away all their freedoms, and have the state control everything, you will never get rid of them."


"I can try."


"Yes, and now you'll have your chance. There were several thousand pedophiles that were no danger to unprotected children in this state. Now they all need to find other ways to satisfy their urges."


"I'll simply hunt those animals down."


"First you have to find them. And you'll only be able to trace them, after they hurt a child, or if you stumble across them by dumb luck. None of them are organized in any way. You'll have to find every single one, separately. How many children are going to suffer until you get them all?" with that Andrew disappears, leaving JD staring at the place. After a few minutes, JD quietly puts the weapons away again and heads to her bedroom. Finding the master bedroom behind the third door, she strips down to her underwear before dropping on the bed, crying herself to sleep. Crying about the evil of the world, the evil that is all too human.



Sparta Hospital
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 19:00 Local


JD wakes with a jerk as Dr. Barns enters the room to check on Katie.


"We've done everything we can here, but we'll keep her here for another few days for observation. Social Services will more than likely be here to prevent you from taking Katie home by then, that is unless you are accepted as her guardian." Dr. Barns says to the sleepy JD.


"Yeah, I know you said that earlier." JD yawned.


"I didn't. I haven't seen you since you left for the Bar." Dr. Barns informed her.


"You know that Lecture you gave me about my action and unforeseen things that may happen." JD replied just as her eyes fell upon an all too familiar face, which makes her groan. "Never mind. Just had a really bad nightmare of what I might have done."


"Well you had a rough day." Dr. Barns.


"Not as bad as what you had to go through because of my actions. I apologize for making so much work for you." JD quietly said.


"Apology accepted." A stunned Dr. Barns says as she leaves.


JD waits about ten seconds before glancing over and seeing the shining black woman. "So I have HIM to thank for that little nightmare?" JD asks then answers. "Duh of course. Damn it Tess it's bad enough I have had those two pains in the ass for over 15,000 years messing with my head but HE to go and gives me nightmares again."


"By doing it that way, your Heavenly Father has given a possible outcome to what you had been planning earlier." Tess tenderly tells her. "Baby you should have known that the Heavenly Father would never condone what that woman has misinterpreted as love.   Much of what you saw as just a nightmare but some of which is true."


"I shouldn't deal with magic girl in my normal way. I get the hint Tess; calm down and do it by the book so no one gets hurts. But HE didn't have to go to such extremes with me.


"Since when." Tess sarcastically replies.


"Since I got a daughter." JD replies as she gently brushes Katie's face. "Do you realizes how long it's been since I have actually had someone to call family?"


"Yes I do baby, too long; but I am glad to hear that you already consider her family. But you still need to not only help her, but the other kids that are in that place. I am not just talking physically, but emotionally."


"You know my emotional life isn't that good, Tess. But I do know the prefect person for that Job." JD says with a knowing smile. "Think she's busy?"


"Give her a call and find out." Tess retorts with her own knowing smile.


JD whips out her cell phone and punches in an unlisted number with a very wicked smile on her face. On the other end of the line, a very calming voice answers the phone.


"Good evening, this is R.W. May I ask who this is?"


"Guess who Rainy." JD evilly whispers, causing the woman on the end to spill her coffee in front of the Board of Directors whom she's having a meeting with.


For a few moments the six-foot tall red head just stares at her cell phone in disbelief, but then she gathers herself together.


"Excuse me ladies and gentlemen. I have to take this call." R.W. says as she leaves the room and steps into her soon to be ex-office.


"You promised never to call me that." She hisses at her old friend and teacher.


"No, I just promised not to say it in front of anyone." JD counters.


"Hope you have a good reason for calling, I was just in the middle of selling my half of the Practice to another company." She informs JD.


"I need both of your help." JD bluntly states.


"Just how bad is the other half needed and when?"


"As fast as you can Shadow Walk here."


"And where is here?"


"Sparta, Mississippi… Oh and by the way it's a long term job for you both." JD says just before she hangs up the phone.




Offices of R.W. Blackwell PHD of Child Psychology
New York, New York
May 26, 1996 - 20:00 Local


"Miss, you realize just what you walked out on for a phone call." John Knight, R.W.'s assistant demands.


"Yes I do. Tell them that their offer is fine and that when I return I will finish our business."


"Just who was that on the phone that could make you drop everything?" He questions in shock.


"Let's just say that when she calls and requests both of me to come, you know it's serious." R.W. replies.


"Yes, ma'am. I will make all the arrangements. Is there anything I should know before you leave?" He says as he closes the doors so that no one could enter.


"Yes. This job will be long term, so tell the Board that the offer they were given is fine with me. Have them give you the papers and I will sign them when I get the chance. I will also more than likely have to move there, please arrange it, personally." R. W. says as she steps directly in front of her shadow and it starts to cloak it over her slender body.


"Is there any way I can reach you?" John asks as he watches the Human he knows, as R.W. Blackwell becomes the Princess of the Shadow Realm known as Lady Gray.


"I will call at the first chance I get." The being known as Lady Gray answers as she disappears into her own shadow.




Sparta Hospital
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 19:00 Local


"So just how much of that nightmare was real?" JD asks Tess.


"Victoria or Vicky as she prefers to be called, you may remember as Valkyrie is into magic and thinks she is working for God when she is actually working for a Demon called Legion, who's supplying her power but her power was just cut short by a man called the Wanderer and now would be the best time to strike."


"Remind me that when I meet this Wanderer dude to kiss him for his help. So I've got Lady Gray to do recon and protect the children. Now all I need is someone to get on the inside to get a hold of the computers and shut down the sensors. Any ideas?" JD says as she starts to form a plan.


"Any ideas for what?" Hampton asks as he walks in the door.


"Just for who to get to go in as a client at Mephisto." JD says, knowing full well that Hampton couldn't see Tessa.


"Not right at the moment, but I had Bubba and Parker send that trucker U.S. to where I thought you would like to live." Hampton says.


"Ask and you shall receive." Tess says but only JD hears.


"U.S.? Good I think I can use his talents." JD comments.


"Please tell me you're not on the Jazz." Hampton begs.


"Just be thankful I am. Because you don't want to know what I was going to do earlier." JD replies and than asks. "Where's the female officer you're going to have watching Katie tonight?"


Just as she asks the answer walks in causing an instant groan and smile out of her.


"This is Officer Wings. She is here on loan from the Sheriff's office." Hampton replies than asks.


"You know each other?"


"Don't ask but yeah." JD says as she heads out the door. "You coming or not?"




In Front of the Sparta Police Department
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 18:30 Local


Parker watches a big red, white and blue Kenworth pull up and park in front of the Police Station. Figuring that it was the trucker JD mentioned earlier, he heads over to the eighteen-wheeler.


"If JD gets me arrested again I'll shoot her." Ulysses Solomon Archer mumbles underneath his breath as he watches a Police Officer approach his rig.


"You must be the guy that is delivering JD's stuff. I'm Parker Williams." Parker says with a smile. "It will be a little bit before you can take the stuff to JD's place, so why don't I show you where the best place in town is to get a cup of coffee."


"Sounds good. I am Ulysses Solomon Archer but everyone calls me U.S. Archer." U.S. says as he gets out of the rig to stretch his muscular legs. "So what's JD up to?"


"Her usual." Parker answers.


"You're lying." U.S. replies as looks he around the town. "Your town is still standing."


"It's only her first day. But the Dixie line bar is just barely." Parker laughs.


"She's losing her touch." U.S. tells Parker as he readjusts the red headband that covers the scars he got from the accident that left him with a metal CB skull.


"I don't know about that, you should hear what happened and why." Parker begins to tell the blonde trucker the JD tale of the day.


"Knowing JD it's got to be good." U.S. replies as they walk towards a coffee shop across the road.


Bubba found it quite easy to find the trucker and Parker because their laughter could be heard the moment he walked into the café.


"No wonder the place is barely standing." The Big Blonde trucker laughed out. "I feel sorry for this Bubba guy."


"And why would you feel sorry for me." Bubba asks as he walks to the table.


"Past experience with JD." U.S. replies as he takes a sip of coffee. "Speaking of JD where is she?"


"She at the hospital with Katie." Bubba answers.


"So I take it she hasn't gotten a chance to look at the place?" U.S. asks.


"Chief Forbs has taken care of it." Parker replies.




"Yeah they used to work with each other a couple of years back."


"And he called her in to help? He must be as crazy as she is." U.S. says as he finishes off his coffee. "Well from what Parker here said, my guess is that JD will want her place up and ready to go as soon as possible so let's get a move on."


"Yeah you're more than likely right. She seemed a bit upset with what I told her about a place that was mentioned during the fight." Bubba said as he started for the door.


"Poor guy." U.S. whispers to Parker.


"Why?" Parker asks.


"He likes JD." U.S. laughs. Parker joins in the laugh as the two walks out the door.


"Chief Forbs wants Parker and me to help unload JD's stuff." Bubba says as he approaches the Kennworth but jumps back a bit when the rig seems to start on it's own.


"Ok lead the way." U.S. says as he slips a silver dollar back into his red coat pocket and gets into the rig.




JD's New Residence
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 18:30 Local


"I never seen someone so organized when it come to packing. Geez look at it Bubba. She's not only got every thing in a wooden crate but on the labels it tells exactly what's in them and where it goes." Parker says just after the started unloading the rig.


"Yeah JD is a whiz when it comes to packing, but unpacking is another matter with her." U.S. laughs.


"Alright, let's get this stuff in so that when JD and the Chief get here we can work on a plan about nailing that Sin factory." Bubba barks.


The great packing on JD's part allowed the guys to unload over half of the stuff in less than an hour.


"Hey U.S. where does this stuff go I can't read it?" Parker asks U.S. as him and Bubba climb into the back of the rig.


"Let me guess, it's written in a language you can't read." U.S. replies.


"It looks Greek to me." Parker says.


"Not bad Parker, but it's not just Greek but a combination of several dialects of Greek, Hebrew and Swahili." JD says as she gets up into the rig.


"So what's in them?" Bubba asks.


"You don't want to know." Both Forbs and U.S. answers.


"He's going to find out some of it." JD states as she easily picks up the first 3 by 4 foot wooden crate.


"Say Good-Bye to your town." U.S. says.


"JD you're not going to blow anything up are you? You promised." Hampton questions.


"No. Parker is." JD states as she places the crate on the hydraulic lift at the back of the rig.


"Me?" Parker asks with a stunned expression on his face. While Bubba gasps, Forbs moans and U.S. just snorts in disbelief.


"Of course you Parker. Your personnel files stated that you were into demolition in the War. So that makes you the perfect candidate for what I have in mind." JD says as picks up the next box and hands it to him. Then she turns to all of them and says. "Just the hinges to the doors, we will need to get through quickly."


"Just what do you have in mind?" Hampton asks as he picks up a box while thanking the God that she wasn't going to blow up anything.


"Well good old U.S. here is going to go in as a client. That is after we find out from Bubba's boyfriend what it takes to be a client." JD starts.


"Why did I know I was going to be dragged into this?" U.S. groans as he comes back from placing a box onto the lift.


"Because you're the best when it comes to computers and no one here in town knows you." JD states as she gets down.


"Give me one good reason why I should help this time?" U.S. asks as he gets down from the truck. "And no puppy dog looks this time."


"A bunch of kids that need your help." JD says with her best puppy dog look on her face.


"DAMN IT!! JD you had to do that look and say that kids were relying on me. Fine I'll do it, but you'll owe me big time this time. And one of your dinners isn't going to be enough."


"Ok I'll surprise you."


"NO!!!! Just the dinner will be fine but that makes two now." U.S. yells out of fear.


"Good. When we're done here Forbs and I will pay a visit to Bubba's boyfriend downtown."


"Do you think sending this guy in alone is a good idea?" Forbs asks JD off to the side as the rest were setting up the stuff.


"He won't be. Remember we all have shadows." JD smiles.


"You don't mean?" Hampton groans.


"Yes she means me." The being known as Lady Gray says as her head becomes visible in JD's shadow against the truck.


"Don't do that." Hampton hisses, as he makes sure that no one can see or hear her.


"What?" Lady Gray asks.


"I knew I shouldn't have offered you the job…" Hampton starts to mumble as he goes to help the guys finish.


"Good to see you old friend." JD says as she turns and faces her shadow friend.


"Yes it is good to see you too. From listening to you and your friends, I am to hide in this U.S.'s shadow until I am in, then I am to protect the children." Lady Gray replies.


"That's not all. I need you to check out the place and see how many entrances and exits there are. This first visit is recon only, so don't make yourself solid in any way. The lady who runs the place deals in Magic and has a spell around the place so it might detect you if you make yourself solid." JD informs her.


"I will look for both physical and magical entrances and exits." Lady Gray informs her as she disappears back into the shadow.


"Just how bad are the bad guys my team is going up against?" Hampton asks JD as he comes back.


"Well she's into magic, so having Lady Gray around should even the odds in our favor. I doubt there will be a problem because I have it on the Highest Authority that the bad lady boss isn't as powerful as she thinks she is thanks to a guy called the Wanderer." JD says as she grabs some more stuff off the lift and hands it to him.


"I will have to thank him properly when I meet him." Lady Grey replied.


"You and me both." JD smiled back as she distinctly heard the two pains in her head, snickering like they knew something she didn't but just shrugged it off.


"Any thing else I should know?" Hampton asks.


"Yeah, but Bubba's boy friend more than likely has the answers." JD says as Bubba walks up causing him to turn red.


"So let me guess; you and Forbs here are going to interview the guy Bubba was fighting with at the bar, while we three get to finish unloading the truck." U.S. says.


"After we all finish unloading the rig, I am going to get changed, then Forbs and I will have that talk with Bubba's boyfriend. Last but not least you and me are going to have a private talk." JD informed them as she jumped back up into the rig to unload it.


"Why do I got a bad feeling?" U.S. moaned.




Sparta Police Department
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 19:30 Local


Sgt. Luanne Corbin had to do several double takes at the woman who walked into the Police station with Chief Forbs.


"Sgt. Corbin is there something wrong?" JD asked Luanne Corbin who was now rubbing her eyes.


"It's just…?"


"Yes, it's just what?" JD asks.


"You look so different." Luanne finally got out at the changed woman before her.


"Oh, this… The leather was just for travel this is work." JD answers as smoothes down her gray tailored three-piece suite and walks by.


"Wow…" Officer Luke Everett says as the woman in a gray suite with blue pin stripes walks bye him as he was heading for the front. "Who was that?"


"That was the new Chief of Detectives." Luanne answers.


"She sure doesn't look like the lady you described." He replies as he watched the sway of JD's hips.


Noticing where he is watching, Luanne promptly hit him in the back of the head with a pile of folders, which got an "Ouch." Out of him.


"I still can't figure out why you're wearing glasses, you sure don't need them." Hampton says after they are out of earshot of the other officers.


"Very simple Hampton, you see glasses put people I work with more at ease." JD states.


"You're a little late for that, plus they make you look like a female version of Clark Kent." Hampton states as he walks down the stairs that lead towards the integration room.


"So you've peeking in my under wear drawer?" JD jeers as she pushes up her glasses and winks at him, causing Hampton to blush then she walks up to the door that says interrogation room 1.


"I asked for that one didn't I?"


"Yup." JD laughs.


"Let me do the talking ok?" Hampton says as he approaches the door.


"Sure -thing. You're the boss." JD replies than enters the door with a look of pure business on her face with Hampton close behind her.


"Yes I am the same woman who kicked over half the bar's Asses." JD answered the question that was written all over the guy's face. "And you're Carl Swab according to your license." She continued as she picks up his driver's license from the table and reads it. "But from the way you hit on Bubba you should call yourself Carline."


"Speaking of you and Bubba, you mentioned a place called Mephisto and how they had kids as young as four there. Why don't you tell us everything you know about the place?" Hampton says as he takes a seat across from Carl Swab.


"Only if you and me go somewhere quiet and have some fun." Carl said as he stared deeply into Hampton eyes and inched closer to him.


"Excuse me…" Hampton uncomfortably replies.


"Well come on, you look like Apollo Creed from Rocky and I bet you have his body too..." Carl answers with a wink, which caused Hampton to turn red.


"Even though you're right about him looking like Apollo Creed, this guy is as straight as an Arrow." JD laughs.


"Why? Are you and him together?"


"Nah I got my eye on the guy you hit on." JD said with an evil grin that made Carl back up.


JD's response to his question caused Carl to quickly change the subject. "Listen. I may be gay but I am not into kids. I'll help as long as you keep me out of it."


"Listen. I talked to the D.A. and if you cooperate with us, he is willing to let you go as long as you leave town and don't come back; otherwise he said he would nail you to the wall." Hampton says while quietly thanking God for the change of subject.


"You've got yourself a deal, cutie." Carl said. "For starters you'll need a guy no one knows or else they won't let him in. Second he can't be wired because she's got sensors all over the place that would be tripped off the moment he walks in the yard. Next is the password, I only know the one for a gay guy so your boy will have to play the role."


"Don't worry. I've got the perfect man in mind." JD said with a wicked smile that made Carl feel sorry for whomever she was sending in.




Sparta Police Department Briefing Room
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 20:30 Local


"Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, I know this is short notice but we need all of you plus this office will be cooperating with the Sheriff's Office." U.S. hears Hampton say, as he's just about to walk into the briefing room when JD stops him.


"I take it is time for that private talk." U.S. says to JD.


"Yup." She replies as she leads the way to the evidence room.


"I know the speech; be careful and don't do any thing that will get me killed and so on, right." U.S. says


"Not this time you're here to meet a friend." JD says


"What friend?"


"ME!" Lady Gray says as she emerges from the shadow he was standing next to.


U.S. jumps in surprise.


"U.S., Lady Gray. Lady Gray, U.S.


"What's she?" U.S. asks


"Take a guess."


"You know, JD, I'm used to a lot of things by now, but I get the feeling that I should stay away from you. Whenever we meet you come up with something even weirder than before. And no, I won't even try to guess what this woman is, I don't need the embarrassment." U.S. replies.


"He's as smart as you said." Lady Gray says


"U.S. this is Lady Grey. She's the daughter of the King of the Shadow Realm, a guy I won't even piss off." JD comments.


"LIAR! You piss him off all the time and let me deal with it." Lady Gray retorts.


"I am smart too." JD says with a lopsided grin.


"Seems like you're experiencing the joys of knowing JD...."." U.S. says.


"But back to business. Here's the plan. Lady Grey is going to hide inside your shadow when you go in. She'll keep an eye on things, and try to secure the kids when we finally attack. She'll leave your shadow once you are inside the building. Don't expect to notice it. You just need to give her permission to enter your shadow." JD replies.


"Why do you need my permission?" U.S. asks


"Simple, it's an honor thing." Lady Grey replies.


"Ok sounds fair. You have my permission." U.S. answers.


After Lady Grey merges with U.S.'s shadow the three head towards the briefing room.


"Are there any questions?" Hampton asks the group before him.


"Yeah when do we get to nail this place?" an officer in the back asks out of anger.


"Here's the lady who can answer your question." Hampton says as he points to JD.


"Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, for those of you who don't know me I am JD Heart, the new Chief of Detectives. This man here is Ulysses Solomon Archer or U.S. Archer to you. I am sure you have all heard of me so if you're wondering about Archer's qualifications, he's worked with me in the past and lived through it; that's all you need to know." JD states


"Barely." U.S. mumbled to himself but he heard a female giggle from his shadow.


"It's very basic, Archer will go in as a customer while we will be on the outside in a Diamond pattern with Trojan horse bluff. Archer's truck will be the horse and it will have combinations of Sparta's finest and the Sheriff's Deputies. The Deputies' job is once the fight starts to go to the surrounding houses and get the civilians down. Doing it this way will require less radio chatter, and that way when U.S. signals us to hit the place there will be no mistakes."


"How will he be able to signal us if they can detect any sort of wires?" Another officer asks


"Don't JD." U.S. ordered too late as JD hit him over the head with the mental microphone stand making a loud echoing clank. This caused a couple of the officers to wince out of sympathy.


"Damn it JD! That may not hurt but the ringing is going to give me a headache for the next week." He yelled.


"As you heard he has a metal skull but it's a very special one; it allows him to send and receive radio transmissions on any channel. So if he is asked about the metal he has on him, he's got a good excuse." JD replies.


"Oh God, now we've got the Phantom of the Opera helping us besides an ex-fed ball breaker!" An officer in the back remarks


"Hey I only went to that play on a bet!" U.S. barks back at the officer.


"Ok boys and girls, let's get things straight. I maybe a ball-breaker but I am not an ex-fed… well at least in this lifetime. Anyway back to business. Like I said, U.S. will enter the place as a customer. As you can see from the blueprint here." JD says as she points at the blueprint of the house on the wall behind her. "He'll enter here. We will give him a maximum thirty-minute window to get in and get the kids to a safe place. The Sheriff's department will set up roadblocks here and here. They are to detain anyone who wants to enter."


"Excuse me. But why do you want them detained and not just ordered to leave?" A female Deputy asked.


"There are several reasons for that. First, those persons who live in the area may try and get to their families by other means and end up either getting shot or getting someone shot. So it best to keep those where we can see them. Second, if they don't live in the area and they come into the area this late means only one thing. They are clients. So why waste manpower when they are right there?" JD replies than continues. "While we wait, No and I repeat NO weapons are to be drawn at this point. The perps have a system that detects drawn weapons! Once that is done officers in Delta and Alpha, Creed will hit the house simultaneously here, here, and here. Once in the house Delta will secure the first floor while Alpha will head upstairs. Creed's Job will be to find and protect the kids. Sheriff's officers will be covering our backs; that way no one can sneak up on us or get away. The leaders for the teams will be as followed; Alpha Parker, Delta Bubba, and Creed Chief Forbs. You will get your team assignments as you suit up." JD informs them, which only causes Forbs to groan at his team name.


"Where will you be?" The wise cracking officer in the back asks.


"Waiting for the Lead Bitch to make an escape through her not so secret passage. Here." JD replies with a chilling grin.


"What about the kids?" A female officer asks.


"All officers will be wearing Flak Jackets that is steel/ceramic, late reinforced Kevlar jackets, helmets, and gas masks. Everyone will be using non-lethal ammo. Rubber bullets and buck shot. They will knock people on their Asses but they won't penetrate 2 layers of drywall. When we hit gas is to be used first. Once the children are found it will be Creed Team's job to protect them. There will be no radio chatter until we hit the place. Any other questions?"


"Yeah why can't we, that is the Sheriff's office, be in on the direct raid itself?" A Sheriff's deputy asks.


"If you were listening, we need to know that our asses are covered, that way we have a way out with the children if the shit hits the fan. Plus those civilians living nearby need you to protect them. So Shut the Fuck up and listen. Innocent lives are counting on ALL of us. So suit up, we move out in 20." JD snaps.


"What a bitch." The same Sheriff's deputy says once JD is out of earshot.


"She maybe a Bitch but from how she planned this out she is a bitch who cares about the innocent. So you heard her, shut the fuck up and move!" says Sheriff Bill Gillespie




Outside Mephisto’s Brothel
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 21:00 Local


U.S. Archer parks his rig directly across the street from Mephisto, cussing at JD under his breath because she waited until the last minute to tell him he had to pretend to be gay all the while he could hear Lady Grey giggling.


"She ever do this to you?" He asks his shadow as he got down out of the truck.


"Trust me this is quite mild compared to what she's done to me or my family.  In fact she’s the one that introduced my mom to my dad." Lady Grey replies, which causes him to groan.


At the front door Archer receives a menacing greeting by two large ex-football players who seem more than likely to be jacked up on some kind of designer drug.


"Yo guys, I am Archer. My good buddy Carl Swab told to me to come on down here since he was busy. Especially if I am looking to meet the right company on the Love Train."


"You sure don't act like a friend of Carl's." The taller one of the two guards replies with a look of mistrust.


"Archer he's not buying it so first relax. Next pull a JD and check out their bodies while referring to their availability." Lady Grey whispers in his ear. Sensing his reluctance she continued. "Remember you are gay so put on that persona."


Pulling on Lady Grey's suggestion Archer puts on a very suggestive look and says. "If you two are the preview to the main attraction, I know I won't be disappointed."


"It sure is a shame you are a real good friend of Carl's." A sultry female voice replies from behind the two large men.


"Well actually I play for both teams but Carl could only get me some playtime with the one." U.S. replies with a shrug as the tall blonde model, in an outfit that covered less then the women in a Victoria Secrets Magazine, approaches him with a hungry look on her face.


"Well that all depends on who you are." The blonde woman said as she rubs her body up against him in a way that would make a statue hard.


"Well, unlike some people," US tells her with a fake gay voice, "I'm Superbitch."

"I am Vicky to my friends." She says with a purr as she held out her hand to him.


"I am Archer." He replies as he kisses her hand with a slight bow.


"A gentleman?"


"I may play for both teams but I was raised always to be a gentleman."


"Gentlemen are always welcome here. Come on in."


As U.S. passes through the door way a small red light flashes on the security panel on the wall next to him.


"It seems that there is a problem." She says as she indicated the display panel.


"No problem happens all the time." U.S. beings removing his headband and reveals the slight scars. "I was in a bad truck wreck a few years back and so the doctors reconstructed my skull with metal and that is what usually sets off alarms around me."


"They must have had to use a lot of metal to set it off this bad?" Vicky says.


"None of it is my own anymore. But if you feel you must you can search me." U.S. replies as he knocks his head.


Vicky does as he suggests by running her fingers thru his short blonde hair, then bringing her fingers down to trace his face in slow provocative traces of his eyes and lips. As she worked her way towards his shirt another bodyguard interrupts her.


"Ma'am I need to speak with you."


"It had better be good Lance." Vicky replies.


"Yes it is."


"Well, Archer why don't you go and see the merchandise. If you see anything you like just let Rickie here know and pay him. You can pay can't you?"


To her question U.S. held up a Platinum Card from Master Card with a wad of $100.00 bills. "I don't think it's a problem."


With that she smiles and starts to walk off when Lady Grey informs U.S. that she was going to tag along with Lance.


While Lady Grey slips into Lance's shadow before he could get out of range, U.S. proceeds to the salon and thinks to himself I've heard of tailing someone but this is ridiculous. In the salon U.S. mingles for a short while, and when he was sure no one would notice his absence, he slips out and heads for the main office.




Up stairs bedroom of the Mephisto's Brothel
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 21:00 Local


"Lance tells me that you wish to leave. Is that true?" Vicky asks a blonde 12 year old girl who was dressed in a Little Bo Peep out fit.


"Yeah that's true I want to go to school like I promised my grandma I would. You been great and everything but I just can't stay here and do this." Lacee' replies.


"Where would you go back, to the streets or to your uncle who would attack you in your own bed?" Vicky asks.


"No. My grandma lives here in Sparta and she'll take me in." Lacee' answers.


"Listen, if she wants you fine, but remember this while you pack, why didn't she try and get you after your parents died." Vicky says as she leaves the room with Lance behind her.


"She is not to leave. If she leaves she loses her soul. You can do whatever it takes to keep her here." Vicky tells Lance before she leaves.


With an evil grin on his face, Lance reenters the room and sees that Lacee' has changed out her Bo Peep outfit and into a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt.


"I liked you better in the Bo Peep outfit so change back." Lance informed her.


"What?" Lacee' asks in disbelief.


"Simple; you’re staying one way or another and Boss Lady told me to do what it takes to keep you here. And that is exactly what I plan on doing."


"No she said I could leave."


"You will do as you were told!"




"You will do it or I will do it for you."


"I don't care what you want! I won't do it!"


"Boss lady says you will one way or another. You don't have a choice in the matter." He says as he stalks closer to her.


"Yes she does." A strong female voice echoes through the almost empty playroom, sending chills up his spine.


"Who said that?" He demands as he scans the room with his gun.


"Just your own shadow." The voice taunts.


"Show yourself or else!" He demands as he raises his hand back to strike the girl. As the hand comes down it is stopped from hitting its mark by a vice-like grip. When the man looks over his shoulder to see who it is, all he sees is his own shadow holding his hand. Than his own shadow throws him across the room and he lands with a loud thud but the sound is muffled by the insulated walls.


"Dear God, don't hurt me." The girl begs.


"I was sent here to protect you." The voice from the man's shadow says as it begins to take on a new form of a woman in a hooded cloak.


"But she said that no one cared about us and that others would treat us bad." The girl stammers out.


"She lied." The woman replied.


"Why doesn't that surprise me?”  The girl sarcastically replies.  “This was the best place I've been. I don't want to go back to the streets."


"You don't have to. You spoke of your grandma living here."


"Yeah your right. But… I afraid she won't want me after she finds out what happened." Lacee replies in a shaking voice.


"I am sure your grandma will love you no matter what. Now we must get going, because there isn't much time before the police hit this place."


"How do you know that?"


"I am here to protect you and the other children here on behalf of one of the officers. But I need your help."


"Aren't you some kind of Superhero or something, why do you need my help?"


"Because I am not a Superhero."


"Oh, yeah right. It was Magic that did that to him." She states as she points to the unconscious man across the room.


"You're close but you're wrong. Though one of the reasons I am here, is because someone wishes to use Magic to harm you and the other children here."


"Magic??? Yeah right are you some kind of witch?"


"You better hope my father didn't hear you say that."


"Why? Who is he, the Big Bad Boogie man?"


"No one in this Realm has called me that but those who live in the realm of Shadows call me much worse, my lady." A very impressive being says as he emerges from out of Lady Gray's shadow.


"Father!! Why are you here?"


"To protect all these children you will need all the help you can get. My presence here will speed up the deterioration that woman's magic spell has on the children and they will not be influenced by it." He replies.


"Listen, if you think I am going to some other realm and having sex with the likes of him, I'll kill myself first."


At the girl's words both beings stared at her like she's crazy.


"What?   Isn't that why you're here to steal us away and use us in some sick way?"


"No child. When a friend learned of this place, she called me and asked for my help to protect you and the rest of the children while the police raid this place. Now there is not much time before the raid; we must get the children together so that they are easier to protect. Will you help or not?"


Taking a few quick moments to take in what was going on she made up her mind. "Alright. There's a really big playroom downstairs with only one entrance. Would that work?"


"That will do. Now how many children are here and do you know where there are now?"


"Well, I am 12 and there are 5 who are younger than me but the rest are at least 18. The 18 year olds are totally loyal to that woman. I know for a fact that the twins Wendy and James are with that sick guy in the room right next door. They are a brother and sister who ran away from an abusive Stepfather. Terry is right across the hall and James and Todd are already downstairs in the playroom I mentioned. I think we may have a problem though; they are with some guys." She says but than takes another look at the beings before her. "But I think you can handle the guys who guard the doors like that guy."


"Mind if we borrow your shadow?"




"Very simple, my little lady, it is not polite to invade one's shadow without its owner's permission."


"What about with him?"


"With him I had no other choice. When I had heard they were going to have you killed for wanting to leave I was impolite this time and tagged along without his permission."


"That's cool. When you enter my shadow it isn't going to hurt or feel strange, is it? That is, if I am going to give you permission.


"The only complaints are the ones that come from those who hurt others."


"Fair enough. Ok, you have my permission to use my shadow to help the others on one condition."


"And that would be my lady?"


"You tell me more about the shadow realm later. Deal?"


"As you say Deal." He says as he and his daughter enter her shadow.  When they first enter her shadow Lacee feels nothing than a deep feeling of protection come over her. With that feeling came a little more courage. With her new courage Lacee walks out the door and approaches the guard at the twins' door.


"What are you doing?" The guard demands.


"I think something happened to your friend."


"Like what?"


"This." Lady Gray says as her father's muscular blue arm comes around the man's neck into a chokehold. The man could not breathe or speak.


Once the man is out cold, Lacee enters the room and found that sick man inside of James' anus and feeling up Wendy. He always grossed her out but this made her stomach turn worse than ever. But from the menacing growl that came from The Shadow King she knew that it pisses him off big time. The Shadow King stalks past the young girl before him and grabs the man and pulls him out of James. The man becomes part of the wall across the room. At the sight of a giant Blue horned monster, the children start to scream. Lady Gray closes the door and with a calming voice spoke to them.


"It's ok little ones, he and I are here to protect you we will not hurt you."


"James, Wendy, you can believe them. They saved me from being killed by that jerk of a bodyguard, Lance. Listen, the police are going to raid this place and these people are here to protect us from the Boss Lady and her goons until the police arrest them. So come on." Lacee tells them. Accepting what she said as truth, James and Wendy get up and with Lady Gray's and Lacee's help, they get dressed while the Shadow King keeps watch out the window in the door. All the while the twins kept one eye on the horned Blue guy.


"Where is the guard for the other room?"


"Mike… oh he likes to watch. So he's in the room with them." Lacee replies.


"And Raiden called my realm uncivilized. I would never allow such a place like this to exist." He hissed.


"What do you mean you would never allow? What are you, some kind of King or something?" Lacee asked.


"Yes, that is what I am called in my realm. But to understand what I truly am... Think along the lines of the old gods from your Greek mythology. But in your realm here I am not as quite as strong." He informs her.


"Whoa. You're joking? You're a god?" Lacee asked.


"Here no. In the Shadow realm yes. I know you have more questions but now is not the time. I promise you I will answer your questions afterwards, but you must keep what I tell you to yourselves, Little Lady." He answers her with a father's patience.


"One thing though, please stop calling me little lady." Lacee tells him.


"I do not understand why you do not wish to be called what you are?"


"My Grandfather use to call me that and I hate him for causing my life to come to this. So just call me Lacee." Lacee angrily answers.


"As you wish, Lacee." He says with a slight bow to her.


"You have taken the first steps to make your life better. If you wish there will be a friend of mine here in a couple of days who can help you work through what has happened to you... I will do what I can. And that goes for the rest of you." Lady Gray reassured her.


"We'll think about it." Lacee answers for herself and the others.


"Remind me to change my phone number as soon as possible." Lady Gray tells her father.


"You will do no such thing. Because if she needed you she'd yell into her shadow like last time, and many of my servants still haven't gotten their hearing back yet."


"I was joking dad."


"I wasn't." He replied with a big grin on his face.


"You've been hanging around her too much." Lady Grey moaned.


"Now Lacee' we will need you help again."


"No Problem. What do you need?"


"My daughter will remain with your friends while you and I make a trip next door."


"Cool I never liked Mike, he is even worse than Lance."


The Shadow King slipped into Lacee's shadow as she made her way to the door.


"COOL." The twins said as the watched in amazement.


Just as Lacee' silently opens the door, she can hear Terry's muffled cries of pain. Carefully letting herself in Lacee' quietly makes her way into the room. She immediately spots Mike drooling as he watches some fat guy that she didn't recognize accosting a young girl.


"STOP IT! LEAVE HER ALONE!" She screamed at them as Mike went in to help the man reposition Terry so he could enter from behind.


"Well looking here Vicky has sent me another." The old fat man on the bed snickers.


"Bring her here and you can have this one." He tells the bodyguard.


"I would not do that if I were you." Lacee' said.


"You're not me you little bitch. Don't even think about running." Mike hisses.

At his last words the door behind her slams shut. "Hadn't planned on running but you might start." Lacee sneers at him as the blackness from her shadow starts growing and begins to engulfs the room. The men start screaming and run against the far wall away from the two girls. Lacee' makes her way to her friend Terry and covers her up when she reachs her.


"Oh my god we're going to die!!!" Terry cried into Lacee's shoulder.

"No everything is going to be alright for first time in a long time. I promise." Lacee' whispered into her friends as the blackness continues to grow.


"Son, your Bitch of a Boss assured me this place was safe even from those fucking Knights. I barely got away when they took out the last place I sought entertainment from." The old man demanded.


"Listen Dad, if it wasn’t for someone getting off a lucky shot and killing the bastard you wouldn't have gotten away. Plus I heard that he came back to life and finished off who ever remained behind. I don't think whatever this thing is will die by a gun." Mike says.


"So the Knights missed you. They will be glad to see your skeletal remains." The Shadow King pronounces as the darkness engulfed them.


"It's a good thing the Boss lady had all these rooms soundproofed or else you would have more of them to deal with." Lacee' remarks as the Shadow King withdrew the darkness from the room. "Uh what happened to them?" She asks as she looked around the room for the men.


"Trust me you do not want to know but my daughter is also sending the other men to the same place." He says as he finds some clothes and gives them to Lacee' for Terry.


"I can believe that."


Once Terry is dressed they met the others in the hall and proceed to quietly make their way down to the back stairs to the basement. The short trip goes by without any problems. Once the group reaches the basement The Shadow King silently subdues the two guards and sends them and their clients into his realm to await his full wrath.


"I'll let him know that everything is going as planned." Lady Grey informs her father as she enters the darkness of her own shadow.


Almost as soon as she left most of the children became very fearful of him. Sensing their discomfort he mumbled something into his own shadow and out jumped the strangest creature any of them had seen.


"Hey yeah all. I am the Wiggler." The gremlin-like creature introduces himself and wiggles around, causing his many bells to jiggle on his multicolored out-fit. This makes the children giggle. He continues his dance, jumping on the wall and singing an old Danny Kaye song.


Upstairs U.S. had just finished disarming the main security he had found in Vicky's office when he hears the clicking of high heals on the wood floors coming towards the office door. Figuring it had to be Vicky he jumps over the desk and lands on the sofa.


"I was wondering what was taking you so long." U.S. says with a charming smile on his face.


"Just what are you doing in my private office?" She demands.


"Thought you might like to finish searching me." U.S. seductively replies.


"Are you saying that you didn't find anything you like out there?" She says as she lies across his body and resumes her search.


"I am not into girls I prefer women." He replies as he gently places his hands on her ass and gives it a little squeeze.


At his boldness Vicky licks her lips then begins kissing him. U.S. was starting to enjoy his little assignment when a female voice inside his head says. "As much as I hate interrupting a good voyeuristic episode but you can let the troops know its time to hit the place."


"Damn! Hold that thought. I have to take something." U.S. says as he gets up and goes into the bathroom. While in the bathroom U.S. radio the teams. When he comes out he finds that Vicky has made herself more comfortable by removing all of her clothes.


"Don't blow it. I am heading back to help with the kids." Lady Grey says as her voice fades. U.S. then walks over to Vicky and resumes what they had started before he had to leave but with one difference he lays on her.




Outside Mephisto's Brothel
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 21:29 Local


"Sheriff's team, deploy; you are go! I repeat, you are go! The rest move out in five!" Parker's voice shouted through the officer's headsets.


The 6 Sheriff's officers in pairs slipped out of their hiding place quickly heading for the surrounding houses making sure not to be noticed by the guards.


"Blue House secure!" The first team reported in to Parker.


"White House secure!" The second team reported in.


"Come on. Come on." Parker whispered as he watched the time tick closer and closer to the go mark.


"Why hasn't the third team reported in yet?" Forbs asked.


"One hint, smart ass from the briefing." Bubba said which caused the Chief to groan.


"We hit it on schedule no matter what." Forbs said as he checks his shot gun that was loaded with beanbags. "Just pray they make it on time.


At the green house next the Brothel the two Deputies were having trouble convincing an elderly man with two grand kids visiting to let them in.


"Listen sir we got to get you and your grand kids to safety before the police hit the house next door." Jessie Turner the smart ass from the briefing told the man.


"Why in tarnation would you arrest anyone in there? Vicky is a god fearing woman who loves and protects those kids." Walter Wahl retorted. "Now just leave here."


"Sorry Sir. But we are under orders to get you and everyone in the house to safety." Deputy Ralph McNab explains.


"Times up People we have a GO! I repeat we have a GO!" Parker’s voice screams out over the headset of the men.


"Shit! No time to be polite. With in seconds they'll start firing." Jessie said as he pushed his way in. "McNab grab the kids and kiss the kitchen floor!"


McNab grabs both kids in his arms and heads for the kitchen in the back. The kids just stare at the Deputy in wonderment. While he grabs the large refrigerator and easily pulls it out and places it in front of the backdoor that had a window in it.


"Ok, kids you need to get down and stay down." McNab explains. "The police are going to hit the house next door and in case there is trouble you need to stay down. I won’t leave you I'll stay right here."


The two girls look at each other than back at the officer and do as he says in the far corner he placed them in. McNab places himself between the girls and any possible harm in a crouch position. While in the living room Jessie continued to try and convince Walter to go to the kitchen with his grand kids when the first shoots rang out against the Police. The guards who were aiming blindly because of the tear gas got off the wild shots. The children Ralph was protecting started to scream so he hugged them close to him. One of the shots pieced through the blackness of the night hit Jessie in the shoulder. Ignoring the immediate pain echoing through his body Jessie knocked the old man to the ground and covered him with his body.


"Stay down!" Jessie ordered.


"I plan to now." The Mr. Wahl replied. "You were shot. But from what I saw you should be alright."


"Why are you some kind of doc?" Jessie asks.


"Used to be back in Nam. By the way nice reaction time for kid your age."


"Thanks." Jessie hissed out against the pain.


"Is this the first time you've been shot?" Walter asks.


"Yeah. It hurts like Hell."


"Don't pass out on me. I saw you hit your head when we went down. Keep talking. Hmmm. Say who planned this? It sure wasn't that new Chief Forbs and Gillespie never done anything like this before." Walter replies as he tries to keep the young boy from falling into sleep.


"It was that new Chief of Detectives. I hate it when she's right. She said they might get off a few shots and she didn't want any innocent bystanders getting shot in their own homes. I guess this is what I get for being a smart ass during briefing." Jessie explains.




Outside Mephisto's Brothel
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 21:34 Local


"Times up People we have a GO! I repeat we have a GO!" Parkers voice screams out over the headset of every officer listening.


The Sparta police officers deploy out of the eighteen-wheeler drawing their guns. The two guards seeing the unusual movement from the truck start to raise their weapons but the first line of officers shot tear gas at them causing them to miss any shots they would have had. Fighting the blindness the guards fired wildly hoping they'll hit a cop. Within a few minutes the officers subdued the guards. Because of their fast actions the officers were able to enter the house with out having to blow anything up. Creed team headed for the downstairs while the other teams dealt with the clients and others on the main floor.

Vicky was starting to undo U.S.'s pants when she heard the gunfire and her guards yells Cops.


"It's not possible my security system should have warned us the moment they got within range." Vicky says as she got out from under U.S. and checks her system. "You!!!" She screams at U.S. out of anger than raises her hand and says a few words in an ancient language than thrusts out her hand and sends him flying out of the room.


U.S. crashes against the wall of the hall and hears a bang of a steel door being shut in front of him.


"Man, are you alright?" Parker asks U.S. as he helps him up.


"Yeah that lady packs quite a kick." U.S. lies.


"Shit you mean she's in there?" Parker says.


"Yup." U.S. replies with a knowing grin.


"Why do I suddenly feel very sorry for her?" Parker says as he thinks about what JD will do to her once she enters the room via Vicky's secret escape route.


"Because I feel for anyone on the receiving end of JD's anger." U.S. answers for him.


"We better get in there and save her." Parker says and U.S. agrees with a nod.


At that moment Bubba walks up with half a pound of C-4 and asks. "You do remember how to use this?" Handing the C-4 to Parker.


While inside the room Vicky spoke another spell and found it didn't quite work as well as it should of.


"WHAT!!! The Hell!!!! I should be fully dressed and ready to go with money in hand. But all I have on is.." Vicky started to say when a female voice finished it for her and said. 


"Undies and a T-shirt. I don't believe a walk thru your sewer escape route would be a good idea like that."


"How could you possible know about that?" Vicky dumbfounded asks.


"Simple rule of fact Bad guys always have their escape routes in sewers. Don't you watch cartoons?" JD explains as she shakes out her trench coat. "I am never going to get the smell out of it."


"I am no bad guy. God's angel is protecting me." Vicky proclaims tries to use the same spell she used on U.S. earlier only to have it fail completely.


"Two things girlie. Number one, your magic issuer Legion, a demon, is dead. Second Magic against me doesn't work." JD explains as she stalks towards her.


"No!!!!" Vicky screams and grabs for a gun under her desk. "Magic may not work against you but this will."


"Give it your best shot." JD says with an ancient evil grin that makes Vicky visibly tremble. Even with this new fear Vicky shots at the advancing woman but she seems to miss her every time.


"I can't miss at this range." Vicky says as JD is with in a foot of her and pulls the trigger one last time.


Using her years of training JD easily side steps the bullet and steps back into place after it had past. The speed at which she side stepped the bullet it appeared to the awestruck Vicky to pass thru the woman. Just as quickly JD disarmed the woman with one hand and emptied the Glock with the other, by ejecting the magazine into the air.


"It's not possible. If you have taken this place God had forsaken me." Vicky stammers as she starts to cry.


"Uh Big guy a little help here you know I can't handle a cry baby." JD says as she glances up.


"Your Heavenly father has not forsaken you, Baby." Tess says as she appears before the two women in her angelic form. "He sent these people to free you from that Demon influence."


"You mean Legion wasn't an angel? You mean I was serving evil!!" Vicky cries.


"YUP you were." JD snickers but gets a very disapproving look for Tess and than says. "I am shutting up now."


"Good idea." Tess says to her than kneels down to Vicky who was now on the floor crying. "Listen Baby your father knows what happen and sent me to let you know he still forgives you for what you did while you were under that Monsters control. But most of all He loves you and He'll never forsake you."


"He does?" Vicky heart fully asks.


"Yes he does Baby. To show his love he has sent these people not only to set you free from that demon but also to help you through what is to come." Tess explains.


"I know I still have done wrong and need to make up for it."


"Yes baby."


"What if Legion comes back?"


"He won't be." Tess and JD both inform her.


While the tear full scene is happening up above, Lady Grey, her father, and Mr. Wiggles are downstairs with the children preparing to leave.


"Why can't you stay?" Terry asks them.

"Because, many adults aren't ready to know about us, so you must not tell them about us." Lady Grey explains.


"She's right even if we did tell the adults about them they would think we're nuts." Lacee' told the rest.


"Can we see you again?" Mary the youngest of all of them asks the Shadow King.


"Just speak into your shadows and we will hear." He says as the trio disappears into their own shadows as they hear the approaching officers.


The officers enter the room to find the children sitting quietly in a circle staring at a blank wall. Forbs just shook his head and ordered his men inside to stay with the kids. He was about to head up stairs when he heard a loud explosion, which startled everyone.

Upstairs sensing something was about to happen JD grabs Vicky and jumps over the desk just in time when the door blew off its hinges. Three smut covered men make their way into the room, two with guns drawn.


"Can't I leave you people alone for five minutes?" JD says as she helps Vicky up off the floor. Then they both look at the men and start laughing because Bubba's hat is blown to pieces and Parkers was smoking.




Outside Mephisto's Brothel
Sparta, Mississippi
May 26, 1996 - 22:00 Local


"Looks like you did it again." Forbs tells JD as he observes the scene before him as she helps someone hand cuff Vicky into a squad car.


"Now what is that suppose to mean?"


"Oh just that you not only busted the biggest horror house in Sparta but you managed to arrest over half the town and get one officer shot. Plus you somehow managed to get Victoria aka Vicky to surrender without killing her." Forbs begins.


"Hey at least the place is still standing." JD replies with a smile that suddenly turns into a strange when she hears the crack of thunder and sees Lightning hit the house that everyone had just been cleared out of.


"You were saying." Forbs says as he watching the house burn down.


"You have a very warped sense of humor." JD yells up to the heavens.



Chapter 4: The Downfall of the Insane Best
In English Riggs Gets his Ass Kicked


Doctor's Lounge at Community General
Los Angles Ca.
2:20 AM
October 2, 1998 Wandererverse


"And ever since then she and Bubba have been teamed up." Parker laughed.


"Oh, god. How did you survive?" Riggs teased Bubba.


"She’s worse than you." Murtaugh tells his partner.


"Now wait a minute. It took an act of God to destroy that place. I would have used the C-4 Parker had." Riggs replied with a laugh causing his partner to agree.


"Actually after she got Katie JD seemed to quiet down. Well at least in the beginning." Forb reveals.


"I am surprised that Social Health Services didn’t object to a single female police office getting custody of Katie? I mean I went  threw quite a lot when I adopted Dijon." Amanda states.


"Well at first there was some concern about it but with in two days JD had a live in maid. I believe her name was R.W. Blackwell. I think what impressed the courts and Social Services were that R.W. was a retired child psychologist. Miss Blackwell lived with JD and Katie till a year ago. JD, R.W. and Katie also helped the kids at the Mephicso by setting up a second chance home for them with R.W. as the child psychologist. Katie donated her old home for the second chance home. Plus Lacee’, a girl from the Mephicso, is helping even now to run it even though she did move in with her grandmother." Parker states.


"Oh, my god you don’t mean the R.W. Blackwell? She is the leading child- psychologist from Yale and Boston College. I mean she is the most sought after PhD’s in child psychologist in the country. I had heard she had dropped out of sight for a couple of years and came back stronger than ever to win several awards for her treatment in dealing with child hood traumas. Also the author of four awarding winning books on the subject." Amanda managed to get out after she almost spit out her coffee.


"That would be her." Forbs answered with a smile.


"How in the world did JD get her to come and be a maid?"


"I asked R.W. that same question." Forbs said.


"What did she say?" Amanda demanded


"JD threatened to tell the world her full name if she didn’t." Hampton said with a lopsided grin.


"You’re kidding?" Amanda gasped.


"So do you think that Kenneth Jackson was one of the men that attacked Katie?" Mark asked changing the subject back to the case.


"Actually there were two men that escaped with helped from someone." Parker said as he started to refill everyone's coffee cup then suggested. "Maybe one of us should go and see if he is one of them."


"That will be really hard to do." Jessie said. "Whatever attacked them went for the face and neck. It seems as though the rest of the body was an after thought."


"We’ll just have to wait until their finger prints come back." Forbs responded.


Beep Beep Beep Beep


"That’s me." Jessie commented as he looked at his beeper. "Damn..."


"What is it Jessie." Amanda asked.


"It's seems that JD's intruders just coded." Jessie said as he headed out the door.


"Both?!" They all responded.


"I'll go with you." Amanda said as she got up and headed for the door.


"Since when did you become a doctor?" Riggs commented when Steve got up and started for the door.


"Just thought I'd go and check on JD and Katie." He replied.


Bubba at that point got up to follow him.


"They've got it bad." Riggs whispered to his partner who just smiled in agreement.


"That's putting it mildly." Parker said.


Chief Forbs and Mark Sloan just nodded.


"JD must have taken it easy on you if she did that to Katie’s ex-step father." Murtaugh said to his partner.

"Hey she may be good with swords but I still can beat her in hand to hand." Riggs said in his own defense. Which got him the same look from every officer in the room that said


"Yeah right."


"Ok what did JD do to you?" Parker asked.


"That is a whole other story." Riggs laughed. "You see there was a Career Day and being the most famous of the.. "


"Nice try but you lost a bet and ended up "accidentally" getting your ass kicked by JD Heart in front of the entire Lincoln Memorial high school." Murtaugh corrected with a laugh.




Lincoln Memorial High School
Los Angles Ca.
10:40 AM
August 5, 1998 Wandererverse


The Lincoln Memorial High School’s Gymnasium had booths from the LAPD but also the Los Angeles Fire Department, Los Angeles County Lifeguards, and Community General.  Dr. Mark Sloan stood answering the question from the highly enthusiastic high school students.


"Doctor Sloan what courses would you recommend for a freshman like myself to take to get ahead in the medical field?" A young girl quietly asked.


"Well first your best thing to do is to volunteer in a medical clinic or a local hospital to make sure it is the type of career that is best suited for you." Mark replied to her with a hand on the young girl’s shoulder and smiled.


"Volunteers don’t get paid?" A girl with short blonde hair replied than added. "As if."


"Sometimes volunteering is the best way to find the career that best suits you plus it gives valuable experience for what ever career you choose with it be Doctor, Fireman, or Policeman."


"Or even a lawyer." Said a man who had come from the Wolfran and Hart Booth to the large crowd of young people gathering around Mark. "You see volunteering can lead to a high paying part time job with in a few months at such firms like Wolfran and Hart. If you would like to hear more come on over." He continued and started to lead the young girl towards his booth.


The young girl’s face showed that she might be interested in the money but she was reluctant to leave Doctor Sloan. A young brunette girl at seeing the girl’s predicament decides to help so she drags a slightly older sandy blonde hair woman with her and stepped in front of them and said.


"Hey Jessica, isn’t that Doctor Sloan the Chief whatever of Community General you couldn’t stop talking about when we first met earlier?"


"Huh, yeah he is, Katie." Jessica quietly comments glancing down at the ground.


"Well introduce me to him." Katie demanded as she dragged both Jessica and the slightly taller girl with her back towards Mark Sloan.


A big smile beamed across Jessica’s face she as approaches Mark again and the smile was returned in warmth.


"I was going tell you that Community General does have one of the best Volunteer programs that most Medical School think highly of." Mark heart fully said to the returning girl. "I can get you and these nice young ladies in by next week if you like."


"Ok Jessica just what have you volunteered me for." Katie replied with a smile at the young girl who just blushed.


"Well young lady.." Mark began.


"It’s Katie and this is..." Katie beamed.


"J." The other girl replied.


"I can get all three of you in by next week if you like." Mark replied with a smile.


"Sorry, Doc you just get these two, I’ve got another profession in mind." J replied as she eyed the nice looking man wearing a black turtle neck and black jeans with a gray suit jacket in the tuck of his arm, who walked up behind Mark.


"Hey Dad. You ready?" Steve Sloan asked his father.


"Not quite I was just signing these young ladies up for the Volunteer programs at Community General." Mark explained to his son.


"Figures you would wrangle up three more."


"Actually I was thinking of the same profession as you. Detective." J informed him as she tapped his shield clipped to his pants.


"Actually I do believe that Officer Riggs is giving a hand to hand Demo." Detective Steve Sloan replies as he looks into her eyes. A strong feeling of some how knowing her causes him to ask. "Have we met before?"


"Not in this life time, maybe in a past." J states than in the blink of an eye she was facing the same man who had tried to lead Jessica to the Wolfran and Hart’s booth.


"Something you want?" She asked in a warning voice that made the hairs on the back of the man’s neck stand up in fright.


"I just wanted to see if you young people wanted to volunteer at the law firm of Wolfran and Hart. We do pay quite well within a few weeks." He nervously replied.


"Is there a problem?" A policeman J had notice earlier demonstrating some martial arts moves, replies.


"No problem office I was just letting the young people know that Wolfran and Hart’s volunteer’s are usually put on salary with in a few weeks." The Man replied as he recognized Detective Riggs from the numerous pictures of him and his partners in the papers.


"I am sure the program Doctor Sloan has will keep Jessica and Katie so busy they will barely have enough time for sleep and school work." She informed the man with a cold stare that sent him back to his booth.


"I am glad that you and Katie showed up. The money he was offering sounded good but I would really love the idea of saving lives."


"Not a problem." Katie smiled back.


"So Sloan I heard you got saddled with the new baby on the block." Riggs jeers the younger of the two Sloan’s.


"What do mean Riggs?" Steve Sloan asks.


"Well from what I’ve heard you got saddle with the new gal from that hick town out some-where in Mississippi." Riggs started to explain.


"Oh no." Katie whispers when she sees the twist little smile on her mothers face.


"Why do I suddenly feel sorry him?" Jessica says to Katie referring to Riggs.


"You’ll see why." Katie replies.


"Officer Riggs, I saw you doing that Kung Fu stuff and was wondering if you could show us something a girl could use to protect herself from an attacker." JD says in her best airhead blonde voice.


"Just what would you like to know?" Riggs asks as he escorts the young girls to the mats he used earlier for his demonstration.


"So I take it you found out who your new partner is Son?" Mark asks Steve as they follow the group to the demonstration mats.


"Yeah as you heard that is a young female who was the first women Chief of Detectives of a small town called Sparta." Steve says than asks. "Why are we following them?"


"Because I am afraid someone is going to get hurt." Marks answers.


"Riggs may be a loose canon, Dad, but he’d never hurt a kid." Steve replies.


"I just said someone might get hurt I didn’t say who." Mark replies with strange grin on his face.


"Well it seems that a friend of mine was attacked not too long ago." JD continued as she took off her tennis shoes and than removed her short coat.


"Do you know how your friend was attacked?" Riggs asks as he comes up next to her.


"Well I think he grabbed her from behind."


"Like this." Riggs said grabs JD around the neck from behind.


"HMMMMMM…." JD says as she puts her hand to her chin to give the impression that sure wasn’t sure. Than she turns with her elbow up and said "I don’t know." The elbow made its mark directly in Riggs' right eye.


"Ohhh.." Riggs groaned in pain as reached for his eye.


"Oh geez I am so sorry." JD said as she turned on her heal and in the same motion she brought up her knee into his groin.


"Don’t worry she won't kill him." Katie whispered to Jessica who watching the whole scene through opened fingers that covered her face.


"Boy, is she a klutz." Jessica replied back as she watched J bent over to help officer Riggs but then saw her nail him in the kidney with an elbow.


"My mom isn’t a klutz she’s just teaching him a lesson."


"Your mom? She can’t be more than 18." Jessica replied with a look of shock at Katie.


"As my mom would say she’s a whole heck of a lot older than she looks." Katie said with a smile than winced in sympathetics pain for Riggs as she watched her Mother accidentally step on Riggs’s hand with the heal of her foot.


"Oh I am sorry officer." JD continued as she continues to hurt him in various accidental looking ways for the next five minutes.


"AAHH J you promised to treat for lunch. Why don’t we go?" Katie said to help Riggs out. "Can Jessica come to?


"Sure." JD says as she leaves the very sore Riggs on the mat. As Dr. Mark Sloan goes by her she whispers to him. "Don’t worry, I didn’t break anything except his pride."


Mark for just a few moments stared blankly at the back of the young women and then snickered. Mark then went to attend to Riggs.


"One thing for sure I don’t want to be her attacker." Murtaugh laughs at his partner who was still groaning from the pain the woman inflicted him.




Doctor's Lounge at Community General
Los Angles Ca.
2:40 AM
October 2, 1998 Wandererverse


The laughter from the men in the lounge flooded out into the hall startling some of the nurses. The laughter was getting so loud that the head nurse went down to the lounge and shushed the men in the room.


"OOOOOHHHH. And we thought it was bad when JD met Bubba." Parker laughed just a little quieter after being shushed by the nurse.


"JD was right when she told me that Riggs didn’t have any broken bones." Mark giggled.


"He was covered in black in blue bruises.


"Now wait a minute that was all just an accident, she didn’t really kick my ass." Riggs chimed in.


"Just keep telling yourself that. But remember when you met her the next day at the office." Murtaugh replied.


"What happened?" Forbs managed to get out between laughs.


"Oh my good partner here had to go to work with his arm in a sling and one hell of a shiner on his right eye." Murtaugh laughed.


"I’d still like to know how the entire precinct knew what happened." Riggs said in accusing tone towards his partner.


"Well any ways when we finally managed to get into the office JD was there." Murtaugh explained.




LAPD Headquarters
Los Angles Ca.
9:20 AM
August 6, 1998 Wandererverse


"How the hell did they know?" Riggs mutters to his Partner as they walk through the door with laughter following them.


"I don’t know." Detective Murtaugh laughs.


"You know that is a very good question. I had one hell of a time getting in here myself." A female voice chimed.


Both men look in disbelief at the blonde woman who was leaning against Riggs’s desk. The woman then walked up to them and stuck out her right hand and said.


"Hi I am JD Heart the former Chief of Detectives from Sparta."


"HOW?" Both Detectives asked.


"Simple boys, one of the two girls who were with me yesterday is my daughter." JD started to say when a large man broke free from the two officers who were escorting him to a cell.


"NO I WONT! NO I WON’T! NO I WON’T! NO I WON’T! NO I WON’T!" The giant of a man bellowed as he threw one of the patrolmen across the room.


JD stayed in her spot watching as the scene unfolds, while most of the precinct including Riggs and Murtaugh went to try and put the guy down. She even ducked a few times when a body flew over her head. When one of the Rookies, the giant broke free from, drew his gun to fire at the giant with multi-colored hair, JD removed the gun from his finger before he could pull the trigger.


"Huh?" Patrolman Roberts stuttered as he finally realized that he was firing empty air. He looks at his empty hand than hears a female voice saying "TST TST. That’s not playing fair." Roberts turned to see a blonde woman take a part his weapon in less than 5 seconds.

"Rookies never learn." JD states as she hands the disassembled pieces of the weapon back to the officer.


"Well how do we take him down?" Officer Roberts finally manages to ask the woman.


"What was said or done just before he started this?" JD asks.


"Well amm.."


"Ok easier question why is he here?"


"We arrested him for attacking a club owner."


"Next question, why did he attack the club owner?"


"He gave us some bull about the owner dealing in Rohypnol." Officer Roberts answers once he notices the badge on her hip.


"Did you look into the matter?" She bluntly asks.


"Well… We.. I mean my partner and I know the owner and he would never be involved in such a thing." The officer squirmed under her gaze.


"I take it you go to this club? What’s the owner’s favorite color?" JD asks.




"Simple if you know the owner what’s his favorite color?"


"Well um.."


"So you don’t really know the guy so you should have looked into it." JD states than she notices Detective Riggs slide across the floor next to her tell Riggs. "A little late to polish your personality."


"Well than why don’t you do something?" He yells back.


"I am. So he was fine until you got him here so what set him off now?" JD asks Roberts.


"Well we were going to put him a cell and that is when he went nuts." Roberts answered.


"Bingo!" Was all JD said before she took off at a dead run towards the Giant. Once she gets with in range she drops to the floor into a slide. As JD is a bout to course under the large man’s legs she kicks her right leg up. Her foot connects with the man’s groin as she’s going under but before the impact can stop her slide she brings her foot back down. Her feet stop her at the wall directly behind the Giant.  Once stopped JD bounces up onto the back of the Giant and wraps one arm around his neck and says. "Hey there."


"Get off me! I won’t!"


"You won't what? Go into a small cell that makes you feel like the world in closing in on you." JD says as she tightens her grip around his throat.


"I said get of me, you Bitch!" The giant roars than throws himself back against the wall behind him trying to crush the psycho on his back.


"Now listen up, pup. I know that the THIHEHKEN IEK of a rookie cop didn’t listen to you. But I listening and I am willing to look into what that Club owner's up to." JD states.


"Who are you?" He asks as he wonders why he can’t feel her body crushed behind him.


"My name is Detective JD Heart and I am the woman walking on the ceiling trying to talk to you. And you are a Giant of a man who is scared of small places but your size only reveals that you also have a big heart." JD bluntly states.


Jolted out of his fear frenzy by the sight of a blonde woman standing on the ceiling with her arm still wrapped around his neck he asks. "How are you doing that?"


"Simple practice." JD replies.


"Listen I ant going into a small cell."


"Fine you calm down and play nice I make sure you get put in the exercise room." JD offers the man.


"Alright but what you said about looking into that bastard selling the date rape drug will you?" He asks as he moves forward to allow her to walk back down the wall she walked up to avoid being crushed.


"You have my word."




"Ok, first lets have a seat and you tell me why think it is this… What’s the guy’s name?"

JD starts as she jumps down from his back and heads for the closest desk.




Doctor's Lounge at Community General
Los Angles Ca.
3:00 AM
October 2, 1998 Wandererverse


"And JD kept her word to me." A large man with mutli-colored hair says from the doorway of the lounge. "In doing so she and Detective Sloan were able to nail that serial rapist and his supplier of that shit."


"John James it’s good to see you again." Murtaugh says as he gets up and greets him.


"Gents I’d like you to meet John James. He works down at Jammers. These gents worked with JD back in Sparta. This here is Parker Williams and this is Chief Hampton Forbs.

"Nice to meet you but I have to find JD."


"Why?" Riggs asks


"I heard about someone going after her daughter at the club before it happened. When I got to JD’s place I saw what happened but I found out that there were only two guys who got caught." John explains.


"You mean there was more?" Parker asks.


"Yeah at least one."


"Why do I get a bad feeling that the one to survive has to be Kenneth Jackson." Parker moaned.


"Because it’s just JD’s luck to be so." Chief Forbs states.


"I’ll get a guard on Katie’s door." Riggs announces as he pulls out his cell phone.


"I’ll take first watch." John James declares.


"Actually I got a better idea for you." Murtaugh says. "Go back down to Jammers and get some more information. Like maybe if he’s sick, where he might be. Because if he had any contact with what ever attacked his guys I'm sure he’s going to be looking for a doctor."


"I see and you want me to check into things before JD finds out." John says with a knowing grin. "Jammers is closed right now but I know of a few places I can get into where you guys can’t."


"Good just don’t do any thing stupid. Call us for back up if you find anything, especially if you hear where the guy is DON’T tell JD." Murtaugh says.


"It would not be a good idea at this time because her daughter just got hurt and she doesn’t need this shit happening again. Plus can you imagine what she’d do to him if she got a hold of him?" Forbs says with a shiver running up his spine at the thought of it. "Parker and I will take first watch any ways we don’t have a place to stay yet."


"You got it." John James replies as he heads out the door.

"Hey there’s a safe house not to far from my house. It’s not currently being used so you guys can stay there." Murtaugh tells them.


"Alright Chief says he’ll have a couple of guys down here in about 2 hours." Riggs announces.


"That will be fine." Forbs answers as he and Parker head out the door.




Abandon Warehouse (where else)
Los Angles Ca.
3:00 AM
October 2, 1998 Wandererverse


Rats and other vermin ran from the fish Warehouse as screams radiated from the center of it. 


"If I didn’t need you to finish the Job I would personally feed you to that IYIYOUOPTOUT Guardian Spirit pet of hers."


"Patience Leakcim. Remember JD, or as you know her Acire, has been without family for a very long time." A very abstruse voice emitted from the darkness in a far off corner.


"I still don’t see why I don’t go in and kill Acire face to face. This plan of yours is taking too long."


"I would think being sealed below the watery depths of the Atlantic Ocean for as long as you were. You would have learned patience." The voice responded. "That very idea cost me my follower, my supply of willing scarifies and 300 years of imprisonment. I will not make that mistake again."


"I don’t see how by attacking her daughter it will help to defeat her." Leakcim replies.


"Simple Acire is too powerful to take on directly. To wear her defenses down we must attack what she cares about. But this too must be done from a distance and over time or else she will figure things out. So that is where he comes in." The voice reaffirms when a beam of energy burst out at Kenneth Jackson.


"NO!!!!!" Kenneth Jackson starts to scream but then realizes the beam is healing all of his injures.


"Why are you even bothering healing him?"


"It allows me to adjust his memories of us."


"How so?"


"Simple when he is not near us he will not remember us and believe that anything we come up with he came up with.  I will able to observer anything that happens to him and much more." The Observer replied with an evil tone.


"I guess that is why you were known as the Observer Tyrant." Leakcim remarked.


"If you can mess with my head that way why don’t you use your magic against that bitch?" Kenneth Jackson stupidly asks. The first answer comes in a backhand from Leakcim that leaves Kenneth with a broken nose.


"Was that really necessary?" The Observer demanded with a stern tone.


"Yes." Leakcim responded, with gleam. "Simple he have to has something broken or else someone might think he had help and come looking for the help."


"Point taken."


"I still don’t see why you don’t use magic against her." Kenneth whimpers from a distance.


"She is protected not only by the living Fangs of Mala Shai but she is a pre-Sireen." The Observer rebukes.


"So these Fang a mig gigs protect her but what is a Pre-Something or rather?" Jackson’s whimpers through a broken nose.


"A Pre-Sireen has a natural protection against any magic used against them. If she were to become a full Sireen she will be deadlier than any Sireen known. I was able to kill the one before her because she transferred her power to Acire while she was becoming immortal. So we must kill her before that happens." Leakcim replies.


"Michael Skip to me now." The Observer called out.


A dead silence filled the darkness over the hundred or so human and non-humans. None of them responsed to the name which upset the Observer a little.


"I said Michael Skip to me now!"


"Huh, Sir I am Mike Skip will I do?" A young human male in a white nurses uniform replied.


"It was you I called for in the first place." The Observer hissed.


"I am sorry your evilness only my grandmother called me Michael. I hate that self righteous interfering bitch so much I swore never to respond to Michael." Mike answered.


"I understand. I will allow it to slide this time. You work as a LPN at Community General, I wish for you to go and observe all that happens there with my enemy, her family and her friends. Use your cell phone to report anything of great importance to Leakcim. Do not make your self known." The Observer commanded the young man.


"I hear and obey my Master." Mike Skip answered and than left.


"Mark and Hans to me!" The Observer called out.


One of the undead was the first to step forward. The next to step forward was a biker type human.


"You two go with Jackson to a hideout I have arranged. Once he leaves here he will not remember any thing and he will believe you work for him. Do not let him believe otherwise but do keep him out of trouble until the time is right." The Observer commanded. Once he was finished speaking, the shadowy figure of the Observer turned towards Kenneth Jackson and blasted him with another magic beam causing him to scream for a few moments than to pass out in pain.


"We hear and obey." The two lackeys replied as one as they bent down and picked up Kenneth Jackson then left..


"Let me guess we sit and wait?" Leakcim replied.


"Yes for now."



Chapter 5
(Heavenly faces and old wounds don't go well together)


Katie's Room at Community General
Los Angles Ca.
2:25 AM
December 1, 1998 Wandererverse


Steve and Bubba walked silently until just before Katie's room when Bubba turned to Sloan and asked him one question he feared the answer to.


"Just how well have you gotten to know JD?"


"It's seems that I hardly know anything about her." Steve replied as he ignored a little tinge of jealousy that came from the thought of her and this guy being together intimately.


Just as they were about to enter the room Doctor Alex Martin approached them.

"Steve what happened to Katie? When I left she was in good spirits. "


"It seems that Katie's Ex-stepfather broke out of prison and attacked Katie."


"Damn it. If I didn't have to work I would have stayed and this wouldn't have happened." Alex states in anguish.


"What do you mean you would have stayed with her?" Bubba asked like any typical overprotective big brother would have asked.


"Take it easy big guy. Katie is a great kid and she just invited me to stay and watch a movie until her mom got back. She just wanted some human company because that crazy pet of hers was acting weird."


"Yeah, I remember JD commenting on it acting strange." Steve said as he ran his hair through his brownish blonde hair.


"Katie even had to put it into his cage when I arrived. Hey wait a minute you don't think that thing knew that maybe those guys were watching and was trying to protect her." Alex commented.


"Could be." Steve said as he made his way for the door to her room.

All three men entered the room to see JD in a chair moved as close to Katie's bed as possible and her hand intertwined with Katie's and her feet propped up on the bed.  They were both asleep. But the thing that really stuck out in Bubba and Steve's minds was that JD was crying in her sleep. As Alex approached Katie’s bed to check her vitals he noticed the same large lizard he had met earlier was perched on the window sill like it was standing guard over the two, making him just a little bit nervous. Meanwhile, Steve knowing where the extra blankets were went over and got one for JD. She stirred lightly but only to tighten her grip on Katie's hand. Unknown to the three men they were being observed by an angelic man with short blonde hair and an older looking angelic black woman. The two angels watched Alex check each monitor then, very lightly stroked Katie's swollen cheek, which was turning black and blue from where someone had struck her, very lightly.

They also watched Bubba become angry with him for not protecting Katie and this caused him to be the first to leave the room. Alex headed for the door with a backward glance at Katie before he left. Steve was the most reluctant and last to leave.

Steve finds Bubba just around the corner pulling his fist out of the poor defenseless wall.


"I think it gives up." Steve comments to a very upset Captain Bubba Skinner.


"Sorry. I just should have tried harder." Bubba replied and he brushed off his hand.


"Tried hard to what?" Steve asks.


"Nothing." Bubba answers as he slams his fist into his hand.


"Well that nothing is costing the hospital to many walls so why don’t I take you to a gym I know and you can work it out. I was planning on hitting the bag there anyways."




Community General Parking Garage
Los Angles Ca.
3:45 AM
October 2, 1998 Wandererverse


Mike Skip had just gotten out of his when he saw JD’s partner and another man stopping at a car and the other man getting a bag out of a car.


"Are you sure this Gym will be open?" Bubba asked Steve as he pulled a bag from the back of his car.


"I know the owner of the Never Say Die Gym. He’s got some late training going on. So we wont be the only ones there." Steve explained.


"Is it close by?"


"The Never Say Die Gym is only 25 minutes from here." Steve says as he starts walking towards the exit.


"Just let me grab my bag on the way out." Bubba says as he follows Sloan’s lead.

After watching the two men leave, Mike pulls out his cell phone.


"Sir.  Detective Steve Sloan and another man have just left for the Never Say Die Gym. I did hear them say there will be others working out late."


"I will let him know. Go in and keep watch."


"I hear and obey."



Katie's Room at Community General
Los Angles Ca.
2:25 AM
December 1, 1998 Wandererverse


"I'd say those three have it bad." Andrew the blonde angle said referring to the men who had just left.


"It seems that way." Tess the older angle stated as she went over to the seemly sleeping JD who immediately jumped up and pulled out her swords ready to fight whatever was present.


"Whoever’s there better show themselves because I am in no mood for games." JD threatened as she scanned the room with all her senses.


"Good morning JD." Andrew said as he made himself visible to her.


"I swear by your heavenly father you’re not taking her without a fight." JD firmly stated as she held the sword called YANG (evil) against his throat.


"Take it easy Baby. We're just here to reassure you." Tess said quietly as she appeared behind her.


"How dare you." JD hissed using the sword called YIN (Good) as a detour the other Angel. "You said she would be safe here."


"No I said she would grow past her nightmares and she did." Tess said with pride as she spoke of the courage that Katie displayed in facing the intruders.




JD and Katie's New Apartment
Suburbs of Los Angles Ca.
December 2, 1998 Wandererverse


"Mom where are you." Katie yelled through the maze of boxes.


"In the @$#@!$%$# kitchen." JD cursed back, as she was knee deep in packing peanuts and other such scraps from unpacking.


"Hehehehehehe." Katie stated laughing at her mother as she saw the most deadly woman alive waging a war against a box that just refused to be open my normal means. So JD being her normal self proceed to use the great strength at her disposal which caused an mild explosion of dishes and packing peanut to fly all over the kitchen and JD.


"Don't." JD warned her daughter who went hysteric.


"Can't...... Help...... It....." Katie managed to get out between laughs. "You are a sight."


"Oh, really." JD said while crocking her eyebrow started throw handfuls of packing peanuts at her daughter.


"You know what this means, Mom." Katie said as she glanced first at her pet iguana, that was sitting on the top of the china cabinet, then at her mother with a look of mischief in her eyes.


"WAR!!!" Both females screamed as they attacked each other with handfuls of packing peanuts and balls of rolled up packing tape that was to be disposed of. The battle continued for about 20 minutes until both of them were laughing so hard the fell to the ground.


"Mom I thought you said you could pack." Katie said as she looked at the mess before them and laughed.


"Packing yes. Now unpacking that is a different story." JD laughed back. "Why were you looking for me?"


"Oh, yeah STEVE called." Katie replied with a smile.


"Why would he be calling me? It is supposed to be my day off." JD questioned as she helped her daughter up off the floor.


"Well it seems that he's got a lead on one of your guys’ cases and it needs to be followed up immediately. But I think, he just wants to see you." Katie answered as she pulled her mother back down to the floor with a move that she had recently learned from her.

An ooops!! Sound came from and unsuspecting JD as she landed on her backside in the pile of garbage that was on the floor. Just then the front door was promptly opened and Detective Steve Sloan entered the apartment, gun in hand, to find his new partner pulling herself out of a pile of used and discarded packing items.


"Hi, Steve!" Katie beamed as her mother gave her a look saying ‘you better be joking or else’ at both her and her pet that had made its way to Katie's lap.


"I'd say that the unpacking is right on schedule?" Steve commented with a lopsided grin as JD turned towards him and as he holstered his gun.


"Nah what ever gave you that idea?" She sarcastically replied as she walked over to him and proceeded to throw a hand full of the trash into his face, but most of which landed in his blonde hair.


"BWahhahahahaha!" Katie laughed out loud at them than said to her pet. "We better get out of here before World War 3 breaks loose."


"Actually Katie you and that pest of yours get to clean this mess up."


"What!! That's not fair." Katie said as she came in front of her mother and her hopefully soon to be father.


"Yeah, well I have to go with spoil sport here. So that leaves you two to deal with this mess."


"I beginning to think she planned this." Katie told her pet, now sitting on her shoulder with a strange look of humor on its face. "Hey what about that home cook dinner you promised?


"Sorry sweetie you'll just have to order out."


"HMMM... Missing out on mom's cooking is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Katie questioned the air as she brought her palm up to her face and made a gesture as though she was contemplating one of the greatest decisions of her life. Which got a ball of discarded tape thrown at her by her mother, but was block by Katie’s pet's tail. Then the cold-blooded lizard promptly hissed at JD.


"What on Earth is wrong with Gojira lately." JD demanded.


"What is Gojira?" Steve asked.


"Gojira is my pet." Katie answered as she stroked it underneath its mouth.


"Where did you come up with Gojira?"


"It's Japanese." JD answered.


"What does it mean?" Steve asked not knowing whether he really wanted an answer.


"Godzilla!" Both Katie and JD said with a smile. Steve just groaned at its name while the females laughed.


"Well partner, what brings you here?"


"It seems that we might have a witness to the James murder but there is a slight problem."


"What?" JD asked as she helped to put some of the garbage into bags.


"The witness only speaks Hindi." He said as he started to help with mess before him.

"Not a problem, give me twenty minutes to grab a shower and change and we find out what he knows." JD said as she started to make her way to her bedroom.


"You know Hindi?" Steve asked in disbelief.


"Duh. Don't you?" Katie commented for her mother.


While JD was getting changed Steve and Katie did their best to clean up the kitchen.


"So do you like BBQ?" He asked Katie.


"Sure do. Why, you know a good place that delivers?" Katie answered.


"I have some connections." Steve said as he pulled out his cell phone and called the restaurant he co-owned with his father and his friend Jessie Travis.


"Cool, I'll take a family pack of whatever they got."


"You can’t eat it all by yourself?"


"You’re right.   Knowing my mom she'll be hungry when she gets back."


"BBQ Bob's can I help you?" A male answered


"Yeah Alex, are you getting off in a little while?" Steve asked.


"Yes I was going to go home and get some rest before I head to Community General for the late shift." Alex answered.


"I need you to do me a favor."


"Sure what is it?"


"Bring whatever is left from that Banquet we had earlier to 8988 Faurs Ave. for me. My partner’s daughter Katie will be waiting for it."


"Sure but that is a lot of stuff. "


"I don't think it will go to waste." Steve said as he opened the refrigerator to see only 2 cases of Diet Dr. Pepper.


"What don't you think will go to waste?" JD asked as came into the kitchen as she was putting her trench coat on.


"Steve knows a BBQ place that delivers." Katie beamed.


"Hope you ordered enough for me when I get home." JD said as she reached under Steve and grabbed two sodas. "Want one?" She than asked him as she tossed one to Katie who caught it with ease.


"Diet, no thank you." Steve answered in disgust as he hung up the phone.


"Men." Was the response from both females as they opened their sodas.


"So how much do I need to leave for Katie to pay the guy?" JD asked just before she took a drink of her soda.


"Just a good sized tip, Alex is working his way through Med school." Steve answered.


"What about the food?" JD asked becoming suspicious of her partner.


"Don't worry. There was supposed to be a big banquet at Bob's but it wasn't even half as big as they hand planned and since the food was already paid for, I figured it was better to give it to you and Katie than to let it go to waste." He said in defense.


"What's Bob's?" Katie asked.


"It's a BBQ restaurant I co-own with my dad and Jessie." Steve answered.


"Fine, after this Alex kid leaves make sure to set the alarm." JD said as she gave her daughter a hug and a fifty then headed for the door.


"No problem, mom." Katie said as she watched them leave than she set the alarm that was by the door.


A short while later Alex arrived with an armful of an assorted variety of BBQ ribs, steaks, and roast. When he bent down to ring the bell he lost one of the bags of food. As he was picking it up the door opened and he faced a very large hissing lizard.

"Oooh... Sorry... You must be Alex." Katie said as she pulled the thing in, out of Alex’s face.


"Uhh... Yeah." He said as he watches her very easily manhandle the two and half foot long lizard without the slightest hesitation or fear of being bitten by it.


"Don't know what’s up with you, but your going back in your cage while Alex is here Gojira." She stated firmly to the lizard that's only response was to use its tongue to tickle her nose. "Sorry buster but buttering me up won’t work."


"If I didn't know better I say Godzilla there understood you." Alex said as he tried to keep from dropping the rest of the stuff on the ground.


"Sorry... Come in and put that stuff in the kitchen while I put him in his cage." Katie said as she opened the door wider for Alex to enter.




When Katie came back into the kitchen she found that he had taken off his hooded sweat jacket and she thought to herself.  "Damn he is fine. He looks like a younger version of Steve. Hold that thought girl remember you’re still kind of seeing Anthony. But still there is no harm in looking."


"Hey listen why don't you start putting this stuff away and I'll get the rest from the car." He suggested.


"On one condition, you stay and eat a little." Katie said with pleading eyes that always worked on her mother and she hope it would work on him.

Alex took one look into her grayish blue eyes and couldn’t help himself but say "Only for just a little while."


"Cool. Oh by the way, how did you know that Gojira name meant Godzilla? Steve sure didn’t." She asked.


"I love the Japanese Godzilla movies. When my dad was alive we use to watch them all the time." He said as he came back into the apartment with another armful of bags from BBQ Bob's.


"I love them too, in fact I have everyone that was made with and without the subtitles." Katie said. "Want to stay and watch them until my mom comes back? I sure could use some human company until then, especially since butt over there is acting strange."


"Man.... I’d love to but I am working the late shift at Community General or else I'd take you up on that offer. Maybe another time." He answered.


"I'll hold you to that." She said and she got out a couple of plates and handed one to him to dish up the stuff he had brought with him. "Until then let's eat. I’m starved."

For a couple of hours they ate, talked and argued just about everything ranging from which of the Godzilla's was the best, to who they thought would win in the next final four.


"Oh no. Is that clock right?" Alex asked as he caught sight of the clock on the stove in the kitchen that read 9:00 PM.


"It's about ten to fifteen minutes fast." Katie answered with a little pit of disappointment, knowing that he would be leaving and the great time they were having was coming to an end.


"Damn I am going to be late if I don't leave now." Alex commented but he really didn’t want to leave because he was having such a good time talking with Katie. Ideally he thought to himself, ‘She’s cute. Beautiful, intelligent, young... What am I thinking? She’s what? Fifteen years old? As if she’d be interested in someone as old as me.’


"Ok but when you come over to watch the movies bring the popcorn. The only thing we'll have stocked for sure is Diet Dr. Pepper." She said as she walked him to the door, praying he would come back soon for that movie.


"Sure, no problem, if you have at least a six pack of the leaded version of that stuff I'll be here." Alex said, as he got into his car and waved good-bye.


"Bye!" Katie yelled while she watched him drive away then went inside and noticed that he had left his hooded sweat jacket behind.


Katie picked it up and held it close thinking she had met another nice guy. If she didn't know better she thought he liked her, too, but then she thought that was silly because he was at least twenty years old and mom would never let her date yet, plus he more than likely had hundreds of girlfriend. But then she thought its would be nice to have him as a boyfriend. She was brought back to reality by the sound of someone knocking on the door.


"Alex you left yourrrrr.............." Katie started to say as she opened the door and then became pale as a ghost because of who greeted her.


"Daddy’s Home." The man says with a viciously evil voice as he started to enter the apartment. The next instance seemed to go by in slow motion. Katie screams at the top of her lungs. As she was screaming Katie uses the palm of her right hand to upper cut him then came down with her well-manicured fingernails in the tiger's claw move her mother had been teaching her. Then Katie slams the door shut and locked all three locks with practiced fluency.


"Okay the sadistic Son of a IEIEKRIME Beast ex-step-father who molested and raped me is outside the door. What should I do?" Katie said as she started to have a conversation with herself.


"First get a hold of yourself as Mom would say never loose you head.


"That is so funny, but I get it now."


"What would mom do?"


"Beat the Shit of him without breaking a sweat. "


"Duh." She said as she slapped her forehead


"Mom always says that there are always options."


"Okay smarty pants what are your options?" She asks herself than she hears something make a loud thud against the front door.


"Two options running or screaming again." Katie dryly states, she did both. Past her hissing pet’s cage she ran and screamed until she reach her mothers bed room and started to head for the sliding glass door to get out of the house. But she stops in time to see a creepy looking red headed guy coming into the room through the broken glass of the door.


"This is not good...Not good." Katie commented then screams again and picks up the closest thing she could use as a weapon. Her mother's 12th century Ming vase goes sailing through air to make a shattering connection with the red head’s face. Katie turns and starts to make her way back through the maze of boxes in the living room and head for her room to go through the other sliding glass door. Katie turned slightly as the thuds against the front door got louder and she distinctively heard him cussing at her to open the door or else.


"What’s he think? That I am going to listen to him now? Yeah right." Katie thinks just before she ran into the arms of another man she didn’t know.


"Now I got you girlie." The other man sneered as he comes out of her room.


Katie screams again and at the same time brings up her knee to make hard contact with the guy’s groin. He released her and went to the ground with a loud thud.


"Remind me never to complain about mom’s training teckies." Katie commented to her hissing pet.


The sound of the door giving way caused Katie to freeze in fear for just a moment. When he enters the living room with a gun drawn, Katie’s feet decide it was time to move but it was too late. The guy on the floor grabbed her left foot causing her to start falling. Then a shot rang out. Katie gripped her left arm in pain as the bullet made contact, causing it to brake. The last thing Katie saw before the blackness of unconsciousness took her was her pet franticly attacking the cage to get at the men.


"You said that this would be easy when that cop wasn’t around." The man on the floor said as he started to get up.


"Yeah you did." Said the other guy as he came out of the bedroom, still patting pieces of the Vase out of his hair.


"That bitch changed my baby!! I’ll kill her!!!" Kenneth Jackson said as he slapped Katie’s face.


The sounds of shredding metal and cracking wood caused three sets of eyes to seek out where the sound originated. The eyes came to rest upon where once was Katie’s pet in its cage.  Now was a 12-foot long Komodo dragon, hissing through shark like teeth as a very smelly green slime dripped out.


Before any of the men could react the Komodo dragon head butted the man, who had grabbed Katie in Katie’s room, with such power the vibration of him hitting the wall on the other side caused the door to slam shut. Before the guy hit the wall the Komodo dragon made a circular move and used it’s tail to send the red haired man flying over the breakfast bar into the kitchen. But before the red haired man made contact with the floor, the Komodo dragon’s tail sent Kenneth Jackson’s huge form soaring down the entry hall and out the front door.


Once the bad guys were away from Katie the Komodo dragon stared down at her for a long full minute with intelligent looking eyes. With the ut-most care it gently nudge Katie. When Katie didn’t respond, a mournful sound emitted from deep with in the creature.


A sound from the kitchen drew the Dragon’s attention. Since it could do nothing to help Katie it turned it’s anger on the ones responsible for her pain. Kenneth Jackson knew that he was not going to go back into that house. He decided the best idea was to return to his hideout and to the man who set him free.


While inside the house the Komodo dragon viciously mauled the man in the Kitchen until he was sure that he would not be able to cause anymore harm to Katie. As the Guardian Spirit known as Gojira came around the breakfast bar his eye’s sought out Katie but his attention was soon drawn to the unmistakable creek of a bedroom door opening.

Spying the large lizard the man quickly shut the door and headed for the next closest door, which happened to be a bathroom. Just as he slammed the bathroom door shut the lizard burst through the lower part of the bedroom door. It’s keen sense of smell and hearing told it immediately where it’s pray was to be found. The dragon didn’t bother to round the bed and banged head first into the bathroom, all the while dripping the slime from it’s mouth. The door indistinctly gave way to the power that propelled it from it’s hinges.


The man tried to scream but the dragon was on him before he could open his mouth.




While out side Detective Riggs and his partner Detective Murtaugh was just pulling up to the driveway in an old beat up truck.


"Tell me again why we are here?" Murtaugh demands out of his partner.


"Simple I heard she needed help unpacking and I thought we could help."


"Riggs you are lying! You just want another chance to get you ass kicked by her."

Murtaugh informs his partner as he gets out of the truck.

"Oh please if I had known who she was I would kick her butt." Riggs argued back. "Any ways this gets you out of eating your wife’s cooking."


"Oh sure. Hehehehehehe." Murrtaugh snickered back as he joins his partner walking up the walkway. "Think JD will have anything good to eat?"


"Doubt it have you noticed her pop habit?"


"Yeah she’s worse than you when it comes to cigarettes."


"Now wait a minute I quit. But who ever went at that door didn’t." Riggs commented as he drew his gun.


"Oh man do you smell that?" Murataugh said as he covered his nose with he arm.


"That is worse than month old garbage." Riggs announced he too covered his nose with his arm.


"You would be the one to know." Murataugh jeered his partner.


The two Detectives cautiously entered the house immediately their attention was drawn to Katie lying on the floor with a two foot long lizard pulling at a white towel that was drench in blood.


"Shit." Riggs hissed as he bent down to check on Katie and got bite for his effort.


"Riggs why don’t you check the house I’ll stay with her and call for back up and an ambulance."


"Good idea." Riggs replied as he made his way through the house.


"Easy fellow we’re here to help." Murataugh told the hissing lizard than pulled out his cell phone and called 911. "This is Detective Murataugh. I am at 8988 Faurs Ave, send an ambulance."



Chapter 6


(Bad language good thing or a bad thing????)

Katie's Room at Community General

Los Angles Ca.

3:25 AM

October 2, 1998 Wanderverse


“You mean that Cajun Bewha daughter of a Voodoo priestess IOIOKLILILJJIOJLKEIHH”LKK gave my daughter a Guardian Spirit!” I am going to make that HLK:E:NKE:LE:.  That $^&%* (^*&^*) ^*(&^* ^*&^ (^$ (*****> her and that walking talking pile of moss. I will turn him into a pile of coleslaw, why I ever let those two talk me into letting her have a pet. *(IENFJHFKENIHLENOE.” She hissed as she continued to cuss at the Cajun Witch and Swamp thing in several languages that even the angels had a hard time understanding.


“What is she cussing about this time Tess?” Andrew asked.


“Madame Talye and Swamp Thing encouraged JD into letting Katie have a pet. They just didn’t tell her the pet was a Guardian Spirit.” Tess smirked.


“I thought that all the Guardians Spirits were killed off during the Holy Inquisition.” Andrew said as he winced at the mental images JD’s detailed language described what she was going to do.


“No, our Heavenly Father used several different Witch families to keep many of them and other more mystical creatures safe.”  Tess replied as she gave the woman a disgusted look at her language.


“Oh, but why does Katie having a Guardian Spirit upset JD so much?”  Andrew asked.


“When…” Tess started to answer when JD cut in.


“Don’t go there…” JD hissed at Tess.


“Don’t go where?” Katie groggily asked.


“Honey, you’re awake.”  JD Heart fully said as she went over to her daughter’s bed and gave her a small hug.


“Yeah I am awake.  You know that no one can sleep through your cussing.”   Katie replied as she hugs her mom back as best she can.


“Honey, how do you feel?” JD asked her as she stroked Katie’s hair back.


“I am not sure.” Katie started to say, when a flash of memory came back hard and she started to cry out. “OH God! Nooo, not again.”


“Honey hush, it’s ok, that bastard didn’t touch you like that again. I promise.”


“But how? He shot me!” She cried.


“Can’t you do something?” JD demanded out of the angels.


“Honey, you were strong then, you are strong now, just relax and listen.” Tess said as she placed her hand on Katie’s.


“Who are you? You look familiar.” Katie said in a more relaxed voice.


“She’s one of the usual uninvited heavenly guests who are always dropping in.” JD answered for Tess, with a look to let her know not to bring up the past.


“So you stopped him from hurting me again?” Katie asked her.


“No, little one that was him.”  Tess stated, as Godzilla genteelly nudged her cheek with his forehead.


“Him? You?” Katie asked in disbelief looking at her pet.


“Yeah your little shit head pet is a Guardian Spirit.” JD stated.


“Mom!! He’s not a shit head. Uhh, but what’s a Guardian Spirit?” Katie replied.


“Well hummm. How to explain? ---- Remember how in the swamp you learned that vamps and other things that go bump in the night are real?” JD tried to explain.


“Yeah. What is Godzilla, a Demon or something?” Katie asked.


“Something else is more like it, but he’s a good one. I think.” JD replied as she eyed the pet with a look of death in her eyes.


“Ok Mom, why are you so upset with Godzilla? According to the Angel lady here, he saved me.” Katie stated, not liking the look on her mother’s face.


“I used to think you could trust them until…” JD paused for a minute as she started to recall the bitter details. “It was in England around 1700 A.D. A friend said that something was wrong and she needed my help. It was during those days that the Holy Inquisition was going on.”


The fall of 1700 A.D.

Late evening

Iron Maiden Tavern

Southern Yorkshire, England



“Wench!!! Ale!” a smelly young drunk yelled at the blue eyed bar maid named Brandy.


“You ain’t got no more money.” Brandy told him as she started to walk away.


“I am just saving it for a night with you.” The drunk said as he made a move to grab Brandy’s backside.


As the stranger entered the old worn down building that was trying to pass as a tavern, he immediately jumped back at the painful screams that greeted him.


“You’ve been warned about that pup!” a blonde woman hissed at the drunk as she twisted his ear.


“Mick…call her… off!” James screamed at the old man behind the bar, who just sat there, resting his broken leg.


“James Duffy, you know the rules.” Mick Farely answered the young man, as he puffed on a pipe.


“Yes…… I do…… but I…… I forgot…” The drunk managed answer threw the pain.


“Well, Jade is making sure you don’t forget them again.” Mick replied, as he nodded to the woman to toss the kid out the door.


The stranger just managed to get out of the way, as the young drunk went sailing through the open door.


“At least you left me a door this time.” Mick Farely stated to the 5’2” female, as he poured her a large mug of ale.


“Well, it’s going to get cold. Couldn’t let the girls suffer.” She replied just before she took a large drink. “How much longer am I going to have to do your job?”


“I could have handled that chit, even with this broken leg.” The large bristly face man smiled back at the women.


“Since when?” The woman derisively inquired.


“Since before meeting you.” He spat.


“Ohh really………… then why is it I saved your fat UJBNFJJGH from that bear?”


“I had that bear right where I wanted it.”


“Yeah, clawing at your fat derrière up that tree.”


“I hate to interrupt such a colorful story, but I was sent to find the warrior called The Dragon. Do you know where I may find him?” The tall stranger said, as he came up to the bar.


“Why are you looking for the Dragon?” The blonde woman asked the stranger, without even looking at him while giving her friend a warning glare to not reveal anything.


“That is for him and I to discuss and not for the ears of some barmaid.” He retorted.


“Well there is only one way you get to see the Dragon.” She replied.


“I can’t believe you allow your maid to speak that way.” the stranger reciprocated.


“No one knows the Dragon better. So it would be in your best interests to listen to what she has to say.” Mick Farely told the stranger.


“Pardon my rudeness, but it is a matter of great importance that I am here.” the stranger apologized with a nod.


“What’s new? It’s always either a matter of importance or the end of the world, but usually both.” she rebuffed just before she took another drink of her ale.


The stranger stared in anger at the back of the woman who would speak so casually of the end of the world, then said “You must understand…… Um…”…” The stranger started to say, then looked around to see if were ok to speak the name of a known witch but decided he had no choice and continued in a lower tone of voice. “Lady Pinea sent me. I must see the Dragon.”


After the man had spoken that name, Jade’s face lost all emotion. She slammed down her drink and said. “If she sent you than you can pass the test. If not… well, let’s just say you don’t want to know what would happen.”


“You don’t understand. I don’t have time for a stupid test.”


“Then you won’t see the Dragon.”


“Fine! What is the test?”


With a nod from the blonde, Mick Farely placed a heavy apron on than covered his face with towel. Once he finish protecting himself, Mick Farely began reached under the counter and pulled out several very old looking bottles then he cautiously poured them into a tall pitcher. The stranger watched the scene with interest as the man very carefully poured measured amounts out of each bottle. He took a step back when the last one was poured in, because it caused a small spark of light.


“If you can drink all of this, then you will have the chance to speak with the Dragon. If not you’ll be leaving this place in pieces.” Mick Farely told the man.


The man had just glanced down at the odd looking drink, when a putrid odor emanated from it and caused him to gag.


“You’ve got to drink the whole thing.” Jade taunted the young man, still without even sparing him a glance.


The young man looked down at the sealed scroll he was carrying, then at the drink again. Much to Mick Farley’s surprise he began drinking it. Within a few moments, the man had downed the whole thing. He slammed the pitcher on the counter and asked  “Have I passed?” while trying to hold down the contents of his stomach.


The blonde took the pitcher from the counter and sniffed it, and said.  “No wonder he can keep it down. You changed the Yak piss to horse piss.”


At that, the man turned several different shades of green and passed out.


“Well he didn’t loose it, guess you are leaving soon.” Mick Farely stated.


“I swear I am going to kick her ass for this.” Jade told him as she turned and finally looked at the man. Her heart did a flip flop as she whispered. “It can’t be… he’s dead.”


“Who’s dead?” Mick Farely asked.


“Nothing, don’t worry about it. I’ll take the young kid upstairs, have John get my gear and horse ready for travel tomorrow.” Jade told her old friend as she picked the man up and took him up stairs.


“Rachel!!!!!” Mick Farely yelled for the cook.


“What?” An old woman yelled back.


“Go tell your husband that the Dragon will need her gear and horse ready by tomorrow.” Mick Farely told the older woman.


“Right away sir.” Rachel replied as she grabbed her cloak and headed out the back door to her husband’s blacksmith shop.


Meanwhile, upstairs, Jade was having a mental argument with two ancient beings after she placed the young man on the bed.


“He looks like him.” Jade spoke in her mind.


\\ The Body of your life mate perished but the soul continues on in bits and pieces so what you see is the body reformed but remember, it is not him, just the energy reforming itself. \\


“If it is pieces of his energy, then it is at least part of him.” Jade reasoned as she placed a cool rag on his head.


\\ True, but it looks like you don’t even get this piece, \\ the Evil sneered as Jade started to loosen the stranger’s clothes only to find the robes of a Roman Catholic priest hidden by his traveling clothes.


< Oh shut up.”> Jade mentally barked back at the unseen being in her head.


The Next Morning

Fall of 1700 A.D.

Iron Maiden Tavern

Southern Yorkshire, England


The Priest known as Stephen Sloan awoke to a very sick feeling in his stomach. He tried to get up, but found that he had no strength in his arms and legs. He barely succeeded in rolling over and throwing up over the side of the bed and onto the floor. Brandy walked in on the priest emptying his stomach contents on the floor for the second time.


“Well, you held it longer than most.” Brandy said as she handed him a drink.


Father Stephen eyed the drink cautiously.


“Don’t worry, its only water with peppermint to calm your stomach.” She told him.


After he slowly drank the peppermint water he asked. “So, does this mean I get to meet the Dragon?”


“The Dragon is at the blacksmith shop getting ready to leave for the village of Land de Lawn.” Brandy told him as she took the glass.


“But he doesn’t…” The Priest started to say when he realized the message he was carrying was gone.


“Don’t worry the Dragon will take care of things. Stay here and rest.” Brandy told him as she left.


“I have to keep a promise.” He told the door as he forced himself to get up.


Fall of 1700 A.D.

Blacksmith Shop

Southern Yorkshire, England


“I thought you gave up the hero business?” John asked the warrior.


“So did I, but an old friend called in a favor,” the Dragon stated.


“Do you really think it is safe for you to go out and about like the old days with the Inquisition going on?” John asked as he finished saddling a gray mare for the warrior.


“Sounds like Henry is going to put a stop to that.”


“How would you know that?” John asked.


“Last time I saw him he was not too happy about the church butting into his business.” Dragon answered.


“Where is the Dragon?” Stephen Sloan demanded as he entered the barn.


“You shouldn’t be out of bed.” Jade Dragon told him.


“I am going with the Dragon no matter what.” he informed her.


“Listen, what the Dragon does is dangerous, so the Dragon doesn’t want or need the help of a young pacifist priest getting in the way.”


“Then why are you dressed for traveling?” the priest questioned as he appraised the man's riding pants she was wearing. He also noticed that they were quite snug. \\ Remember your vows, Stephen. \\


“Oh, where are my manners? I forgot to introduce myself. I am Jade Dragon Heart. And you are…?” she said as she turned around to meet him.


"You, are the legendary Dragon? You are the one who killed off over a thousand Scotsmen!? Now, really girl, where is the Dragon?" he replied.


“Actually only 30 died that day at her hands.” John told the priest.


“How would you know?” Stephen demanded.


"I was there. The rest of the men turned back when she killed thirty of their friends."


"But why did the rest turn back?" Father Stephen asked in disbelief.


"She told them that Morrigu, their battle Goddess, sent her to stop them." John replied.


“That is 30 more that shouldn’t have died if those sons of LJENVKUHELNEL:JLEJL:JLEJENT:LEJLKJNELKET:KNFIE!!!” Jade cussed.


“Huh!!! What is she saying?” Father Sloan asked John.


“I used to wonder that but, after awhile of knowing her, you don’t want to know.” John informed him.


“Listen Priest, I got Lady Pinea’s message, so stay here while I deal with what’s happening there.” Jade told him as she mounted her horse.


“Land de Lawn was once my home, if an evil has happened there, I must help,” he told her.


“I am betting, if I knock you out, you’ll would just wake up and follow me. Even if I were to have John here gag and bind you.” Jade said as she looked at the priest.


“That is true.” the Priest answered.


“Fine. I won’t,” She said with a nod. On her command, the large blacksmith knocked the priest out from behind.


“Forgive me Father.” John said as he picked up the priest. “How long to you want me to keep him here for?”


“At least a week that should give me a good head start,” she told him, and then left.



Two weeks later

Fall of 1700 A.D.

Northern Woods of Yorkshire, England.


Nicky snorted at the air and jumped back, startling her rider.


“It’s ok girl… Shhh…”…”…”…” Jade told her horse. She could feel it too. They were being watched by something very large and deadly. Jade slowly tightened her grip on the sword known as evil.


\\ I sense its hunger for blood, \\. \\ Evil told her.


“I figured that. Anything useful?” Jade hissed quietly.


For a few long minutes evil said nothing and then angrily hissed. \\ It’s left!! \\


“What? Why?”


\\ I don’t know. It might… This is strange the magical creatures had every intension of attacking, but stopped. \\


“That is very strange the only magical creatures that should be around here are Guardian Spirits.” Jade commented.


\\ Well, it doesn't matter why they are not going after you, because they are now going after a certain priest that is following us.\\ Good informed them.


"OH DAHSHAHNBE!!!" Jade hissed as she turned her horse around to save the priest.


Less than a mile behind Jade, Father Stephen Sloan's horse started to snort at the ground and force its way back in the direction it came. Sloan was too busying fighting his horse to realize that several very large wolf-like creatures were surrounding him until it was too late. The horse, on the other hand, threw its rider and ran for its life, which only was to be a few seconds more as four Dire Wolves attacked it. One went for the horse's throat while two others attacked the front legs and the forth went for the defenseless animal's stomach.


Before the dying, the animal's screams pierced the night air. Two other Dire Wolves went for the defenseless priest. While the two wolves circled the priest, he pulled out an ancient wooden staff topped with an iron ornament and began chanting in ancient Latin. Just as Father Sloan was about to finish the chant, the Wolves attacked. The lager one of the two aimed for the priest’s head while the other went for his body.


A surprised look came to Jade's face as she watched two very large Dire Wolves break their necks on a magic shield that the priest had summoned.


\\ Seems the priest has a few tricks of his own, \\ Good commented.


\\ True, but the others are in a blood frenzy and his little magic shield only covers the front, \\ Evil taunted.


Even before Evil could finish speaking, Jade's battle cry echoed through out the forest as she kicked her horse to a fighting run. Hearing the familiar cry, the wolves started looking for the wielder of death that was coming for them.


While the wolves' attention was refocused, the priest began to quickly utter another chant. But at hearing the chant, the closest wolf attacked. Seeing the attack coming, Sloan used the staff to hit the Dire Wolf in its huge jaw. The Dire Wolf was slammed off to the side. The wolf quickly jumped up and attacked again. Sloan sidestepped the attack at the last second.


The two continued the game of cat and mouse while Jade leaped from her horse with both of her swords drawn and attacked the other one when another came from the underbrush to join in the killing. In mid air she sliced one on the back and then, landing on her feet, she stabbed the other in the eye.





In the meantime Nicky went for the two Dire Wolves hiding in the shadows of a large oak. Her powerful hooves came down hard on the one in front of her while her hind legs kicked up and nailed the other in mid air as it tried to attack her from behind. Within moments, the old warhorse had easy defeated her opponents then checked for others, only to find none. She than snorted at her rider as if to tell her it was all clear.






Jade carefully sized up the two wolves as they circled. They attacked her at the same time, heading straight for her from opposite directions. As the two wolves were about to clasp flesh, Jade jumped straight up into the air. The wolves smashed their heads into each other. The two wolves were knocked back. Jade landed and watched as they groggily tried to continue standing. Before both wolves could get their wits back, Jade quickly moved in and stabbed forward. Her blades slashed through the tough skin and bones, and into their brains. Both beasts collapsed and were dead before they hit the ground.


Jade watched as the priest finally finished his chant causing the staff to glow brightly. She was about to throw her sword at the last wolf as it went to attack the priest but he barely touched the beast with the staff and the Wolf was engulf in flames and died.


"Since when does a priest know magic?" Jade asked as she walked over to him.


"I didn't use magic. All I did was ask for the Lord's power to aid and protect me." Sloan replied.


"If you say so, but what is really disturbing is the fact that these wolves are Guardian Spirits. They should have known that we were here to help. They shouldn't have attacked," She stated as she glanced down at the closest carcass.


"Unless they are the cause." Father Sloan reasoned.


"No way. Guardian Spirits have served people for hundreds of years and there's never been a case where the Guardians have turned against their companions." She retorted.


"I am not so sure. Many Guardians Spirits feel threatened with the Inquisition going on. Many of the people who are linked with Guardian Spirits are either being killed off or turning from magic and turning to God for protection."


“I guess when your life and home are threatened, you must do what you feel is necessary.” Jade says then whistles to her horse.


“You act as though these creatures were human.” Father Sloan retorts.


“You said Land de Lawn was your home but I take it you never had one of your own.” Jade inquires.


“We left before I was ten.” He says with remorse of an old pain.


“If you had, you would know that they are just as smart as the human they are connected to.”  JD tells him then asks, “Why would a priest return?”


“I chose to return because I feel that God has a purpose for me in Land de Lawn. What that purpose is, I don't know…… yet. The Lady Pinea is a good woman, but I think that what is happening here is beyond her skills and learning. She may believe in these beasts, but I don't. I will kill them all to save the people who have turned to me for guidance."


"How many have turned from the old ways?" Jade asks as she goes remounts her horse.


"Almost half the village. Those that have turned to the Church have thrown out their Guardian Spirits, believing that God and his Angels will protect them." Father Stephen answers, trying not to admire the nice view of Jade’s backside that she had given him in the form-fitting pants she was wearing.


Jade Heart stops in shock half way into the saddle. She turns to Stephen, not believing what she'd just heard. "You mean to tell me that you stripped these people of their connections to their Guardian Spirits!?"


"Of course. All it took was a simple blessing from my mentor, Father Carter, to break the contact." Stephen replies.


“And what did you think would happen to the Guardian Spirits?” Jade ask in anger.


“They could leave for all I cared. Father Carter said we should have killed them but I didn’t want to hurt them. But now it’s seems they have turned on their former companions and I will not stand idly by watching as the town is killed off by the beings that were sworn to protect it. I don't know why they're doing this, and I don't really care’" Stephen replies angrily. "But I can see how the Elders of the Church can see that all magical creatures are creations of the Devil."


"Guardian Spirits aren't 'Tools of the Devil'! They're intelligent beings who are just as smart as humans!"


"Yes." Stephen replies dryly. "I see that they have learned the art of betrayal like any other human being


“That’s calling the kettle black, Priest.” Jade retorted.


“What is that suppose to mean!” He demands.


“Just look into your religions past… if you aren’t afraid of the truth.” Jade retorts as she urges her horse faster.


After several more hours of silent travel, the group finally approached the once grand town of Land de Lawn. Jade’s eyes fill with sadness as they scanned the streets lined with the body parts of the residents of the town.


“In the name of the Father…” Father Sloan began, reciting last rights on the closest remains.


“It looks like there was a major war here. Human against Guardian Spirit, Guardian Spirit against Human, Guardian Spirit against Guardian Spirit.” Jade blankly states as she examines some bodies.



\\ This place is so full of magic it is confusing my senses. \\ The ancient being known as Yin replied.


\\ That and the Blood.\\ Yang replied in disgusted.


“Look, the church is undamaged.” Father Stephen announced after several hours of giving the last rights, then runs up into it.


“I noticed.” Jade states without emotion as she follows him.


“The place is so empty and cold… I shouldn’t have left.” Father Stephen spoke as he enters the church.


“Then why did you leave my son?” an elderly voice said from the shadows of the confessional.


“Show yourself!” Jade demand as she placed the tip of her sword toward the voice.


“It’s alright; this is my mentor, Father Carter.” Sloan replied as he got in the way of her blade.


“Fine. Where’s Lady Pinea?” Jade demanded as she took her sword away but did not re-sheath it.


Ignoring the warrior woman before him, the old priest stepped closer to Father Sloan and placed a bony old hand on his shoulder and than spoke. “My son, I was afraid those things had killed you. Where were you?”


“Lady Pinea had one of her visions and summoned me to her. She then sent me to find the Dragon.” Father Stephen replied, all the while avoiding Father Carter’s icy gray eyes.


After an agonizing silence for the young priest, Father Carter spoke. “Lady Pinea may have been an unbeliever, but she was wise enough to ask for help from a warrior of God. So where is the legendary Dragon who fights along side angels? So we may honor him with the glory he disserves.”


Father Sloan’s relief at his mentor not being angry with him was short lived when he heard the Dragon answer his question.


“First, pup, I don’t need and don’t want glory. Second, the only angel I’ve seen is death. Third, and most important, WHERE IS LADY Pinea?” Jade responded to the old man.


“You? A woman? The Dragon?” The elderly priest replied in disbelief.


“Listen you KLKENNLKEHLEENENEKEGN, I am not a warrior of God, but I am here, and I will not ask again. WHERE IS LADY Pinea?” Jade replied, this time with the tip of her sword Yin at his throat.


“Do not speak to Father Carter that way!” Father Sloan replied as he placed himself between Father Carter and the death-dealing warrior before him.


“It is alright, my son the Dragon is known for her language.” Father Carter replied as he stepped out from behind the young priest’s protection. Then, in a calming voice, gave her, her answer. “I am afraid that Lady Pinea is dead.”


“What? How?” Father Sloan surprised asked.


“Shortly after I discovered you had gone, many of the Guardian Spirits started killing the ones they had been linked to. Lady Pinea tried to reason with the creatures but those demons left her no choice. She, along with a few towns’ people and their Guardian Spirits that were still loyal, fought against a large pack of Guardian Spirits.”


The unseen beings in the Dragon had their own questions going that only she could hear.


\\ Where was he during all of this? \\


\\ More than likely tending to his flock here in the church. \\


\\ You mean hiding. \\


“When it seemed the battle was over, the few loyal Guardian Spirits turned on Lady Pinea and killed her and the rest of the town’s people who killed the other Guardian Spirits.” Father Carter sadly finished.


“What of Tomom, Lady Pinea’s Guardian Spirit?” Jade asked, knowing that it would die first before hurting his beloved.


“Sadly to say, the great white cat was the first to attack her.” Father Carter replied.


“That is strange…”…” Jade started to say when they heard a scream from outside. She immediately ran for the large doors leading to the town square.


Unbridled anger beamed out of The Dragon as her eyes fell upon the scene of two huge cats with large fangs fight over their most recent kill, a young boy and another going for a small girl he had been carrying. She sent her sword down into the skull of the beast going after the girl, killing it instantly. Her war horse snorted and pawed the ground where it was as if telling it’s rider how many more there were. Without thinking, The Dragon of Death resurfaced as she jumped down to her sword.


“Come meet your end.” the Dragon hissed.


At seeing the large number of magical creatures coming for the Dragon, Father Sloan joined her.


“Take the child and return to the church, it seems to be a place protected from them.” She told him as she tossed the child to him.


“I will not leave you!” he told her. Then, then he said. “Father Carter, take the child.”


Grabbing the child, Father Carter raced back in to the church and locked the large doors. The younger priest took out his staff and began to chant, while the Dragon retrieved her sword and proceed to attack with death-dealing blows. Nicky’s powerful hooves killed several of the beasts before they could even draw breath, but even her years of battles couldn’t stop them… Four attacked her at once she fell fighting. Her cries of pain did not go unnoticed by the Dragon. She turned to try and help her dying friend but, at that split-second, a saber tooth tiger claw sliced across her throat, sending her back against the watering well. Under the pressure, the watering well collapsed, sending Jade down to the bottom, dying.


Father Stephen’s anger rose at seeing her falling, his anger rose. Calling for help from the Heavenly Father, his staff shot out multiple fireballs, engulfing the remaining Guardian Spirits. After seeing the rest of the Guardian Spirits were gone, he raced over to the well that he had seen Jade fall down, but never made it.


Several hours later, down in the dark, mucky water, Jade’s body, which was lying face down, began to spark to life as the healing power of the quickening healed her……


“KKENVBKLNEL KNMGLGEJ:LMEL KENLKNELJLEL:NGVLK NM!!” she cussed in her ancient language of her home as she pushed herself up from the water. After a few moments, she looked at her surroundings and looked for the quickest way up.


An eternity seems to pass by as she slowly made her way out of the deep well, but, when she saw what was above her heart sank deeper than any well. Making her way to the church, her eyes fell upon the remains of her trusted steed and started to fill with sorrow. She removed her supplies then used one of the magical torches to set the body on fire. Moving on, she headed for the doors of the church when she slipped on some fresh blood.


“KD:LNEFILE:LKENEKEK,” she cursed as realized she landed on the remains of a human body. “Those creatures will pay for this.” Jade hissed as the tears swelled up in her eyes when she saw that it was the head of Father Stephen. A scream emitting from the church brought Jade from the trance she was starting to fall into as old memories began to surface.


Getting to her feet, Jade ran up the steps only to be stopped by the thick oak door. Focusing her anger, The Dragon let it loose with a one solid round house kick that sent the door flying across the room. “KNOCK KNOCK!” Jade yelled out to get the creature’s attention.


The large, white, Saber tooth tiger turned on the being interfering with his kill.


“It’s been along time, kitty.” Jade tells the male Guardian Spirit as she stalks toward him.


His only response was to roar an earth-shaking roar.


“Is that the best you got Tomom? Come, you can do better than killing an old man and attacking an innocent child,” she taunted the large cat.


His powerful claws pawed the ground under him while his tail whipped behind him. Jade’s hands tightened on the grips of her swords while she stared down the beast of death. The large white cat made the first move by rushing forward. Jade went to jump over large animal but he sensed her action and leaped up and knocked the warrior back toward the far wall where the statue of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, merchants and ecology, fell, knocking over several lit candles, starting a fire.


Getting up from the floor, Jade looked at the broken statue and said. “Just like old times, Frany.” Then she glanced up to see Tomom heading for the now crying child. “I DON’T THINK SO!”!” Jade yelled as she threw Yin in front of the child. The power of the sword sent the creature flying back.


Before the creature hit the flaming wall next to Jade, she sent Yang sailing through the air to pierce Tomom’s heart, killing the great being that she had fought along side in many a battle and even called friend.


\\ There is no time for sadness, this church will burn like kindling if you don’t hurry and get the child out of it, \\\\ Yin told Jade as it noticed a great sadness start to open in her heart.


The words brought Jade to reality. She quickly grabbed up Yang and ran for the child. She had no sooner picked up the child and went to escape when a burning cross beam fell in her way. She did the only thing she could do she turned her back on it and back flipped over it, all the while protecting the baby in her arms.


\\ It’s about time! \\\\ Yin demanded as Jade was about to pick it up and head for the door.


“Don’t you clamor too much or I might leave you here.” Jade sneered at the ancient being in her head. Jade took a look at the headless corpse of what appeared to be Father Carter burning under the several pieces of fallen roof as she headed out the door.


Katie's Room at Community General

Los Angles Ca.

4:15 AM

October 2, 1998 Wanderverse



”That is why I don’t trust Guardian Spirits.” JD says with a look of disgust at the lizard next to her daughter.


“But it was not Tomom who killed Father Stephen.” Tess tells her.


“So it was some other GS. It doesn’t matter which one did, they all turned on their companions.” JD angrily barked.


“That is where you are wrong. They were blood cursed to turn on good.” Tess reveals to her.


“WHAT? Why didn’t the fangs pick up on the curse?” Jade demands.


\\ Hello Blondie, we told you there was too much blood and magic to tell anything, //// Yang sarcastically told her.


“Ok who did the curse? So I can kill the dfklfdlnkvneliefkneklekj… And why the ekkiehehghkeiiediit have you waited till to tell me.”  JD demand of the angle.


“Because you were not ready to listen than but are you now?”  Tess asked.


JD just nodded her head yes as after she glanced from her daughter to the angle.


“What you did not know while you were down in the well…”


Land dede Lawn

Fall of 1700 A.D.

During the battle

Northern Woods of Yorkshire, England


Father Sloan does his best to regain his strength from finishing off the last of the Guardian Spirits with magic that tapped him. After slightly regaining some of his strength from the battle, a very weary Father Sloan looks over the remains of what appeared to be the last of the Guardian Spirits. His blue eyes fall across the well. He rushes for it, hoping he is in time to save the great warrior.


As Father Sloan is about to reach the well, Father Carter appears in front of him. “Father, I have to reach The Dragon, she could still be alive.”


“I can not let you do that. That Bitch must stay dead!” Father Carter says as disembowels Stephen with a large sacrificial knife.


“You are the cause of all this.” Father Stephen replies, looking into his old mentor’s eyes.


“Of course, you young fool, these Witches and their Guardian Spirits have been a pain in my master’s side for too long,” The Demon Tarshee replies as he discards his illusion and slices at Sloan’s dying Body.... “Thanks to you, I was able to kill off all the witches, the Guardian Spirits and now the Dragon. My master will be pleased.”


“Nooo…… But how? They were protected.” Sloan cries out in pain as he tries to get away from the red demon before him.


“When you convinced them to turn to God for Salvation and asked Father Carter to perform a separation blessing, I killed him and took his place then cursed those creatures in blood, so the magic couldn’t be traced.” The Demon laughed. “I must thank you again for bringing me Lady Pinea’s daughter for, when she is old enough, I will breed with her and produce the most powerful demon the worlds have ever seen and the Line of the Charmed will belong to my master.” Tarshee replied as he clawed Sloan’s heart out.


With the priest dead, Tarshee was about to enter the church and retrieve his prize when he sensed a Guardian Spirit approaching. He quickly raised his illusion of Father Carter back into place and ran for the church. Only to be greeted by Tomom, who protectively stood between his mistress’s child and the Demon.


“How, that you killed your mistress, aren’t you now supposed to kill all that is good?” Tarshee demanded.



Katie's Room at Community General

Los Angles Ca.

4:15 AM

October 2, 1998 Wanderverse



“You mean that dsjvlkvn;se ihtlkngfo isevkjsg n;kwnt g;whtlwht otwoetg hfosejf osejfosjfoj.” JD starts to rant and rave. “I killed those innocent Guardian Spirits.”


“My friend, calm yourself,” an old voice from JD’s past told her.


“Lady Pinea?” JD questioned with tears in her eyes.


Behind JD stood a dark-haired beautiful woman with a heavenly light about her next to her a very large white Saber-toothed Tiger with a heavenly light glowing about him.


“Yes my friend…… Do not beat yourself up over our death, for you freed my Guardian Spirits from the Blood curse when you destroyed that temple,” she told her…


“But still…”…” JD started to say.


“Jade, you do not realize the great deed you did for them in killing them then. For, even if you had freed them, they couldn’t live with themselves for killing those they had sworn to protect. In time, they would have gone into a blood frenzy on their own to be free from the guilt.”


“I still feel horrible for killing you, Tomom. You were freed and protecting Lady Pinea’s baby.” JD apologized.


“Do not be, for I too was in the blood curse. The only reason I could protect her was because she was like my own cub.” Tomom replied in a human voice for all to hear.


“Jade, it is because of your strength my line still continues today and for this I give you this blessing from our Heavenly Father, Grand Creator… From this moment on, any Guardian Spirit that your daughter comes in contact with will never hurt her, only protect her.” Lady Pinea says as she places a hand on Katie’s head.


“And for you setting us free from the Blood Curse, I, Tomom, with the blessing of the Heavenly Father, give to yours the gift to be able to communicate with any Guardian Spirit she comes in contact with.” Tomom spoke as he placed a large paw on Katie’s hand.


“Blessed Be,” the two beings spoke in unison.


“Huh? Not to be unthankful of your gifts and blessing, but why are you giving me these blessings?  Mom’s the one who did it, not me.” Katie asked, still just a little uneasy about everything that had happened.


“Because they know I have enough voices in my head.”  JD replies as with a smile. “Plus, it helps to know that when I am not around, you have so much additional protection.”


“Then Thank you.” Katie replies to the two beings as they leave. “Thank you too,” she then says as she looks to heaven.


JD also gave gives a silent prayer of thanks.


“So how old is my mom?” Katie teasingly asks the angles in the room.


\\ I don’t think you want to know that answer for real,// a voice inside Katie’s head teased back.


“What was that?” Katie asked with a slight jump.


\\ Me.\\ 


“Me who?” Katie asked looking around.


“That is the voice of your Guardian Spirit you are hearing. No one but you will be able to hear him except those that are linked to him. You now, with the gifts we have given, you, will be able to hear any Guardian Spirit that you come in contact with.” Lady Pinea told Katie just before she and Tomom leave.


“WOW! This is so cool!! So how did you take out those creeps that attacked me?” Katie asks her pet.


\\ I got the two that attacked you but I am sorry that asshole that shot you got away. // Godzilla told her \\ But I think I broke something, not sure what. \\


“Speaking of those creeps that attacked you…”…” JD started to ask but stopped when she saw the look of horror on her daughter’s face. “What is it?”


“He got away…” Katie whispered.


“OHOIEKKEh!” JD hissed. “Tess, I want someone watching her. NOW!”


“Godzilla is here and your friends are already arranging for someone to watch the door. Don’t worry, Andrew will be helping them.” Tess informs her as the Angle of Death disappears from sight.


“Huh? Who’s she talking about mom?” Katie asks.


“Not sure…… Care to shed some light on the subject and I don’t mean literally.” JD inquires.


“Simple JD, your partner and other officers are arranging for some help in protecting your daughter. You and Katie are like family to them and they will protect you and her.” Tess says as an image of several men and a woman appear on the mirror revealing the past few hours.


“Geez, I thought for sure Riggs hated you.” Katie remarked with a yawn.


“I guess you made an impression on him. But enough of that, you need your rest.” JD replies as she tucks her daughter in. “And no ‘But Moms’ either.”


Katie just softly smiled and said.  “I love you too.” then went to sleep after hearing her mom say the same.


“I would tell you to get some sleep but I doubt you would listen so I am telling you to go and get something to eat. I‘ll stay with her.” Tess said as she suddenly stood before JD in a nurse’s outfit.


“Ok, I’ll be right back.” JD said as she headed out the door only to be greeted by the Angle of Death in a police uniform.


“Evening.” Andrew said with a nod.


Looking the angel over, a bright smile came across the immortal’s face as she said. “Damn you’re hot in those tight fitting pants.” causing the angel to blush a little.


“You seem to be feeling better.” Doctor Mark Sloan injects from behind JD.


“Just a little.” JD answers.


“I am surprised to see you out here.” Mark notes.


“Katie woke and we are going to be just fine.” JD honestly answers.


“That is good to hear, but you. But your stomach sounds like it doesn’t agree.” Mark smiled as he heard JD’s stomach.


“LDKJONMIJE…JOINVNIENG:JK. Yeah, thanks to what happened, I missed out on dinner.” JD cursed.


“I know the prefect place and it close.” Mark says.


“Some place good is open this time of day?” JD asks in disbelief.


“Yeah, you might say I am in good with the owners,” Mark answers.