Landing Pad 3-2b-56
Planet Corscant
31 BSW
(Star Wars Universe)

The doorway on the Nubian ship opened with a loud hiss. Out walked two men one; the older wore the brown robes of a Jedi Knight. The other, younger man was wearing a tan jumpsuit, green survival vest, and carried a flight helmet tucked under one arm.

"Man, that is one sweet ship. I still can't believe that space flight is so common in this universe."

"You will get used to it in time. Now, we must be going. I believe that Master Windu is waiting to accompany us to the Jedi Temple."

"You will have to excuse my excitement. Never, in my life, did I dream I would be flying in a space ship and visiting other worlds. "

The two walked to the edge of the landing platform. Saint took a look over the edge and felt a little queasy. <I do not want to fall off.> He thought as he followed the Jedi Master into the speeder.

"It is a long drop, my young friend."

"Huh, oh, am I broadcasting my thoughts again?" Asked an embarrassed Saint.

"Yes, they are quite loud and clear." Responded Qui Gon.

"Well as they say in my world. It's not the fall that kills you, it's that sudden stop at the end." Laughed the American.

"Quite so, quite so." Agreed the master Jedi.

Mace Windu was sitting in the driver's seat as the two travelers boarded the speeder. He turned to Saint. "How did you enjoy your first experience at space travel?"

"It was fantastic! And, I did not get space sick even once." Replied Saint.

"Good, we have your quarters ready. I hope you enjoy your stay."

"I already am." Laughed the young American.


Saint was amazed by the interior of the Jedi Temple. The classical design and the variety of races that inhabited the structure were just amazing. <Dang, I must be acting like a tourist,> thought the young American. <All I need is a tacky Hawaiian shirt, shorts, sunglasses, and a camera.> The quiet chuckling of Mace Windu and Qui Gon Jinn interrupted his reflection. He tried a hard stare at the two masters but it just wasn't working.

"Broadcasting my thoughts again?" asked the red faced American.

This time a grinning Mace decided to answer him.

"Yes, I believe quite a few Jedi masters caught those last thoughts."

"Why do I get the feeling that is one of the first things I need to work on?"

"You are becoming more perceptive to the Force, Anthony. It is only logical." Answered Qui Gon.

<Thank you, Mr. Spock.> Thought the embarrassed visitor.

"Enough of this, you have a busy day tomorrow. You will be tested and interviewed by the council to see if you are to receive training. At the very least, you will need to know how to control the access to the Force you are showing now. Master Jinn will show you where your quarters are located. They are next to his and you should really get some rest." Prodded Mace.

"That is the best advice I have heard all day, good night Master Windu." Replied Saint.

Qui Gon and Saint reached their respective rooms and were asleep with minutes.


Royal Courtyard, Theed Palace
Planet Naboo
31 BSW
(Star Wars Universe)


"Men, we will begin our little run by marching in formation then switching to double time." Stated a scowling Shepherd. The kids, he would always call them kids, were getting better. It wouldn't be long before they could compete with Shepherd's fellow Delta Operators. <McCoy, if you could only be here,> thought the Delta Operator.

The group of Naboo guards immediately snapped to attention. Sergeant Major Earl Shepherd stalked down the assembled rows of guards. Since the victory over the Trade Federation, changes had occurred within the Nubian government. A small volunteer army had been formed from new recruits and existing guardsmen. The attack and battle had brought to light the need for a small army to provide a nucleus of trained soldiers in case the Trade Federation returned. The leader of the Trade Federation had not been brought to justice and it appeared that he would continue to be the leader of that organization. Thus the Nubian Army had been formed. It was to be the nucleus for the planet in the event of any future invasion. Shepherd had taken to the job of training the soldiers like a fish took to water.

Shepherd decided to start the day with a nice easy three-mile platoon run. The twist was that they were to be wearing full packs on this exercise. Following the run, the platoon was scheduled for target practice at the range and later MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) training. All in all, it was a full day planned for the Nubian recruits.

"Platoon, forward March." Thundered the Sergeant Major.

"Platoon, Double Time."

The formation picked up the pace and began their three-mile run through the city of Theed.


Jedi Temple
Planet Coruscant
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

A loud knock on the door got Saint's attention as he finished shaving. He opened the door to find his friend Qui Gon standing in the hallway.

"Are you ready for your big day?" asked the Jedi Master.

"You betcha, what's on the agenda for today?"

"Following breakfast, we will go to the medi center for a blood test. It will determine what your medichlorine count is."

"Aren't those the microscopic creatures you were talking about that help determine how in tune with the Force one is?" asked Saint.

"You have the basic idea down." Noticing a loud growl coming from his young friends abdomen, the Jedi master suggested that they proceed to the cafeteria.

A red faced Saint answered sheepishly, "I think you're right. My stomach is telling me and everybody else it's time to get something to eat."


"There, that's not so bad." Said the Jedi healer as she finished taking the blood sample.

Saint looked over to Qui Gon and a recently arrived Mace Windu who watching the episode with thinly disguised amusement.

"Okay guys, I admit it. I cannot stand the sight of my own blood." Admitted the pale looking young American

"It is nothing to be ashamed of." Said Qui Gon.

Mace asked Saint how he was able function throughout the liberation of Naboo, particularly calming down the mortally wounded McCoy in the hanger fight.

"Master Windu, it's one thing in combat or any high stress situation. In those situations, I don't even think about the blood till after the danger has passed. In the case of the fight with the Sith. I was already about to pass out from my wounds. I didn't need the sight of my own blood."

"I understand."

The healer returned with the test results and handed them to Mace. Mace's face showed no emotions as he examined the data. He handed the data pad over the Qui Gon who also read it without showing any emotions.

"Uhhh, guys, how did I do?" asked Saint.

Qui Gon looked to Mace who nodded back.

"Anthony, your count is nearly as high as Anakin's."

"That's good right?"

"Very good. In fact, it is higher than many Jedi Masters."

Saint looked over to Mace Windu and the healer. When they both nodded solemnly to his unspoken question. He had only one reply, "Wow"

After a few more medical tests, it was decided to break for lunch. Qui Gon suggested that they visit a little nearby diner. Mace thinking it would be good to show Saint around the area, agreed to the suggestion. He asked them to wait at the entrance while he went back and retrieved a project he had been working on.

While waiting for Mace to return, Qui Gon and Saint were catching up on old times. A sudden shout and the feeling of something grabbing him got Saint's attention. Looking down, he saw it was Qui Gon's newest Padawan.

"Hey Squirt, how do you like the Jedi so far?"

"It's great. Master Jinn is teaching me so much. I only wish my mother was here." Answered Anakin.

Looking at Qui Gon, Saint responded, "Don't worry, I have this feeling that you will be reunited with her soon enough. Don't you have a class to get to?"

"Yeah, gotta go." Responded a rapidly exiting Skywalker.

Obi Wan Kenobi was walking into the temple when he noticed his former master and the American pilot standing at the door, waiting on someone. Walking up, he acknowledged the exuberant greeting from his new friend."

"Obi Wan, when did you get back? I was told you were on some kind of mission?" asked Saint

"I just got back an hour ago and preparing to give me report to the council."

"Well, Qui Gon and I are waiting on Master Windu to return so when can go out to lunch. Want to join us?"

Obi Wan looked over to Master Jinn who confirmed the invitation. Mace Windu showed up a few minutes later and the trio took a speeder over to the diner.


Walking into the diner, Saint once again noted the similarities between Earth and this new universe. Whereas Naboo was a cross between a renaissance city and fifties science fiction, Coruscant presented an entirely different picture. The huge city covered the planet and reminded the young American of the views presented by the popular science fiction writers of the fifties and sixties. The diner that he was sitting inside reminded him of the diner in that old TV show his mother used to watch and forced him to watch called Alice. There was even an Alien version of Mel, the cook and an android waitress version of Flo. <Man, in some ways it feels like I stepped back in time instead of a higher tech world. Now all I need is for the Fonz to come walking through the door.>

The android waitress took their orders and seated them at a booth. Saint had to ask Qui Gon which foods were good, since he didn't recognize any of the menu items. Mace pulled out a data pad and told Christopher that is was one of the tests given to prospective Jedis to see how strong in the Force they were. Saint agreed to try it out as a test subject since it had been undergoing repairs. Mace patiently explained that Saint had to identify a series of pictures on the screen.

Christopher began to see pictures in his head of various objects. He had to sketch out a few on a napkin since he didn't know what they were. Near the end he began to see familiar objects and places.

"Officers Club at Fort Rucker, Alabama."

"UH-1H Huey helicopter"

"Overhead view of the USS Essex."

Throughout the test, Mace and Qui Gon kept neutral expressions on their faces. Finally, Mace called an end to the test. He told Qui Gon that they would have to show the results to the council. They were interesting to say the least. Something out of the corner of Saint's eye caught his attention. Three men were leading a woman out of a speeder and she did not look like she wanted to go. Excusing himself from the table, Saint walked out of the front door. Mace looked over to Qui Gon and asked him what was going on. Master Jinn was at a loss for an explanation and suggested that they follow their new friend.


Saint turned the corner and spotted the woman being forced against a wall by one of the men. A vibro blade was held at her throat. The woman was begging for the return of her children, offering anything they wanted. Saint unbuckled his shoulder holster, readied his Beretta, and loudly cleared his throat.

"Excuse me, I would leave the lady alone if I were you."

The two thugs covering the knife wielder turned around, drew knives, and approached the American. Calmly waiting for the two to close the distance between them, Saint sprang into action. Using the unarmed fighting techniques taught to him by his Delta friends, both thugs were soon crumpled on the ground, unmoving. The third blinked in surprise as he felt the muzzle of the Beretta touch his head behind his ear.

"This is a Model 92 Beretta, standard sidearm for the United States armed forces. It is loaded with 9mm hollow point slugs that flatten on impact. They make a little entrance hole and an exit hole the size of your fist. If you so much as twitch or scratch the lady, I will blow your head off. Understand?" warned a softly spoken Saint.

The thug nodded and dropped the blade from his suddenly nerveless fingers. Saint heard a slight noise, glanced over his shoulder and saw his three friends at the mouth of the alley. From the looks of astonishment on their faces, it was apparent, they had seen the entire episode. He mentally sent a message to his friends. <They were going to hurt this woman. I can't let this happen.> The three Jedi nodded their receipt of the message.

"Now, my good friend, would you be so kind as to tell me why you were about to kill this woman?"

"The…the… boss told us, she was getting too close to his business and wanted her silenced permanently."

"What is this business that is so important that a innocent woman would need to be murdered?"

"The boss is taking children and selling them to this religious cult for sacrifices to some dark god."

An enraged Saint grabbed the thug by the collar and lifted him up. He looked the thug in the eye and quietly asked him where this kidnapping ring was based. The three Jedi felt this surge of anger rise upon the American and quickly controlled. They approached Saint, ready to help or restrain him if necessary.

"Don't worry guys. I'm not going to go all Dark Side over this piece of trash." Reassured Saint.

The woman had returned to her senses and spoke out. "I know where they are holding the children. They kidnapped my son and I found out. They wanted to silence me for good."

"How many men, does your boss keep at that location?" asked the angry Christopher.

One of the other men told him to keep his mouth shut. Saint looked him straight in the eyes. The thug turned a pasty shade of white as all color left his face.

"Tell your buddies what you see." Saint calmly ordered.

"Guys, I see a perfect predator. He doesn't want to kill me. He doesn't not want to kill me. He doesn't care either way." Responded the thug.

"Now I will only say this one time, how many men does your boss have?"

"Fifteen, I swear!!! Please don't kill me!!!"

Saint allowed the thug to collapse against the wall and turned to the three Jedi.

"Master Windu, could you notify the authorities to pick up this trash?"

"I've already notified them. They should be here within a couple of minutes."

"Uhh, Qui Gon, Obi Wan, and Master Windu, could we hold off the afternoon tests by a few hours? There is something I need to do. And, would you mind helping?"

Obi Wan turned to Qui Gon and said, "I have a bad feeling about this."

Mace Windu asked the young American what he was talking about. Saint replied that he wanted to rescue the children before any thing happened to them. Obi Wan just shook his head and muttered something about this being what Wins was talking about. Curious, Windu asked Obi Wan what he was talking about.

"Saint's co-pilot had referred to him as a Boy Scout. He said he was constantly, calling up his friends and dragging them and anyone standing nearby into helping do good deeds. Looks we are about to experience working with "The Boy Scout".




Authors Note: I would like to dedicate this story to all those Boy and Girl Scouts who risked their lives to save others on September 11, 2001. Some of them even made the supreme sacrifice on that day. I am of course, referring to the police, firefighters, and ordinary citizens who stared at the face of death and helped their fellow men and women out of the World Trade Center. Their heroism and dedication stand as examples for us all.

Planet Coruscant
31 BSW
(Star Wars Universe)

Mace Windu could not believe his eyes. The young American had nonchalantly inserted himself into the middle of a robbery or possibly a murder attempt without any warning to his companions. On top of that, Saint had taken down the thugs within a few seconds and had the leader pinned against the wall with a slug thrower against his head. It was as if Saint was another person. The wise cracking, wonder filled, young man had been replaced by what appeared to be an emotionless killer. Just as Mace had begin to wonder if Saint had given in to the Dark Side, the young man had spoken out:

"Don't worry guys. I'm not going to go all Dark Side over this piece of trash." Reassured Saint.

The Jedi Master examined the American more closely through the Force and discovered that his young friend was indeed just acting. The police had arrived and taken custody of the thugs. Once the statements had been given, the Jedi were left alone with Christopher and the woman. Qui Gon went up to his young friend.

"What do you have in mind?"

"It's very simple. We go to where the children are being held. Rescue them, put the bad guys out of action, and be back before dinner." Grinned the self-assured Saint.

"And, how do you plan on accomplishing this objective?" asked a skeptical Mace Windu.

"Well, I'll think something up when I see the building."

"You have no idea." Qui Gon quietly remarked.

"Hey, I'm making this up as I go. I'll have a better idea once I see the building. Besides, I am at my best working on the fly."

Mace turned to Obi Wan and asked. "Is he always like this?"

"On more occasions than I care to remember. I will get the speeder."


Warehouse District
Planet Coruscant
31 BSW
(Star Wars Universe)

The trip to the district took less than ten minutes. Obi Wan, who had been driving the speeder pulled over to a building adjacent to the target. Saint turned to Qui Gon and mentioned that they needed to know where the captives were located in the building. It just so happens, that one of the Nubians Saint had run into after the liberation of that planet worked on Coruscant. The associate, Jax Greenlaw, worked in the planets traffic control division. He was responsible for monitoring the traffic control satellites, which could be useful for their purpose. To everyone else's surprise Saint pulled out a communicator and began speaking. The three Jedi listened in silent amusement to the conversation. It was obvious that the person on the other side was not happy to hear from their friend.

"Hello, Jax, its Saint. I need your help."

"Dang, I knew I should have changed communicator numbers after meeting you. What do you want Saint?" replied a clearly irritated Jax Greenlaw.

"Do your traffic control satellites have thermal imaging capability?" asked Saint.

"Yeah, they do, you know I can't be using government property for personal business. What do you need it for?"

"Jax, I have uncovered a child kidnapping ring and am at the location. I need to know where the captives are being held and the locations of the guards." Replied the American.

"Saint, you are one of the most annoying do-gooders around, but you do have some of the most interesting assignments. Give me the address and I'll get back with you in around five minutes."

Saint turned to Obi Wan and asked him the address of the target building. He then relayed those same directions Jax. The young American could not help but notice the slight smiles worn by three Jedi when he was placed on hold. Qui Gon Jinn asked Saint what his plan was.

"It's very simple. First, we find out where the captives are being held. Second, we take out any guards that happen to be near the children. Third we get the children out. Finally, once the children are safe, we ensure that this particular band of evildoers is out of action permanently. We go in hard and fast. The bad guys should have no time to respond to the situation. I know the Jedi frown on unnecessary killing and I will try to keep casualties to a minimum. You, Obi Wan, and Master Windu have your lightsabers. I will be going in with my Beretta and three extra mags. For the record, I will be double tapping any bad guy I come across. One shot to the body and one to the head. If they live, fine. If not, well lets just say they took their chances when they rolled the dice."

"Anthony, you must not let your anger take over. That is the path to the Dark Side." gently rebuked Qui Gon.

"I know Qui Gon, I don't want to make you ashamed. I mean, you and Obi Wan are family to me. However, I have been a soldier and continue to be a warrior. I was trained to do whatever it takes to complete my mission with as few casualties to my side as possible. As an officer, I am directly responsible for the lives of the men under my command. One of those duties of an officer is to write to the families of those who were killed. That is one of the most difficult duties assigned to an officer. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to inflict massive casualties on the enemy to accomplish your mission. In this case, the priority, as I see it, is to get the children out unharmed. They are truly innocent and that innocence should not be damaged further."

"That is a commendable attitude. However, it is very easy to find yourself in a situation where you give in to the anger without noticing until it is too late." Commented Mace Windu.

"I know sir, but with you, Master Jinn, and Obi Wan present, I don't think that will ………."

The beeping of his communicator interrupted Saint's reply. Jax was calling back with the intelligence he had uncovered.

"Saint, you owe me. Thermal scans of the building show the presence of twenty small heat signatures, probably the children on top floor. There are approximately five larger heat signatures, probably adults, in the next room. Also, there are fifteen more adults on the bottom floor. You got some help with you?"

"Yeah, Jax. I have two Jedi masters and a recently knighted Jedi with me." Stated Saint.

"You just arrive on Coruscant and you are already dragging Jedi masters in helping do good deeds. How did you do pull that off?" asked the traffic monitor.

"Asked nicely?"

"I can see that there will be no dull moments with you around. Jax out."

Saint placed his communicator in his pocket and pulled out his pistol. Sliding the action back to put a round in the chamber, Saint turned to Obi Wan Kenobi.

"Obi Wan, can you get us to the top of the building?"

Obi Wan nodded his head and Mace spoke up.

"I assume we are going in through the roof?"

"Yes, once we put the guards out of action, You, Qui Gon, and myself will form a defensive perimeter at the exits leading downstairs. Anybody coming up will be eliminated. Obi Wan, you will escort the children to the roof where they will be picked up and returned to their families."

Obi Wan looked to his former master who nodded in agreement. The four of them entered the speeder and flew over the building. Fortunately, there were no guards on the rooftop and the speeder was able to land unnoticed. The three Jedi were able to cloak them selves and Saint with the Force and entered the building. Silently sneaking down a flight of stairs, they noticed the first of four guards on that level. Saint crept up behind him and knocked out the guard with a sharp blow to the head. Obi Wan drug the unconscious guard to a supply closet and fused the door shut with his lightsaber.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Commented the young Jedi.

They had just turned the corner and were about to enter the room outside the hostages when a guard turned the corner. He saw the hopeful rescuers pulled out his blaster and communicator and shouted, "Intruders in the …………………."

His warning was cut short by the sweep of a lightsaber that cut off the communicator and the hand attached to it.

"Shit, they're on to us." Cursed Saint

"Anthony, be……………."

Qui Gon's instruction was lost as Saint dove into the room a step ahead of the three Jedi. A yellow beam of light flashed through the space just vacated by the young American. Rolling behind a couch, Saint quickly eliminated the shooter with two bullets. He quickly noticed that there were three guards left and one was trying to reach a door on the far side of the room. The frightened screams of young children could be heard through the door.

"Mace, Qui Gon, and Obi Wan, there are three guards left in this room. One of them is trying to get to the children!" shouted Saint.

It had gone from a quiet calm to total chaos within seconds. The room was filled with smell of burnt ozone and scream of the wounded and dying. Mace Windu and Qui Gon Jinn entered the room and parried the blaster bolts shot at them from the remaining guards. They had just entered the room when their young friend yelled out his warning. Quickly dispatching their opponents, the two Jedi masters were trying to reach the final guard before he could get to that door. Suddenly, three sharp cracks split the air. It seemed as if time had slowed down as three puffs of smoke erupted from the guard's back. Falling to the ground, the guard did not get back up. Christopher left his position and walked over to the fallen guard. Nudging the body with his foot, he detected no response.

Obi Wan entered the room and saw his friend over the body of a fallen guard. A growing pool of blood showed that he was probably dead. The young Jedi noticed the sounds of children from the next room and tried the door. It was locked. The cries of the captives rose in pitch with someone trying to enter the door.

"Children, do not be afraid, we are Jedi Knights and here to rescue you." Reassured the young Jedi.

Obi Wan and Qui Gon immediately began burning a hole in the door with their lightsabers. <Man that lightsaber sure is useful when you don't have a door charge.> Thought Christopher. With Mace and Saint standing guard, an opening was quickly cut into the door. Qui Gon entered the room and sent out a calming feeling through the Force to the children. When the children recognized the Jedi robes, they rushed their rescuers. One small girl, of about six year of age, went up to tall Jedi master.

"Are you here to take us to our mommies and daddies?"

"Yes child, we are here to do just that. Obi Wan escort the children to the top and wait for the transports. Anthony, go to….. Anthony?"

Qui Gon reached into the Force to discover just where his young friend had disappeared. He was only slightly surprised to see that Saint had decided to go downstairs. Motioning for Mace Windu to come with him, he approached the stairs going down to the lower levels. Mace was examining the bodies for clues about who they were when he heard Qui Gon calling out to their young friend. It looked like Saint had decided to go after the gang on his own.


Obi Wan escorted the children up to the roof and called for transportation. It would be there with the authorities within a few minutes. Taking watch over the only door leading inside, he could only wonder what was going on. <Saint, what are you up to? It can only be no good.>


Raymond Winslett was sitting in the briefing room of the Nubian Embassy on Coruscant when the call came through. Upon recovering from his injuries, the co-pilot of ‘Super 6-4' had been awarded a position within the Naboo military by Queen Amidala. Ric had taken Wins under his wing and taught him how to fly the Nubian ships. It was those flight duties that had brought Wins to Coruscant. Apparently Amidala had some things that needed to be attended in person. So she had come to the capital of the Republic to fulfill those duties. Queen Amidala had finished with her scheduled meetings for the day and had come down to spend a few minutes with Wins. With his warped sense of humor, it was difficult to not like the American. The queen caught the end of the radio conversation and asked Wins what was going on.

"Your Majesty, that was Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi. Apparently, he and three others had rescued a group of children from a child-kidnapping ring. He was calling for someone to pick the kids up."

"Only three others, that's a small group for such a mission. Did Jedi Kenobi say who was with him?"

"Yes ma'am, Master Jinn, Master Windu, and our favorite psychotic, smart mouthed American do-gooder."

"Oh my. Let me guess, Saint uncovered the kidnapping ring and decided to rescue the children before anything could happen to them." Mused the Queen.

"Yup, and he had to drag in anybody who happened to be in the area to help with the good deed."

"Lets go get those children. My transport should be able to accommodate that number. Besides, I want to find out what sort of mischief our Boy Scout has been into." Grinned the Queen.

"I've only been on the planet for less than a week and I'm being dragged back into doing good deeds. Thank God this is only a short visit." Murmured Winslett.


Saint crept down the stairs to the next level. Though, he had no formal training in using the Force, the time with Qui Gon had allowed him to become more in tune with his feelings. Now, he sensed at least five beings were coming up the stairs. Ducking behind a filing cabinet, he sighted down the hallway. He nearly jumped out of his boots when a hand touched him on the shoulder. He turned around and came face to face with Mace and Qui Gon.

"Just what do you think you are doing?" Mace quietly rebuked.

"Well, uh, since Obi Wan had the children secured at the roof, I decided to have a look around."

"Of course, you would have to eliminate any gang member you happen to run across." Stated a calm Qui Gon.

"And then you have to factor in the possibility of finding out who is behind this and shut down this operation for good." Added Mace.

"Am I that transparent?" Saint sheepishly asked.

"YES!!!" responded both Jedi Masters.

"Okay, okay, you don't have to rub it in. Anyway, I sense three hostiles about to enter our vicinity."

The entrance of the three thugs interrupted any reply from the two Jedi Masters. Saint quickly dropped the first gangster with two shots. The next three rushed in firing blindly into the room. Qui Gon and Mace parried the blaster bolts without any difficulty. One bolt was sent back to the person who had fired it. The criminal dropped and did not move. The other two were quickly dispatched by the humming lightsabers. The fifth thug waited to come through the door. He had figured to let his compatriots wear down the Jedi before making his entrance. Saint crept to the side of the door and waited. He tried to send Qui Gon a picture of what he wanted to do.

Qui Gon was waiting for the last criminal to enter the room when he caught Saint's attempt to reveal his plan through the Force. Apparently, Saint intended to capture this last thug and interrogate him for information. The Jedi Master quietly told Mace to not hurt the fifth thug. The black Jedi nodded in agreement.

The final thug had decided that he had waited enough and rushed into the room. The two Jedis deflected his shots into the walls while Saint made his move. Coming up behind the gunman, Saint quickly disarmed him. With a pistol at his head, the thug was quietly asked about the location of his leader. The small handgun appeared to have grown into a cannon, at least to the thug. Not wanting to have his brains decorating the wall, he quickly revealed that his leader had hidden himself and his remaining guards on the floor below him. Saint looked to his friend and mentor, Qui Gon Jinn.

"Well what do you think? I'm game for ending this little shebang. How about you?"


The Naboo transport was at the warehouse within minutes. Landing on the roof, Wins noticed the large group of children and one Jedi Knight, Obi Wan Kenobi. Before he could say anything, Queen Amidala had opened the hatch and lowered the boarding ramp. Quickly joining the Queen, Wins approached the young Jedi.

"I thought that Saint, Qui Gon, and Mace Windu were with you?"

"They are, but something came up. They sent me here to protect the children until you showed up."

"Let me guess, Saint decided to go off and play ‘Lone Ranger' and take out the remaining bad guys."

"Are you sure you don't have any Force abilities? You were correct in your guess."

"No, I've just been around the Boy Scout too long. He's become somewhat predictable."

Wins walked back to the Queen and asked her to load the children upon the transport and fly off a short distance while he and Obi Wan went to help out the three still below. Amidala agreed and had the kids on the ship in no time. As she was lifting up Wins turned to Obi Wan.

"Lets get this over with so we can go home."


The three liberators were waiting outside the room containing the last group of kidnappers. Saint pulled the magazine out of his Beretta and replaced it with a fresh mag. He then took a recently liberated blaster pistol and stuck it in his belt. Finally, he pulled out a stun grenade that he had somehow acquired. <It's obvious, I need to question Anthony where he gets his equipment> thought Qui Gon. Saint turned to his friends and laid out his plan.

"Wait until I throw the flash bang before entering. Once it goes off we rush in taking out the guards and capture the leader. I figure this will be over in a few seconds."

Mace and Qui Gon gave quick nods and waited. Saint pulled the pin, counted to three and rolled the grenade into the room. Cries of surprise were heard from inside seconds before the grenade went off. The room shook with a loud bang and bright light flashed out.


Obi Wan and Wins had just reached the level containing the gang leader when a loud bang was heard.

"Looks like the party is already under way." Commented the American co-pilot.

"I had a feeling they would be doing something reckless." Sighed the young Jedi. "They are certainly made for each other. One or the other seems to always getting into something."

The two ran a little faster to help out their friends.


By the time Obi Wan and Wins had reached the room, it was all over. Qui Gon and Saint were talking to a middle age human sitting at a desk. Meanwhile Mace was standing guard over the remaining thugs. By the look in their eyes, they were in no condition to fight.

Qui Gon was softly asking the gang leader who was behind his little ring. Obi Wan took in the appearance of the thug. The leader was dressed in black robes with some strange designs covering them. However, for some reason the thug was constantly looking back at Saint with panic in his eyes. <Of course, the fact that Saint was pointing his gun at the thug's head was probably the reason.>

"Master Jinn, I get the feeling that we need to be very careful with this gangster." Warned Saint.

"I believe you are right Anthony. I feel a great amount of evil surrounding this person."

With the aid of the Force, Qui Gon had all of the information available from the thug. He had turned his back just a minute when Wins shouted out a warning. The lightsaber quickly flashed through the thug's body, killing him instantly.

"Master Jinn, it looked like he was making some kind of threatening movement with his hands." Stated Obi Wan.

"Almost as if he was performing a magic spell," added Saint.

"Hmmm, I was thinking he was using the Dark Side of the Force. This something we must make the council aware of." Confirmed Mace Windu.

"Well, lets clean up this mess and get back to the Jedi Temple. The authorities have just arrived to take the prisoners into custody." Offered Saint.


Saint and the rest of the impromptu rescue party joined Amidala and the children on her transport for the trip back to the temple. Anxious parents waited at the landing pad for the ship to shut down. A sense of relief followed by great joy filled the air at the parent/child reunions. Saint walked down the ramp beside Qui Gon and Mace. Reaching into his pocket and pulling out a fresh stim stick, Saint looked over the growing crowd.

"I love it when a plan comes together."

Swiftly confiscating the stick Qui Gon turned to his young friend. "Now, I believe we should discuss why a certain young man would do something reckless. Such as, throwing away the agreed upon plan of action and taking on a large group of opponents by himself without telling his companions."

"It seemed like a good idea at the time." Offered the young American.

"Be that as it may. It will do no good to get yourself killed doing something reckless when waiting will achieve your goals. You must learn patience, my young friend." Chided the Jedi Master.

Saint, feeling about two inches tall, could only reply with a soft "Yes Sir."

"Now, lets go back inside. I believe you have some more tests to take before dinner. Then, tomorrow I believe we can fit in some sparring."

"Well, then lets get those test over with. Saving kidnapped children and defeating the forces of evil does tend to work up one's appetite." Grinned Saint.

"It would appear so." Confirmed the Master Jedi.



Jedi Temple
Planet Coruscant
31 BSW
(Star Wars Universe)

Anthony ‘Saint' Christopher stumbled into his room. Exhaustion had finally took its toll of the young man. First, there were the various medical, mental, and physical tests. Then, the impromptu rescue mission. Finally, add in the chewing out by various Jedi Masters for said rescue mission. But the worst came from his friend and mentor, Qui Gon Jinn. <It's a toss up between who is better at sending me on a guilt trip, Qui Gon or Mom.> He was unconscious as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The wake-up alarm roused Saint from his sleep. The results from the many tests taken over the last two days had been given to the council. That and his actions would pretty much determine whether Saint would be allowed to receive more extensive training. Qui Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, and the Jedi Council would be in session for most of the day deciding whether Saint could undertake the training. So, he decided to do a little exploring. He was on his way to the library when he overheard the sound of lightsabers coming from a nearby room. Sticking his head around the corner, he noticed Master Adi Gallia sparring with her padawan. They were using a training lightsaber that simulated the feel of the real thing without causing any damage.

Adi Gallia was finishing up her lesson when she detected the presence of another. Looking around, she noticed Saint was observing the practice from the doorway. The Temple had been abuzz with the latest exploits of the young man from Earth. In fact, by the time she had finally met Saint, the day before, she felt like she had known him for some time. It wasn't often that a non-Jedi was able to convince two Jedi Masters to help do a good deed. The ‘Saint' was certainly becoming a legend. Adi invited Saint into the room and asked him if she could help him with something.

"Well ma'am, I heard you sparring from the hallway and was wondering if I could join in?" responded Saint.

The response surprised the Jedi Master. It wasn't often that a regular person would ask to spar with a Jedi. This was definitely an unusual request.

"Are you sure?" Adi's voice made clear, that she didn't consider Saint a real challenge, but wanted to avoid embarrassing him.

Saint answered with a smile. "Yes ma'am. You see, back home, I used to do a little Kendo, which was very relaxing. Seeing that you were using training sabers, I thought I'd ask. Besides, I thought I could learn some new moves that I could use when I get back home."

"You are welcome to participate. In fact, why don't you spar with my padawan?"

Saint accepted the training saber faced the Jedi apprentice. Adi Gallia stood off to the side and observed. Saluting his opponent with his weapon, Saint prepared himself for the fight. Maxtor, Adi Gallia's padawan, expected an easy fight. He advanced upon the young American and the fight was on. However, it soon became obvious that Christopher was not going to be defeated so easily. Maxtor's first swings were swiftly parried and what should have been a quick victory, turned into a grueling fight. Finally, after fifteen minutes, Saint's saber was knocked out of his hand and he acknowledged his defeat. A sudden burst of applause drew his attention to the female Master.

"You did much better than expected. Maxtor is one of my best students in swordplay. How did you do it? It's been a long time since someone using the force was bested in the lightsaber by an opponent not drawing upon the force."

"Let's just say, I had one of the best fencing teachers in Sparta. She taught me many things concerning the proper use of a sword. Of course, those lessons were often accompanied by many aches and pains to various parts of my body." Grinned the young American.

Handing over a glass of water to the exhausted American. Adi asked him to tell him about this teacher.

"Well, I was just your normal everyday American teenager when I met JD Heart………."


City Park
Sparta, Mississippi, USA
October 15, 1996

Two teenage boys faced each other in front of a bridge within the city park, swords in their hands. Anthony Christopher, thirteen-year-old high school student and Jeremy Brooks were acting out the scene in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". Anthony steps forward and recites his lines.

"You fight with the strength of many men, Sir Knight. I am Arthur, King of the Britains. I seek the finest and bravest knights in the land to join me in my court of Camelot. You have proven yourself worthy; will you join me?"

Silence fills the air. Finally, Jeremy, speaks out:

"None shall pass."

"I have no quarrel with you, good Sir knight, but I must cross this bridge." Said Anthony.

Jeremy responded: "Then you shall die"

"I command you as King of the Britons to stand aside!"

"I move for no man"

"So be it!"

The sound of steel clashing on steel filled the air. The two boys were getting ready for their drama classes production of that comedy. Anthony found some old swords that were not too sharp and suggested that they prepare for the role. For ten minutes the two boys attacked and parried each other's attacks. Finally, Anthony, playing King Arthur scores a hit on Jeremy's arm. Anthony orders the other boy to stand aside.

"Tis but a scratch." Responded the boy.

"A scratch? Your arm's off!"

"No, it isn't. I've had worse."

"You liar!"

"Come on you pansy!"

"You are indeed brave, Sir Knight, but the fight is mine."

"Oh, had enough then?"

"Look, you stupid bastard, you've no arms left."

"Yes, I have. Just a flesh wound."

"What are you going to do, bleed on me?"

The fight continued for a few minutes when Jeremy slashed his opponent's stomach. Anthony, fell down struggling to catch his breath. Suddenly, a beam of light from a parked car highlighted both boys. A figure got out of the police car and walked over to the two boys. Jeremy ran off while Anthony sat up. The boy nearly jumped out of his sneakers when he felt a hand grab his shoulder.

"What the f…………!!!!" the teenager shouted as he jumped into the air.

"If you want to play with swords, have someone teach you." Hissed a fairly P.O.ed detective. Turning the boy around she looked him straight in the eyes. "Now, just what are you doing out here, Anthony?"

"Uhhhh, I am playing King Arthur in my school's production of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and I thought some sword practice would be in order, did I mention that the role involves sword fighting? Besides, who's gonna teach me, YOU??" challenged the teenager

JD shook her head at the brash youngster before growling:

"Be at the gym at 5:00am tomorrow or else the jailhouse. Your choice."

Anthony, picked himself off the ground and softly gave JD a "Yes Ma'am, I'll be at the gym" before heading back home.


Training Room
Jedi Temple
Planet Coruscant
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

The other padawans had gathered around to hear the story. Saint leaned back in his chair and took another sip of water before continuing.

"I saw JD at least twice a week from that day on till I left for the military. She checked my report cards each semester and when I graduated from high school, she gave me an antique sword as a graduation present. I lost track of my old teacher until a few years ago when I ran into her. She had moved to the West Coast and joined the Los Angeles Police Department. While visiting, I heard about some black ops group led by a man called 'The Wanderer‘. Just rumors, mind you, but too many rumors for a farce. Apparently he, and his group, had marched into the city one day, while some cult was kidnapping and slaughtering people, and took them down. Not like the police, but simply go in, shoot them, and get gone, with all bodies. How he got away with it, I don't know, but he did. Nobody officially acknowledged that he, or any of his people, had been there. But the rumors were enough to inspire me. So I decided right then and there to use him as role model and protect the innocent whenever I saw them threatened." Mused Saint.

"So, thus begins the story of the man called "Saint." Asked the master Jedi with a slight grin.

"Pretty much." Nodded Saint, "Soon afterwards, I was flying a Blackhawk over Africa, getting shot down and finding myself in the midst of a futuristic war."

"Such is the will of the Force. It would appear that you were destined to play a part in this space theater we call The Republic. You definitely have the soul of a Jedi." Stated Adi.

"You do have a point."


Courtyard, Royal Palace
Planet Naboo
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

It was the beginning of another busy day for Sergeant Shepherd, lately of the U.S. Army's Delta Force. Following the liberation of Naboo, the Queen had offered Shepherd a commission in the newly formed Royal Army. However, the commando didn't care for being an officer and convinced the Queen to make him First Sergeant in charge of training. He was still an enlisted man but he answered only to the army's commander. The last few months had been filled with one training assignment after another.

Today found Shepherd on the newly constructed firing range on the outskirts of Theed. The trainees were to become acquainted with their new weapon, the Mauser 960 Assault System. During the battle to liberate Naboo, Shepherd had been struck by the low rate of fire common to most standard blasters. He liked the power of the blaster but wanted a higher rate of fire in a combat system. If only, they could build a blaster rifle with the rate of fire of an M-16A1 on full auto. The Delta Operator was about to solve that little problem.

Upon his appointment as First Sergeant, the Delta Operator had visited the prime small arms manufacturer on Naboo. There he had set forth the requirements for a new weapon for the newly formed Naboo Royal Army. It turned out that the manufacturer had a prototype already in the works. The result was the weapon being put through its paces at the range. The primary feature of the weapon was the pulse laser system. An auto-grenade launcher was attached under the barrel of the weapon as a secondary weapon. The grenade launcher could be fired in automatic or single shot mode and had a six round magazine. Then, add in a vibro-blade bayonet and UV/Starlight Scope and you had a nasty surprise for any foe. Shepherd was particularly impressed with the variety of ammunition for the grenade launcher. The manufacturer offered thermite, smoke, and the usual high explosive rounds. Just think, all of this in a package weighing in at 9.8 kilograms.

Shepherd looked over the line of soldiers on the range and gave the command to open fire. Within seconds, the targets were piles of dust. It was definitely a nice weapon. As, he sighted on his own target, the sergeant thought about tomorrow's schedule. Hostage rescue and demolition were the high points. It would not be long before Shepherd's boys were combat ready.


Jedi Council Chambers
Jedi Temple
Planet Coruscant
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

"Too old he is and too reckless he has proven."

"But Master Yoda, he has shown abilities and a control over the Force that only higher padawans can muster." Argued Qui Gon.

Qui Gon Jinn and the Jedi Council had spent the morning and much of the afternoon deliberating on what they should do with the young American. The members were evenly divided between those who thought Saint should be trained and those who didn't. Finally, Ki Adi Mundi spoke up.

"I was looking over some old texts in the library when I remembered a prophecy by the early masters. While Master's Jinn and Windu were involved in that little unauthorized field trip yesterday, I reread the text that might offer a new view onto this discussion."

Qui Gon and Mace wore identical looks of slight embarrassment over that last point. Yoda motioned for Ki Adi Mundi to continue.

"About one thousand years ago, the Jedi Master Lasalla made a prophecy that might apply to this situation. ‘In the future, there shall come the Warrior of Light. At the time of greatest need, he shall come through the barrier that separates the universes to aid the Republic, and save it from the endless fall. He shall be noticed for possessing the soul of a Jedi, but he shall not follow the rules of the Jedi. While he shall cause the Council endless irritation fighting the darkness, aside all rules, with a passion that might be his fall, he stands between the dark side and its victory. He shall marshal many friends, and have many allies, facing the darkness at his side, but his coming also herald great changes, and many shall oppose these. Not only the survival of the Republic itself, but all that lives in it, is at risk, and under the best of circumstances, many shall die for few to live. His coming will be but the last warning of the fall, and shall give the Jedi a last change to be ready for the end.' There are other prophecies about Light and Darkness, and the Fall of the Republic, but they do little more then deal with side aspects of this one."

"Saint Christopher is this Warrior of Light you believe?" asked Yoda.

"I had suspected as much when I listened to Master Jinn's report on Naboo. The incident of yesterday with the rescue of the children only confirmed my belief." Responded Mundi.

"If that is so, then Christopher must have a suitable master. One who he trusts and will listen to." Added Mace Windu.

All eyes were locked on Qui Gon as Yoda called for the young American to be brought forth before the council.


Saint walked into the council room. He was struck by the number of Master Jedi assembled and took his place beside his friend, Qui Gon. <It's almost like being in the presence of the greatest leaders in history thought the young American.>

Master Mundi interrupted his thoughts. "Anthony Christopher, you have been brought before the Council to hear our decision upon whether you should join the Jedi. Masters Jinn and Windu have argued eloquently on your behalf. You are blessed to have such loyal friends, especially after dragging them in the child kidnap ring incident. However, you have an aura of recklessness that needs to be harnessed. You could have notified the authorities and let them take care of the kidnappers. Yet, you went right in without a second thought. Before we give our decision, I must ask you, how will you respond if a similar situation would appear if you are admitted into the ranks of the Jedi?"

"Master Mundi, members of the Jedi Council, while I would like to say I would always obey the council, I cannot. For you see, I cannot stand back and let innocents suffer no matter what. In the end I will always do what is necessary to protect them. Even at the cost of my own life."

"Much fear I sense in you. Fear that leads to the dark side if not controlled."

"Master Yoda, where I am from, fear is a necessary part of being human. It keeps one from taking unnecessary risks. For without fear, one would always charge in regardless of the danger to his life and others. On our planet how one faces his fear often determines what will occur."

The assembled masters conversed among themselves for a few minutes. Finally, Mace Windu addressed the council.

"It is obvious that this young man is strong in the force, yet untrained. His lack of training and his age make it easier for him to be seduced by the dark side. However, Master Jinn has already testified to the fact that Anthony has harnessed his anger in times of stress. I have already realized that whether or not he admitted into the ranks of the Jedi, Anthony will continue to harness the force. Therefore I believe we should admit him into the Jedi. If only so we can know where he is and what he is doing and try to keep him on the light side."

"Admitted into the order, if he is? What master should him have?"

Mace gave a slight grin in the direction of Qui Gon Jinn and stated. "Why Master Jinn of course! After all with the non-standard actions he has undertaken in the past, it would be right to assign him a Padawan as reckless as he is. Perhaps the experience will lead to him becoming less so in the future." Offered the black Jedi Master.

The debate went on for some time. Finally, Yoda ended the debate and called for a decision. A large majority admitted Saint admitted into the order as a trainee and Qui Gon's second apprentice. Master Jinn and Christopher gave slight bows of respect and left the chambers.

Outside the door, Saint leaned over to his new master and commented. "Did your master ever voice a variation of that ages old curse parents like to give their hard headed children?"

"What do you mean?"

Saint smirked at the Jedi, "The one that goes, I hope you have a child just like you, or in this case, I hope you have a padawan just like you?"

"The future is always in motion. But it will be an interesting experience."


Planet Tauri Alpha 5
Outer Rim
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN OUR OPERATION IN CORSCANT IS BLOWN?" screamed an enraged Wolfgang Blackmoore.

"Well sir, an assault force of Jedi breached our defenses, killed or captured our operatives, and rescued the captives." Trembled the terrified underling.

"That's just great. Now I have to let the Sith Lord know that an important piece of his plans has just gone up in smoke. You will accompany me to Sidious when I tell him about this defeat. If you are lucky, I may only kill you." Hissed the Black Mage.

It turned out the Sith Lord was in a good mood as he did not draw out the underling's death. Sidious calmly told Blackmoore that the ring had outlived its usefulness anyway. The Black Mage was to instead proceed with Phase two.


It had not been a good week for the master crime lord and Black Mage. First, his meticulously planned scheme for providing human sacrifices to harness dark side energies was no more thanks to the Jedi. On top of that, he had narrowly missed being eliminated by the Jedi. <How was he to know that other people from Earth had somehow arrived in this realm?> Thought Wolfgang. That oversight nearly cost him his life. As it was, he had fled to some backwater planet on the outer rim to plan his next move. It had seemed so easy that day eight years ago.


He and his fellow Black Mages had enacted their plans to unleash demons upon his home plane. Once the demons had been freed, the Black Mages would have that power at their beckon. It didn't matter that the world would be devastated and civilization as the world knew it gone for good. However, the various groups, both official and covert, had combined forces to stop the summoning. Most of the Black Mages had been destroyed with their headquarters and only a few were able to escape the annihilation. Blackmoore was one of the lucky individuals who had gotten away before the Grail Knights had closed off the escape routes. In his case, he had been able to open a portal to another universe and enter it. Unfortunately, the attack had been so sudden that he was unable to know where he had jumped.

He awakened in what was obviously an apartment of some kind and found himself being examined by a humanoid in black robes. A hood covered his features and the Black Mage could feel the dark power pouring off the other individual. It was obvious that this person was as powerful in the dark arts as the most powerful Black Mages on Earth. Blackmoore was surprised when the other person began addressing him in English.

"Ahhhh, good to see that you are finally awake. I sensed the presence of another user of the dark side. Upon following the path laid down by the Force, I find you. Now what am I going to do with you?" asked the robed stranger.

Wolfgang knew he had to say something quick before this individual squashed him like a bug. Holding out his hands, palm up, to show he was no threat, he responded.

"I am no threat to you, Master. My name is Wolfgang Blackmoore. I am merely a traveler from another universe who came here by mistake. Perhaps, we can come to an arrangement that would be beneficial to both of us?"

"Perhaps," hissed the stranger. "I am Darth Sidious, Master of the Sith."

Sidious examined the Black Mage with the Force and came to a decision. <This Blackmoore fellow can be of some use in his takeover of the empire. Hmmmmmm, he could even be the key that would lead to his victory and the destruction of the Jedi. It is obvious that he's as power hungry as most wielders of the Dark Force . In fact, his attempts to appear otherwise are particularly pathetic. But he practices a dark art unrelated to the Force. The possibilities are endless.>

"You could be of some use to me. I have this operation that needs the right person to lead it. You would report directly to me and………….."


Blackmoore had been placed in charge of the child kidnap ring. Certain Force-sensitive children would be kidnapped and sent to Tauri Alpha 5. Upon arrival they would be hooked up to a Force draining device of ancient Sith technology. The children's midichlorin and Force energy would be stored where a Dark Force user could add that power to his own. To his joy, it also worked with Blackmoore's own magical powers. It would appear the Dark side of the Force and Black Magic were related forms of power. Of course Siddious had the Black Mage on a short leash since day one. <Damn, and now that extra power was cut off at the source.>

He had just returned from Coruscant when he had been given word of the kidnap ring's destruction. Luckily, he had conditioned his underlings to where they would not reveal any information. If pressed, they would either kill themselves or force their captives to kill them. He walked through the jungle over to the overgrown pyramid. He moved briskly through the passageways then stepped into the room. He stood and looked at the object in the middle of the room for a few minutes. Sitting upon a raised platform was a large stone ring.

"Once I figure out how to use this device, I will have even more power than Darth Sidious himself. I even might be able to return to my own universe and conquer it for myself. The possibilities are endless." Blackmoore spoke out loud to the empty room.


Jedi Council Chambers
Jedi Temple
Planet Coruscant
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

"Master, do you have any idea what is going on?" asked Saint.

"All will be revealed in time. You must learn patience my young friend. That is why the Council appointed me to be your teacher."

"Are you sure, you weren't appointed to be my teacher in retaliation for those reckless actions Obi Wan keeps talking about?"

"Perhaps, perhaps," laughed the Jedi Master.

The two men entered the chambers and approached the council. Master Yoda told them that an examination of the kidnapping ring had revealed that it was not limited to Coruscant. The evidence pointed to a deeper evil that had yet to be identified. Qui Gon and Saint were ordered to go to the system identified in the evidence, Tauri Alpha. There they were to investigate and report any findings to the Council for further action should it be necessary. The Jedi Master and his apprentice acknowledged their instructions and left the room.

Mace Windu turned to Ki Adi Mundi and asked, "Do you think it was wise to send Christopher on a mission this soon?"

"Don't worry, I know Qui Gon Jinn. If anybody can keep reign of the ‘Boy Scout', it's him. Besides Christopher looks on Qui Gon as a mentor and friend." Responded Mace.

"Now that I think about it, how much trouble could those two get into?"

Mace sat back in his chair to ponder that last question. As he thought about it, one of Saint's more colorful expressions came to mind, <Oh, Shit…>


Landing Pad 3-2b-56
Planet Coruscant
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

"I'm leaving on…. A jet plane….. I don't know when I'll be back again…"

Qui Gon only shook his head as he watched his young friend sing as they boarded the waiting spacecraft. They had just finished putting away their personal possessions when a familiar voice sounded from the cockpit.

"Look what the cat drug in," drawled a grinning Winslett.

"WINS, what are you doing here?" asked Saint.

"The Jedi Council needed a pilot and Queen Amidala asked if I would like to go?"

"Man, the Jedi Council will take anybody these days." Quipped Saint.

"Hey, hey, hey. Watch it my good friend. You have to put up with me for the rest of the trip. Looks like the ‘Dynamic Duo' or is that the ‘Terrible Trio' gets together for more adventures." Wins responded, looking at Qui Gon.

"I believe it is time for us to depart." Prodded the Jedi Master.



Spaceship, "Nubian Raider"
Voyage to Tauri Alpha V
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

The sleek, silver spacecraft swept through the upper atmosphere of the city-planet Coruscant. Outside the cockpit, the view changed from blue sky to the blackness of space. Wins looked over to his friend and fellow soldier and pondered the changes both had undergone since that liftoff from the U.S.S. Essex, nearly a year ago. <It wasn't that long ago when I was in the co-pilot's seat and Saint was piloting the craft.>

Anthony "Saint" Christopher just looked out the window as a sense of wonder covered his face. The ship left orbit and flew to the edge of the system. Wins punched in a few commands into the navicomputer and pulled the lever, mounted on the front console. Time seemed to slow down for a few seconds. A high pitch whine filled the interior of the craft as it made the jump into hyperspace. Outside the stars turned into streaks of bright light that flashed by the craft as it accelerated toward its destination.

Wins looked up as Qui Gon Jinn entered the cockpit. The master Jedi tapped Saint on the shoulder. He looked over at Wins and all three moved into the common area. Qui Gon handed Saint a long silver handle and activated a training droid. The silver ball rose up on it's repulser jets and moved toward Saint. Taking a two handed grip, Saint activated the weapon with a press of the button located on the handle. A beam of green light extended from the handle as the American waited for the droid to attack. Two yellow beams shot out from the floating ball toward the young American . He dodged the first but was hit in the seat by the second. To his surprise, his former co-pilot doubled over in intense laughter.

"Man, I wish I had a camera right now. Sorta reminds me of the time that waitress in Los Angeles nailed you with the beer can."

A red-faced Saint was about to respond with an appropriate comeback when Qui Gon spoke up.

"Your eyes can deceive you. Feel the Force flow through your body. "

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, Saint mentally prepared himself for the droid's next move.

The silver ball floated to the right of the Jedi-in-Training and fired another three shots at him. Saint quickly blocked the three beams. A twisted grin formed on the young American's face as a unique idea ran through his mind. Upon shooting a fourth beam the droid moved back and waited. This bolt was parried and shot towards its new target. Wins was enjoying the scene when the fourth beam hit him in the seat.

"YOW!!! WHAT THE…." Yelled out the enraged co-pilot as Saint began laughing.

"As they say back on Earth, my good friend, PAYBACKS A BITCH." Chuckled Saint.

"That was uncalled for. A Jedi does not give into such emotions." Chided Qui Gon.

"But he was asking for it."


"Sorry, Qui Gon" responded a slightly embarrassed Saint.

The Master Jedi only shook his head in response. It was going to be one of those days.


Planet Tauri Alpha V
Outer Rim
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

The planet had once been the center of a thriving civilization of human origin. However, that was in the past. Recent history had not been kind to the people of Tauri Alpha V. The climate had shifted from an extreme case of global warming brought about by discharge from various factories and mines. The icecaps had melted and were accompanied by the rise of oceans and the growth of jungle forests. Now, thousands of years later, the population had dropped by 80% and most of the earlier civilization had been swallowed up by the encroaching jungles. It was in this setting that Wolfgang Blackmoore and Darth Sidious had set up their Force stealing operation.

So far, the operation had been proceeding according to plan. By their own calculations, the Sith Lord and his Black Mage underling will have accumulated enough power to seize control of the Republic within ten years. Unfortunately, some snags had crept up here and there. The most serious was the shutting down of their child kidnap ring on Corscant. If they didn't find a fresh source immediately, the timetable could be set back as many as twenty years. Sidious had made it clear to Blackmoore that he expected the operation to be back on schedule soon. Otherwise, one Black Mage could find himself gasping for air while dancing around the room, Force Lightning coursing through his body.

Blackmoore had just entered the main control room when the communication unit began announcing an incoming call. Flipping a switch, the image of the Dark Lord appeared in the center of the holocom unit.

"What is the status of the operation?" asked Sidious.

"My Lord, we are on schedule. The last batch of children should provide us enough power for the next four months. However, we need to acquire a new source if we are to keep on schedule."

"I am well aware of your difficulties and will get you your raw material. However, I am calling you to notify you that the Jedi are aware that something is happening on your planet and have sent a team to investigate."

"One team will be no problem for my security forces, and even if they get past them, I will destroy them."

"Do not be so sure of yourself. The two being sent are Master Qui Gon Jinn and Anthony Christopher. They are frowned upon by the Jedi Council for being too unconventional. However, Christopher is one who took down the operation in Coruscant. Be very careful. They pose a threat to our plans and will need to be eliminated. I am sending more battle droids. Use them wisely."

"Yes, my master," replied Blackmoore as the image flickered out.

<Hmmm, Christopher. Where have I heard that name before?> Thought the Black Mage. Then it hit him, <Of course, he's that American soldier who helped foil the operation on Naboo. I thought I was through with meddling white knights when I left Earth. Looks like I'll have to eliminate him sooner rather than later. >

Turning back to the com unit, Blackmoore placed a call. A mysterious figure answered.

"What do you want?"

"I have a job for you. I need you to eliminate a Jedi Master and his apprentice. Time is importance. "

"It will cost you 1,000,000 for each target. When the credits are placed into the specified account, you will be contacted by my agents."

"Good, I'll transfer the amount today."

Turning off the com unit for the last time, the Mage turned around and left the room.


Swamps outside Theed
Planet Naboo
Outer Rim
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

The command staff of the ‘Blue Army' was clustered around an insect mound in the middle of a clearing. Mist rose from the surface of a nearby pond that was matched by the sweat rolling off the assembled soldiers. Sergeant Shepherd had organized this set of maneuvers as a graduation exercise for the newly formed Nubian Army. Wearing BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform) covered in a green camo pattern, the soldiers presented a far different appearance from their predecessors who liberated Naboo from the Trade Federation. Shepherd stood up and outlined the setup and objectives for the exercise, code-named: Swamp Fox.

"Here's the situation. Within the last two months, Red Army has invaded Naboo; a Trade Federation invasion force backed up by an amphibian race armed with a mixture of archaic and modern weaponry. Upon being defeated in the initial assault, the surviving Red forces have retreated to this swamp area to refit and regroup. Yesterday, a reconnaissance bird detected Red soldiers in the area outlined on the map. Blue Army has been ordered to find the enemy and kill them. Simple orders. Your three companies will deply via drop ships to the LZ (Landing Zone) Theed. There, you will secure the perimeter, send out patrols to locate the Red Army, and eliminate all enemy forces in the area. A specially trained team of umpires will observe and evaluate your performance. Good luck gentlemen."

The meeting broke up as the officers went to their respective units to outline their part in the exercise. The initial landing would be made the next morning at first dawn.


The whistle of incoming artillery shattered the morning quiet as training rounds flew toward LZ Theed. As the dust settled, stillness covered the area for a few seconds. That calm was then interrupted by the whine of repulsers from the initial wave of drop ships. Since they were coming from a nearby base, the ships stayed low on the run in. Daniel McGyver, the former crew chief of "Super 6-4" was flying the lead bird. Upon recovery from his injuries, sustained in the Blackhawk crash, McGyver had taken flying lessons. He was now the lead drop ship pilot on this operation. Pulling out a cigar, he had been chewing on, he keyed his mike, "Two miles out. Dropping to Nap of the Ground."

Following the American's lead the rest of the formation dove from the cruising altitude to tree top level. The formation hugged the hills on their high speed run toward the LZ. In fact, some were so low that they collected tree branches in various nooks and crannies.

As he touched down on the LZ, McGyver could not help but compare the scene before him to news films from Vietnam. <As soon as I get back, I'm hooking up speakers and a tape deck to the ship. Then, I'm going have to make a copy of Wagner's ‘Flight of the Valkyries' and play it during each assault.>

The ships shot over the landing zone and dropped onto the clearing, door gunners spraying the surrounding woods with repeating blasters. As each bird touched down, soldiers leapt and moved out to secure the perimeter. The ships lifted off immediately after unloading their troops and left to pick up the second wave.

On the ground, junior officers took charge and had the perimeter set up within minutes. Under the watchful eye of the observers/judges the Blue Army sent out patrols to fix the Red Army's positions. One patrol, chasing after a scout ran into an ambush. Sensors attached to the soldier's web gear began sounding as the low powered lasers hit them. As soon as they were hit, the 'Dead‘ were led off by the judges to a collection point.

The second wave arrived and Blue Army began its push toward the Red base camp. Five hours later, the observers decided that Blue Army had achieved its objectives and won the battle. Sergeant Shepherd gathered up the officers for a final debriefing that night.

"Gentlemen, you did well today. Based on results from today's exercise, I would say you have graduated. It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with you these last few months. We will now move into a pattern of regular schedule of exercises to keep your edge sharp. It's becoming a dangerous universe out there and we need to be prepared. Now go get some rest."

As the crowd left the building, Shepherd could not shake the feeling that his men would be seeing real action sometime in the near future. But as that Jedi, Qui Gon Jinn used to say, "The future is always in motion."


Spaceship, "Nubian Raider"
Voyage to Tauri Alpha V
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

"You know, I was thinking about that guy in charge of that kidnapping ring back on Coruscant." Mused Saint.

The flight to Tauri Alpha V had been going pretty smoothly and the group had settled in the common area for refreshments. Wins and Qui Gon turned to look at their friend.

Wins was the first to break the silence, "What do you mean?"

"Ever since we took out that guy, I've had the strangest feeling that I had run into his kind before."

"The Force often lets us know important information, if we know how to listen." Offered the Jedi Master.

"But Saint, the only encounter you had with a bad guy in this universe was that red faced lunatic back on Naboo."

"It wasn't Naboo where I had run into his type before. I mean, it's like a long buried memory from back on Earth. In fact it feels……………. I GOT IT!!!!" Saint blurted out. "It was during my high school experience back in Sparta and it involved my former teacher."

Qui Gon prompted his young friend to continue.


State Fair
Sparta, Mississippi
March 17, 1997

"Get in or we leave you behind." Yelled out JD.

A screen door slams, fourteen-year-old Anthony Christopher runs to the car and jumps in the backseat beside his girlfriend Katie Heart, daughter of Sparta's Chief of Detectives. Anthony and Katie had met up soon after the beginning of the school year and were soon hanging out. They had been to the mall with their friends but this was their first real date. He had asked out the young lady earlier that week and she agreed to it as long as it was okay with her mom.


Following the next day's sword practice, Anthony was sitting down and catching his breath when his mentor handed him a glass of water.

"Not bad for a beginner, keep this up and you won't be a danger to yourself." Quipped the detective.

"Can I ask you a question? I mean you're a woman an everything."

"I'm glad those health classes are helping out. What do you want to know?"

"I've met this girl at school and asked her out on a date to the Faire. I figure we'll go on a few rides play a few games and come home. Only thing is, she has to get her mom's okay. How should I handle this?"

"What's the girl's name?"


<So this is the kid, Katie wants to go out on a date with.> JD waits a few moments before letting him off the hook. "You can take her to the faire on the condition that Bubba and I drive you there and chaperone."

"You, uhh you're Katie's mom?" stuttered the shocked teenager. <Oh, shit.>

JD growled, "That's right. I like to know whom my daughter's dating and give him the parent talk. You're a nice kid but if you do anything to hurt Katie, you will be in a world of pain. Got it?"

"Yes ma'am. Then, you will tell my parents and I will get it from you, Bubba, mom, dad, and any other nearby relative."

"I'm so glad we understand each other. I'll talk to your parents. I will pick you up at 5:00pm. Now, go hit the showers."


It was a night of fun and excitement. Rides and attractions had been set up to attract many kids of all ages. Being a Friday night, the Fair was experiencing it's largest crowds of the week. The biggest attraction was the roller coaster. Under the watchful eyes of Sparta's finest, the teenagers visited many of the attractions. They visited the shooting gallery with the teenagers challenging the grownups. To JD's surprise, her young student had proven to be a crack shot.

Katie leaned over and whispered in Anthony's ear. "Where did you learn to shoot like that?"

"My dad taught me. He used to fly choppers in Vietnam and we used to spend every Saturday morning on the firing range. In a few years, I will be an army pilot like my dad."

Anthony's stock just went up in the eyes of his girlfriend's mother. She was about to speak up when she noticed two couples sneaking behind one of the tents.

"You kids wait here, I have something to take care of police work." Ordered the detective. Cutting off any protest from her student.

"I need you and Bubba to keep Katie safe. You up to the job?"

"You can count on me. I'll put up my life to protect her."

Following the couples, JD noticed the two men had their female companions up against tables. Both females had fainted. Ridges appeared on their faces as eyes changed colors and fangs descended. Noticing the detective, and figuring an after dinner snack had just appeared one vampire approached the detective. JD pulled out her swords from her duster and quickly eliminated one of the attackers. The second snarled and rushed the detective while she glanced at the dust pile at her feet. Swirling around, she decapitated the second vampire, which turned to dust.

"What the F…………."

JD turned around and stared at Anthony. From the look of astonishment on his face, it was obvious he had seen everything. "I thought I told you to stay put."

"Bubba had everything under control and I followed to see if you needed backup." Quickly composing himself, Anthony continued, "I swear the quality of the bad guys is slipping. Look at this, they just go to pieces over a beautiful woman."

JD couldn't keep smiling after that last remark. <Looks like the kid is stronger than I gave him credit for.> "This never happened and you never saw those bad guys. Got it?"

"Yes ma'am. Can we increase the pace of the training? The world just became a scarier place and I want to be prepared."


Anthony could barely hear JD mutter something to herself as she walked off, "I had to open my big mouth! And here I am, training another damn white knight wanna be. JD you need to learn when to keep your mouth shut."


Spaceship, "Nubian Raider"
Voyage to Tauri Alpha V
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

Leaning over the table, Saint continued his tale. "I learned many of the things that bumped in the night were real and no longer fairy tales. The situation had taken a turn for the surreal and I never forgot the look of those creatures and the feeling I got from them."

Interested, Qui Gon inquired into what his young friend had witnessed that night.

"They were vampires, undead, blood sucking creatures of the night. Because they are technically dead, the bodies turn to dust when the demon is killed. The feeling I got from around them mirrored that from that guy in the black robe. In both cases you could feel the evil pouring off them."

Noticing the solemn tone, taken on by his friend. Wins decided to change the subject.

"Was that Katie the same girl you introduced to me to before we shipped out to Africa?"

Pulling out a locket, he showed the picture to his friend and mentor. A soft smile appeared on his face as he sat back and continued his story.

"Yes, and that was her mother sharing the table. Katie and I dated off and on back in high school until her family moved to California. We kept in touch and remained friends afterwards. However, she was in California studying to be a veterinarian, and I was off to the Army to become a helicopter pilot. So that's as far as we got."


Cheyenne Mountain
Colorado, USA
July 23, 2000

"Got any idea what's going on?" Colonel Jack O' Neill walked into the briefing room.

The team had been assembled on very short notice. Major Carter had been on leave to Hawaii when all leaves were cancelled. She turned toward O' Neill and shook her head no. "Not a clue, but General Hammond is due in any minute. He will let us know. Besides, the general wouldn't have cancelled all leaves for something minor."

The assembled group rose up as one with the entrance of General Hammond. Lights were dimmed and the projector lit up the screen at the front of the room.

"Yesterday, the Stargate began throwing off strange energy readings. It was as if someone was attempting to open it from another gate. We are monitoring the portal from this end. However, we have been getting minor fluctuations in the system for the last two weeks. At the time, we assumed they were normal glitches and thought nothing of it. Now, this latest incident puts the whole package in a new light. We have located the intruder's origin. Colonel Neill, you will take your team to the intruder's coordinates, investigate, and eliminate the threat."

"Do we have any idea who is behind this?"

"Not really, major. That is why you are going. However, from the robots we do know that the planet where this Stargate is located has a sub tropical climate. Make your preparations accordingly. Dismissed."

O' Neill, Carter, and the rest of the team left the conference room to get ready. An hour later the team assembled in front of the portal. Leading the mission was Colonel O' Neill and Major Carter. Dr. Jackson, Teal'c, and a squad of soldiers stood by. Looking down from the control booth, Hammond nodded in approval. Each person on the team wore woodland pattern battledress and enough food and ammunition for two weeks in the bush. In addition to the normal complement of FN P-90 sub machine guns, there were two M-203 grenade launchers strapped to M-16A2 assault rifles. Another trooper carried a M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon, the standard light machine gun for the United States military). The only person not equipped with a standard weapon was Teal'c. He had, as always, only his staff weapon.

Taking a quick look at his watch, O ‘Neill gave the command to move out. Command dialed the address of the target gate, and the soldiers waited for the process to finish. The eye of the Stargate opened and the Colonel stepped in. One by one, the team entered the vortex and vanished from the installation. Upon the entrance of the last team member, the vortex closed.


Spaceship, "Nubian Raider"
Voyage to Tauri Alpha V
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

Wins walked back to the rear of the cabin and pulled out an unusual looking blaster rifle. To Saint's trained eye, it appeared to be a cross between a normal beam weapon and the old M-203 grenade launcher from back on Earth. Taking another look, he spoke up. "Wins what do you have there?"

"When I heard that the Council was sending you and Master Jinn on this mission, I remembered how you always find some kind of trouble to get into."

Taking on an exaggerated innocent expression, Saint silently mouthed, "Who, Me?" back at his friend.

"Yes you. Then, add in the fact that Master Jinn has a reputation of being a rebel of sorts and very unconventional.

Qui Gon, looking intrigued, lifted both eyebrows as if to say, "Who, me?"

"Yes you. I decided that it would be a good idea to bring along the party favors including Sgt. Shepherd's latest toy, the Mauser 960 Assault System. Remember how back on Naboo we were talking about the low rate of fire from normal blasters?"

"Yeah, and then we started thinking about our ideal weapon. It would combine the energy of a blaster rifle and the rate of fire of a modern assault rifle. You don't mean………."

"You got it, buddy. The Mauser 960 is a pulse laser rifle with an integral low light/ultra violet scope attached. You also have the option of attaching a vibro blade when it's time to do some close action." Saint let out a low whistle as his friend continued. "Also, two men in every squad will have an automatic grenade launcher attached to their Mausers to provide fire support. The launcher fires the usual mix of High Explosive, smoke, and Anti-vehicle rounds. You choose the mix."

Saint was practically drooling over the new toy when Wins dropped the final bombshell. "And, I have two of the grenade launcher versions here on board. One for you and for me."

Grinning broadly Saint looked up from the weapon he had been holding. "Remind me to get Shepherd something really, really, nice this year for Christmas."

Suddenly, bells started sounding announcing the ship's arrival in the Tauri Alpha system and the imminent drop back into normal space. All three strapped into their seats and got ready for landing. Wins contacted the spaceport on Tauri Alpha V and requested landing instruction. Upon receiving the instructions, Wins sat the ship down in docking bay 36CV. The door on the ship opened and Saint walked onto the planet. Taking a deep breath he called back.

"We're here. Wonder where's the welcoming committee?"


Planet Tauri Alpha V
Outer Rim
31 BSW
(Star Wars Universe)

The area was a scene of total chaos. The previous quiet was broken by the crack of automatic weapons and blasters. It was as if SG1 had stepped into ‘Dante's Inferno'. Robots, armed with some kind of energy weapon poured into the clearing firing at SG1. The Americans took cover and began firing back. However, the increasing numbers of robots were slowly driving the Americans away from the area.

Ducking behind a fallen tree, Sam shouted out to Jack. "What the HELL is going on here?"

"I don't know I had just arrived and all of a sudden these robot things came onto the scene and started shooting. "

"There's too many of them Colonel. We have to break off from the enemy and regroup." Responded Teal'c.

"Colonel O' Neill, I spotted what appeared to be a settlement about two miles east of us. From the readings taken prior to the ambush, I would say humans and high technology inhabit it."

"Okay, Matthews, Bird, Gretsky, and I will hold off these robots while the rest of the team gets away. Carter, take the rest of the team to that settlement and find a place where we can rally and regroup."

Major Samantha Carter nodded, slapped in a fresh magazine, stood up a yelled out. "My team, move out"

O'Neill's group kept up shooting at the advancing droids until the rest of the team was safely away. He then commenced leap frogging away from their mechanical attackers. Two men shooting while the other two ran to a new firing position. That way, the enemy was always under fire. Finally, they reached the safety of the woods and broke contact.



Hanger Bay 34C
Kali Township
Planet Tauri Alpha V
Outer Rim
31 BSW
(Star Wars Universe)

Walking out of the spacecraft, Saint took a look around and examined his surroundings. The landing bay was a circular almost courtyard shaped building, opened to the sky. Inside, upon a raised circular pad, rested the ship. One entrance/exit led to the outside world. Numerous crates were stacked up against one side of the building. Scanning one part of the landing bay, Saint felt the hair on his neck begin to rise. <Something doesn't feel right…> Cutting off that thought, the young American turned back toward his friend and teacher, Qui Gon Jinn and yelled out a warning, "Qui Gon something doesn't feel right about this. It's as if someone has set up a………."

The glint of metal sparkling in the sunshine caught the American's attention. His ears caught the faint click of a weapon being armed. Diving for the nearby cover of an operator's station, Saint pulled out his pistol. It was a close shave. A blaster bolt ripped through Saint's previous position seconds later.


Wins was finishing shutting down the ship when he heard his friend's warning. Jumping out of his seat, the young man raced back to the cabin and grabbed the two Mausers. He reached the hatch just in time to see the Jedi Master leap outside with his lightsaber activated. <Looks like, I'm once again the last to arrive at a party.> He crouched down beside the door and peered around the corner.

From the time between Saint's warning and now, the bay had turned into a vision of Dante's Inferno. There were so many laser bolts flying through the air that it appeared you could use them to walk from one end of the bay to another without touching the ground. Saint was crouched behind what appeared to be some kind of workstation and the largest concentration of fire were being sent his way. The Jedi Master was using his light saber to parry the fire that had been directed at him. However, it was obvious that he too needed to find some cover.


Saint ducked back down as ten bolts came shooting overhead and around his position. <Damn, that was close.> He turned toward the ship and noticed Wins looking from the open hatchway. At least Wins was carrying that newfangled gun.

"Hey Wins, can you see where that fire is coming from?" yelled out Saint.

"Sure thing, I count about five hostiles near the entrance. They appear to be living and humanoid. Oh, they definitely are using BFGs (Big Freaking Guns)."

"Wins, I'm pinned down here. I need you to place some HE on their position."

"Roger that Saint."

Wins quickly loaded six HE rounds into the grenade magazine located underneath his weapon. Sighting in on the muzzle flashes from the hostile forces, he fired one round at their attackers. The grenade shot out of the firing tube with a muffled bloop. Two of the attackers heard the unusual noise coming from the ship and looked up only to see an object shoot over in their direction. Flunking their morale test but passing their intelligence test, the two dove away in opposite directions. The grenade's impact and explosion threw one across the bay and against the wall stunning him. The other four did not faire as well. Two were blown to pieces and a third shredded by flying shrapnel. The remaining attacker was still conscious but suffered from serious wounds. Qui Gon warily approached the entrance, ready for further attacks. Silence settled over the scene like a blanket as Saint rose from his position. A whistle from his fellow American caught his attention.

"Hey Saint, catch!"

Wins tossed the second Mauser to his friend and walked down the ramp. Upon catching the weapon, Saint followed the Jedi to what remained of their attackers. It was obvious that of the five humanoids, only two lived and one of those was at death's door. Hearing a low moan to his side, Saint approached the gunman who had hit the wall. The gunman was trying to reach for his blaster when Saint kicked the gun out of reach. Putting the muzzle of his weapon against the being's chin, Saint softly questioned him.

"Why did you attack us?"

"We were hired to do a job. Some guy told us to take out the passengers of a ship that was supposed to arrive today."

Saint looked over to where Qui Gon and now Wins were looking over the other three attackers. The Jedi Master crouched near the other survivor to acquire information. However, the man died without a word, having never regained conscious. Qui Gon stood up and looked over to his young friend. He shook his head in answer to Saints' unanswered question. Saint turned back to the now lone gunman.

"Who hired you and where can we find him?"

"Never, saw his face. Only know, he wore a black robe and was human. We made final arrangements at a bar called the Winsome Garghhhhh…………"

A soft pfffft sounded as a dart embedded itself in the gunman's neck. Saint looked up to see Qui Gon and Wins run to the door. Turning his attention back to the attacker, he knew no further information would be coming from this source. With cloudy eyes staring at the ceiling, the man was definitely dead. Saint got up and ran over to his returning friends.

"Did you see who fired the shot?"

"No, all we saw was a glimpse of a green cloak that was swallowed up by the crowd. Did you get any useful information from him before he died?"

"Just the they were hired in a bar called Winsome something. Oh, one more thing. He said that the contractor wore a black robe. Remind you of anything?"

"Yes, the person running that child kidnap ring back on Coruscant. The Force does work in mysterious ways."

"Qui Gon, you ever get the feeling that someone doesn't like us?" smirked Saint.

"It would appear so. However, my young friend, we must get to that bar. It is the obvious starting point for our investigation."

Any further conversation was cut off the arrival of the local police.


Jungle outside Kali Settlement
Planet Tauri Alpha V
Outer Rim
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

Jack O'Neill's team broke off the fight with the battle droids and rushed into the jungle after their teammates. Looking over his shoulder, Jack noticed that the robot things were not following. <Thank God, I thought we'd never get out of that one>. The Colonel wiped the sweat from his brow and motioned for his group to rejoin the rest of the team.

Major Carter's group had continued their retreat into the jungle until they reached a low rise. Upon reaching the small hill, she posted sentries and got down to the business of figuring out what had gone wrong. <Dang, that jump was like nothing I have experienced since joining SG1. I wonder where we are?> Her introspection was cut short by the sound of someone or something approaching her position. Dropping behind an insect mound, she sighted her weapon in the contact's general direction.

Sam shouted out to the unknown, "Identify yourself, or I will open fire!"

"Don't shoot! It's me, Jack, Matthews, Bird, and Gretsky."

Breathing a sigh of relief, she lowered her weapon as Jack and party rejoined the team. Jack moved over to Sam's position and was quickly joined by Dr. Jackson and Teal'c. Looking over his command staff, Jack spoke up. "Okay gang, any ideas on what went wrong with the jump?"

Teal'c replied, "That was unlike any jump I have been on. I have never seen or heard anything like it."

"It was as if something had screwed up while we were in mid jump. I have the strangest feeling this was not an accident." Added Jackson.

Jack continued, "So, our problem is that we are stranded on an unknown world, possible in another universe. We do not know what sent us here or what we are facing, but don't seem to be here by accident?"

Sam joined in, "That's pretty much it. Colonel, I recommend we break up into two groups and do a recon of the surrounding area. We look for any nearby settlements and inhabitants."

"For all we know, the inhabitants may not be even humanoid, much less human so we need to be careful. And the owner of those robots back there, might well have reported us to the police. For all we know, we've arrived within the perimeter of a high security military facility, so the authorities might be searching for us already," Observed Dr. Jackson.

Jack concluded the impromptu staff meeting by assigning Teal'c and five soldiers to his group. Sam, Dr. Jackson, and the remaining soldiers would make up his group. Sam's group would move south 3 miles and then Northwest. Jack's would go North and then Southwest. Both groups would meet up three miles due west of their current position. Luckily, the compasses were still working or it would not be a good day. The meeting broke up as everybody went to their prospective group and began checking ammunition, weapons, and equipment. Twenty minutes later, both groups left the rise.


Winsome Gorgon
Kali Township
Planet Tauri Alpha V
Outer Rim
31 BSW
(Star Wars Universe)

The police had arrived and spent a couple of hours going over what happened in the hanger bay. Fortunately, prior to their departure from Coruscant, Queen Amidala had provided papers saying that Saint and Wins were part of the Nubian government and were accorded diplomatic immunity. <It does pay to have friends in high places,> thought Saint. That, combined with some Force assisted persuasion on the part of Qui Gon, convinced the police that nothing was wrong with the new arrivals. After taking a few statements, the police left while advising the three that it would be in the best interest of all if they kept a low profile.


The three men had changed into nondescript clothing to blend in with the local population. Wins and Saint each hid a pistol underneath their jackets while Qui Gon did likewise with his lightsaber. After giving themselves a quick look in the mirror, the three proceeded into the township.


It took only thirty minutes to find the bar they were looking for. There, at the edge of town was the Winsome Gorgon, a small bar catering to the fringe of society. Walking into the bar, the three took in the atmosphere. The bar was filled with beings of all descriptions, ranging from everyday human to the squid faced Quarran. Qui Gon motioned the two young Americans to take a table by the back wall while he approached the bar. Saint looked on as his friend and mentor leaned over and says something to the bar tender, which pointed to a table at the other end of the room. Nodding his head in thanks, the Jedi placed a couple of coins in the bar keep's outstretched hand and walked over to the other table.

<I've got a bad feeling about this,> thought Saint and relayed his concerns to Wins. Looking over at the other table, Wins also got ready to pull out his pistol if Qui Gon needed any backup.


Qui Gon walked over to the indicated table and approached the character seated with his back to the wall. Kilgren L'in knew all there was about the underworld as it was on Kali. The Bith information gatherer was humanoid in shape but that was all. Topping his short body was an oversized head with two big, solid black eyes with wrinkled skin underneath them, and no discernable nose. Three tentacles came out of each arm and his right set lightly wrapped them selves around a blaster pistol. Qui Gon and Kilgren talked for a few minutes before the Jedi returned to his young friends.

<Damn, he looks likes like he is ready to get back into his flying saucer, fly to Earth, and terrorize some poor hillbilly,> thought Saint. "Qui Gon what did you find out?"

"It would appear that the assassins were indeed hired in this bar. Two days ago, a black robed human male entered the bar looking for anyone willing to do a job. That job being to eliminate all beings exiting whatever ship landed at Hanger Bay 34C. He paid them half yesterday and insisted on holding the rest until after the job was done."

"Any idea, where this black robe human is located?"

"He didn't give an exact location. However, he was seen leaving the jungle to the East. Also, Kilgren mentioned there was some kind of ruins about ten miles due east of the settlement."

"Think we could get hold of transportation. I really don't feel like taking a ten mile hike," quipped Wins. "Besides, if I wanted to walk in steaming jungles, I would have joined the infantry."

"Anthony, why don't you and Raymond acquire some transportation while I finish up in here."

Saint gave his mentor a long hard look. "You sure you don't need one of us with you? I have a bad feeling about this place."

"Don't worry, I'll be fine. By the time you get the rides I will be ready to leave."

"Alright, Master Jinn, be careful."

Saint and Wins left the bar and walked over to a vehicle rental agency. Wins examined the available vehicles while Saint haggled with the sales clerk. Soon afterwards, Saint and Wins waited outside the bar with three speeder bikes. <At least these things should have no problem going through the jungle.>


Jungle outside Kali Settlement
Planet Tauri Alpha V
Outer Rim
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

Colonel Jack O'Neill was not having a good day. First, his entire team had landed who know where without a nearby Stargate. So even if he knew where he was, which he didn't, there was no way to return. Second, just what were those robot things playing target practice with the SG1 team? <If only I knew. Then again, I might as well wish for a night with a supermodel and a million dollars.>

During his little bungle through the jungle, Jack had taken the time to pull out a small hand towel and wrap it around his neck. A hot mist rose from the jungle floor as the SG1 team continued their trek. Finally, it was time to make the turn to the southwest. Checking his compass just in case, Jack led his group on the second leg of their trek. Just as he was about to reach the rendezvous point, something caught his attention. Looking over to the rest of his party, he quietly ordered two of his men to come with him. The rest waited for their return. Jack and his two men stalked toward the sound and quickly reached the edge of a clearing. Ducking behind some shrubs, he spotted what appeared to be some sort of community in the distance. He pulled out his binoculars from his pack and took a look. The town, it was too small to be a city, appeared to be across between high tech and old west. Dirt streets competed with hovering car-like vehicles to produce this living contradiction. He let out a sigh of relief as he noticed what appeared to be normal humans going about on the daily business. Crawling back into the jungle, he motioned for his men that it was time to rejoin with the others.


Major Samantha Carter and her group had not seen anything of interest during her reconnaissance. Her group moved to meet up with Jack's party. Both Jack and Sam arrived at the same time. Looking at her commanding officer, she asked him if he found anything.

"Yes, there is a settlement due west of here. There appears to be humans living there."

"Good sir, what do you intend to do?"

"I'll take Dr. Jackson and two others. We'll sneak into town, try to chat up the locals and take it from there." Pointing towards a nearby rise in terrain, he continued "You will take the rest of the team, set up camp on that hillock. Secure a perimeter and wait for my return. Any questions?"

"No sir, I'll get right on it."

Jack, Dr. Jackson, and the two soldiers set out toward the town. Just a mile away from the town, they heard a high pitch whine that was getting increasingly louder. It sounded like a low flying jet coming toward them. Jack deployed his men in a nearby section of tall grass. Looking through his binoculars, he saw that it was three men riding some kind of floating motorcycle coming toward him. He looked on as one gestured to his companions and pointed in Jack's direction. The bikers changed direction and flew toward Jack. <Damn, they spotted me> thought the SG1 commander.

"Okay, listen up, we have three bikers coming our way. Do not leave your positions unless I tell you to. I will meet the visitors. Just cover me and be ready to start shooting if they try anything. Got it?"

The other three men nodded their heads and waited for the bikers to arrive.


Qui Gon and his three friends rode the speeder bikes out of the town. Up ahead, they could make out the edge of the jungle. The jungle itself looked pretty dense from a distance, but the speeder rental agent had assured his customers that there was enough space between the trees to safely operate the bikes.

Saint was easing the throttle to a higher cruising speed when he noticed something sparkling near the edge of the jungle. Deciding that this needed investigating, Saint signaled to his friends to stop for a moment. He quickly relayed his discovery and the others agreed that it needed investigation. Saint resumed flying his speeder bike just off the ground and banked into a tight right-hand turn. Increasing his speed, he covered the intervening distance within minutes. Suddenly, something stood up in front of the speeder bike. Slamming on the breaks and trying to keep his body on the bike, Saint barely managed to stop a foot away from what was obviously a man.

"What the hell do you think you are doing? You trying to get yourself run over? I mean, my God of all the lame brained stunts someone could pull…….."

Qui Gon and Wins arrived on the scene just in time to hear their friend give his speech on the wisdom of standing in front of a moving speeder bike. Taking in the increasingly colorful language and descriptions, provided by Saint, Wins could only think, <Looks like Saint picked up more than sword fighting techniques from his old teacher.>

Qui Gon noted the anger in his student's voice and winced at some of the unique descriptions being offered. Finally, he tried calming down his friend.

Wins looked at the newcomer and had a sense of deja vu. It was as if he has seen this person or someone like him before. <Now where do I know him from?> thought the young American. The green uniform and cap looked familiar as if they originated from Earth. Then, his eyes focused on the black oak leaves on the person's collar and the flag on his shoulder. <Oh, Shit!> thought Wins as he attempted to get his friend's attention.

"Uh, Saint."

Ignoring Qui Gon and Wins. Saint continued his descriptive speech. If words could burn ears, then Saint was melting steel with his.



That last remark got Saint's attention and he glanced back at his friend and former co-pilot. The look of anger was quickly replaced with puzzlement.

"Yeah, Wins?"

"Saint, do you notice anything unusual about this gentleman's appearance?"

"Now that you mention it, the clothing does seem familiar. Why, what are you talking about?"

"Look at this man's collar and the patch on his sleeve."


As soon as the bikes had neared his position, Jack stood up. The effect was everything he had hoped for. The rider threw on the brakes and stopped the vehicle within a short distance. The rider appeared to be human and in his late teens, jumped from his bike and approached him. Judging from the look on his face, the kid was not a happy camper. Shaking his head, Jack could only think, <He's just a kid, probably still a teenager.> However, he was not prepared for the verbal tongue lashing being handed out and to top it off, it was in English!

It seemed like his ears were about to burst in flames from the quality and variety of cursing laid on him. He barely noticed the other two bikers pulling up. The first was a tall, bearded, older gentleman in his late forties or fifties. The other was much younger about the age of the first rider. The older man walked up and attempted to calm the teenager down as the other young man examined Jack. A look of surprise followed by concern came over the second young man's face as he examined Jack. Finally, the young man got the kid's attention. The kid who had been cussing him out in a manner that would make any Drill Instructor proud turned back and looked at Jack. The color seemed to drain out of the person's face as he took in Jack's appearance, patches, and rank. O'Neill could barely contain his laughter as the kid silently mouthed 'Oh, Shit‘ when comprehension set in.

Qui Gon had been waiting for Saint's tirade to die down and took the chance to make introductions.

"Hello, I apologize for my young companion's language and I hope you don't take it personal. I do believe that introductions are in order. My name is Qui Gon Jinn."

"No, it was my fault. I can understand someone being a little irritated at having a person jump up in front of his or her vehicle. I am Colonel Jack O'Neill, United States Air Force." Jack looked over to a nearby clump of scrub brush and motioned for the hidden person to stand up before continuing. "This is Dr. Jackson. We are both travelers from a planet called Earth."

Looking at the two younger bikers, Jack waited for them to make their introductions. However, the colonel was not prepared for what came next. Saint and Wins snapped to attention.

"SIR, Second Lieutenant Anthony Christopher, United States Army, SIR!!"

"SIR, Warrant Officer Raymond Winslett, United States Army, SIR!!"

Jack's mouth dropped open at their revelation. His mind started thinking back to an incident earlier that year when a Blackhawk helicopter was shot down over Africa. The unusual part of it was that no trace of it's crew or and piece of the helicopter had been recovered. The crew had been listed as Missing In Action, presumed dead. Lieutenant Christopher began to apologize mentioning that he never expected to run into anybody from Earth much less a superior officer. Jack held up a hand, silencing Saint.

"At ease, considering the extenuating circumstances, I understand why you acted. However, any future outbursts will not be tolerated. Understand, Lieutenant?" growled the Air Force Colonel.


Jack moved over to Qui Gon and spent a few minutes comparing notes and coming to an agreement. Both agreed that they needed to talk some more and it would be wise to combine forces. So, Jack suggested that they accompany him and Dr. Jackson as they walked over to the SG-1 campsite since there were more members to the SG1 team. During the walk over Jack motioned for Saint to walk with him.

"I seem to recall a report concerning a Blackhawk getting shot down in Mauretania with no survivors. The strangest thing was that no trace of the chopper or crew ever turned up."

A wistful look came over Saint's eyes as he spoke up. "Yes sir, that was my bird. We were providing close air support for the Rangers when some local tagged us with an RPG. Man, we had not gotten halfway back to the ship when the tail rotor went out. You ever seen that movie, "Blackhawk Down"?" Jack nodded as Saint continued. "Shit, I had visions of Wolcott and Durant going through my head as we went down. Then a flash of light surrounded our craft and we found ourselves crash landing on another planet named Naboo."

"What happened to your crew?"

Pointing to the other young man, Saint went on "Wins suffered from a broken leg and damage to his spine. Luckily, he recovered. Sergeant McGyver, my crew chief had internal injuries from which he recovered. Out of the two Delta Operators on board, Sgt. McCoy was Killed in Action and Sgt. Shepherd had no injuries. When we landed we discovered a world of incredible beauty, yet under the oppression of a robot army. The democratically elected queen asked for our help in freeing her world. Not knowing where we were, how to get home, or if we could even get home, my men and I agreed to help. In the end we won."

"What happened then?"

"We tried finding a way back to Earth without success. Finally, we realized that we might be forced to live out our lives in this universe so we got ready. While recovering from wounds received in the liberation of the palace, I got to know the Queen Amidala, Qui Gon Jinn, and other figures pretty well. I found out I was strong in what they called The Force and eventually began training as a Jedi. Sorta goes well with my Don Quixote Complex. Wins trained to fly spacecraft and became part of the Queens' flight crew. Sgt. Shepherd is training a Naboo Army and Sgt. McGyver is training the Nubian counterpart to the Night Stalkers. You could say we have kept ourselves busy," Saint told him, grinning.

"I see, one more thing, for my personal knowledge. You seem a little young to be a pilot in the Night Stalkers.

"Colonel, I joined the Army fresh out of high school, at seventeen. My dad had flown scouts with the 1st Cav in Nam and signed the permission form. I was already a licensed pilot thanks to my dad and I was selected for OCS. Twelve weeks later I was a Second Lieutenant and on my way to the 160th SOAR. Within twelve months, I was fully mission qualified. The operation in Mauretania was my first combat ops."

Both men continued on to their destination in silent reflection of what had been said. Finally, the group had reached the SG1 position.


Major Carter looked down at her watch when she caught the sound of someone or something approaching from the West. Whispering to her group to be ready, she took up a firing position behind a large rock. <That's funny. Jack and Daniel are not supposed to be back so soon.> thought the major. She was aiming her weapon in the general direction when she heard Teal'c challenge the unknowns and to her relief, O'Neill's reply.

Saint looked around the clearing as he accompanied O'Neill to the campsite. He noticed what could have been hidden positions when Teal'c stepped out from his hiding place, brandishing his staff.

"Halt, who goes there?"

Jack cleared his voice and replied, "It's me, Daniel, and some friends, Teal'c. Alright, the rest of you can come out."

Saint, Qui Gon, and Wins stood next to Jack as he ordered his team to reveal themselves. They looked on as Sam went up to the colonel. <You know those two look a lot like Liam Neeson and Ewan MacGregor. Where have I seen them before?> She eyed them carefully, and began asking questions.

"Jack what are you doing back so early and who are the strangers?"

"Daniel and I ran into some friends who might be able to help us sort out this mess." Pointing to a tall, bearded older man, Jack continued with his introduction. "May I present Master Qui Gon Jinn, a Jedi Knight." <Oh crap, now I know. They were two of the main characters in Star Wars Episode I. That means we are trapped in a movie.> Qui Gon gave the major a slight bow toward Sam as Jack moved on. "And now for something that should be straight from the Twilight Zone, Lieutenant Anthony Christopher and Warrant Officer Raymond Winslett. Both members of the United States Army's 160th SOAR!"

Sam's eyes grew wide at the latter news and she looked directly at the Saint. " I thought you were dead."

Sporting a wide smile, Saint replied "In the words of Mark Twain: ‘The news of my death has been greatly exaggerated.' "

Suppressing a smile of her own, she turned back to O'Neill and asked him what was going on. Jack quickly relayed the information provided by Qui Gon and Saint. Daniel could not resist describing the dressing down administered by Saint on the wisdom of standing in front of a moving vehicle. After hearing the conclusion of Daniel's story, Sam could not resist giving her leader a slight poke in the ribs.

"And here I thought you'd have finally given up your suicidal issues. What's up? I'm no longer enough reason to stay alive?"

"Uhh, it's nothing like that, Sam."

"Stepping in front of a vehicle doing several hundred mph, having no idea about the reflexes of the driver, or the breaks of the bike, does look like that. And don't Sam me, mister."

"Oh come on. What else should I do?"

"Well, the Evoks had some nice tricks to get the riders from their bikes. Or stepping out, somewhere outside the direct route of the bike'd work also. Indeed, that's the thing any normal person'd do."

Jack rolled his eyes. "It's not like the crash'd have killed me anyway. Not likely anyways. Enhanced healing and all that."

"Not at three hundred mph, not even at halve of that."

"So what'd you want me to do now? Grovel in the dirt before you, kissing you feet, until you think I've atoned?"

"Well, that'd be a good beginning. On second thought, I think we'll wait until we return to SGC, and I'll have you as my slave for the first forty-eight hours."

Jack starred at her, until she finally began to chuckle, quickly joined by the others present. Finally, Jack shook his head and asked Qui Gon, Saint, and Wins to join the SG1 command staff and review their situation. Jack began with describing how the SG1 team had been using a Stargate and having their jump messed up then finding themselves fighting numerous armed robots. Qui Gon in turn, talked about the operation in Coruscant, the mission to this planet, and all that happened prior to running into Jack and Daniel. Upon further discussion, they decided that both their groups were interested in the same place and that they'd have much better chances of success, if they joined forces.

Saint listened in as the SG1 team described the description of where SG1 had landed and the types of enemies they had encountered. Clearing his throat, he waited until he was recognized. "Sir, those rolling balls are nasty machines. Their shields will stop blaster and rifle fire. I had to use grenades to short out their shielding mechanisms while others blasted them. Your got any new tricks to take them out, Wins?"

"No, sir. I think there's some work being done on a weapon capable of that, but I don't think they are even at prototype stage yet. But with the grenade launcher, it'll be lots easier than on Naboo. As long as there's just a couple of them, we should have no problems. Those things just love presenting a huge profile, we'll be able to take them out from significant distances. Far out of their range, at least. Whoever programmed those pieces of shit didn't give them the ability to fight in anything but short ranges. Once you're beyond fifty meters, they won't consider you a threat, and ignore you. By the way, how many battle droids did you face, Colonel?"

"From the time the fight started until we broke contact, I'd say somewhere in the nature of a couple of hundred."

Saint rubbed his in chin in thoughtful consideration as he thought about the information. Qui Gon turned to his young friend and asked him what he was up to. Looking up at his friend and mentor and glancing around at the rest of the assembled party he revealed his plans. "Master Jinn, Colonel O'Neill, I was just thinking about what it would take to free the children that we believe to be held in the ruins. On top of that is the fact that those ruins are the base of some black clothed guy that wants us dead and a large number of battle droids. Lets face it, if we hope to take down the bad guys, we need help. And while I don't have too much hope, the force tells me that our best chance to ever return to Earth lies there, too."

As the SG1 crew nodded in agreement to Saint's assessment, he continued. "Based on that information, I am going to have to go make some calls. Qui Gon, Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter, would you mind accompanying me back to the ship?"

Jack looked at Saint, noticing his evil grin, turned quickly back to Carter.

"Does he remind you of somebody back on Earth?"

"Yes, he does." Walking back to the waiting speeder bikes, she thought about a certain familiar, insane, psychotic, Slayer Sword-wielding smartass. <Oh, shit. There are two of them!!!>


Hanger Bay 34C
Kali Township
Planet Tauri Alpha V
Outer Rim
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

The trip back to the township went off without a hitch. Jack rode with Qui Gon and Sam with Saint. Saint jumped off his bike when they reached the hanger bay. Jack and the others dismounted and followed Saint into the hanger bay. Qui Gon was walking up to the ship when he noticed that the two Americans were not keeping up with him. Turning around, he noticed the two staring at the ship. The Jedi walked back to the SG1 members and led them into the ship.

Saint was picking up a headset when his three companions walked in. He quickly punched a combination on a nearby keypad. Soon afterwards a three-dimension image of a female dressed in robes similar to those worn by Qui Gon appeared on a platform. Looking up, the woman smiled and addressed Saint.

"Hello Saint, how is your mission with Master Jinn progressing?"

"Master Gallia, we have a situation here and we need your help. Is Obi Wan there?"

"It just so happens that he is, let me put him on."

Obi Wan Kenobi's image replaced Adi Gallia's. "What's the problem and is it anything like that last field trip to the warehouse?"

Jack and Sam looked on as Saint filled Obi Wan and Adi Gallia on the situation. A look of resignation appeared on the other Jedi's faces as they agreed to come. Once their images had faded, Saint made another call and this time a human male about forty appeared.

"El Tee, long time no see. What can I do for you?"

"Sgt. Shepherd, good to see you. Training a new army seems to agree with you. On a side note, how's the Naboo special forces coming along?"

"Not too bad. In fact, they are combat ready by Delta standards……" A look of deep suspicion came over Shepherd. " Wait a minute, what are you up to?"

"We have a situation here on Tauri Alpha V. A black-robed guy working has tried to kill us as we arrived here, so we are on something. No idea what, though. But it has likely to do with a ring of child kidnappers disrupted a short while ago. And whatever it is, there are some major resources involved. You know, same oh, same oh. They have the rest of the kids at a ruin a couple miles from here. On top of that, the ‘Boy in Black' has a large force of rolling tincans providing security. So, I need as many troops as you can spare."

"That last operation you got me into involved saving a planet. And now some nasty criminals. Damn, Winslett was right. You boyscouts definitely drag anybody you can get your hands on helping do a good deed. The Queen just walked in. Hold on and I'll ask her who she can spare."


Throughout the conversation, Jack and Sam were listening in, giving Saint their undivided attention. Finally, Sam turned to Jack, "You know, the more I'm around him, the more I wonder if he's related to St. Wolf?"

Jack's eyes shut momentarily. His eyes quickly popped open in worried amazement, "Now that I think about it, their methods are similar." < Oh shit! One Wanderer was enough.>


An image of a teenage girl appeared on the com unit's receiver.

"Ah Ha, Somehow I knew that Master Jinn would not be enough to keep you out of mischief. I am sending your comrade Sgt. Shepherd and two companies of Naboo Special Forces. In addition, I am throwing in a squadron of starfighters. Bring them back in one piece or you're paying for them. Got it?"

Grinning broadly, Saint replied, "Of course, Your Majesty. I'll see that they are returned in one piece. Saint out."

Saint turned off the com unit and joined Qui Gon, Jack, and Sam back in the common area. Noting the stunned faces of the SG1 crew, he spoke, "It will take a couple of days for the cavalry to arrive. During that time I recommend that we recon the ruins, find the exact number of battle droids available to the enemy, and plan our attack.

Making swallowing noises, Jack turned to his second in command and muttered. " My God there are two of them!!"



Jungle outside Kali Settlement
Planet Tauri Alpha V
Outer Rim
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

The high pitch whine of speeder bike engines shattered the calm air causing Dr. Jackson and Wins to look up at the returning party members. As soon as the group had left for the city, the doctor began grilling Wins on various aspects of the Republic, particularly the culture and technology. It was a fascinating discussion. He had been amazed at the variety of sentient beings present in this universe. Deciding to continue the conversation at a later time, Daniel and Wins walked over to their comrades.

Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter climbed off the bikes while Saint and Qui Gon shut down the engines. Seeing Teal'c, Daniel, and Wins, Jack motioned them to join another meeting. Daniel turned to Jack and asked him what happened.

Pointing at Saint, Jack responded "It seems our ‘Boy Scout' has connections in this universe. After making a few calls on their version of a telephone, he managed to snare quite a few people in helping do the good deed."

"I take it, not all were enthusiastic over the request."

Sam chose that moment to cut into the conversation. "Yup, in fact, some of those contactees were mumbling about regretting not changing their numbers."

Daniel paused for a moment to ponder this revelation. He turned back to Wins while sitting down on a convenient tree stump. Shifting his eyes to Saint, he voiced his thoughts. "Uh, Wins?"


"According to your information, the Jedi do not usually accept students over Age 2. Yet, Saint is nineteen. Just why did the Jedi allow Saint to begin training at such an advanced age?"

Wins motioned O'Neill, Carter, and Jackson to get closer. Answering the question in a soft voice, "Officially, the Jedi allowed him to begin training on account of his high Force potential. His medichlorine count is higher than of many Jedi Masters. However, I believe that the real reason was that they could keep an eye on him. They sorta cringe at the possibility of having loose cannon white knights in their galaxy."

Jack kept a straight face as he nodded in agreement. The meeting started soon after Qui Gon and Saint joined them. The group congregated at the edge of the woods a short distance from the rest of the SG1 team. Being the highest-ranking officer present, Jack called the meeting to order.

"It appears that we arrived in this universe somewhat like Lieutenant Christopher and his crew. Their description of the ‘tunnel' that deposited them in this universe matched that of our fouled up jump. The only difference was that we were using the Stargate to move to another planet in our universe and got sidetracked. Lieutenant Christopher and his crew just got sucked into this universe without being anywhere near a Stargate. We have two problems facing our team. First, how do we get home, if there is even a way to get back to Earth? Second, there may be some clues to our predicament at those robot-guarded ruins. So we need to be able to take out those droids to get to that info. Lieutenant, do you have anything to offer?"

Pointing at Qui Gon Jinn and Winslett, Saint answered: "From our recent experiences, we know that the operation is run by a man in black robes. That outfit is likely linked to a group of local bad guys called Sith. Though most info about them are more rumors and legends, than hard facts. It seems their last attempt to do anything noteworthy before the actions surrounding the battle of Naboo was millenniums ago. We later learned that there were two guys in black robes running the child kidnap ring on Coruscant. One of the children rescued during that raid in overheard the head guy in the black robe talking about escaping from Toronto only to face more ‘White Hats' here. So he may, or may not, know a way back to Earth. The physical descriptions of the guy running the show here match those we got of the black robe guy back on Coruscant. We should at least try to retrieve him alive, if possible. But I have a bad feeling about that guy, so be extremely careful, and break his hands first thing, then toggle him. From the descriptions given to Master Jinn, I believe, he is directing the operation on this planet."

Jack took off his hat and scratched his head before continuing. "So, if we take out the droids guarding the base, we can examine what's left for any information useful concerning our way home."

"Then, there is the side benefit of rescuing the children and getting in the good graces of this Jedi Council. They seem to be the best hope in helping us get home. OR build a new live should that turn out to be impossible." Sam observed.

Smiling broadly, Saint jumped in. "Hey, I always love a chance to take the best laid plans of evildoers and shred them to pieces."

"And, we can go blow something up!" Out of the assembled ‘Command Staff', only Saint and Teal'c were not shocked over the Colonel's revelation. Shrugging his shoulders, Jack simply said, "It's a military thing".

Qui Gon had been silently contemplating the discussion. Finally, he decided that it was time to change the direction of the conversation. "It will take at least two days for our friends to arrive and help out. Therefore, we should set up a base camp where we can assemble our forces."

"And, lets get a small group together to do a quick recon and set up a surveillance post near that base. Colonel O'Neill did you bring any night vision with you?" asked Saint.

"No, we weren't supposed to be gone for more than a couple hours. Much less being sucked into an alternate universe."

"Damn," Saint unslung a rifle off his shoulder and showed it to the SG1 team leaders. "This is one of the newest toys used by some friends of mine. It's like a sci-fi version of the old M203/M16 system. Basically it is an auto grenade launcher strapped to the underside of a pulse laser rifle. The good news is that it has an integral ultra violet/low light scope. So we do have a form of night vision. But it's not like the real thing. It's really funny, but in some respects the US seems much more advanced than even the most advanced military power here. And decent night vision is just one of many such things. Anyway, any idea where we could gather? It'd be best if a light transporter could land there, I really don't want to explain why dozens of foreign soldiers with full battle gear deploy here."

Wins had been quiet during most of the discussion and decided to jump in. "I noticed an abandoned farming complex about two miles north of here. The main building is intact and still has a roof. Also, the lack of vegetation makes it difficult for anyone to sneak up on us. And in theory it's far enough off any inhabited area that we can stay there without being noticed."

Jack took in the suggestions and made his decision. "Here's how we'll do it. Master Jinn, Saint, Teal'c and myself will recon the enemy base. We'll look at the base layout, hostage location, and try to get a more exact count of enemy forces. Sam, you will take the rest of our group, secure the farming complex, and set up a defensible perimeter. Each force will be issued comlinks thoughtfully provided by Master Jinn and stay in contact with each other. Saint has set the devices to a frequency that the droids cannot detect. However, radio silence will be observed during the recon and by the surveillance post, since there might be more sophisticated detection equipment at their base. We'll only contact each other if something major comes up."

The meeting was adjourned as both groups made preparations for their assignments.


Jedi Temple
Planet Coruscant
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

Obi Wan let out a deep sigh as he turned off the com link. <I knew I should have gotten rid of the com link once Saint and Master Jinn left the planet.>

A slight noise caused the young Jedi to look up from his introspection. There, in the doorway stood Master Mace Windu. Pointing at the now silent comlink, the bald Jedi voiced his question. "From the look on your face, I take it that you got a call from young Anthony."

The young Jedi gave his elder a slight smile before responding. "Do you remember our conversation prior to rescuing those children?"

"Didn't it concern a remark made by his co-pilot? He referred to Anthony as a ‘Boyscout'?"

"Yes, not only has Saint talked me into helping out, he has now dragged Master Adi Gallia into helping with his latest ‘Good Deed'."

Mace rubbed his chin and thought back to being nearly run over by Adi Gallia as she exited this very room. <So that's the reason for her leaving in such a hurry> He glanced over to Obi Wan, raising an eyebrow. "I think I may need to have my head examined for doing what I am contemplating. I will join you on your journey."

"You know, Master Windu, I have a bad feeling about this."

"As do I. But for some reason, I have a strange desire to see what our friend is up to."


Ruins outside Kali Township
Planet Tauri Alpha 5
Outer Rim
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)


Seedu, a green skinned, insect like Rhodian, shrank away from his employer's outburst. He had been outside the hanger bay while waiting for his buddies to finish off their targets. Unfortunately, nothing about the little assignment had gone as planned. First, the targets had turned out to be Jedi, something the black robed human had neglected to mention when they were hired. <How the hell did those two younger Jedi get hold of those weapons?> Seedu, gave a slight shudder as he remembered the fight and how he had narrowly gotten away. Turning back to face the black mage, the Rhodian gave his report. "But master <They all liked to be called that>, the younger Jedis had some kind of weapon of powers I've never heard of before. They took out my gang in seconds. If I hadn't eliminated Jasta back there, we would have the entire Jedi Order breathing down our necks by now. At least the Jedi were unable to get any useful information."

His eyes glowing malevolently, Wolfgang Blackmoore continued. "For that slight spark of intelligence, I will let you live. Do not fail again, Darth Siddious is not as forgiving as I."

Seedu felt his knees buckle as the implications of his employer's last sentence sank in his thick skull. "You mean the Sith is coming here?"

"For now, he is content to remain at his current location. However, any more mistakes may lead him to come here and demand answers. If that happens, you will be explaining to him, not I."

The Black Mage pointed at the door. The Rhodian needed no further prompting and was gone within seconds. Looking at his employee's fleeing backside, Wolfgang considered the implications of SG1s arrival. When the Americans, appeared in the middle of his base, the Black Mage had ordered his battle droids to wipe them out. <Note to self: Double the guards and ask Siddious for living troops to reinforce the security detachment. Those battle droids are too easily outsmarted by anyone with half a brain.> Looking at his time piece, the Black Mage noted it was time to report back to the Sith. <It won't be long before he will be the master and ruler of this galaxy. Once that is achieved, then it's back to Earth for me. With enough resources to take over the world.>


Royal Palace, Theed
Planet Naboo
Outer Rim
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

The hanger bay attached to the Royal Palace was a picture of organized chaos. Men ran back and forth, loading supplies on various ships and just getting them ready for flight. McGyver had finished his morning check ride in one of the Gunship prototypes that were being developed for the newly formed Nubian armed forces. Like many of the machines encountered by the American visitors to this galaxy, the gunship was a mix of science fiction and normal hardware. The flight crew of pilot and gunner occupied the nose of the ship under tandem bubble canopies. Behind the cockpit, a cargo compartment capable of seating twenty fully equipped soldiers or comparable cargo was located. In fact the gunship looked like an Earth helicopter that had been turned into a spacecraft.

Turning off the engines, the American exited the ship, pausing to look it over one last time. <No matter how often I fly it, the bird still reminds me of a cross between a Russian Mil 24 ‘Hind' attack helicopter crossbred with the dropship from that ‘Aliens' movie I had watched as a kid.> Looking around the hanger, McGyver tried to find someone directing the chaos. <Wonder what's going on? Wait, there's Shepherd and the queen. I'll go ask them.>


Sgt. Shepherd, Captain Panaka, and Queen Amidala had been going over the final plans for sending help to Saint and company. The sound of approaching footsteps caused the trio to look up from their discussion and see McGyver coming over.

McGyver noted the serious expressions on the three before voicing his question. "What's going on?" Pointing back at the hanger bay, he continued. "I'm out completing a check ride on the new gunship and suddenly get the order to return to base. When, I arrive, pandemonium is reigning in the bay. So, I say again, what's going on?"

Queen Amidala turned to face the young American before answering. "We just received a call from Master Jinn and Anthony. They were investigating a link to the Coruscant child kidnap ring on Tauri Alpha V and uncovered a major base."

"Let me guess, upon uncovering the base the ‘Boy Scout' decided to eliminate the threat and call a few friends to help out."

Captain Panaka shook his head in resignation. " Yes, and I thought that by teaming him up with Master Jinn, the Jedi would be able to reign him in."

"Not likely. In fact, I seem to remember one of the Jedi mentioning that Master Jinn had a reputation of being somewhat unconventional. If anything, Saint dragged him into it. He has a gift for doing that. So what's the plan?"

The Queen explained, "Captain Panaka and Sgt. Shepherd will lead a company of the newly formed Naboo Rangers and help Saint take out the base. You will take the twelve pre-production gunships for transportation and support."

"But ma'am, those are the only gunships around. I mean, they are still in the prototype stage and are nowhere near being ready for production. In fact, they have only begun final testing."

"It appears that you will have a chance to test them under realistic conditions after all. Now, go and get ready. The transport ship carrying your forces leaves this system within the day."


Jungle outside Kali Settlement
Planet Tauri Alpha V
Outer Rim
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

Jack walked across the clearing to have a word with Saint. There were still many unanswered questions about this universe, what was going on, and he wanted answers. The young American was sitting on a log looking at some kind of locket. He had been so focused on the pictures within, that he didn't notice O'Neill until the colonel was right on him.

Pointing to a spot next to Saint, Jack cleared his throat. "Mind if I sit down?"

Saint looked up. "No problem, have a seat."

"Who is she?"

Saint turned the locket over in his hand to show the SG1 commander the picture inside. Smiling slightly, he explained. "Her name is Katie Heart. We dated back in high school, nothing serious at the time. But we were close friends. Who knows, maybe if she hadn't moved to Los Angeles it might have gotten more serious. We kept in touch by email and instant messaging while I was in training and stayed friends. We met up again in LA right before the mission to Mauretania. We had dinner, heck even her mother, JD, was there. "

"I hate to tell you kid, but from the look on your face it was more serious than you let on."

"Maybe so. She gave me this locket the following day when I was leaving. Sorta something to remember her by." Saint lightly touched the picture before looking out across the field. "I keep it next to my heart as a reminder of what waits back home when I get there."

"If it is meant to be, she'll wait for you." Jack gave Saint a quick look over. The young American had changed out of his civilian clothes into a pair of faded, tiger-striped pattern BDUs. Judging by his dress, he could be any member of SG1. However, unlike the SG1 team members, Saint had wrapped an old T-shirt around his head. If he didn't know better, Jack could have mistaken Saint for a Ranger from the Vietnam conflict. Jack tapped Saint on the shoulder and pointed to edge of the woods. "Major Carter and her team are heading out to the farmstead. We need to get going ourselves. You ready?"

Saint checked his rifle one last time before replying. "Yes Sir!"


Major Carter and her party had made the trip to the farmstead in less than an hour. Wins had been right. The main farmhouse was basically intact. The roof was still in place and only a few shattered windows disturbed that image. Wins accompanied her as they looked over the farm. In addition to the intact farmhouse, there were several side buildings that were in various stages of decay. The garage was intact and could comfortably hold up to four car-sized vehicles inside. They looked inside what was once a barn. Several stalls lined the walls and straw covered the floor. Finally they reached a grain silo. The roof was missing but the top floor was intact. They went up the stairs to get a closer look.

Pointing to the room Wins commented on the suitability of the farm. "Major, this silo makes a great lookout post. We could place a sentry up here with a radio, better yet a field telephone, and nothing can sneak up on us."

"I was thinking the same thing. That open field could accommodate several large VTOLS and makes an excellent landing zone. They suitable for space ships?"

"The ground looks solid enough. Most ships are fitted for belly landings anyways, so I don't think there'll be any problems. I'll check it ASAP."

"Good. Wins, it looks like we have our base camp."

"You are right about that. I would recommend that we plug up any holes in that wall surrounding this complex. Once we do that, we have a good defensible position."

"It's settled. We secure this place and post watches. As soon as it's secured, you'll check if it can accommodate spaceships. Luckily, the farmhouse can accommodate out entire force so we will use it for sleeping quarters and command post. If necessary, we can use the barn to house the rest of Saint's friends when they arrive."


The reconnaissance team quietly moved into the surrounding jungle. Saint, took point as the patrol moved out in the direction of the ruins. Halfway to their destination, the young American held up his right hand motioning for the others to hold up. Crouching down on one knee, he pulled out a knife and lightly scraped it across the animal trail. Jack eased up and peered around, trying to see what Saint had spotted.

"What do you see?"

Saint did not answer immediately, but slowly lifted up the knife. A fine wire rested on the blade. "Tripwire. Let's see what it is attached to, shall we?"

Saint carefully traced the wire across the trail until he reached a nearby tree. He eased a branch out of the way to reveal a box facing the trail. "Looks like someone's version of a claymore." Saint turned back and lifted his rifle to his shoulder. Switching the ultra violet scope to passive mode, he scanned the surrounding terrain. "Looks like what appears to be some kind of surveillance device about five hundred yards up the trail. Looks like we are going cross country from now on."

"Anthony, I can feel the presence of several nearby droids." Qui Gon pointed up the road. "They are nearby and heading this way. We have to move off the trail if we hope to avoid detection."

Jack and Teal'c nodded in agreement and the group crept into the surrounding brush. Soon afterwards the sounds of heavy footsteps became clearer as the droids approached. Qui Gon and Saint used the Force to mask their comrades' presence, as the enemy got closer.

"There's no one here." The tan robot looked around the area. "Must have been some animal that tripped the sensors."

Everyone let out sighs of relief as the battle droids moved back up the road. Teal'c suggested that the trail would be too dangerous and they needed to move through the brush. The rest nodded in agreement to his recommendation.

The team moved away from the trail and turned back towards the ruins. Three hours later, they heard the sounds of machinery and voices up ahead. Saint pointed to a nearby hill, dropped to his belly, and crawled up the hill to edge of a large patch of grass that was growing three feet in height. He carefully parted the grass and looked out over the camp.

The ruins were the scene of intense activity. Saint pulled out a notepad and quickly sketched out a plan of the base. He noted the number of visible droids, living beings, and machinery. He brought up his rifle and used it's UV/low light sight as a binoculars. Thus, he was able to get a close up look of the base from his angle. Saint looked down at his watch and noticed it was time to rejoin the group. So, he carefully low crawled back to the assembled team to give his report.

"Here's the lowdown. The site is composed of five major buildings plus numerous smaller, more recently constructed structures." Pointing at his sketch, Saint pointed out the highlights. "The large building in the center appears to have been some kind of temple. It appears to be the major feature of this site. There were at least four gun emplacements poking out of the window. I noticed out friend in the black bathrobe walking into it. About fifty yards to the East is another building festooned with antennas. I would wager that it is some kind of communications shack. It's not very large, so we can assume it's used for com only. The two buildings west of the temple are barracks of some kind. I noticed what appear to be armed humanoids walking in and around those buildings. The final building, located one hundred yards south of the temple, is a hanger. It is located next to a landing platform. That platform appears to be large enough to accommodate a standard light freighter with no difficulty. Finally, the complex is surrounded by razor wire and watch towers every hundred yards."

Jack spoke up and asked about forces.

"Well sir, from my vantage point, I saw three formations of battle droids. Each was about platoon sized. I say somewhere in the neighborhood of around thirty droids apiece. In total, I noticed those ninety battle droids, plus another forty in various positions on the base. So, figure around one hundred thirty in all. Now, I also saw what looked like pirates lounging around the living quarters. But, I didn't get a good look at their numbers. The good news is that they have a latrine that was detached from the living quarters and closer to the perimeter."

Jack gave a long look at Saint who simply nodded. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"If you mean, having someone infiltrate the base and capture one of the beings for information, then I do."

"Good, we'll sneak around to other end of the complex and get ready. Now, who wants to go?"

Saint pulled out his bayonet and detached his scabbard from his belt. Locking the two together, he held it up to show the others.

"The Force training I have received so far will allow me to sneak past the droid's sensors undetected. I can cut the wire with my wire cutters, grab a likely subject and be back within an hour."

Qui Gon looked over the rest of the party and said he would shield the others from detection with the Force.


Night had fallen by the time the team had reached their destination. Jack gave Saint a quick pat on the back for good luck as his young friend moved toward the base. Saint low crawled up to the wire. Thanks to some handy gadgets acquired from Coruscant, he was able to deflect the current without anyone knowing. He cut a small hole at the bottom of the fence and crawled through. He sneaked up to the latrine and waited behind a bush. One hour later, a rough looking human left the living quarters and walked up to the rest room. Saint waited until the pirate had reached the door before coming up behind him and placing the blade at his throat.

Saint quietly whispered, "If so much as a peep comes out of your mouth, I will cut you a new mouth. Do you understand?" The pirate's eyes grew wide as he nodded in understanding. "Now, we will quietly move toward the perimeter. Once we're through the fence, we will move to a place where you will answer some questions."

The two made it through the fence and back to the others. The pirate was tied up and gagged. Qui Gon used a Jedi Mind Trick and convinced the prisoner to not try anything. The team had reached the farm by sunup.


Ruined Farmhouse
Tauri Alpha V
31 BSW
( Star Wars Universe)

"Major Carter, we have movement on the Eastern perimeter."

Wins had been explaining the capabilities of some of the weaponry when the sentry reported in. She borrowed Wins Mauser and used its scope to peer through the inky darkness. <Dang, the scope is better than the sights on the new OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon), the Army is testing.> "Stand down. It's just the returning recon party." <Hmmm, looks like they brought some company along with them.>


The reconnaissance team crossed the perimeter and entered the farmyard. Saint leaned over to Jack and commented on the defensive positions. Out of the corner of his eye, O'Neill spotted Sam leaving the farmhouse, waving at them to come to her.

Saint and Qui Gon escorted the prisoner into the building while Wins led them to a room off the main hallway. Meanwhile, Sam led Jack and Teal'c into what had been the dining room.

Jack paused upon entering the room. It definitely was no longer a dining room. <Heck, the original owners would not recognize the room at all.> The table had been moved to the far end and set up as a conference table. What appeared to be three television monitors were set up on the right side, being manned by one SG1 soldier. A desk containing some kind of communications gear was on the other side of the room. Finally, a lap top computer and unknown device were set up on the table.

Sam noticed Jack's unspoken question. "While you were gone, Wins and I went back to the Jedi's ship and retrieved a few items. We set up motion and thermal sensors outside. Wins helped me integrate the Jedi equipment with what we had brought with us. At least we now have an acceptable detection net deployed around the perimeter." She pointed to the radio-like device before continuing. "The radio is set to the Republic frequencies so we can be contacted when Saint's friends arrive. That computer of theirs is a wonder. They managed to pack the capability of several mainframes into a small package."

"Think, they will let us take it back with us? I'm sure General Hammond will be interested in it."

"Don't know, but I'll ask. As you can tell, we have set up the command center in this room. Other rooms in this building and the barn have been modified into living quarters. Finally we have carved firing ports in the wall and make indoor bunkers should anyone attack us."

"Looks like you planned ahead. It turns out the bad guys have a band of pirates with them. Saint captured one and is helping Qui Gon interrogate him."

They looked up upon hearing someone entering the room. It was Saint and Qui Gon. Jack motioned for the two to pull up chairs and sit down.

"Where's Blackbeard?"

Qui Gon was confused by the reference but Saint understood and spoke up. "Our pirate friend is in a locked storeroom, tied, gagged and being watched by Teal'c. It didn't take long for him to break, thanks to Master Jinn. I would recommend calling a staff meeting so I don't have to repeat myself too many times."

Jack nodded and asked Sam to round up the command team. Within minutes, Wins, Daniel, and Teal'c filed into the room. Teal'c having turned over the guard duty to one of the soldiers.

Wins, broke the silence. "Saint, what did you turn up?"

"Well, it appears we were on the right track. Blackbeard confirmed that a black robed human who is not native to the galaxy is managing the operation. He also revealed that there are around forty children being held in various cells in the basement. He didn't know why the children were there. However, he had observed them being led to a room filled with various machines, he didn't see anyone leaving it, though." Saint pointed to a rough map. "The cells are located under the ruined temple. He also confirmed the presence of around two hundred battle droids and twenty destroyer droids."

Qui Gon took over from Saint. "We also learned that the ‘black robed human is not pleased with his droid security force. In fact, he was overheard on many occasions asking his master for living beings who could show some initiative."

"So what do we do?" asked Daniel.

Qui Gon answered for Saint. "We wait until Anthony's friends arrive and get ready to move on a moment's notice." Pointing back at Wins, the Jedi continued. "Raymond will continued to get your SG1 members acquainted with this galaxy and I will continue Anthony's training in the Force."


"Major Carter, we are being hailed on the secured frequency given to us by Lieutenant Christopher and Master Jinn! They claim to be Jedi Knights."

Sam looked up from the laptop and saved the file she had been examining. While they had been waiting for reinforcements, Wins and Daniel had hooked up to various databases and uncovered some interesting information about the temple complex. A recent archaeological expedition had revealed that it had been an ancient Sith temple. In fact, the Jedi archives had listed it as being one of the Sith's major temples when they had been a major threat to the Jedi. What really excited Sam, was the site map from the archaeologist. It gave accurate locations and measurements to every room down to the square inch. Walking over to the com unit, she pressed the receive button. A holographic image of bald, black man appeared on the unit and introduced himself, "This is Republic starship, Starseeker with a party of Jedi Knights. To whom am I speaking to?"

"Major Samantha Carter, United States Air Force and second in command of SG1."

"Ah yes, Anthony mentioned you when he requested out aid."

"Hold on, I'm sending you landing coordinates. We'll be waiting there."

"I am in you debt, dear lady. We will arrive shortly."

Saint, Qui Gon, Jack, and Daniel walked in as she finished her conversation with Mace Windu. Saint plopped into a chair next to the com unit.

"What's up?"

"Some of your friends will be arriving shortly. I believe they identified themselves as Jedi Knights."

Saint turned to Qui Gon. "That would be Master Gallia and Obi Wan." The older Jedi nodded in acknowledgement. Any further conversation was interrupted by the flashing light on the com unit, indicating that a message was being received. Sam pressed the button again and the image of Captain Panaka appeared on the pad. "This is Panaka. If I may, who am I speaking to?"

Sam repeated the introduction she had previously given to Mace Windu. He acknowledged receipt of the landing instructions. However, Sam was unprepared for the Nubian captain's next remark.

"I know he's there. Would you hand the communicator over to the INSANE, PSYCHOTIC, LIGHT-SABER WIELDING SMARTASS?"

"Captain Panaka, long time no see. How's it hanging?"

"What is really going on down there? You did not really explain why you needed our help."

"I'll explain everything once you get here. Besides it'll be easier giving one briefing to everybody than saying the same thing over and over again."

"You better have a good one."

"Don't worry. Have I ever given a bad one?"

"Don't go there. I'll see you within thirty minutes. Panaka, Out."

Saint returned to the table, grabbed a stim drink, and looked back at the others.

"Now that all of the help has arrived. We can finalize the plans for taking down the bad guys. With any luck we'll be done by tomorrow night. Then, we can get on with finding a way back to Earth."

The others could only shake their heads in quiet resignation over the young man's enthusiasm.


The Starseeker was the first ship to land near the farmhouse. Obi Wan Kenobi was first out of the ship. Walking down the ramp, he took in what were obviously newly constructed defensive positions near the walls. A group of people was walking up to the ship. Obi Wan immediately recognized his former master and friend. However, the other two were strangers.

Saint, Qui Gon, Jack, and Sam moved out to greet the new arrivals. A big smile appeared on Saint's face as he recognized the young man standing by the landing ramp. He went up to the young man and…

"Obi Wan! It's good to see you."

"I could say the same Anthony. Just what are you up to?"

"The usual. You know, protecting the innocent, defeating evil."

Obi Wan only shook his head. Any reply he was intending to make was interrupted by the arrival of Saint's companions and the two other Jedi leaving the ship. Jack walked up to Saint and asked him who they were. Saint looked at Qui Gon who motioned at him to make the introductions.

"Colonel O'Neill, this is Obi Wan Kenobi. He was Master Jinn's previous student and a close personal friend of mine." Pointing at the other two Jedi, Saint continued. "Standing behind Obi Wan are Masters Mace Windu and Adi Gallia. Both are master Jedi and members of the Jedi Council. Although I am surprised at Master Windu's appearance."

Mace Windu looked over to O'Neill. "I was in the communications center when Anthony asked Master Gallia and Jedi Kenobi for help. Due to my prior experience with Anthony, I decided to see what was going on for myself."

Saint turned back to Jack and grinned. "It's like watching an car accident. You know it's going to be bad, but you just can't turn away from watching it."

Mace nodded his head, understanding the reference. "It is something like that. Now, I recognize Master Jinn. Who are your other companions?"

"Starting with the gentleman to my right. This is Colonel Jack O'Neill of the United States Air Force. He is from my home planet, Earth, and commander of SG1. I believe you have already been introduced to Colonel O'Neill's second-in-command, Major Samantha Carter."

The sound of multiple craft shattered the night air and twelve gunships landed near the Starseeker. The ships were obviously warships of some kind. They sprouted multiple gun positions and large doors on the sides. In fact, they appeared to be some kind of armed troop carriers. Due to the covert nature of the operation, the Naboo markings had been painted out.

Qui Gon and Jack were quietly discussing something and came to an agreement. Qui Gon cleared his throat, getting the other's attention, "Now that the rest of Anthony's friends have arrived, I suggest that we retire to the farmhouse and make plans."