Author: Anne Parnell
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Title: Trick or Treat

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Major spoilers for Season 2 Episode 6 "Halloween"
Keywords: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Summary: When Buffy and the gang get enlisted to take school children around 'trick or treating' things take a wrong turn when a chaos worshipper decides to play.

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Author's Note's: Watch for the little segment dedicated to Eric and Bleu (sorry to do this to you, Asbjoern). You�ll be able to figure it out�

Author's Thanks: To Steve, without him there wouldn't have been a Wandererverse to play in and although this is based before Steve St Wolf makes an appearance in Sunnydale, his writing and that of all the other wonderful authors, Tim, Erica, Harvey to name a few, I wouldn't have come back to writing fanfics.

And especially to Tim for all the support and help you have given me in all of my stories, especially editing them all so quickly while writing your own stories.

Trick or Treat

When is volunteering not an option? When Snyder decides to enlist you�

Sunnydale High School
Sunnydale, California
Day before Halloween
October 30, 1997

"Hey!" I yell as someone grabs my arm, "Let go you little� oh Principal Snyder, how can I help you?"� I cringe at the man holding my arm. Oh Gawd, what have I done now?

"You�re volunteering," Snyder says as he thrusts a clipboard and pen into my hands.

"But I�m going to be in LA, seeing my Mom."� Snyder just shrugs.� I try again to get out of it.� Buffy, Xander and Willow walk past me, shooting a sympathetic look my way.

"Principal Snyder, I am not even going to be in town, how can I volunteer?"� I hate this time of year, purely because of the Volunteer Safety Program.� I can�t stand the little brats and they expect us to take them around.� Not in this lifetime.

After a few minutes of protesting I can see that Principal Snyder has lined up three more victims, and as he turns toward them I put the clipboard down and run off. I can hear him talking to Buffy and the others. I almost feel sorry for them! Then again� Better you than me, Summers!

I make it into class, happy with my success in avoiding signing up. But there is no way that I am not going to see Mom tomorrow night. I haven�t seen her in ages so I really need to visit. I haven�t even seen her new house yet!


I make my way through the lounge after class and I notice that Buffy and Willow are on the couch. I look around to see where Xander is and I notice he is talking to Larry. I really don�t like Larry, he�s just so perverted!

I can see him watching Buffy as she tells Willow a joke, her short skirt barely covering half her thighs while sitting down. He turns to face Xander. I don�t like the way he was watching her then.

I see Xander trying to grab at Larry but he just laughs and steps aside before picking him up in his right hand. Larry looks like he is preparing to throw a punch but finds his hand caught in a vice-like grip. As usual Buffy�s there. She grabs his wrist and twists his arm behind him, propelling him into the vending machine. She pulls Larry back from the machine and shoves him away. That looked so cool but Xander is looking annoyed� let me guess, manly pride? That�s why I sometimes like being a short girl; I don�t have that much of an ego to bruise.


It would usually be at this point in time that I would be going home to Dad. But no, Principal Snyder ordered me back into school full time, said it was either full time school or full time home. I think he really hates kids, which makes this a weird job for him to be working. So instead I find myself in the girls� room.

I hear Buffy and Willow enter and start talking, so instead of exiting, I stay there for a little while longer. They don�t realize that I am sitting here listening to them. So what if I�m sitting on the toilet? I need survival pointers in this town and how else am I going to get them!

The conversation is surprising. I never knew that Buffy was dating a vampire� that�s rather ironic isn�t it, a Slayer dating a Vampire. But what�s with this 1775 crap? Is Buffy planning on dressing up like someone from the vampire�s time? Could be funny, cause I can�t see Buffy playing the role of a helpless woman� imagine that, Sunnydale without the Slayer fighting in it. That�s too scary to think about!

But why does Angel�s name ring a bell in my head? I know that name for some reason� why? I can recall reading about a vampire named Angelus. But what was so special about him�

Oh well, that can wait. I still have to get out of the toilets without Buffy, Willow or Cordelia finding me hiding out in the stall. They sound like they are leaving so I wait a few minutes for Cordelia, then Buffy and Willow, to exit the toilets before I open the door. I quickly look around and see no one else so I quickly wash up and head out. I want to look up more on this vampire, Angelus.


Jarman household
That night

Sometimes I really wish I were a normal teenager who could spend her time worrying about what costume to wear. Even Buffy gets to have a night off tomorrow. For some reason, vampires shy away from coming out on Halloween. Who would have figured? When I found out about vampires, the first thing I learned about them (besides the killing of them, creation of them, and the whole necking scene) was that they don�t do anything on Halloween. I would have figured it'd be a big old vamp scare-a-palooza, considering how many people dress as vampires. Maybe Anne Rice is to blame, I don�t know.

Mom and I fought the other day because she wants me to come up to LA for the night. I want to stay and make sure Dad is okay since he has been really out of it recently. I gave in when Mom told me she�d pay for his nurse to stay the night. At least he won�t be alone.

I�m going to head off in the late afternoon/early evening tomorrow and get back early morning the next day. And while I am there, I get to play "Happy Hostess" to Rhys� business party. If it is anything like their engagement party I am going to scream! That was a complete nightmare, the worst party I have ever seen. And to top it all off, Mom only just noticed that I had cut my hair and decided to yell at me.

I do a quick study on Angelus before bed and am shocked at what I find out. He was known as the Scourge of Europe. That doesn�t sound like a Carebear with fangs. He killed and tortured people up until about 80 years ago, and then he drops out of sight� what happened to him? Did someone curse him to make him good? Nah, I must be tired if I am thinking that someone would actually curse a vampire. It so wouldn�t happen in this world�


Jarman household
Halloween night

From my bedroom window I watch as little kids are scurrying through town knocking on peoples doors. They all look so young and innocent, and very excited. There are so many different costumes out there; some kids have gone to a lot of trouble.

I should really start heading for Mom�s now but somehow I just don�t have the energy. I don�t really want to play �Happy Hostess� but I should really attend. Oh well, maybe I can just be a normal partygoer� as long as I am there I can�t really see Mom complaining too much.


I can hear sirens and screams echoing around the town. It�s terrifying me; I don�t want to leave Dad but I have to. The nurse seems jumpy but tells me it�s okay to leave. He has no idea about Sunnydale� poor kid is in for a rough night, especially if Dad starts on his elf trips. Is it right to leave him or not?

"I�ll lock the door after you, and I won�t even let a pizza man in." That makes me feel better but I would still prefer not to go. At least if the odd vampire is out there, he isn�t getting an invite tonight. I grab my overnight bag and head out the door. As soon as I shut the door, I hear the lock slip into place.

I head to my car and as I back out I notice my next-door neighbour�s son outside.

"Eric Richer, you better get inside, it�s not safe out here tonight," I call out to him. I smile as he faces me, showing off his Superman costume. For some reason he looks muscular in it, more so than he should have been�

"ARGH!" someone screams from nearby. Eric runs towards the scream and he�s faster than a sprinter! You could almost say faster than a speeding bullet. I shake my head; I have to be going crazy. There is no way that a little kid is that fast.

As I pull onto the road I watch the chaos in front of me. Demons run around and parents and children are being attacked. The scary thing is, the demons are the height of little kids. There�s a young girl doing perfect pirouettes on one lawn, I didn�t know we had any ballerinas in Sunnydale� and two young boys are fencing nearby. Fencing better than they do in the movies. How is this entire problem happening? In fact, what the Hell is going on here?


I make it to the end of my street but I am totally confused. The street is in chaos and Buffy isn�t around anywhere� I keep driving down the street, turning into Revello drive. As I pass Buffy�s house I notice Mr Tall Dark and Handsome heading up the driveway. He must be getting reinforcements or finding out why Buffy isn�t out here doing the whole protecting the innocent gig. But why isn�t she out here already? Oh gawd, she had to dress up while taking the kids out� I wonder what she would have dressed as?

Seriously though, sometimes I think if this town doesn�t kill me, it�s going to make me nutzoid�

I keep driving through town and watch the chaos happening around me. A few people seem to still have their senses and look like they are trying to get away from the certifiablely insane, without much luck. The screams just help pinpoint the monster�s targets.

As I continue driving, a young mother runs out in front of my car and I have to slam on my breaks to try to avoid her. She looks at me horrified, her son grabbing onto her leg. I hear a growl and realize what she�s running for. Quickly opening the passenger side door, I motion for her to hop in.

"Get in! Get in! Quickly�" She comes to her senses and jumps into my car, holding her boy on her lap. I don�t even wait for her to shut the door before driving straight away.

"My name�s Alison� Where do you live?"

"Amber Grove. What the hell was that chasing us?" Hmmm, should I tell her the truth or something believable?

"Its just someone who is really into Halloween I guess�" Damn! Am I condoning the cover up in this town? Hell, the way I am going, I am actually adding to it! I am going to be in so much trouble when I get to Mom�s. If I get to Mom�s�

"This house here, turn here." I pull up into the driveway where the mother points and let them out.

"Make sure you lock your doors and don�t answer it for anyone! Not even if they look injured." I pull out of her house and head back into town. Since Buffy isn�t around, I�d better help out. I wish I knew where she was�


I turn onto Revello again and see Buffy wearing an olden day style dress. So that�s what she and Willow were talking about. She�s running scared down the street. I pull beside her but she starts shrieking about a demon. There are no demons here� Oh no! Don�t tell me that the Hellmouth is without a Slayer. Why couldn�t she have dressed as Xena? I bet a lot of people will be asking that before the night�s over. She runs off again and I drop a U-Turn to head back to her house. I have to get the others. I don�t want to speak to them but I know I have too. If Buffy is out of it then maybe they can help�

When I drive up the driveway I hear another scream. Figuring I could always come back I head toward the noise. I am so not cut out to be a hero. I prefer to be the damsel in distress� in fact why can�t Buffy and I trade places? Speaking of which, I really shouldn�t have left her alone. There is no way I can trace the sound of one scream� what the hell was I thinking? So much pressure, this is not good. I hate pressure!

I drop another U-Turn and head back to Buffy�s place. I get out just as a guy who looks like Cornelius from Planet of the Apes comes running at me. I shriek and head towards Buffy�s door, only to hear the Apeman shouting out in pain. <Great, now I�m outscreaming old Noble Buffy!> Turning around I notice Eric, or would that be Superman, fighting the Apeman. Now this is a sight to see� a 10-year kid fighting an ape! Just what I need, a pint sized �Big Blue Boy Scout� rescuing me� I will never live this one down!!! I do make a note to take him over my knee and spank him if he even starts to call me "Lois."

I knock on the door and discover that it is open. Walking in, I look around and notice that there has been a bit of damage done to the inside. I can�t hear anyone around, so I start straightening the place up. I so don�t want to head outside; as I said before, I am not cut out to be a hero.


The screams outside are driving me up the wall. I wonder how Dad is coping with it? Or even how Dad's nurse is coping� hehehe, and people think I am mean when I was the Cordette who initiated people into the group. I�m nothing compared to the Hellmouth!

But all right that�s it; I have had enough! I am out of this place, and out of this crazy town. I wonder if Mom will allow me to move in with her and Rhys? No on second thought, that would be too gross to think about. I can live without watching them making out everywhere.

I peek out the door and look around. Oh shit, the car�s dented� and the Apeman is down for the count next to it. I wonder if you can sue Superman? If not, I am so suing DC Comics for the creation of the character. Oh Gawd, imagine the court case� nah, too scary to even think about. I need a life so badly!

One day I would like to go back to the simpler times where I was a shallow bitch and there was nothing weird in this town. Nah, screw that! Even a shallow bitch would find this hard to repress. What will the skeptics say this time? Hell, it would be funny to find out what Stein says about this night... is everyone on PCP like the last time? And the times before that?

I run out the door, slamming it shut and sprinting for the car. You know, for someone with short legs I can run pretty fast. My legs just move twice as fast as someone with longer legs. The downside to it is that I tire much more easily.

I manage to get to the car with no difficulties until, that is, I shut the door. Oh great, Eric�s back� I back out and hope that he hasn�t seen me; cause if he is channeling Superman, there is no way I am going to out run him in this car.

I drive off and speed away until I�m safe as you can be in a possessed town and head out onto the highway towards Sunset Beach. There is no way I am stopping before I get there. I don�t care if I blow a flat, I�ll drive on the rim if need be. Of course, the sudden memory of the dent in the car makes explaining it to Dad less than appealing. Moving in with Mom might not be so bad after all�


LA turn off

Wow, I can�t believe I made it with nothing stopping me. Oh Gawd, I hope I haven�t jinxed myself with saying that while I am still on the way to Mom�s house. I�m not really that late, so Mom can�t really yell at me� much�

As soon as I arrive in LA, I follow Mom�s directions to her new house. She really has no understanding of being coherent and concise with her descriptions. I get lost four or five times on the way. Is it really that hard to write good directions after you�ve lived there for a few months?

I guess she�s just too wrapped up in Rhys to be bothered with things like directions, her daughter, and her ex-husband. Yeah, I am still slightly bitter over that. Especially since she hasn�t even bothered to offer to help me out. I wouldn�t accept it (well, not much) but the offer would be nice, maybe show she still loves me and is worried about my well being.

I pull up to her apartment building and groan; Rhys had to have the biggest apartment he could find. It�s now or never Alison; either walk up to the door or head back to psycho town to be at the mercy of whatever is out in force tonight. Well, I�m here so I might as well see Mom; otherwise my night is a complete waste of time and energy.

Before I can even knock, Rhys opens the door and looks majorly pissed. Mom is standing behind him and I think she is about to blow her top. Thankfully for me, the guests are already there. Suffer, you can�t yell at me until your guests go and since I am leaving at the same time� I get off scot-free� I am so good some days. Of course, I still have to hope that SuperEric doesn�t remember saving a full-sized "Lois."

"Good evening Rhys, Mom. How are you both? Is the party going well?" That�s the way; remind them straight away that there is a party going on. Mom sometimes does have a short memory. I walk into the apartment and give Mom a quick kiss on her cheek before starting towards the crowd. I don�t get far before Mom grabs my arm and pulls me into the master bedroom. I watch as she shuts the door to her room before she spins around and glares at me.

"Where the hell have you been? I called your father and his nurse told me that you left several hours ago. It does not take that long to get here. So where were you?"

"Mom, I got caught helping a young mother and her child just after leaving home," I start truthfully, but I know that if I continue she will not believe it, "he was sick after eating too many candies so I offered to run them home. I did that and when I started heading back out this way, I blew a tire. So I had to get it changed, a nice man helped me, which is why I don�t look dirty. Then I got lost following your directions since this is the first time I have come out to this section of LA." Did that sound convincing? I certainly hope so, �cause I hate when Mom yells. She has a really nasal voice when she gets going.

"Why didn�t you call me?" I start relaxing when I hear the anger leaving her voice. She bought it; she bought it my mind starts singing!

"Mom, I was on the middle of the highway! By the time I found a phone it would have made me even later. So instead I thought I should just try to get here as quickly as possible."

"Okay sweetheart, you just had me worried. How was I to know if you hadn�t been abducted by some kind of monster?" Did my Mom just say monster? "There are all kinds of rapists�" I cringe at that comment since it hits too close to home but Mom doesn�t see it and continues with, "murderers, cultists. Too many crazy people in this day and age."

Oh, so she meant that kind of monster. No wonder she didn�t like staying in Sunnydale, those kinds were few and far between� not because of our police force, no way! Stein is a hopeless doofus! Nah, they just get eaten by the real monsters� I think that is Sunnydale�s only saving grace, you�re relatively safe from the mundane things in the world� it�s the supernatural that you really have to worry about.

"Mom, I can look after myself. And anyways, I got here safely so it�s all right now. Now get out there and enjoy the party. Do you need a hand with anything?" Hand in hand, we walk out of the bedroom and into the living room where the party was cranking along. Rhys shoots us a glance and when he sees us smiling, cheers up as well. Was he concerned for my wellbeing or just because I made Mom mad?

"Everyone, I would like to introduce you to my daughter, Alison," Mom shouts to the room. People turn and stare at me, I hate people staring� it unnerves me. A few people politely smile, a couple of people frown, and one guy at the back of the room grins widely like he was expecting something to happen.


I spend a few minutes talking to a couple of the guests before I make my break into the kitchen. These people are disgusting, worried more about personal appearances and money than anything worthwhile. It makes me sick in the stomach to think that I could have turned out like that. Sure, it�s a long way between high school and Mom�s age, but still I was well on my way towards it. I am definitely going to thank Dad someday about my changes in personality; with him being sick I needed to grow up and take a good, long look at myself. Although Percy deserves most of the credit for my change, all he is going to get is a knee in his groin one day soon� and not by me either. <Or maybe I can hire Buffy or someone else to do some kung fu on him. Why not go all out?> I giggle.

I hear someone walking into the kitchen just behind me, but I don�t turn around. I try to ignore the person but it�s hard when they pull up a chair at the table.

"Bunch of rich-bitches and money hungry bastards, your parents are the most down to earth people here," the voice begins. It�s a male voice and it�s almost soothing in its timbre.

"Rhys isn�t my father," I admit.

"Is that so? Jessica is your mother, but then who is your father?" he asks, surprise evident in the voice. I turn to look at the person speaking to me, it�s the same man who had grinned at me earlier.

"Obviously someone else," I sarcastically strike back at him. Who is this guy and why is he trying to get information about my family?

"Obviously� but I am being rude, I do apologize for prying just before. My name is Jonathan Mitchell, how are you tonight?" he holds his hand out as he introduces himself. Okay, maybe he isn�t as bad as I was beginning to think.

"Extremely tired, and yourself?" Well there is nothing wrong with being polite now is there? Even if it makes my teeth hurt.

"I�m well, why are you so tired, my dear?" Oh Gawd! What is with me and people who are �charming�? Do I have a sign on my head saying �idiot�? Man, why do they think that I will fall for their gentlemanly ways?

"Been up late saving the world from unspeakable demons," I sarcastically lie to him. Well it�s not much of a lie, but he�ll think it is. He chuckles softly.

"A woman of beauty and wit. A rare find these days�" Wow! A smooth talker that�s full of shit. Been a long time since I faced one of these types of people. Time to play a simpering moron again.

"Why sir, you are too kind to someone as plain as me." I lay it on thick and finish it off with the eyelash flutter and voila! Putty in your hands�

"So tell me, where are you from? What town can enhance such beauty as yourself? Do you live with your father?" Hmmm, he�s prying again� what can I say this time?

"Stop it," I stupidly giggle� man, hanging around Harmony and that type certainly helps you play airhead� "you�re making me blush." I hear Mom�s heels approaching, thankfully. I managed to stall him from finding out too much about me and my family. Am I good or am I good? I don�t think he�s heard Mom�s entrance as he keeps prying.

"Alison, such a pretty name. German if my memory serves me correct, meaning of noble birth. You certainly have a sense of nobility around you. So where are you from again?" I watch Mom�s face, I think I did something good by stalling. She looks ready to explode.

"Mr Mitchell, if you have any questions about my family, I suggest you ask me instead of prying into my daughter�s life. Now if you�ll excuse us, Alison has a phone call," Mom angrily answers. Jonathan Mitchell jumps a mile as soon as Mom started. I love my poker face� no one has beaten me yet!

I stand up and walk out with Mom. She leads me into the master bedroom again and sits down, patting the bed for me to follow suit.

"Ali, did you tell Jonathan anything about our family?" she asks worriedly.

"I did mention that Rhys wasn�t my father, it just slipped out. But I dodged all the other questions. Who is he Mom?" She doesn�t respond straight away but hugs me before she says anything else.

"Jonathan is a journalist, a gossip columnist really. He�s trying to find out as much dirt as he can about Rhys and myself because he thinks we are up to something. So it looks like, he thought he could butter you up with a couple of compliments so he could find out his answers. What he didn�t expect was someone who is as talented an actress as you." I blush at Mom�s words.

"You said there was a phone call Mom?" I change the topic.

"I lied, what? You think that you are the only one in our family who can lie convincingly?" I look up at her, shocked.

"Never trust a Mace-Jarman, huh Mom?"

"Pretty much. So tell me, how�s Andrew?" Mom�s asking about Dad? What is the world coming to?

"He�s pretty good, most days he�s pretty coherent, which makes it easier on me. I�m just grateful that we�ve got the nurse to help us out. Although money wise, I don�t think we can manage that much longer."

"Alison, I�ve talked to Rhys about that. We�re going to send you a check with a sum of money on it to help pay for the nurse. It is unfair for you to suffer because of what�s happened between Andrew and I." I look at her; this isn�t the usual selfish Jessica Mace-Jarman that I am used to. Mom is being kind and considerate towards us. Wow!

"Thanks Mom, but seriously we�re fine for the moment." Did I just say that? Oh Gawd! I did�

"Nonsense, it�s just a little check for the moment. You�re going to need new school books shortly, so if you don�t spend it now, save it for when you really need it." I give her a hug to thank her.


After a little while I decide that I can�t stand it anymore. What was it that Jonathan had said? That�s right, rich bitches and money hungry bastards sums up this party well. Sunnydale in turmoil looks better than what this place does.

"Mom, I�m not feeling too well, I�m going to head home," I say weakly, trying to make the performance believable. There is no way I am leaving Dad at home all night with only a nurse to protect him, especially considering how crazy it was earlier.


Alison�s station wagon

Driving back to Sunnydale, I wonder how badly the town is going to have been destroyed. But then again, Superman was there to protect people. But even he can�t be everywhere at the same time� can he?

As I pass the �Welcome to Sunnydale� sign my eyes widen in shock. The place looks like normal, no destruction anywhere. How the bloody Hell can this be? There is nothing happening in this town, it is so boring. I drove back from LA for this? Oh well, at least it�s gotten me away from everyone. Especially Jonathan Mitchell�s prying eyes� he was a creep!

I pull up to my house and think that I must have been dreaming about everything that had happened tonight. I unlock the front door and almost get smashed over the head with a lamp. Dad is standing there holding it in his hands, grinning sheepishly.

"What are you doing home Ali? I thought you were going to spend the night in LA with Jessica�" I wait �til he puts the lamp back down. Locking the door again, I shepherd Dad into the kitchen and switch on the kettle.

"Dad, tea or coffee?" I ask as I prepare a hot chocolate for myself.

"Peppermint tea please, now why are you home?" he asks again while he sits down in front of the kitchen table. I carefully pour the boiling water into each of the cups and stir them both. I pick them up and set the tea in front of Dad and sit down opposite him.

"Where�s the nurse?" I switch subjects again.

"He�s hiding under the stairs�" I laugh. <Some protection he is�> "now stop avoiding the subject. You do this too often Alison, please stop trying to protect your old man and answer the question!"

"Sorry Dad, it�s just� well I was worried about you. Your nurse is practically a stranger, I didn�t know how he would go on a night like tonight. Dad can you remember anything happening tonight?" I had to ask him, I needed to know if I had dreamed it all.

"There were a lot of gun shots and sirens. I don�t know what was happening but it sounded close. I was worried about you after Jessica called to find out when you had left." <Oh shit! I forgot that she had called him about that, I should of called home straight afterwards, Dad must have been in a panic all night about me.>

"Dad I am so sorry. I should have called you to let you know I arrived safely�" I begin apologizing.

"Sweetheart, although Jessica and I have our differences, we do still occasionally speak to one another. She had Rhys call me a little while after you arrived at their house. I knew you were all right." Mom is really surprising me today with her behavior.

"Daddy, do you think its time we tell your nurse it is safe to come out now?" I ask with a grin.

"Maybe we can let him sleep there tonight, after all Jessica is the one paying for him," Dad replies with an evil grin. It�s good to be home, even if home is on a Hellmouth.

Wrapping my arm around Dad�s waist, we head up the stairs together. I kiss him goodnight and head into my room. Laying down on my bed I think about what happened tonight. How are the police going to cover this one up?

The End