Author: NorJC

Title: The Section Seven Chronicles - Maiden’s Sword

Copyrighted: March 2002
Category: Crossover/Adventure
Rating: PG-14
Spoilers: None
Keywords: Highlander/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Xena-Warrior Princess.

Summary: This particular story depicts a Wandererverse flash fiction story featuring an enchanted sword of one of the New Amazons.

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The character of Shaw Hunter belongs to Tim Knight.
The Wandererverse is a creation of Steve Pantovich.

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Special Thanks to my Beta Readers: Carla Alfano and Tim Knight for being such a good friend and a terrific author.

Author's Notes: Words expressed within < > are thoughts. Willow became a New Amazon in Steve’s Training Blues Series - How Cordelia Got Her Amazon Groove.

Maiden’s Sword

I loved being her sword.

Oh, it is true I breathed my last cursing my former lover, Celcia, the elven priestess of Selüne, for keeping me from passing beyond the veil. I had just given my life to slay the assassin who had targeted my forbidden love. But she could not go through her long life knowing I was gone forever. She transferred my essence, first into a crystal orb, then a mystical sword that bears my name. Celcia appreciated the irony in that, considering how sharp my tongue was in life. Being a sword fit me well.

When Celcia’s heart grew weary of having me, yet not, she arranged to have me given to a half elf priestess of Mielikki. She took me to another world and gave me to an Amazon sorceress. At first, I was melancholy when I saw her. She reminded me so of Celcia. Petite and ethereal, with scarlet tresses and witch-green eyes, she possessed a comfort I longed for, like the intimacy of well-worn, kidskin riding britches against my loins. As we fought together to protect her realm from the darkness, I discovered how canny and skilled she was, this girl who had the strength and flexibility of the tree that shares her name.

I suppose that is why she won me over so quickly; we are so alike.

The worst thing about being her sword was the times when I stood and watched him share her bed. I longed for those nights when the moon was full, he was locked away in his cage, and she stayed with me for one reason or the other.

Several fortnights ago, she seemed frightened and alone. After she peered into the yellow topaz of my crossguard for several glorious minutes, serenity softened her face. She sheathed me inside my scabbard, held me in her arms, and entered the sleep goddess Evaki’s domain. As she slept, I watched over her, the faery princess in human form who had captured my heart.

Then, last night, the night of the Winter Solstice when the full moon filled the sky like some sphere of the gods, she pulled me close in her sleep and pressed a firm but gentle kiss on my pommel.

Perhaps it was the magic of both Celcia’s patron and Artemis in conjunction with the eldritch energy of the solstice, I knew not. All I knew was the silky softness of her skin as my fingers lovingly traced the lines of her face.

Moments later, her eyes fluttered open…and she smiled. "You’re a woman," Willow whispered huskily.

I nodded and kissed her gently. "Yes, a woman who loves you, one warrior to another." She was the kind of woman I had loved before, the sort of woman-to-woman love my people frowned upon.

"Etriel," she breathed my name and we made love with an intensity that matched the fiery hued hair we both shared, satiating me until the next solstice full moon.

The End