Chronicles of the Wishverse
Snakes Among the Stars
by Michael Weyer

Stargate SG-1, all rights and properties owned by MGM.
Alias all rights and properties owned by ABC.
Nick Fury created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, property of Marvel Comics.
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1. It was Jack O'Neill who was infested by the Tok'ra symboite Jolinar in season two.
2. Sam Carter's father, Jacob, never received a symboite and died of cancer.
3. O'Neill and Janet Fraiser are now a couple.
4. Carter and Daniel Jackson are a couple.

1. After discovering the truth about SD-6, Sydney Bristow joined SHIELD.
2. Michael Vaughn is her partner.
3. Marshall works in SHIELD's technology department.
4. Arvin Sloane is a deep cover HYDRA agent working inside SD-6.

1. Jed Bartlett selected Senator David Palmer as his vice-presidential running mate.
2. When was shot, he stepped down and Palmer became President.

This one just hit me and I could resist it. Hope you like.

Part one: In which a series of rude wake-up calls are made.

Home of Samantha Carter
Cheynee, CO
September 20th, 1999
0804 Hours CMT

For Daniel Jackson, there were few sights in the universe better than seeing Samantha Carter in the morning.  The dark-haired archeologist was propping his head on one elbow as he gazed at the sleeping Major. She lay on her side slightly, the bed sheets wrapped around her and a small smile
on her face. It never ceased to amaze Daniel how different Carter was off-duty, the all-business demeanor of a soldier vanishing to reveal a woman of surprising humor.

Daniel let one hand slide down, pulling back the sheet so he could admire that gorgeous body. Despite the athletic build and the muscles, Carter's body could put most models to shame with her full round breasts and toned abs. Daniel moved down to gently kiss her on the lips, causing her to stir.


"Hmmm," Carter muttered as she backed up and opened her eyes. "Morning."

"Morning," Daniel said as he lay back next to her. "Sorry but I know you don't like sleeping late that often, even on a day off."

Carter sighed as she brushed her hair. "Not that I ever really get a day off. I've got reports to finish, that study of the constellation field SG-6 recorded, jogging, maybe stop at the gym..."

Daniel chuckled. "Sam, have you ever actually relaxed and enjoyed yourself for more than a day straight?"

Carter gave him a wink. "I think the last few months might have answered that question."

She gave him a long kiss as Daniel's hands wrapped around her. She sighed and reluctantly pushed away. "Sorry but nature calls." She moved off, grabbing a robe from a nearby hook as she headed into the bathroom. Daniel propped his hands behind his head as he lay back on the bed. "I do have to be going soon," he called out. "I've got to make a couple of calls about those symbols we found outside the temple on PX782. But I assume you'll be free tonight."

"Bet on it," Sam called back as she tended to her needs. 

Daniel chuckled and was about to ask her what she'd like to try out when a movement by the door caught his eye. He looked to see the door creak open and a shadowy figure aim a weapon at him. Daniel was frozen in shock for a fatal moment before opening his mouth. Before he could yell, the weapon fired with a muffled "whisp."

Daniel jerked as he felt something hit him on the side of the neck. His fingers reached up to feel a dart of some sort sticking out. Before he could do anything else, his strength faded away and he fell back, his eyes shutting as he fell unconscious.

Sam had just finished washing her hands when she heard a soft grunt. "Daniel?" Instantly, she was alert, her training kicking in. She glanced at the bottom of the door and saw the shadow of feet on the other side. Steeling herself, she counted to three then grabbed the knob and pulled the
door in.

The dark-garbed and masked figure had been right outside the door, listening for signs of anyone inside. Carter's move caught the figure off-guard. As she fell in, Carter could tell it was a woman underneath the clothing. Seeing a gun in the woman's right hand, Carter immediately grabbed her wrist and pulled as she threw a forearm at the woman's face. The woman gasped at the blow, instinctively letting go of the gun. Carter pushed her back into the bedroom and launched a kick at the attacker.

The woman blocked it and kicked back, her long leg slamming into Carter's side. The blonde spun to roll with the blow and came face to face with the bed. Sam froze as she saw Daniels' still form, her heart plummeting at his fate. It was enough of a distraction for the intruder to grab her from behind, trying to get Sam into a choke hold. Carter growled as she tried to block the move, pushing herself back.

The woman grunted as she slammed into the wall, then again as Carter threw an elbow into her face. Breaking away, Carter threw a fist but the woman quickly ducked to punch her in the mid-section. She followed up with a kick but Carter caught her foot and delivered a punch to
her face, then another. The woman backed away, stunned and Carter moved in to finish her off.

The woman's eyes were wide behind the goggles of her mask as she saw Carter closing in.  Just as the blonde was about to reach her, she froze and stiffened as if shocked by something. She was motionless for a moment before her eyes rolled up and she collapsed in a heap on the floor.

The woman looked up at a man in the doorway wearing the same dark outfit as she was. He lowered the tranquilizer gun as he gazed at her. "You ok?"

The woman nodded as she reached up to pull off her mask. She shook her head to let a long mane of brown hair free, then pulled out a small communicator and spoke into it. "This is Bristow. Vaughn and I are secure. Move in."

Boulder Park
0821 Hours CMT

Teal'c sat cross-legged on the ground, eyes closed, his breathing steady as he meditated. The park was quiet at this time of morning, which was exactly what he was hoping for. While he did not leave the base that often, Teal'c felt it important to try meditating in a setting such as this.

The open air was more conductive than the stone and metal walls of the SGC and reminded him of his youth on his home world.  He wore a simple pair of jeans and muscle shirt, his muscular build utterly still, face impassive as he turned his senses inward. It felt good to connect to the world like this. It allowed him time to reflect on his purpose on this world and hone his skills. It also allowed him to hear the soft footsteps of the person who was sneaking up behind him.

With a speed that belied his size, Teal'c was on his feet, his staff weapon spinning around to face his assailant. He knew General Hammond would not approve of him using his alien weapon in public but Teal'c felt his own self-defense was more important than appearances. The end of the staff was ready to fire if needed.

The figure who had been coming up behind him froze in place. Teal'c quickly scanned her with his eyes to size her up. Five foot-six, feminine by the curves of her body and posture, clad in black with a dark mask over her face. She was holding a gun in one hand, the barrel pointed down as the tinted goggles of her mask focused on the black man before her.

Teal'c narrowed his eyes. "I believe you are overdressed for this location at this time of day."

The woman didn't reply, simply stood, gun still in hand. Teal'c narrowed his eyes as his senses seemed to tingle. Something was not right here. His hands flicked to the gun in the woman's hand and he could see she was holding it loosely, not clutching it as if she was ready to use it. Her posture was defensive but not truly ready and it seemed as if she was...waiting for something.

Just as that thought flicked through Teal'c's mind, a shadow fell from the tree branches above him. The Jaffa gasped as a body slammed onto his shoulders, the buttocks ramming into his back as he let his weight do the work. Teal'c hit the ground hard, his staff falling from his hand as the wind was knocked out of him. Mentally cursing himself for falling into such an easy trap, Teal'c tried to rise but the man had already rolled to his feet and was moving toward him with a small weapon in his hand. He pressed the end into Tealc's neck and pulled the trigger to fire a quick-acting dart into his body.

Teal'c grunted and swatted the man's hand aside as he got to his knees. He could feel the drug working through him, his system doing its best to fight it but the effects were powerful. The two black-garbed people seemed surprised he was still awake. The man moved in to fire another dart into Teal'c. The Jaffa gasped as he fell forward, struggling to stay awake and upright. He felt the sting of another dart and felt his strength finally fade and blackness overtake him.

The man heaved with breath as he rose up. "Damn," he muttered. "I thought one dart was enough to put them out for hours! What the hell does this guy eat?"

The woman shrugged as she pulled out a communicator. "Not sure but glad we didn't go for a more violent method." Her voice carried the trace of an Australian accent as she flicked on the communicator and spoke. "Nikita and Fisher here. Target is secure, we're ready for pick-up."

Home of Janet Fraiser
0828 Hours CMT

Janet Fraiser scraped the bottom of the pan with a spatula to get at the eggs inside. She wore a simple pair of sweat pants and light t-shirt, a definite contrast to her usual professional medical uniform for her work on the base. She heard the sound of a toaster popping and looked up to see Jack O'Neill grabbing the waiting toast. He was dressed casually as well with jeans and a dark shirt that showed off his muscular build. He put the toast on a pair of waiting plates and headed toward Janet. "Almost ready?"

Janet replied by sliding some eggs onto each plate. She washed the pan quickly as Jack took them over to the table where two glasses of orange juice were waiting. Janet joined him as the two began breakfast.

"All you need is the morning paper and we're the picture of suburban bliss," Janet jabbed with a slight smile on her lips.

Jack chuckled. In the weeks they had been together, Janet had seen a definite lightening up for the Colonel. He still had a sarcastic edge but it had become less bitter since he and Janet had started seeing each other. Janet had felt less burdened herself, her work easier to get through. Perhaps the idea that she actually had something to come home to besides Cassie helped. O'Neill chewed at his eggs as he spoke. "Tell me, what's your opinion on fishing?"

"Besides the fact it's one of the most useless pastimes man has ever invented?"

O'Neill nodded. "That settles it. I'm taking you fishing this weekend."

Fraiser paused and frowned. "Are you punishing me for something?"

"Come on, it'll be great! You and me or maybe we can invite Cassie."

"She's busy."

"With what?"

"I'll think of something for her."

"Okay." O'Neill smirked. "That would just leave you, me and my cabin by a secluded lake where no one is around for miles and miles."

Janet paused and smiled back. "Hmm...maybe that would be worth------"

There was a shattering from the window behind them and an object embedded itself into the wall. Janet and Jack both started as they took in what looked for all the world like an arrow with a small cylinder at the end. Before either of them could react, the arrow emitted a large cloud of green gas that filled the room. Fraiser and O'Neill were overtaken by the fumes, coughing and choking as they tried to get up. Their legs gave way and they fell to the floor as the gas took effect.

The cloud dissipated quickly and there were barely any lingering traces when the door opened. In strode two figures dressed in black with gas masks covering their faces. The male of the pair held a crossbow in one hand as he looked at the unconscious bodies at his feet. "Told you this way was faster."

The other figure was looking at the small hole in the window where the arrow had entered. "That was a good shot."

"I've made better, if you'll recall," the man said in a manner that hinted he was winking behind his mask.

His companion ignored him as she reached up to pull off her mask, showing a beautiful face with short red hair. She pulled out a communicator and spoke into it. "Widow and Hawkeye reporting. We have acquisition and need pickup."

"Stupid, stupid, stupid," Cassandra Fraiser muttered as she rushed her way back to the house. She wore a light skirt and blouse, her schoolbag slung over one shoulder as she tried to hurry. "Can't believe I left my book report behind...Hope Mom understands and can give me a ride..." She brushed her hair back as she rounded the corner and stopped dead in her tracks.

Her eyes widened as she saw a man and a woman in black clothes exit the house, the woman carrying her mother, the man Jack. They stuffed the unconscious duo into the car and climbed in. The car backed up a few feet then, to Cassie's amazement, it began to float off the ground, the wheels turning on their sides. The car continued to float up and then flew away as Cassie stared at it.

The teenager was frozen in disbelief over what she had just seen. Then, she was overtaken by waves of fear and anger as she realized her mother had just been kidnaped. Her schoolwork forgotten, Cassie rushed into the house to call the one person she could think of to help now.

Stargate Command
0834 Hours CMT

General George Hammond was in his office doing paperwork when the phone rang. His eyes still on the papers, Hammond absently picked up the phone. "Hammond speaking." He stopped and smiled. "Cassie! What are you----" He stopped, the smile turning into a frown. "Wait, slow down, sweetie, slow down. Your mother and Colonel O'Neill were what? Two people?" His eyes widened in disbelief. "A flying car? No, no, I don't think you're crazy, I just----"

He saw a flashing light on his phone. "Cassie, hold on real quick, let me check this." He put her on hold and then hit the button next to the light. "Hammond? Major Issac, what's wrong? Yes, Carter wanted those reports..." He stopped as he listened, his face going grave. "Have you
called anyone else? No, no, you did the right thing. Look, stay there, I'll send a few soldiers over to check it out. Thank you."

Hammond terminated the line and went back to Cassie. "Cassie? Okay, try to take a deep breath. You said you tried to call Major Carter but she wasn't in? Cassie, just stay where you are, I'm going to send someone to pick you up and bring you to base. No, I'll take care of things with your teacher, I'll just say it's a family emergency." He sighed. "I don't know where she is, honey, but believe me, I intend to find out."

He hung up, paused to think about the situation, then picked up the phone and dialed the number at the top. 

The White House
1039 Hours EST

David Palmer, President of the United States of America, was talking to a Congressional representative about an upcoming bill when his secretary buzzed him. "Mr. President? It's General Hammond."

"Congressman, I'm going to have to call you back," Palmer said into the phone. "Something important has come up. I'll get back to you later." Hanging up, he hit the other line. "Yes, General, what's wrong?"

He spent a few minutes listening, nodding and asking a question now and again. He suddenly froze when he heard one thing in Hammond's conversation. "Wait a minute, General. Did you say flying car?" He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "General...I'm going to have to get back to you. Yes, I think I do know something important but I have to take care of one thing first."

He hung up the phone and sat at his desk, taking a deep breath to steady himself. He then leaned in and buzzed his secretary. "Debbie, tell my brother to push back our eleven o'clock meeting and inform the Secret Service not to be too worried by anything they hear as I plan on doing a lot of yelling in the next few minutes."

He picked up the phone and jabbed in a quick number. He waited as a series of clicks sounded over the line. "Eagle 1. Code word is Hudson-14-Alpha." He waited as the call went through and the person on the other end of the line picked up. "Colonel?" Palmer began in an icy tone. "I think
you and I need to have a little talk."

Sam moaned as she slowly opened her eyes and held her head. She winced and rose to a sitting position, trying to get her bearings. She blinked as she looked around and took in her surroundings.  She was sitting in a large room with bars set on three sides. Her eyes widened as she saw
Daniel, Jack and Janet laying about the floor. Teal'c was sitting on a small bunk nearby, hands crossed before his chin, gazing at Carter. It took Sam a moment to realize that they were all wearing what looked like a solid white spandex outfit covering them from toes to neck.

"It is good to see you awake," Teal'c stated as he nodded at Carter.

"Teal'c," Sam moaned. "Where are we?"

"I am not certain," the Jaffa told her. "I only awoke a half hour ago myself. Our captors have remained hidden."

Carter pulled herself over to Daniel and slapped at his face. "Daniel? Daniel, wake up."

There was a long moan as Daniel blinked and tried to focus. "Sam?" he croaked.

A pair of moans echoed as Fraiser and O'Neill both came awake. "Aw, God," Janet moaned as she held her head. "Jack, no more of your special margarita, ok?" She blinked and let her eyes focus to take in her surroundings. "Wait a minute..."

O'Neill sighed and rubbed the back of his head as he sat up. "Shit, now who's got us?" He looked around to take in his team. "Everyone ok?"

"Getting there, sir."

"Still a big headache."

"I am well, O'Neill."

The colonel did his best to stand up, wincing at the pains in his body. "Any idea who's behind this?"

"I fought one person who was getting me and Daniel," Carter explained. "They're well-trained, I have to admit that."

"They have also studied us well," Teal'c intoned. "They caught me during one of my meditation sessions and were prepared for my skills. No doubt we have been under observation for some time."

"Ok, shelve the who for now," O'Neill said. "Our priority is figuring a way out of-----"

There was a loud clicking sound and the captives all looked toward the door outside the cell. It opened and a group of people began to enter. All wore strange black uniforms that fit like second skins. At the head of the group were two young people, a man and a woman. The man was handsome with short dark hair, the woman with long brown hair and a dark welt forming under one eye. Carter stiffened as she realized this was the woman she had fought earlier.

The second pair seemed to walk close together with an air about them that Jack and Janet as well as Sam and Daniel recognized. The man had a slight smirk on his handsome face, his short blond hair a bit ruffled. The woman had an almost regal beauty with red hair cropped in a professional cut and her movements had the air of sultriness about them.

The final pair didn't seem to have that sort of connection. The man was the oldest looking of the group, somewhere in his forties but his lean body showed he was still in good shape. His face had few wrinkles but was cold and defiant, his eyes the cool gaze of a cobra ready to strike, his slicked black hair adding to the snake-like feeling. The woman was smaller with long blonde hair and a face that might have been even more beautiful if it wasn't set in a blank frown.

Trailing behind them all was a slightly heavyset man in a dark suit with a small case in his hands. He appeared to be in his late thirties with dark hair, deep eyes and an expensive gold watch on one hand. He had the sort of smile on his face like a bank manager who enjoyed turning down loans. One look was enough to let O'Neill know the guy was bad news and this was not going to be pleasant. "Hello there," the man started in a tone ringing with false good humor. "Glad to see you're all awake. We can begin then."

"Nice to meet you," O'Neill stated. "And can I say, this is, by far, the best cell I've ever been in.  I mean that."

"Who are you?" Carter demanded. "Where are we?"

"You can call me Jansen," the man said as he sat in a waiting chair and placed the case on a table next to him. "And I'll be asking the questions here, if you don't mind."

"Well, we do," O'Neill stated, crossing his arms. "So maybe we don't want to play ball."

Jansen smiled. "This will go much easier if you all cooperate."

Daniel pushed his glasses up on his nose as he glared at Jansen. "Would it be a waste of time to point out that this is kidnaping? I'd like to see a lawyer."

Jansen didn't seem to hear him, instead focusing on a sheet of papers he'd gotten from his case. "Now then...let's start with just what your actual assignment is."

Janet shook her head. "We're not telling you anything and you can't just hold us here. My daughter will find out we're missing soon and she'll start talking to people-----"

Jansen snorted. "Lady, I can bury you all under so much red tape, paperwork and false information that your daughter won't be able to prove she ever had a mother." He smirked. "In fact, if I felt like, I can fix all records so your daughter now becomes a runaway junkie with multiple arrests. So keep that in mind when you think about giving me any flak."

Janet fumed as Jack's temper started to rise. "Listen, asshole, if you expect us to just jump through hoops, you've got the wrong group of people."

"That's why I have this group here," Jansen said, hiking a thumb to the people around him. SG-1 couldn't help noticing that a couple of the agents seemed a bit uneasy with the direction Jansen was going. "They caught you and they'll make sure you're all in kind of mood."

Daniel shook his head. "You can't do this!"

Jansen laughed. "Sure, I can. The agency I work for can do most anything, Dr. Jackson. So, I set the rules here."

"I think I have something to say about that, Jansen."

Jansen's smile froze as he whipped his head around. The agents all followed his gaze at the figure who seemed to have appeared in the doorway. He stepped into the room, the long coat he wore over his suit flowing behind him. His hair was dark with streaks of gray at the temples, his chilsed face marked with slight wrinkles but set in a hard gaze. He had his hands cupped by his mouth as he lit a large Cuban cigar and took a drag on it. His left eye was covered by a patch which gave his right eye more intensity as he raked it over the group of black-suited figures before him. Jansen stammered as he rose up from his chair. "Col...Colonel Fury, what are you----" He stopped as Fury's single eye fixed him with a blistering glare.

"So," Nick Fury snarled. "Whose ass am I gonna have to kick first?"