Author: Steve711 - Steve Pantovich

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Title: The Chronicles of Wanderer - Training Blues Series - Dating - Sunnydale Style

Copyrighted: March 2000

Category: Crossover

Rating: NC-17 for violence and sexual situations (sorry kiddies)

Spoilers: A few

Keywords: Highlander/Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Summary: This series deals with the training that the Scooby gang gets from Steve and his friends. This particular story deals with dating in Sunnydale. Specifically, Cordelia and Xander.

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Dating - Sunnydale Style

(When in Doubt - Blast Away)

The Bronze
26 February 1998 - 20:00 Hours

The beating music shifts into a slow comfortable dance while Xander and Cordelia dance on the Bronze's main dance floor. The lights from behind the DJ casts weird shadows on their faces, Xander reaches down and eagerly wraps his arms around the firm body dancing in front of him. He smiles, looks into her dark brown eyes and grins as her dark hair shrouds their faces, she kisses him. When their lips break apart, Cordelia sighs. "Xander?" Xander continues staring into her eyes. "Do you still love me?"

"Cordy?" Xander stammers out, not believing that she had brought that up.

Cordelia stiffens and asks again. "I asked, 'do you still love me'?"

"Of course I do." Xander replies. He holds her closer, leans in and captures her lips in a deep kiss.

"Even though I'm an Amazon now?" Cordelia asks after they break the kiss.

"I've always loved you." Xander admits. "Even now." < Especially now. >

"Good." Cordelia replies. Molding herself to Xander, she smiles to herself as she feels his manhood harden under his jeans.


6'2" tall Percy Williams, stiffens with anger while he watches Cordelia dance with Xander. "How can she be with that dweeb?"

Percy's friend and teammate, Mike Payton, replies. "Don't know Percy. But if this keeps up, then every dweeb in the school will think they can take our property," he says, as he watches the other kids in the room watch Xander and Cordelia dance.

"We've got to teach this guy a lesson, none of the other dweebs will ever forget." Luke Williams adds in.

"When do we do it?" Greg Thompson, who is a line backer asks.

"Not tonight." Percy replies as he watches Xander and Cordelia walk back to a table shared by a large group. "He has too many people with him."

"Yeah." Bill Carter agrees with a shudder as he stares at Steve St. Wolf and Hercules, who are sitting at the table with the group. "Those two guys with them look like they could do us some serious damage."

"Yeah." Mike agrees with Bill. He watches Steve and Hercules flex their arms. "Doesn't that new guy with the crew cut remind you of Hercules?"

Percy looks over. "He does, but Sorbo has long hair. So it can't be him."

"Right." Luke says. "Besides, why would he be hanging out with a bunch of dweebs. The guy's, like famous; he can have any woman he wants. No way is that him."

"Have you guys noticed the new guy that Summers is hanging with?" Greg asks. "What's his thing?"

"Don't know." Percy replies as he lowers his drink. "He's clearly a college guy. I wonder who he is?"

Luke smirks. "He's probably just getting some action from that slut." His friends laugh as Luke chuckles wickedly. "Maybe, when he dumps her, I'll get me some."

"So, we all agree then." Percy states. "Tomorrow, we kick Harris' ass at school."

"What happens if Snyder catches us?" Greg asks as he angrily watches Cordelia and Xander walk back to the dance floor.

"Pedro and Eric will keep him busy." Percy replies as the two nod their heads in agreement.

"I can't wait!" Luke yells out as he watches Cordelia mold herself to Xander as they slow dance.

"Tomorrow, Luke. Tomorrow." Percy promises and watches the pair dance.


Sunnydale HS Cafeteria
27 February 1998 - 12:15 Hours

Percy nods to Pedro and Eric as they leave to decoy Snyder. He looks over to his remaining five friends. He grins. < Harris is going to get his ass kicked when he gets here. >


Xander strolls into the cafeteria and grins at the four beautiful women sitting and waiting for him to join them at the corner table. < I can't believe how hot they've all become. > He quickly grabs a tray and rushes down the line taking a Salisbury steak lunch and a couple of cartons of milk. He makes his way to the girl's table, he then finds himself surrounded by the six largest members of the football team. Looking around him, he asks. "What's up guys?"


Buffy looks up at the sound of a tray and dishes hitting the floor. "Oh, oh." Buffy murmurs. Willow, Cordelia and Amy look up from their meals.

"What's up Buffy?" Willow asks.

"Look over by the lunch line. Percy and his friends are picking on Xander."

Cordelia snaps her head to the side. She growls low in her throat. "No, they're not!" She stands up and gets ready to protect her man.

Buffy grabs her arm, stopping her. "Don't do it Cordy. Fight those guys and everyone will know that you're special." Cordelia's eyes narrow and she nods her head. "And Xander will never forgive you for making him look like a total wuss."

"What do I do?" Cordelia asks.

"We stand by and make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble." Willow replies as she gets up and heads to the football players surrounding her best friend. She's quickly followed by Buffy, Cordelia and Amy.


Percy Williams knocks Xander's tray out of his hands. "I'm going to kick your scrawny ass, Harris."

"Moi?" Xander asks, pointing to himself. "What did I do?"

Percy shoves Xander, forcing him to take a step back. "You had your hands all over Cordelia at the Bronze last night. She's the property of the football team, not a loser like you."

"I'm what?" A shrill voice demands from behind the football team. The football players turn around and find Cordelia, Buffy, Amy and Willow standing there, their hands across their chests; their eyes flashing.

Percy looms over Cordelia. "Go back to your table Cordelia, we're going to pound some manners into Harris."

Cordelia cocks her head back, not believing that Percy was treating her like a small child. "And why are you going to do this?"

"Because you don't belong with this loser." Percy replies as he hits Xander's chest with an open palm; however Xander doesn't move an inch. Percy fails to notice this as he glares at Cordelia while his teammates nod their heads in agreement.

"And with who do I belong with?" Cordelia asks, her voice soft, but twinged with a low growl coming from her throat.

"You're a cheerleader and popular. You don't need to hang out with Harris and his loser friends."

"And *WHO* are you to tell me *WHO* I can and cannot hang with?" Cordelia demands, her voice rising to a near shout, everyone in the cafeteria watches, waiting for the fight to begin.

"I'm the captain of the football team." Percy replies. "It's my job to keep losers like Harris down and away from the popular crowd."

"XANDER!" Cordelia snaps out, her voice ringing like a gunshot.

Xander snaps to attention. "Yes, Cordy?"

"Beat the Hell out of them! Break some bones if you have to!" Cordelia angrily replies as she, Buffy, Willow and Amy step back.

Xander grins, relishing the fight that's to come. "Outside. Now." He asks the six football players.

Percy stares at him and wonders. < Why is he so calm? No way is Harris going to beat me up. > He watches as Xander walks out of the cafeteria and waits for Percy and his five friends. Percy looks at his teammates and they watch as he moves forward to fight Xander.

Xander watches as Percy suddenly rushes toward him, fist upraised. < Moron must think I'm going to go down fast. > Xander thinks to himself as he and calmly side steps Percy's punch. As Percy is recovering from the swing, Xander dances in and snaps a quick kick to Percy's stomach. Percy goes down in a huff of expelled air. As Percy goes down clutching his stomach, Mike Payton rushes Xander. Xander looks over his shoulder as the 6'3" linebacker blindly rushes him. Xander snaps out a kick and connects with Mike's Jaw and he goes down like a sack of potatoes.

The four remaining teammates quickly move in and surround Xander. Xander looks around himself, constantly turning around, looking for an opportunity. He quickly sees his opening as he grabs the nearest player, Sunnydale's best right tackle, Greg Thompson and tosses him into two of the remaining three teammates. Percy, looking up from the ground where Xander put him, watches his friend get thrown into his teammates, bringing all three of them down in a tangled heap of bodies, he wonders. < What the hell is going on here? That dweeb Harris can't do this shit. > As Percy gets up to continue fighting, he feels a pain as Xander grabs his arm and swings him into the wall. The last thing that Percy sees is the beige brick wall of the school as he smashes into it, face first. His body does a slow slide down the wall, as he falls to the ground, unconscious.

Xander looks up from Percy's groaning body and looks at the last standing member of the football team. Dave Johnson, the running back, stares at Xander and does the only thing he can think of doing. He runs away. Xander watches him run across the field and grins to himself. He's knocked out of his thoughts as Cordelia shouts. "Watch out, Xander!" Xander turns and sees Greg, Bill and Luke trying to blind side him. Xander does a quick side step and kicks Luke in the stomach. He goes down in a heap of exploded air, throwing up his recently eaten lunch. Xander then reverses the kick and plants his foot on Bill's jaw. The 6'4" full back collapses like a suddenly empty sack. Xander moves back into a modified boxing stance and waits for Greg to make his move. Greg rushes forward, trying to tackle Xander to the ground, but Xander sweeps his leg up and forward and Greg somersaults backward and lies in a crumpled heap.

Xander looks around himself and notices that Mike Payton was getting back up. He stares around himself at the moaning bodies of his four friends and holds up his hands. "Enough Harris. I'm not going to fight you."

"What's wrong? The big, tough football player can't beat up a dweeb like Harris?" A mocking voice replies from the side. Xander turns and sees Jack O'Toole, the school thug, walking up and making fun of the football players as they lay on the ground, groaning. As he draws near Greg, he smacks him in the back of his head. O'Toole looks over to Xander and gives him an evil grin. Xander growls low in his throat as O'Toole walks up to him. Xander looks him straight in the eye and O'Toole realizes something as he loses his mocking grin. < Shit! This guy's become hard. Better not screw with him until I get the old gang back together. > O'Toole's smile returns to his face as he contemplates the mayhem that he and his old gang were going to cause. He gives Xander a mocking salute and walks away.

Xander watches him go. < We're going to have problems with O'Toole, I can feel it. > He stiffens when he feels someone approach him from behind, but relaxes when he smells Cordelia's Chanel Number Five and feels her strong arms wrap around his waist.

Cordelia places her chin on his shoulder and asks. "Something going on between you and O'Toole?"

"Not yet. But I can't shake this feeling that I'm going to be going up against that psycho soon." Xander replies as he bores a hole into O'Toole's back with his eyes.

"We'll make sure that he doesn't do something stupid." Cordelia replies as Snyder storms up.

"What happened here?" He demands, glaring at Cordelia, Xander, Buffy, Amy and Willow.

"Nothing happened." Greg Thompson replies. "Me and the guys were just doing some extra scrimmaging, getting ready for this weekend's game."

Snyder glares at Greg and demands. "Are you sure that's what happened?" Greg nods his head, confirming the information. "If you're protecting Summers, I'll expel you." Snyder threatens as he stalks away.

Greg breathes a sigh of relief and looks over to Xander in fear. He gets up and helps his friends carry away Percy to the school nurse. As he passes Xander and Cordelia, he spits out. "You can have her Harris. We don't want anything to do with this ho." Xander growls low in his throat as he breaks away from Cordelia and grabs Greg by the back of his shirt and slams him, head first into the wall.

As Greg's sucking concrete, Xander leans in and whispers. "If I hear a single bad thing about Cordy. I'm coming after the entire football team and you in particular." He then roughly pulls Greg from the wall and forces him away. Greg glares back, but rushes off after his friends.

Cordelia leans in and seductively whispers. "Are you doing anything after school?"

Xander turns and grins. "I am now."

"You better believe it dweeb boy." Cordelia replies within a husky voice.

< I definitely have to do something nice for Artemis. > Xander thinks to himself as he wraps his arm around Cordelia's waist. His grin spreads as Cordelia cops a feel of his ass. < Oh yeah. Something really nice. >


Exterior of Sunnydale HS
27 February 15:00 Hours

Xander walks out of the school at three o'clock and looks around and doesn't see Buffy, Willow, Cordelia or Amy. He shakes his head in wonder and begins to walk toward Steve St. Wolf's house. < Cordy's probably got them all out shopping for the latest in 'Amazon' fashions. Might as well get in some time on the Nautilus. > He thinks to himself as he walks toward Bryant Terrace. As he walks, he begins to hum Barry Sadler's the 'Ballad of the Green Beret'.

Fighting Soldiers from the sky,
Fearless men who jump and die,
Men who mean just what they say
The brave men of the Green Beret.

Silver wings upon their chests,
These are men, America's best,
One hundred men we'll test today,
But only three win the Green Beret.

Trained to live off nature's land,
Trained in combat, hand to hand,
Men who fight by night and day,
Courage take from the Green Beret.

Silver wings upon their chests,
These are men, America's best,
Men who mean just what they say,
The brave men of the Green Beret.

Back at home a young wife waits,
Her Green Beret has met his fate,
He has died for those oppressed,
Leaving her this last request:

Put silver wings on my son's chest,
Make him one of America's best,
He'll be a man they'll test one day,
Have him win the Green Beret.'

Xander looks around himself as he shakes his head in disbelief. < Where the hell do I know that song from? And why am I humming it? > As he's about to start a second chorus, a loud honking noise interrupts him. He turns to find a grinning Cordelia pulling up in her red convertible next to him. "Get in dweeb boy." She orders, a lustful glint in her eye.

Xander looks at Cordelia, her car, and her eyes and does the smart thing. He jumps into the car without a single word. Cordelia grins as she slams the car into third gear, skipping second entirely. Xander hurriedly buckles up. "What's the rush, Cordy?"

"We have the night off and I rented a room for the two of us." Cordelia replies with a grin.

"Huh?" Xander replies in shock. < Did I just hear her say that she rented a room? > Looking at the beautiful woman sitting next to him, he watches her mouth split into a grin. "Please tell me, I'm not dreaming," he softly mutters.

Cordelia flashes him a smile. "You're not, dweeb boy."

Xander sits back and looks up at the sky. "Thank you, God!" He mutters softly to himself as Cordelia guns the car forward.

Twenty terror filled minutes later, they pull into the Sunnydale Motor Lodge. Cordelia parks her car in front of one of the rooms. Glancing at Xander, she asks, "Are you ready?"

Xander, roused out of his shock by the sudden stop, mutters, "I don't have any condoms. I have to get some." He unbuckles his seatbelt and reaches for the door handle, but Cordelia's hand on his shoulder, stops him.

Xander feels the strength in that hand as Cordelia whispers. "You don't need condoms."

"What?" Xander stammers out. "Cordy, I don't want to get you pregnant."

Cordelia laughs softly. "Xander, I've been on the pill for the last three months. There's nothing to worry about."

"Are you sure?" Xander asks as Cordelia opens the door to their room.

Cordelia grins and playfully shoves him into the room. She walks in and closes the door, leaning against it. She examines Xander like a wild predator sizing her prey. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life." Cordelia huskily replies. She pushes herself away from the door and wraps her arms around him. Then she presses her lithe body hard against him, pulling him into a passionate kiss.

Xander begins to feel his cock harden when Cordelia presses herself against him. < Oh God. It's really happening. > He returns her kiss with a passion and feels her tongue in his mouth. As the kiss deepens, he begins to caress Cordelia. She moans and ends the kiss. Xander, panting, asks. "Cordy, are you okay?"

"Yes," she hisses. Cordy removes Xander's shirt; then begins to kiss him again.

< Oh wow! > Xander thinks. He reaches behind her to unhook her bra with a snap of his fingers. < How'd I do that? > His next thoughts are lost when Cordelia unbuckles his belt. Xander pulls her closer and draws her blouse over her head. Cordelia's hair falls back behind her shoulders. She presses even closer, her bra falling to the ground, forgotten. He crushes her to him in a hug as she wraps her hands around his neck. They kiss again. Xander feels her nipples harden against his chest while he kicks off his shoes and pants.

Cordelia feels one of his hands on her ass and the other caressing one of her breasts. She smiles as his hands begin to do amazing things to her. < Damn. Xander's not bad at all. > He unzips her skirt and lets it fall to the ground. Gently, she pushes him back and steps out of the thin cloth pooled at her feet. He falls back onto the bed, taking her with him. As they lay there, she kicks off her shoes and rubs her entire body against him. Breaking the kiss, she sweetly asks, "Is that a gun in your pants, or are you happy to see me?"

Gently rolling her onto the bed, he reaches down and slips a hand into Cordelia's panties. His middle finger begins to caress her clit and she begins to thrust herself against his finger. His finger, in concert with his mouth, send shivers down her back as he begins to plant kisses down her neck. Moaning softly, she whispers, "Oh, Xander." As his mouth begins to suck on one of her nipples, Cordelia pulls his head to her breast and again moans softly. He doesn't linger there for long. He makes his way down to her pussy. When his kisses reach the elastic of her panties, Xander pulls his finger away. At the sudden loss of the sensation, Cordelia hisses. Her hips buck up, hoping that the hand would return. Instead, she feels her panties being pulled away. Peaking down at him through slitted eyes, she watches as he pulls them to her knees. She grins and lifts her legs to help him. Soon, she feels the panties being slowly pulled off. Then, she feels his hand on her thighs, spreading them apart. "Oh yeah," she whimpers, expecting his fingers to return to her wet sex. Yet, she experiences an even more pleasurable sensation. Her mouth opens in a silent scream as Xander's tongue wraps itself around her clit.

Xander tastes her and wonders to himself. < How do I know how to do this? > Then, he stops wondering when Cordelia's hands push his face further into her juicy pussy. She screams, "Oh, please, baby! Give me more! Don't stop!!" Xander happily obliges her. He continues to lick, suck and nibble her clit. A short while, two orgasms and several piercing screams later, Cordelia demands, "Put it in me!! Now!!" Grinning, he slowly begins to climb up her body, kissing it all the way. When his lips touch hers, she licks them, tasting herself. Growling deep in her throat, she begs him, "Please, baby! Fuck me now!!" Xander simply smiles as his erect cock pokes the entrance to her wet pussy. Cordelia whimpers in anticipation. Then, Xander slowly enters her, taking her virginity, as his cock moves deep inside her to break her hymen. Cordelia lets out a little squeak when he fills her; then she utters a deep moan as she says, "Oh God!!"

Xander stops, asking. "Did I hurt you, baby?" And makes to pull out.

Cordelia growls, "Get back here, mister!" She grabs his ass with her hands and pulls him back in. Xander begins to establish a rhythm. Cordy grabs him by the back of his head and pulls him in for a crushing kiss. As he continues to thrust into her, she shudders and her walls tighten around him in a shattering orgasm. But Xander doesn't stop. She snakes her right arm around his neck and pulls him in for a deep kiss. When they break, Cordelia hoarsely whispers. "Oh God! Xander, you are magnificent!" He grins and lays down on his side. Cordelia twists herself so that she faces him. Xander grabs her ass and pulls her in and they continue to make love. She begins to kiss him again as she nears her orgasm. When she feels the spasms of her fourth orgasm begin, her lips break away from Xander's. She whispers. "Please come inside me, baby. I want to feel you come! Come with me!!"

He grunts and rolls over, putting her flat against the mattress which causes her to moan loudly. "Oh God!, Yes! Yes! Do me, honey!" Xander begins to feel the pressure welling up in his groin and begins to pump faster while Cordelia's fingers claw his back. Then, her mind explodes when her fourth orgasm erupts. Xander feels her shudder and his cock begins to fire his seed into Cordelia's waiting pussy.

A little later, he lets out a low groan as his cock begins to grow soft. He collapses to the side, his arms reaching out and drawing Cordelia to him. He softly kisses her forehead, then her closed eyes and finally, her mouth. As their kiss lengthens, Cordelia wraps her arms around his neck and wraps her leg around Xander's thigh.

Cordelia feels Xander's cock shrink out of her pussy. "Can we do it again?"

Xander kisses her forehead again. "Honey, can we wait a few minutes? Then, I'm all yours."

Cordelia hugs him and whispers, "You were wonderful. Thank you for making my first time so special."

Xander, not believing what he'd just heard, quietly whispers. "I love you." Cordelia snuggles closer to him and they both quickly fall asleep in each other's arms.


Sunnydale Motor Lodge
February 27 - 17:00 Hours

Xander and Cordelia awaken to the sound of her cell phone ringing. Cordelia grabs it from the night stand and activates it. "This had better be important!"

"Steve and Buffy are on their first date. Can you find Xander and meet us at my house?" Before Cordelia can reply, she feels a hand caress her breast and warm lips on her neck. She shivers in delight and allows a moan to escape her lips. "Cordelia? Are you all right?" Willow asks.

"Never better." Cordelia replies with a smile as she bats Xander's hand away. "When do you need us to be there." Cordelia feels his hand find a new target between her legs. Cordelia stifles the moan that tries to escape her throat. She playfully smacks Xander's hand again.

"It's five o'clock now. Can you make it by seven?" Willow asks with a giggle.

Cordelia leans back and feels Xander's cock growing hard between her ass cheeks. Her mouth splits into a grin. "We'll see you at seven."

"Don't wear him out too badly." Willow replies with a soft laugh as she hangs up.

Cordelia turns back to Xander and wraps her arms around his neck. "Now . . . where were we?"


Rosenberg Residence
February 27 - 19:00 Hours

Two hours later, Cordelia and Xander pull up to Willow's house. Cordelia parks next to Oz's van and they both get out. Xander walks around the car, stands next to her, and puts his arm around her waist. Cordelia leans into him and sighs. "Not bad, dweeb boy. You're definitely a keeper."

Xander grins. < Gotta find out about that soldier whose memories I have. Guy must have been an animal in bed. > "Lets go and see what we're doing tonight." Cordelia nods her head in agreement and the pair approach Willow's front door. A few minutes after Xander rings the doorbell, a slightly disheveled Willow opens it. Cordelia grins as Xander asks. "Is Oz being a bad puppy?"

Willow's face takes on a serious look as Xander and Cordelia both grin. "Oz is being nice." Willow snidely replies, but also grins. "Buffy and Steve are going to owe us big time for this."

Xander grins. "Of course they are. But are you going to try and collect?"

Willow grins. "Only when Buffy's in a good mood." < Probably right after Steve has sex with her. > "Come in. Oz is in the living room."

Xander and Cordelia walk in and Cordelia asks. "So what's the plan for tonight?"

"We take over the patrol." Willow replies. "Oz and I got Steve's infra red binoculars; we'll use those to find the vamps."

Xander nods his head. "Good, the vamps will be the same temperature as the air, while normal people will show up as 'hot'."

"When do we go?" Cordelia asks.

"As soon as you two change into your combat clothes." Willow replies as she tosses them a pair of duffel bags. Xander and Cordelia catch them in midair.

"Where can we change?" Cordelia asks.

"Xander in the bathroom, you in my room." Willow answers with a grin. "If I let you change together, we'll never get out of here." Cordelia and Xander both glare at her but enter separate rooms.

"You know those two are going to be impossible from now on, don't you?" Oz remarks from the couch.

Willow sits in his lap and cuddles with him. "Don't worry Oz. I'm sure that we can handle anything the Fates toss our way."

"Good." Oz replies as he begins to kiss Willow on the lips. Willow kisses him back, forcing her tongue into his mouth.


Xander grins as he tightens the quick draw holster to his leg. He snaps off the restraining strap and grabs for his gun. He watches his moves in the mirror and smiles to himself. < Watch out vampires. Xander is here. > He turns his head as he hears Cordelia open the bathroom door.

"Are you ready?"

"Almost." Xander replies with a lopsided grin. "I just want to get a few more practice draws in."

"Don't hurt yourself." Cordelia replies with a grin as she leaves.


As Oz's hands begin to caress some of Willow's more interesting places, Cordelia asks. "Are you two staying in tonight?"

Willow reluctantly breaks away from Oz. "No, we're not. Where's Xander?"

Cordelia grins. "Dweeb boy is checking his gun and holster in the mirror."

"What's he doing?" Willow asks.

"Practicing his quick draw in the mirror."

"I hope he doesn't shoot his foot off." Willow replies with a laugh.

"Nah.," Oz replies with a grin. "Knowing Xander's luck, he'd miss and hit himself in the family jewels."

Cordelia looks up from checking her fanny pack, worry etched on her perfect face as she runs back to the bathroom, shouting. "Xander!!! Put that thing away!!"

Willow looks at Oz, a fit of giggling breaking from her mouth as she holds tight to Oz. "Oh, you're so mean."

Oz chuckles softly. "Had to see how much Cordelia liked him." Oz replies as Cordelia drags Xander out of the bathroom by his ear. "Now we know."


Cordelia rushes back in and watches in horror as Xander spins his gun on his trigger finger. "Put that thing away!!"

Xander stops the gun's spinning and turns around. The gun pointed to the side, away from them. "Cordy? What's wrong?"

"Xander, put the gun away!" Cordelia orders. "I don't want you accidentally shooting anything important."

"Huh?" Xander replies as he puts the gun back in its holster.

Cordelia grabs him by the ear, pulling him out. "Xander, do NOT do anything to ruin *MY* love life. If you so much as scratch it, I'm going to kill you. Do you understand?!"

"But Cordy?" Xander stammers out. "What did I do?"

Cordelia continues to drag him along until they come to the living room where Willow and Oz are sitting on the couch, laughing at them. Cordelia glares at them and demands, "You think it's funny?"

"Yep." Oz simply replies. Willow just buries her head in his shoulder, laughing uncontrollably.

Cordelia, realizing that she'd been set up, lets go of Xander's ear and glares at them. "I thought we were going to patrol? Let's get moving."

Willow and Oz untangle themselves and laugh as Xander rubs his ear. "I hope the two of you are happy." He snaps.

"Why Xander." Willow begins with a giggle. "I would think that you would appreciate that Cordelia cares enough to make sure that you didn't shoot yourself in the 'Family Jewels'."

Xander continues to glare at his best friend, but finally begins to laugh at the situation. "All right Wills. Let's get moving before you give Cordy any more ideas."


Sunnydale Park
27 February - 20:50 Hours

Willow walks hand in hand with Oz through the park. They stop for a minute and kiss. Reluctantly breaking apart, they watch the vampires that are lying in wait to ambush them from some nearby bushes. "Are Xander and Cordy ready?" Willow asks Oz.

Oz cocks his head and grins. "They're already arguing. So they must be ready."

"Good." Willow replies as they lead the vampires into an ambush. The two vampires blindly follow them as the young couple supposedly walks toward their doom. As the path twists out of the vampire's sight, they rush forward and both suddenly feel a pain in their chests. They look down and at each other as they disappear in a cloud of dust. The path is silent for a minute, until Cordelia and Xander rise from their hiding places. Cordelia looks at Xander. "I got mine first, dweeb boy." She tells him with a grin.

"Bullshit!" Xander quietly replies. "I got mine first."

"You got them at the same time." Willow quietly replies as a branch snaps nearby. "Oh Shit! What was that?"

Oz looks around and listens with his heightened senses. "We've got trouble."

"How many?" Cordelia asks in a whisper.

"At least ten." Oz replies as a harsh voice calls out from the surrounding darkness.

"We want the Slayer."

The four friends look at each other and nod their heads in agreement. "She took the night off and went on a date." Xander replies with a laugh. "She left us to patrol for her."

Oz listens to the vampires whisper among themselves. After a few seconds, he pulls out an Ithaca 'Shorty' shotgun. Xander quickly follows suit. Cordelia and Willow pull out water guns and stakes. "Get ready. They're about to attack."

"Then you all die!" The lead vampire yells out.

The ten vampires attack as a group. Oz and Xander each fire off one Dragon's Breath shell and eight of the vampires disappear in the twin fireballs. The last two vampires take a look at the ash piles where their brethren had once stood, then turn around and run.

Cordelia and Willow rush after them and quickly catch them. Cordelia's vampire turns swiftly and attacks her with a round house kick aimed at her head. Cordelia ducks down and stabs forward, forgetting that she has a stake in her hand. The vampire howls out in pain as the stake lodges in his groin. He doubles over, holding his privates as Cordelia gets up from her crouch, pulls out another stake and stabs him in the back, dusting him. Cordelia turns and watches as Willow takes down the other vampire.


Willow quickly passes Cordelia and the vampire that she's fighting and barely catches up to the female vampire in front of her. The female turns and hisses at Willow, expecting her to run back to the safety of her group. The vampire suddenly begins to understand that the rumors concerning Sunnydale were true. < Damn it! We should have listened to Spike and not come here. That Slayer Bitch has her own army. > The vampire pulls herself to her full five foot, ten inch height and growls at Willow. Willow smiles back and quickly moves forward, bringing the attack to the vampire. The female tries to punch Willow in the face, but Willow blocks the punch and sends out a snap kick to the vampire's right side. The vampire freezes in shock when she feels her ribs cave in. She looks up in surprise as a broken rib enters her heart and she dissolves into dust. Willow looks down at the pile of ash and pouts. "She spoiled my fun." Turning around, she watches as her three friends pick up their jaws from the ground.

"How?" Xander begins, shocked by the display.

"Did you do that?" Cordelia finishes, open mouthed.

Oz just stands next to the two of them and arches his eyebrow. Willow grins. "I once read in a Watcher journal how a Slayer killed a vampire by breaking it's ribs and forcing a piece of bone into its heart. I wanted to see if it could work."

Xander just shakes his head in disbelief. Cordelia grins and nods her head in amazement. Oz gives her a small nod of his head and a weak grin. Willow gushes and walks back to Oz and feels his arms wrap themselves around her waist. She kisses him and the foursome heads back to Oz's van. As they're walking Oz's phone rings and he pulls it out, talks for a few minutes and hangs up. He turns to his friends. "Buffy's been hurt. Let's go."

Cordelia, Willow and Xander stiffen. "What happened?" Willow asks in a small voice.

"Some guy tried to kill her at her house. Steve iced him. We have to bring a body bag."

"Did her Mom see it?" Xander asks, dreading the answer.

"Yeah, she saw it." Oz replies as he reaches for his key. As he reaches forward, a hand grabs him and pulls him toward the front of the van. Oz sees that it's a vampire and kicks out with his foot and brings the vamp down with a hit to the family jewels. As the vampire falls to his knees, Willow moves behind him, but Oz stabs forward and dusts him. Willow gives Oz a dazzling grin, but then pouts.

"That wasn't fair." Willow pouts. "You didn't let me play with him."

Xander has a worried look on his face. "Is it just me, or is Willow starting to really get into playing with her food in a sick and twisted way?"

Cordy numbly nods her head. "It's not just you and I've gotta say she's beginning to wig me out."

"Later, Will." Oz replies as he unlocks his door. "Now we have to get to Buffy's house." They quickly climb in and the group rushes off to Steve's house.

Xander grabs his key and quickly enters the house. He rushes into the basement and grabs a body bag and rushes back out. He pauses for a second to reset the alarms and lock the doors. He jumps back into the van and Oz races to Revello Drive and Buffy's house. Oz parks his van behind Miss Calendar's Lumina. They quickly exit the van and as they quickly enter the house, Xander looks at the broken door and mutters. "Damn, either Steve was getting in or something was trying to bust in and Steve and Buffy were home. Either way, it looks bad."

The foursome walks in and stops dead in their tracks, staring at the scene in front of them. Willow is the first to break as she rushes over to Buffy's side. Xander and Oz move to the body and start putting it in the bag. They look up as Steve tells them. "Take the body." Steve looks over to where the body was lying. "To the old cross road. I've already arranged a pickup for it."

Xander and Oz nod their heads in agreement. As they exit the house, Steve calls out. "Bring back a carpet cleaner with you." Xander and Oz nod their heads as they take the body out of the house and put it in the van. Cordelia joins them and the three of them drive out of town to the old cross road.

As they're crossing Green Street, Cordelia sees a small child struggling with a young girl, whose eyes begin to glow yellow and whose forehead bore demonic ridges. "Stop the van, Oz."

As the van screeches to a halt, Cordelia and Xander get out and approach the vampire and her would be victim. Cordelia calls out. "Walk away Bitch!! That kid is not going to be your dinner."

The vampire laughs and throws away the child. "She was too small anyway. But you and your boyfriend will do." Cordelia grins as the vampire rushes forward to attack Xander. Cordelia steps to the side and kicks out, smashing the vampire's kneecap. The vampire turns on Cordelia, pain clearly etched on her face. She fearfully spits out one word. "Slayer!"

Cordelia grins and kicks her in her head, knocking her out. She watches the vampire fall to the ground, unconscious. The small child, a girl, no older than seven, squeaks in surprise as Xander picks her up. The girl settles down as she looks into Xander's warm brown eyes and asks. "Can you take me home? The nasty girl wanted to hurt me."

"Sure will kiddo." Xander replies. "Where do you live?" The girl points to a house in the middle of the block and Xander runs her over to the house. He knocks on the door and waits for it to open. A middle-aged man stands in the doorway, staring at his daughter and a strange young man.

"What's going on here? Cindy? Why aren't you in bed?" The man asks as his daughter rushes into the house and hugs his leg. He stares at Xander and sees his holstered gun. "Where did you find her, Officer?"

"About a block away, my partners and I saw her fighting some perp, but we arrested her."

The man stares in shock as his daughter tells him. "I was giving kitty some milk on the back porch when this nasty lady took me."

"Oh God!" The man replies as he grabs his daughter up in a hug. "Thank you, Officer, for saving my daughter."

"You're welcome, sir. I've got to go now. Make sure you put her to bed, all right?" Xander replies as he leaves.


The man watches Xander jog away and wonders. < That's no Sunnydale Cop. He's too competent. Who the hell was that? > When Xander disappears from his view, he closes the door and takes his daughter back to her bedroom. As he puts her down to bed, he asks. "Honey, those people who saved you, who were they?"

Cindy snuggles into her bed and hugs her teddy bear. "I don't know Daddy; they just showed up like magic and saved me. The girl with him beat up the nasty girl with the teeth and the man brought me home."

At the mention of teeth, the man shudders. < Oh God! How close did I come to losing my daughter? > "What happened to the nasty girl?"

"The other girl beat her up." Cindy replies through sleepy eyes as she settles down into her warm bed.

"Did you hear anything? A name?"

"Yeah. The nasty girl said something before the other girl hit her hard." Cindy pauses remembering the word. "She said 'Shlayer', I think."

Her father looks at her in shock. < Can it be? > "Cindy, are you sure about that word?" Cindy just sleepily nods her head and goes to sleep. Her father looks down at her and silently thanks her rescuers. < The Slayer in Sunnydale? Thank the Gods. Maybe we'll survive what's coming. >


Xander jogs up to where Cordelia was putting the vampire into Oz's van. Xander notices that Cordelia had tied up the vampire. "Why are we bothering with keeping it alive?"

Cordelia grins. "You saw Mrs. Summers' face didn't you?" Xander nods his head. "Buffy's going to need proof that vampires are real."

Xander grins as he climbs in beside her. "Good idea." His cell phone then rings and he picks it up. "Hello."

"Xander, bring a vampire back with you." Steve tells him.

"Way ahead of you, Steve. We just grabbed one who was hunting in Buffy's neighborhood. We'll bring her back with us." Xander replies with a chuckle. "Cordy thought Mrs. Summers could use some proof."

"Good work." Steve replies as he hangs up.

Xander grins. "Steve said 'good work', Cordy." Cordelia gives him a dazzling smile as the vampire awakens.

It looks around her and snarls out. "I'm going to kill you Slayer." It tries to attack Cordelia with her teeth, but Cordelia reaches over and knocks her unconscious, again.

Twenty minutes later, they pull over behind a hearse and Xander gets out. Two men, dressed as morticians meet him halfway. Both men are wearing dark suits, dark glasses and both are smoking cigarettes. The taller of the two moves forward. "We don't have a problem, son. We're just grabbing a cigarette break. Be on your way."

Xander grins. "The Wanderer sends his regards." Both men nod their heads as they drop their cigarettes and crush them on the ground. The shorter man walks back to the hearse and opens the rear door, exposing the interior.

The taller man who had spoken before asks. "You work for the Wanderer?"

Xander nods his head and motions Oz forward with the van. Oz moves the van forward until the side door is near the open rear of the hearse. Cordelia pulls the body forward and the shorter man does a double take as he sees the vampire tied up in the van, but doesn't comment on it. He grabs one end of the bag and, with Cordelia's help, tosses it into the back of the hearse. Xander watches as the shorter man positions the body on a Gurney and ties it down. Cordelia gets back into Oz's van and Oz backs it up to where Xander and the tall man are standing. Xander nods his head in thanks and moves to the passenger side door. Before he can enter the van, the tall stranger hands him a card with only a phone number on it. Xander looks up, wondering. The man grins. "In case you need us and the Wanderer's not around. Give us a call." Xander returns his grin and gets in.

Oz quickly drives the van away. He looks over to Xander and Cordelia, who are sitting next to the vampire, that is now hissing at them. "Are we going to pickup the carpet cleaner?" He asks.

"Yeah." Xander mutters as he watches the vampire struggle with the ropes and chains holding her. "Stop at the supermarket and get one."


As the zebra painted van pulls away the two morticians look at each other and shake their heads in disbelief. The shorter one wonders. "Do you think we should inform Operations about these kids? They look like great 'material'."

"Are you nuts!? The Wanderer would kill everyone in Section One if they 'recruited' those kids." The taller man replies. "And then he'd come after us for selling them the information."

"Yeah, you're right. Fucking with the Wanderer or his people is not a healthy idea." The shorter man replies as he opens the body bag. He looks at Jones' face and grunts. "Think we could sell him to one of the ghoul clans as fresh meat?"

The taller man grins. "Why not? The Wanderer wants him to disappear and you can't get more disappeared than a pile of ghoul shit."

"There's a clan about an hour's drive east of here. Let's go."

The taller man nods his head and they climb into the hearse and take the first east bound road they come to.


"We're here." Oz replies as he pulls into the supermarket parking lot. He sniffs the air and makes a face. "Xander, Cordelia." Oz begins. "There are a couple of vamps in the parking lot. Want to take them out?"

"Yeah." Xander replies as he joins Cordelia in the back and they both ready their crossbows and water guns.

"We're coming up to them." Oz replies as the van slows down. "Ten seconds,. . . . Five seconds, three, two, NOW!!" Xander pushes the side door of the van open and a pair of vampires stare dumbly at Xander and Cordelia as they spray them with the water guns. Both of them reel back and begin to burn from the drenching. Xander and Cordelia let loose with the crossbow bolts and both vampires disappear, their ashes merging with the holy water and falling to earth as a dirty rain.

The vampire, seeing her captors are distracted growls lowly and lurches against her chains. Cordelia looks back and snaps a kick into her head. The vampire quiets down immediately. Oz nods his head and parks the van near the entrance. Oz gets out and heads into the supermarket. Xander and Cordelia stay there, keeping the vampire company.

Oz returns a few minutes later and puts the cleaner and a bag of supplies down in the back of the van, next to the vampire. She glares at him, but doesn't move as Cordelia watches her closely. Oz gets back into the driver's seat and quickly returns to Buffy's house. He parks the van next to the side of the house and the entire group walks into the house. At the door, the vampire freezes. Xander notices this and tells her. "Go inside." The vampire moves into the house, escorted by Cordelia and Xander.

Before Buffy, Steve or Giles can reply, Xander, Oz and Cordelia walk in through the back door with a strange young girl in their midst. "We're back and we've brought a gift." Xander comments as the young girl breaks down, sobbing.

"Please let me go. I did nothing to any of you." The vampire sobs.

Joyce looks at Xander and demands. "Why did you bring this child here?"

Xander looks down at the supposedly 'young' girl and he takes out a water bottle. He takes a swig from it and then pours out a measure of water on top of the girl's head. She screams in pain as the water touches her and begins to burn her. Joyce watches in horror as the girl's face forms ridges and she lets out a hiss of anger. Joyce's hand goes to her mouth as she sees the fangs clearly showing in the girl's mouth. "My God. What is she?"

"A vampire." Buffy replies. "Xander, Cordy, hold onto to her, so my Mother can look her over."

Joyce looks hesitantly at the people around her, but she steps forward and touches the girl's skin. She shudders as she feels how cold it was. She reaches for her throat to check her pulse. She holds her hand there for a full minute and feels nothing. She shakes her head in disbelief and asks, "Do you have a name?"

The vampire snickers, not realizing who she was facing. Her face turns back into the fifteen-year-old girl that she originally looked like. Her mouth sweeps up into a cruel smile. "For what? To tell my family that I died?"

"Something like that." Joyce admits. "It would give them a sense of closure."

"Don't worry about them." The vampire replies with a laugh. "The first thing that I did when I became a vampire was to feast on them. My Father and Mother never saw it coming, but I kept my little brother alive for a few days, slowly torturing him to death."

Joyce's eyes flash. She steps forward and smacks her across her face. "How could you do that to your own family?"

The vampire surges forward, but is stopped by Xander and Cordelia. "I was hungry and they were easy targets." The vampire snidely replies. "Just like your family will be."

Joyce turns to Buffy and demands. "This is what you fight!? These things are monsters! How can you stop them all!?"

"One at a time, Mom. One at a time." Buffy replies evenly.

The vampire laughs. "Who are you to stop us, mortal?"

Buffy's mouth turns up in a weak grin as she tells the vampire. "I'm the Slayer."

The vampire glares at Cordelia and hisses in fear. "But she beat me to the ground. What is she if you're the Slayer?"

"An Amazon." Cordelia replies as she stabs the vampire through the back with a wooden knife and Joyce watches as she turns to dust right in front of her.

"Oh. My. God." Joyce replies and takes a gulp of her coffee, while looking at the bottle of whiskey in the other room. < I definitely need a drink. > She looks at Buffy. "What happened to her?"

"When you kill a vampire by staking it or beheading it, the vampire turns to dust." Buffy replies. "When the demon that makes the body move is killed, the body collapses."

Joyce, shocked beyond belief, quietly asks. "Can we finish this tomorrow? I can't take any more."

"Sure Joyce." Steve replies. "Since I kicked in the door, I'll stay down here and keep an eye on things. Xander, Oz and I will fix it tomorrow."

"Thank you Steve." Joyce replies as she slowly walks upstairs. Buffy follows her and everyone else leaves. Xander leaves the carpet cleaner behind as he leaves. Xander looks back and sees Steve closing the door behind him. He feels Cordelia's arm around his waist.

"So, what do we do now?" Xander asks with a grin.

"I still have the room until tomorrow. Want to go back?" Cordelia asks shyly. Xander leans over and passionately kisses her. When Cordelia comes up for breath. "Good, now that you've recovered, we can have some more fun."

"Gotta love this town." Xander mutters as he watches Cordelia walk to Oz's van.

The End