Author: Anne Parnell

Title: A Normal Three Days On The Hellmouth

Category: Crossover (not really)
Rating: G

Summary: Short, first person perspective of Sunnydale.

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Authors note: Just a quick fic based on a relatively normal person in Sunnydale.† It mentions a few of the Wandererverse heroes and a few little bits of BtRH but no interaction between the characters.†

Thanks to Erica and Malaskor for giving me a few ideas to add to the fic, and to Tim for giving me such a good story to work around.† Also to, of course, Steve for the best universe to play in.

A Normal Three Days on the Hellmouth

With so many Ďsuperí heroes, is there any normal people left besides Ted?

Sunnydale High School
Sunnydale, California
2 September 1998

Everyone in this place is a bunch of sheep, or is that a flock of sheep?† I can never remember.† Anyways, the semi-popular kids follow the popular kids, hoping to have everyone recognize them.† The unpopular scurry around after the popular kids, hoping to be rewarded for assisting them, or for fawning over them.† What a world!† Iím not a cynic, Iím just a realist.

I slowly walk down the hallway, trying not to be bumped too much.† Itís days like this I wish I was bigger!† Iím only five foot two, and the shoes I wear arenít high heels so they donít help with my height.† I canít see why anyone would wear high heels, or short skirts for that matter.† Sneakers are way more practical and easier to walk in, same goes for a good pair of jeans.

I can see someone new talking to Harmony.† Oh Gawd, not another little Miss Popularity.† But her clothes are more like mine than Harmonyís.† Ours are practical, not the latest styles.† As I watch I realize Iím mistaken; sheís walking off and Harmony is left with her jaw hanging open.† This bodes well; maybe Iíd be able to make friends with her.† I really need more friends.

"Oh my God!† Harmony!† This is a nice change, your mouth is moving but there is nothing coming out."† I laugh as I walk past her on the way to the cafeteria.† I can feel her eyes glaring at my back.† Itís not an uncommon feeling from Harmony, she lacks comeback opportunities.


I sit near by the window in my usual spot, watching the students running round the place like ants.† No one ever approaches me for a seat.† Not after the last three friends I made ended up in the obituaries.† As if that is all that uncommon in this place; we should be in the Guinness Book of Records for the number of students listed weekly in the obituary.†

I can see the new girl walk in but sheís with Xander and they sit down together at the groupís usual table.† Damn, there goes me offering her a seat at my table and getting to know her.† But it does lead me onto something I forgot earlier; the outsiders bunch together.† The outsiders being the ones who are apparently too above the whole social structure of high school, who donít try to fit into Popular, Cheerleader, or Jock type categories.

The outsiders being the likes of Xander, Willow, Oz and now even Cordelia, all because of one perky little blonde, Buffy Summers.† And by the looks of things, theyíve recruited the new girl.† Must have heard about her insulting Harmony.† Man, the look on her face was PRICELESS; I wish I knew what they had been talking about.† Maybe she insulted Harmonyís Prada bag, or her hairstyle of the day.

"I see your surrounded by *all* your friends."† Oh haha.† Must have taken her days to come up with that one, considering I am by myself, as usual.

"Harmony, nice seeing you too," I stare at one part of her face, innocently wide eyed.

"Isnít it justÖ just what are you staring at?"

"Harm, is that a zit I see?"

As predicted, her hands fly up to cover her face and she runs out of the room.† Sometimes I love being me until I realize that I left one of books I am going to need at home.† Damn!† I am getting so forgetful these days.† And double damn!† I have to go to the library now.†

Oh goody, that means I get to see Mr Stuffy Brit himself, Giles.† I just canít see why Buffyís group loves him.† To me, heís a fuddy duddy, someone in serious need of changing his wardrobe.† Although he hasnít been too bad since he started seeing Miss Calendar.† But heís far better than the troll of a principal, Snyder.† Then again a mosquito is better than Snyder!

I get up to leave and notice that Xander and the new girl are moving too.† I canít believe Cordelia is letting him escort someone as good looking as her around the school.†

Cordelia has really changed recently; including how she is publicly dating someone she used to think was a loser.† I must admit, she was much better at being Miss Popularity than Harmony.† Harmony just doesnít have quite the acid tongue, or the comebacks that Cordelia always had.† Why has she given up her mantle?† I mean, Xanderís kinda cute, not really my taste in men, so she must really love him to give up what she used to hold so dear.† He must be considering himself a very lucky guy!

I follow Xander and the new girl out of the cafeteria and notice them heading toward the library.† Great!† Iíll be ignored when I enter, I hate when that happens.† Iíll just be standing there surrounded by the musty smell.† Giles drops everything when it comes to one of Buffyís group.†

I wonder if heís got a crush on her?† It would explain a lot, like why sheís always hanging around in the library, Iíve never seen someone that good looking in a library as often as her.† And she does go for older guys, I mean that college guy she was with.† Tall, dark and brooding, yummy!† And the new guy Iíve seen her with.† But I donít think sheíd go for Giles.† I mean hello! ANCIENT!† Thatís just gross!

Stuff it, I canít be bothered, I donít really need the book that badly.


Sunnydale High Computer Lab
Sunnydale, California
3 September 1998

Computer class is fun; Miss Calendar is a great teacher, my favorite in fact.† I so donít see what she sees in Giles, she could do so much better.† But oh well.† The new girl is sitting near me, which gives me ample chance to check her out.

Sheís about five foot five or six, taller than me anyways.† Her skin is pale but that really sets off her hazel eyes.† I found out that the new girlís name is Shaw Hunter, Army brat from Scotland.† Good luck to her to survive in this town.† Although being an Army brat sheís probably got some fighting skills.†† Sheís focused, I can give her that much.† Sheís listening intently to what Miss Calendar is saying.

Thatís more than what I am doing.† Me being the quiet achiever, the one always overlooked by everyone as they focus on our resident genius Willow Rosenberg.  I donít mind much, since it gives me the chance to do my thing without the pressure that she gets.† Iím just mucking around and working on the program weíve been asked to write for an assignment.† I donít listen much in class, well not to the teachers at least.

You learn some of the most amazing things from the students.† Especially when you hang near the library when Buffy is in there.† You get to hear some almost unbelievable stories.† Some of them I would give to them, Ďcause Iíve seen some of the things out there.† Unlike most of the people in town, I try to remember things that are out of the ordinary.† And in this place, there is a lot of that happening.† Understatement much?

Class is over, I donít get a chance to speak to Shaw since Miss Calendar is asking her to stay back.† Probably just going to go over a few things, either that or run an errand.† Who knows these days?† Although watching her rushing out of the room, doesnít look like the most pleasant of conversations happened.† What did Miss Calendar say to upset her so much?


Near the Bronze
Sunnydale, California
4 September 1998

Damn it!† Why did I have to work late tonight of all nights?† Couldnít one of the other delivery guys work late?† It wouldnít have been too bad if dad hadnít needed the car.† But no, now I have to walk home in the dark by myself and I hate walking in the dark.† Of course the others are all too busy to give poor little old me a lift home.† Guess I should make a few more friends, just for emergencies like this!

I can hear a scuffle happening not too far away, so I start walking faster.† I know itís not a good idea to be walking the streets by oneself at night.† Although recently it hasnít been too bad, not as many students are being found dead recently.† One plus, I guess in Buffy and her Ďfriendí coming to Sunnydale.† I wonder how she and her mates do it?

I peek down one of the alleyways and I can see Amy working her Ďmagicí down there.† Yeah, I know she really thinks she is a witch but I donít believe in it.† Although that fire spell she just cast gets a tick in the believe file.† Looks like sheís dealing with it, so Iím scampering.

Unfortunately I didnít move quite quickly enough.† There is a vampire in front of me.† Yeah, I am serious, a real un-live vampire or as the police reckon, a gang member on PCP.† But hey!† Iíve watched Buffy and her group often enough, the vamps arenít always the brightest in this world.† Also, by watching them, Iíve noticed one thing, you wanna protect yourself, you need something to fight with, so Iíve started carrying a nice wooden stake with meÖ

But I donít pull it out quickly enough; the vamp is approaching and I find myself hitting a brick wall when I throw my first punch.† Iím going to have a black and blue hand tomorrow.† Of course, he gets mad and I sail into the fire escape.† Oh God I think I have broken somethingÖ the pain is almost unbearable.†† But hey!† I still have a grip on the stake, howíd I manage that?

The vamp is leaning over me, ready to get sucky face with my neck.† But heís given me enough time to stake him.† I stake him through the heart and inhale the copious amounts of dust as I struggle to get my breath back.† I finally do the one thing Iíve been longing for from the startÖ I scream!† I never scream, but Iíve never fought for my life either, so I figure Iím entitled.

I struggle to stand, I need to walk home, cause if I stay here, it wonít be long Ďtil I do become some vampís dinner.† I think I broke my right arm, which means itís a good thing I am left handed, although itís not going to do me any good when it starts to bruise.† I finally make it to my doorway.† I managed once again to make it through the night.† Now if only dad can drive me to the hospital, morphine is sounding pretty nice to me.


My nameís Alison Jarman, I have no special powers, unless you consider that I donít let things surprise me too much.† That can be considered a death wish in this place.† Iíve lived in Sunnydale all my life, I wasnít even tempted to move away when mom up and left with a younger man, but I do get away to visit quite often.† Meaning that I am not always acting older than I am.

In this town, you donít just live in it.† You survive in it or else you die.† I donít like dying, so I watch, I listen and I learn.† I make it my lifeís work to survive in this placeÖ maybe one day Iíll ask Buffy why itís so easy for her to do soÖ

The End