He was my friend.

I don't have many friends and even though we've never met, I've
considered Tim one. I'm still in shock, in denial, hoping this is
some sort of sick, twisted joke. But it's not. My friend is gone.

So much is left undone, I know. So many stories he had left to
complete. I always nagged him about it, joking that so many people
would be pissed if he died without finishing them, including me.

I'm not pissed. I'm angry. Not at him but at the unfairness of it
all. He had so much left....so much to give....so much to do...He
was a great man. A man I am proud to have known. And I sincerely
wish I had actually talked to him in person, just to know the real

You were always the better writer, Tim. You actually made me sorry about my own writing talents when I saw yours. You were so gripping, so able to pull us in. You....You made me better by trying to match you. And I thank you for that.

On behalf of all of us...Thank you, Tim Knight. Thank you for all
you've given us. I promise right now that I will do my best to
finish your work, to make sure your vision is fulfilled. I can't
promise it will be the way you wanted. I could never match that. But
I'll try.

I'll miss you, my friend. I truly will. You'll be in my prayers and
my thoughts. I hope you're now in a place where all your dreams can
take new life. You deserve it.