Wanderer Universe Time Line

15,000 BC August Aderron is born on the Island Nation of Atlantis
14,962 BC February Aderron is cursed with eternal life by an Archon Sorcerer
11,006 BC June Conan is born in the wilds of Cimmeria during a battle with the Valerians
11,000 BC December Red Sonja is born somewhere in Hyperborea
10,970 BC October Red Sonja dies in a battle against an evil Sorcerer. Her battle companion Conan kills the Sorcerer in revenge and buries Sonja with honor
10,968 BC April Conan dies in battle serving with Corsairs
3,200 BC July Sita is born to the Aryan tribe in India
3,180 BC October Sita is turned into a vampire by a demon
3,000 BC February Methos is born somewhere in Europe
2,973 BC September Methos is killed in a failed robbery attempt
700 BC July Cassandra is born in Mesopotamia
672 BC March Cassandra is killed in a raid by the Four Horsemen
550 BC April Xena is born in the village of Amiphobis
540 BC June Gabriel is born in the village of Potadea
500 BC June The Amazon nation ceases to exist, Gabriel and Sonja lead the children of the tribes to safety
August Methos and Aderron meet for the first time
320 BC August Tiberius Callistri is born to the noble house of Callistri in Rome
297 BC September Tiberius Callistri is made General of the IV Imperial Legion
293 BC February Tiberius Callistri is killed during a battle against the Visigoth tribesmen of central Gaul
32 BC September Casca Rufio Longious is born in northern Italy
1 AD March Casca Rufio Longious deals Christ a death wound on while he's on the cross. Christ curses him to stay around until he returns
1518 AD November Connor MacLeod is found and adopted by Clan MacLeod
1552 AD October Connor MacLeod is killed by the Kurgan during a battle with the Stewart Clan
1592 AD December 21st Duncan MacLeod is found and taken in by Clan MacLeod
1778 AD January to ?? Events in For Every Action (past sequences)
1864 AD March Alison Madison born in Colorado
1891 AD September Alison Madison meets Elminster, one year later goes to Toril
1944 AD November 28th Shawukay Redarrow (Shaw Hunter) born in Evereska
1960 AD October 16th Carson Jamieson is found on a rural Texas road, he's sent to the Holy Mother of Mercy Orphanage
1964 AD December 8th Carson Jamieson begins his training with the Cherokee medicine man Eagle Soars
1967 AD October Shaw Hunter joins Harpers
1968 AD June 8th Carson Jamieson begins his training with the Shoalin monk Master Khan
1973 AD September 1st Shaw Hunter infiltrates slave caravan near Zhentil Keep as part of Harper mission. Suffers torture for nearly a day, kills Caravan Master
[This information will be revealed near the end of Slayer In Black]
4th Shaw Hunter's grandparents killed by vampire outside Eversult
1976 AD October 19th Carson Jamieson lies about his age and enlists in the US Army
1977 January 25th Carson Jamieson graduates boot camp at the top of his class and is assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division, under the command of Major John ‘Bull' Franklin
1979 AD April 19th Carson Jamieson gets transferred to the 5th Special Forces under the command of Captain Kevin ‘Tex' Ritter
1982 AD January 19th Carson Jamieson is honorable discharged from the US Army
March 7th Marries his childhood sweetheart, Katherine Sinclair
September 9th Katherine Sinclair is murdered
November 16th Carson Jamieson kills the men responsible for his wife's murder
1983 AD August 2nd Carson Jamieson dies for the first time
5th Steven St. Wolf beats Richard Markham at Jake's Roadhouse, Montana
8th Steven St. Wolf meets Duncan MacLeod and becomes his student
December Shaw Hunter encounters Aunsulaur, loses two-thirds of life force while nearly killing vampire. Both retreat
1984 AD May 15th Steven St. Wolf finishes his training with Duncan MacLeod after only eight months
October Shaw Hunter fights Aunsulaur for second time. Follows vampire into fogbank, transported to Ravenloft.))
1985 AD January 17th Steve St. Wolf discovers Smaug stuck under a rock slide in the Andes
February 1st Steve rescues Niume from a Black Mage and she asks him to become her Champion
March 3rd Steve, using Demon Slayer, hunts down and kills two demons of the third circle. His fight is observed by a Watcher and several Knights of the Order of the Grail
17th Merlin, backed up by Steve, destroys a dozen demons trying to start a nuclear war. Merlin also chooses Steve as his personal Champion
April 15th An Immortal Knight approaches Steve and offers him a place in the Order
1986 AD March 7th Steve St. Wolf rescues seven children and teams up with Frank ‘Two-Step' Iverson for the first time and then rescue some young dragons
September 15th Steve and Frank discover a hoard of magical items and Steve takes the bands that Hephaestus made for Hercules. The rest of the items are handed over to the Order for safe storage
1990 AD October 26th Steve St. Wolf quits working for Merlin
November 8th Steve St. Wolf gets a ‘Straight' Job as an insurance investigator
12th Steve St. Wolf discovers that he can't ‘Leave It All Behind.' as he fights a horde of demons to save a group of children. He meets Hercules and Roarke. Roarke transports them all to Fantasy Island to help Steve overcome his grief. Events of Redemption and Rebirth.
The Greek gods decide to involve themselves with mortals again.
13th Bureau 13 puts out a ‘Locate and Recruit' order on a mysterious individual described only as a Jedi Knight, armed with a light saber
1991 Steve and Frank Gather together a group of mercenaries to rescue a large number of children.
1991 The Wanderer and a few allies attack a group of Vampires and a demon in Prague. Only Spike and Drusila survive.
1993 The Order of Teraka tries to kill a boy that was under the Wanderers protection and lost twenty assassins. After the contract was called off and St. Wolf left with the boy, they massacred the man that gave the child refuge and all other children. St. Wolf promised himself to kill every member he'd come across.
1996 June Mulder and Scully are killed for the first time and become Conner MacLeods students
1998 AD February 2nd Steve St. Wolf enters Sunnydale for the first time. Events of Hellmouth - New Beginnings
26th Cordelia accidentally summons Artemis. Events of ‘How Cordelia Got Her Amazon Groove'
27th Joyce Summers Sets up her daughter Buffy with Steve St. Wolf. Events of ‘First Date Blues and Dating - Sunnydale Style'
March 15th Events of Kitty's Tale
Steve gets a few books, pets, a few weapons and a swimming pool for the Slayerettes
Joyce learns that hunting demons pays better than being the Slayer
May 12th to Sept 14th Shaw Hunter arrives on Earth from Parallel Dimension. Events of Tim Knight's Story, ‘Born to Raise Hellmouth'
May 14th to 21st Mulder and Scully join Steve, Buffy and the rest for Fragnar's Birthday Party. Events of ‘How Buffy Got Her Sword'
Buffy gets Vampire Slayer
June 23rd Shaw becomes Connors student
July 5th Jehanne speaks to Shaw for the first time and tells her of her kin on Earth
McGuire comes after Connor, but meets Shaw instead. Shaw learns about immortals the hard way and absorbs some of his Quickening
9th to 13th Events of Calling Out the Clan
Two first ones:
  • For the first time in known history a large group of immortals unite to fight a common enemy
  • For the first time three Swords of Destiny join together in combat
The Truth about the game and the immortals is revealed by Shiva
10th Events of A Vampire's Worst Nightmare
Trouble in Toronto and a Vampiric solution or he cheap way to get new allies.
22nd/23rd Spike and Angel are hunted, beaten badly and flee from New York and head back towards Sunnydale
29th Events of Trial of Frank Scully
Frank Scully is cleared from the charge of murder and can now resume his old identity
July 14th to August 17th Events of Libyan Assault/War of the Sections
Section Seven meets the French counterpart of Bureau 13 and encounter the Forever Knight Vampires and Cloe, the wielder of Magic for the first time
Jack Ryan (CIA) manages to get a Pardon and the Medal of Honor for Carson Jamieson
August 8th Shaw arrives in Santa Carla and observes a local group of vampire hunters. A few days later she joins them on temporary base.
9th Angle, Spike and their gang arrive in Sunnydale and go into hiding
12th Events of Council at War
The Council of Watcher learn that there are now things in motion that are even beyond their control.
12th Events of Mike Weyer's Story Xander, Mulder, Giles and Oz are en-powered by Robin Goodfellow
13th Robin Goodfellow is forced to become a mortal by Oberon
21st Events of Where Everything knows your name
22nd Shaw arrives in Sunnydale
26th Shaw and some Slayerettes meet for the first time in the night. After a misunderstanding they part without introduction.
September 2nd Shaw begins to attend Sunnydale High and meets the Slayerettes. She recognizes the Slayerettes
3rd to 9th Angel comes out of hiding and learns just what forces are gathered in Sunnydale
A prophecy comes to pass and Shaw introduces herself, before temporarily dying by driving her own Sword through her body to kill Scorpion. She surrenders the Sword of St. Catherine to Randi, who then kills the Cenobite with it and reveals her kinship with Amy. (Born to Raise Hellmouth)
11th Events of Gucci and Bowies
14th Steve and Buffy come back from ‘vacation' and meet Shaw Hunter for the first time
November 2nd Events of Slayer In Black
Aliens and Alien-hunters hunt in Sunnydale. The Alien-hunters think the Hunter is an Alien, the Hunter thinks the Alien is a demon and, worst of all, the Hunter is on PMS. All in all, a normal day in Sunnydale.
15th Events of Destiny Unfolding
Kendra and Shaw talk about how they started their careers as champions of good.
19th Events of Hunter in Darkness
Ares messes with Shaw and only barely survives the backlash
December 7th Events of Be Careful What You Wish For
A Spell in an alternate Reality goes bad and four persons are send to the Wandererverse. Steve decides to help them secure their own reality, Merlin wants to stop him, but is ordered to back down.
13th Events of The Song
The familiar bond between Shaw and Amy deepens as they share more and more of their history.
26th Events of How Big Bad Stole Christmas
Shaw and Amy visit their family. Who of course have no idea who or what Shaw is.
1999 AD January Events of Dating Blues 2
Shaw finds a possible boyfriend, but the first date goes slightly different than planned.
Events of Another Run
Does anyone ever wonder if there are any normal people that come to Sunnydale? Or when the visitors from other dimensions will outnumber the normal humans?
February 12th Events of The Prodigal Son
Giles and Jenny visit London. Relation between the Council of Watchers and Section Seven turn for the better
March 31st Events of For Every Action
The twin tower of tactlessness encounter the magic author and an old immortal gets to have some fun. And finally we get an independent assessment of Steve's house. And the end of it all? Shaw gets a new sword.
April 24th Events of Immortal Kombat
A Firework of power and more power, the downfall of a few gods and the typical Sunnydale attitude ... it's all just some bad food that makes me see this.
June 10th Events of Calendar Girls
No, the high priestess has no kittens, she just needs money. And what's the female way to earn money? And get your minds out of the gutters.