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Title: A Tale That Had To Be Told

Copyrighted : February 2003
Category: Crossover
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Keywords: X-Files/Highlander/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover

Summary: A meeting in a cemetery between two old friends.

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Author's Note's: This came to me one day and I just had to write it. Smaug is too good a character to disrespect.

Author's Thanks:
I'd like to thank the people who helped me in writing this series. Good people who listen and give great critique are hard to find. They are:
Rebekah Sandell, Mark Safransky, Tim Knight, Mike Weyer, Timbo, Hawk, Dalton Spence, and Jack Canyon. Thank you all for your time and input on this story.
In memory: I'd like to dedicate this story in memory of four great writers, whose works have been a constant enjoyment and delight:
Gene Roddenberry, Don Pendelton, Mickey Spillane and Barry Sadler

I'd also like to thank all those great fan fiction writers out there, whose stories I've enjoyed. They showed me that I could let my imagination run. (Where it went I don't want to know :>))
Thanks and here's the Story. Enjoy.

A Tale That Had To Be Told

January 2000
Wolvercote Cemetery
Oxford, England

A tall man with golden hair stands at a pair of simple graves. The man in the trench coat looks around the simple grave marked with the names of two old friends. He sighs as he pulls out a hip flask and pours a generous dollop of the fifty year old single malt scotch on the grave of the man. He then takes a drink for himself as he squats down and begins to talk to his old friend.

"Well, John. Things have changed on Ea since I spoke with you last about that troubled world." The man shakes his lion like mane and chuckles softly. "Gods, but St. Wolf is a pain in the ass. I couldn't believe what he and the people he and his Lady lead could accomplish. If you met him, you would have followed him to hell and back, even at your advanced age. And you would have loved ever minute of it, you old reprobate!!" The man takes another drink from the hip flask and continues to tell his old friend of all of the changes that have recently happened on a world that they both loved for it's rich history and grand stories of heroes and great deeds.

"Well, I hope that you enjoyed our time together." The man replies as he hears a noise behind him. He turns and sees a younger version of his old friend standing nearby. The man waits for the blond haired man to finish his business. "You must be Christopher." The blond haired man replies.

"Yes, Sir. I am." Christopher replies as he walks forward. He looks closely at the man who looks hauntingly familiar. <Oh God! It's him! It can't be. He should be older than me by now and he looks unchanged.> "Uhm, Sir. Pardon my rudeness, but aren't you Samuel Maug? My Father's old friend?"

The man called Samuel Maug looks at Christopher and nods his head. "I am him, Christopher. I'm glad to see you well and visiting your parent's grave."

"Well, I have to make a hard decision, Mr. Maug. And I when I have to make hard choices, I like to come out here and talk with Father. It usually helps me think things out."

Samuel smiles. "It's always good to see a man who seeks wisdom from his elders. May I asks what this momentous decision is?"

<He was one of Father's best friends.> Christopher thinks to himself as his sister and two brothers walk up behind them. Christopher turns as his brothers, John, Michael and their sister Priscilla walk up to the grave. Christopher turns to his brothers and sisters and introduces Samuel to them. All three smile as Christopher asks. "So, have you all decided on the offer?"

"We all think we should let Peter Jackson do it." John replies for Michael and Priscilla.

"May I ask what you letting this man do?" Samuel asks.

"Who is this man, Chris?" John asks.

"Samuel Maug. I think you all remember the photos of him and Father at the summer house?" All three of Christopher's siblings nod in remembrance. "Of course not, Mr. Maug." Christopher replies softly. "Mr. Jackson wants to produce the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy as three movies."

"That is a bold venture. How is the man planning on doing it?" Samuel asks.

"He wants to shoot all three at the same time over a two year period in New Zealand." John replies. "He thinks that he can really do the story justice by doing it this way."

"What about the Hobbit? Are there any plans to film that story?" Samuel asks.

"No, there are no plans. But if the three films do make money then they may want to film that story as well." Christopher replies. "Say, Mr. Maug. I've always been curious. Was the Dragon in the Hobbit named after you?"

Samuel smiles with his pointy teeth showing. All four of the Tolkien children stare back in shock as the man changes into a fully grown golden dragon. The dragon's head, the size of a Chevy Trail Blazer, lowers itself down and Smaug tells them. "No, I'm the dragon who's name and reputation he almost wrecked because of that stupid book."

"But you're only a character in a story!!" Christopher replies quickly.

"No, I'm the one who told him stories of Middle Earth because I enjoyed our times together as friends. I even took him there once so he could see how beautiful that world was."

"You mean that Middle Earth exists!?" John replies in shock.

"Oh yes. But it's changed." Smaug replies with a toothy smile.

"How?" Michael asks, speaking for the first time.

"You can thank a pain in the ass boy scout, his lady and a few of their friends for changing it for the better." Smaug replies as he turns to leave.

"You're not going to hurt us for what Father did?" Christopher asks.

"Be very grateful that I'm not the bastard that he described in the Hobbit!" Smaug replies with a laugh as he takes off and disappears into the sun.

The four Tolkien children look at their Father's grave and the huge clawed foot print by it. And they all shudder in disbelief. Christopher is the first to speak. "I know I'm going to hate this, but I wonder what happened on Middle Earth."

His two brothers and sister look at him and all shake their heads in disbelief. "Christopher, you take after Father too much." Priscilla tells her older brother.

"Well, one of us has to." Christopher replies with a smile as the four exit the cemetery and the two headstones with the simple legends written on them:

Edith Mary Tolkien, Luthien, 1889-1971
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, Beren, 1892-1973

The End