Author Carroll Fox

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Title:  Vacation Files.

Copyrighted: February 2008

Category: Crossover

Rating:  For Mature readers:  Violence, Sexual Content, and Foul Language

Key Words: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ X-Files/ Highlander/Magnum PI

Any characters whose names and descriptions used are the property of their original owners, and no copyright infringements in intended or meant.

No money can be made from this story.  It can be distributed freely so long as it is kept in its entirety, with all notices and copyright information intact.

The character Steve St. Wolf belonged to Steve P. and was used with prior permission.



Home of Steven St. Wolf

Sunnydale Calif.

6:00 pm


     Merlin paced back and forth, wearing a path in the floor before he glared at the pair as they sat on the couch in front of him.  Meanwhile, his wife of more years than even he could count, sat in the over stuffed recliner watching with an amused look on her lovely face.  Annoyed at her smug attitude, he turned to the pair of Immortals who’d caused him so much grief over the past few months. 

     “Steve, you have to take a break.” Merlin turned on his chief protector.  “I told you that you needed a break in Europe. Now, I’m ordering it and I won’t take no for an answer.”

     “Merlin,” The Immortal Demon Hunter said. “I just….”

     “No, no, no!” Merlin snapped cutting Steve’s explanation off.  “I have a platoon of knights that will patrol the Hellmouth while you and Buffy go on vacation.”

     “Steve,” said Nemune, Merlin’s wife, who continued the discussion when she sensed that her husband was about to blow a gasket.  “You have been at it non-stop for almost five years.  Remember what you felt like seven years ago?  And Buffy has been at it for the last three years.  You both deserve a rest.”

     Steve started to reply but he was cut off by Marc Le Chevalier.  “It is true, my friend.  You have not had a chance to relax in a very long time.”

     Meanwhile, while all this was going on, Buffy Summers tried to stifle a guffaw.

     “That is it!” Merlin announced.  “I will have Frank charter a flight to Hawaii; the Grail owns a great hotel resort on Oahu, right on Waikiki.  You both will be leaving first thing tomorrow.   Pack your bags.”

     “You tell him,” Buffy said. 

     “Buffy!” Steve cried out and had an injured look on his face.

     “Come on, honey!  We deserve a break.” Buffy smiled as she looked over to Merlin who nodded.  “And Merlin just authorized Frank to arrange for our flight and he’s offering us what I can only imagine is a fine resort.  No, I believe he ordered us to go.”

     “Damn right,” Merlin said but his voice lost a bit of its bluster when he noticed the wicked grin on Buffy’s face.  “Oh shit.”

     “Since we were going to go to Hawaii on vacation anyway, why not accept Merlin’s generosity and have one on him?” Buffy finished with a satisfied smile.  “You can save the money you were going to spend on us and we can go out and have a good time on your boss’ expense account.  Hmm, I always wanted a free vacation.”

     “What?!” Merlin cried out.  Then he shook his head when he realized that Buffy had played him like a fiddle.  “Steve, your young lady has been taking lessons from you I see.”

     Buffy simply shrugged.  “If you’re going to learn, learn from the best.”

     Nemune burst out laughing at the way Buffy winked at Merlin after her last statement.  Turning to Steve, she complemented him by saying, “Steven, your young lady is beginning to think on her feet.”

     “Oh no, don’t blame me for that!” Steve snapped and held up his hands. “You should blame Xander and Methos!  I swear those two are rubbing off on all of them.”


Sunnydale Airport

Iverson Terminal

24 hours later

     The whole gang had gathered in front of the experimental Fox Jump Jet to wish the Immortal couple bon voyage.  They gang had also promised that the Hellmouth would be safe until the two leaders of Section Seven had returned from their Hawaiian vacation. 

     “Merlin said he would have a few knights in the area to help out,” Steve said to the four couples that stood in front of him.  He knew that any of the pairs by themselves could keep the death count down in Sunnydale while they were away.  He also knew that they needed a clear Chain of Command to operate efficiently.  “Cordelia I’m leaving you in charge; Willow you’re her second in command.  The knights will make their presence known if and when you need them.  Try not to count on them too much, though.”

     “You two go and have a good time,” Cordelia replied with a grin.  “And relax.”

     “Have fun you two,” Rupert said as he hugged Buffy.  “You both deserve this time off so remember to enjoy yourselves.”

     “Get on the plane before you miss it,” Xander said as he shook Steve’s hand.  “You two are wasting daylight!”

     “Remember I want a bit more than just the token t-shirt.” Willow said as she took her turn to hug Buffy before she stepped back.  “If you bring us back one of those “all I got was a lousy t-shirt” t-shirts, I’ll zap you back until you get it right.”

     “Amen to that,” Amy agreed with a laugh. 

     Soon after, the gang watched in silence as their leaders boarded the jet and didn’t leave until it was nothing more than a dot in the sky.


Oahu: Hawaii Island.

Red Lion Club

Main St       

     Buffy pulled Steve onto the dance floor of the underground club, the music was beating a tune that Buffy felt was calling her to the dance floor, who else would she share it with than the man who had filled her dreams since they met.  Her hips gyrated slowly capturing her paramour’s attention.

     They were booked in the Waikiki Beach Marriott resort, for five nights and six days.  They landed at the international airport where a limousine and chauffeur awaited them. A small token already arranged by Merlin.  When they arrived at the resort a rental car would be available to them.  Since this was a vacation Merlin made it impossible for them to carry anything more than their swords and a pistol, giving them that much was against Merlin’s better judgment but to leave the Slayer and the Immortal demon hunter weaponless was asking for trouble.

     Their first day was spent getting settled in at the resort and checking out the car that was set up for them.  Then after taking a shower they took a nap to allow the jet lag to leave their bodies.  The trip over was twice as fast as a normal jet liner but still the combination of  losing hours and being in a enclosed space for 3 hours caused them both to be sleepier than normal.

     Now they were out bar hopping and dancing the night away, and Buffy loved every minute of it.  She wondered how things were going with their friends on the Hellmouth but she knew that if they were getting too deep they would call. 

     “There’s a lot of Military types in here,” Buffy yelled over the music as she looked around the room.  “Wonder if all the places are going to be like this.”

     “Well it is the middle of the month, and there are like what two big bases on this island?” Steve replied as they left the floor. 

     “Military bases?” Buffy asked as she thought, “Oh Pearl Harbor is here, I know we are here to have fun, but can we go see that sunk boat?”

     “The Arizona,” Steve informed her, “It’s a battle ship.  There are a few other sites I would love to show you while we are here.”

     “Like what?” Buffy asked teasingly as she rubbed up against him.

     “The Hotel room can wait,” Steve grinned knowing what she was getting at. “Well besides the National park, there are a few Water falls you would love to see, also this place is full of natural sights that will stun you into silence.”

     “Is that why you brought those two digital cameras?” Buffy asked as they left the bar heading down to another one where people were dancing outside. Seeing the people dancing outside Buffy went on wistfully, “That’s something you will never see at home.”

     “Hey no home talks,” Steve said pulling Buffy into a hug.  “Merlin wants us to take some time off and I agree with him, I was in that place and the only way to not go there again is to take a vacation every once in a while.”

     The two went from one bar to the next having a wonderful time, both of them receiving their fair share from members of the opposite sex, Buffy even accepted the offer of a few dances from military men when Steve was too tired to perform on the dance floor.  Later as the clubs started to close for the night, the happy couple started down the street toward their car.

     “Shit,” Buffy said as she tripped over something almost causing her to lose her balance.  Turning around to see what she tripped over Buffy’s heart fell when she saw a hand with a white-sleeved arm coming out of a small alley.  “I though you said shit like this didn’t happen here?”

      “Hell,” Steve agreed his mind racing toward the worse case scenario.   His eyes darted around for anyone escaping from the area, while he pulled out his cell phone automatically dialing in a memorized number.   

     “Damn,” Buffy mumbled as she bent down over the girl automatically turning her head from side to side looking for the marks she was sure would be there.  Not finding any she started to check for blood on the white uniform, still not finding anything she leaned back and studied the girl’s chest seeing it slowly raise and fall she took a breath of relief.  Tapping the girl on the face with a open hand she called over her shoulder.  “She’s just drunk Steve.  Come on girl, time to wake up.”     

     Buffy tried it four more times before she looked up to Steve.  “This girl is dead drunk.”

     “Maybe we should take her to the base,” Steve said looking down at the girl, “Wonder why she is out here alone, I thought most of the CO’s promote the buddy system, where a more experienced soldier takes a rookie under their wing.”

     “Maybe they left her.” Buffy guessed.  “Will she get into trouble if we returned her to the base?”

     “No, they will just put her on a drunk watch.” Steve replied smiling at Buffy’s concern.  “Come on lets get her up and to the base.”

     “Do you know where the base is?” Buffy asked as she helped Steve pick the girl up.

     “I am pretty sure we can find it, there should be signs all over the place.” Steve replied, “Tomorrow we we’ll grab a map of the island.”

     As Steve followed the signs to Pearl Harbor Naval station, Buffy was looking over their passenger, she was about 5’ 6” with short light brown hair, and her body was in pretty good physical shape.  Her muscular thighs were easily shown from beneath her uniform skirt.  Looking down Buffy noticed that the girl did not have shoes on.  Her uniform top was buttoned up and only a small corner of it was pulled out from under her skirt.  The girl was just drunk; she didn’t think anything out of the ordinary happed to her.


Main Gate

Pearl Harbor Naval Station

Oahu, Hi. 

     As they pulled up to the main gate of Pearl Harbor Steve’s eyes were pulled toward the threat indicator, which read level two.  A quick smile played across his face as he remembered his days in the service, rarely was that indicator under three.  It seemed to him that the Navy was just a bit more relaxed when it came to those things. 

     “Excuse me, sir,” Steve called out his window to the guard that manned the small shack after having pulled into the visitor parking lot knowing that the welcome center would be closed for the night.  “I’m returning a Sailor to you after a strong night of partying.”

     “Please hold one minute sir,” the Guard called back before he ducked into the small shack emerging a few minutes later, “I have a unit on the way.”

     Waving his hand in response Steve then turned back to where Buffy was sitting with the girl in the back seat.  “Is she ok?”

     “Yea, I don’t see any signs of abuse, girl just drank too much.”

     “Here comes her ride.” Steve replied as a MP car pulled up along side them. 

     “Good morning sir,” a female MP greeted as she pulled up beside Steve’s car.  “Is there a problem?”

     “No, no problem,” Steve replied as Buffy opened the rear door.  “We have a sailor who drank a little too much.”

     “Thank you for returning her sir.” The MP replied as her partner moved around to the passenger side of Steve’s car to get the girl.  “Mind if I get some information from you?”

     “Not a problem,” Steve said as he accepted the pad and quickly wrote down his information. 

     “Thank you for your help sir.” The second MP said as he carefully placed the drunken girl in the back seat of the patrol car.

     “Sir, did she happen to have a purse?” the female officer asked when the girl was secure in the back seat.

     “No, we didn’t find anything near her.” Buffy replied as she climbed into the front seat. 

     “Thank you again,” The officer replied getting into the car.  “You would be surprised at how many people would have just left her there.”

     “Well have a good night,” Steve said as he started the car and drove away.

     “Wow the way she said that you would think it happens all the time.” Buffy said as they headed back to the resort. 

     “Probably do,” Steve laughed thinking back to his own early military days.


Waikiki Beach Marriott resort

Next morning

     “This could be addicting.” Buffy yawned as she stretched in bed as the sun bore down into her face from where it came through the large picture windows next to the bed. 

     “Who are you kidding?” Steve asked coming out of the shower, “Place like this would make you fat and lazy in a month.”

     “But I would be happy.” Buffy laughed as she rolled out of bed.  “What’s the plan for today?”

     “Want to check out the Arizona Memorial?” Steve asked as he put on a shirt.  “Or go over to the North Shore and try that surfing thing?”

     “Actually it might be boring, but I would really like to see the Memorial.” Buffy said surprising Steve.

     “Ok which one are you?” Steve balked looking at Buffy. “My Buffy would rather have hot coals poured over her than see something educational on vacation.”

     “Come on,” Buffy exclaimed in a hurtful voice “I have heard about the Memorial forever, it would seem a shame not to see it while we’re here.  Besides Giles would kill me if I didn’t see it.”

     “So it’s not something you want to do right?” Steve asked his voice carrying the puzzlement he felt.

     “To be honest it would not be my first choice,” Buffy admitted, “But I have heard a lot about the place, so it might be nice to see.”

          “Well the tourist guide says the Memorial will last about two hours, beginning with a fifteen minute movie showing what it looked like just before the bombing, and just after.”  Steve said reading a small booklet.  “So if we do take it this morning we should be out and seeing more of the island before noon.”

     “Works for me,” Buffy said walking into the bathroom. “I will be out in a few minutes.”

     Looking at the small clock on the table Steve smiled, wondering if she realized that it was only 7 am.  Moving to the door he called out.  “I am going to get some coffee, I will be back.”


     “Mr. St Wolf?” a voice called out with more than just a little surprise.  “What are you doing here?”

     Turning to the sound of the voice Steve smiled when he saw an old acquaintance.  Standing 6’ 2” with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes medium built, Thomas Magnum was in the height of physical condition.  Next to him was a heavily built black man with a ball cap turned backwards on his head.   Recognizing the speaker Steve smiled as he advanced on the pair reaching out with his hand he replied.  “My lady and I are on vacation, brochure said 6 days and 7 nights of paradise, guess they didn’t know about you huh Tom?”

     “Wisenheimer,” Tom replied as he shook Steve’s offered hand.  “You have a wife?”

     “Just dating” Steve replied as he walked with the men over to the coffee shop.  “How are things with you?”

     “Not a lot, are you going to stop by the nest and see Higgins?” Tom asked taking a quick glance around he lowered his voice before adding.  “Rachael said you were busy a few months back in LA.”

     “Nothing to talk about.” Steve waved the comment off.

     “She also said that your Lady was something else.” Tom went on fishing for information, handing Steve a card he added. “Why don’t you bring her around for dinner while you’re in town?”

     “We can do that.” Steve replied as he accepted the card.  “I knew you lived on the Islands but I figured you to live on the large one.”

     “Steve, this is TC he runs a helicopter tour,” Tom introduced the man standing next to him.  “Go ahead and give him your card TC.”

     “Sure call me,” TC said giving Steve his card before going on.  “Sorry to make this a short visit but we have to get going Tom.”

     “Something I can help with?” Steve asked catching the anxiousness in TC’s voice.  

     “Just a side job,” Tom waved off the offer.  “Enjoy your vacation.”

     Collecting two cups of coffee and a couple of croissants Steve excused himself and carried the items back up to the room where Buffy was waiting.


     Buffy was just coming out of the bathroom dressed in black slacks and a light blue short sleeve blouse her blond hair falling down over her shoulders and down her back, a digital camera hanging off her shoulder.  She placed the camera back on the table when Steve entered the room with the coffee and croissants.  Accepting the coffee she watched as he tossed two cards down on the table.  “What’s that, and why did it take you so long?”

     “Ran into an old friend,” Steve replied mysteriously, “we have been invited to dinner, also met a guy who gives helicopter tours of the islands.”

     “That sounds fun,” Buffy said as she took a look out the picture window that faced the Pacific Ocean and the beach.  “I would like to do that.”

     “So what is with the camera?” Steve asked as he checked the battery level on the camera seeing it was full he went on, “what’s on the schedule for today?”

     “I still wanna see that boat.”

     “It’s a battleship.”

     “What’s the difference?”

     “You’ll see.” Steve said with a smile finishing his coffee.  “When ever you’re ready my lady.”


Arizona Memorial

8:30 am

     “Think about how much work that must have been involved creating these before and after replica’s of Pearl Harbor.” Steve said as they made their way through the museum before entering the auditorium to see the movie before actually going out to the Arizona Memorial itself.

     “This is fantastic,” Buffy replied before stopping herself as she looked over the cases that had the before and after looks of Pearl Harbor and the battle ships that were caught in port when the Japanese attacked. “Is this how much damage was done on that morning?”

     “Not as much that was caused to Hiroshima, where I am told a similar museum shows the damage there.” Steve replied quietly as they were ushered into the auditorium.

     “It’s true,” a man in a dress uniform informed the young pair.  “The Hiroshima museum is about twice the size of this one showing what Hiroshima and the surrounding area looked like before and after the bombs was dropped.  Like this one it is both beautiful and disturbing.”

     “You sound like a man who has been there,” Steve said as he turned to the man who was talking.  He was 5’9” with brown hair and brown eyes; his hair was short but well kept.  He was not a big guy; his body while in shape was not overly impressive.  Looking at his insignia Steve noticed the man was a Lt. Commander.

     “I’ve seen it a few times.” The Lt. Commander replied.  “Being in the Navy and on a ship you get around.”

     “Bet,” Steve smiled knowing the man was fishing for interests in the navy.


     After the trip through the memorial, Buffy sat quietly in the passenger’s seat tears running down her cheeks.  Sniffling she wiped her nose as she sat back in the seat.  When she spoke, her words were thick with emotions.  “I can’t believe how many died in that short of time.”

     “I didn’t think it would affect you like this.” Steve spoke quietly next to her.

     “You mean you weren’t affected by it?” Buffy asked wiping her eyes.

     “Yes I was affected,” Steve, said in a low voice, “I am affected every time I see a list of names of people who died giving their lives for a greater cause.”

     “Where to now?” Buffy asked wiping her eyes for the last time.  “I wanna see something, I don’t know… fun.”

     “Fun coming up,” Steve smiled as he looked at a map. 

     “Works for me,” Buffy smiled as they left the Arizona Memorial parking lot headed north on the highway. 

     Driving along the highway they both enjoyed the sights of the Hawaiian shoreline; the coves were beautiful, but filled with people who were out enjoying themselves while they were on vacation.  Reaching Lanikai the pair pulled over onto the beach that didn’t appear to be too crowded.  Taking Buffy’s hand he lead her down to the beach. The sun was beating down on them and Buffy was looking over to the changing rooms.  Pulling Steve along she was anxious to get changed in her bathing suit.  This was their first vacation together and she was determined to have a good time. 

     Coming out of the dressing room Buffy was wearing a two piece string bikini that would have definitely seen her mother go into cardiac arrest and had the cops running her in for indecent exposure, but it would be the women police because no guys on the beach patrol would be unable to stop staring at her long enough to make the arrest.  On the Hawaii beach however it was just the run of the mill.  Still it had the desired effect on her man.

     “Wow,” it was the only thing that Steve could say when they both came out of the dressing rooms; he looked down at his own “town and country” shorts that were the rage at the beach that summer. 

     Buffy blushed at the effect that her bikini had on Steve. “Wow look at that”, she said, pointing at a surfer who just whipped out. “That guy got some serious air, too bad his board went the other way.” 

     Looking out at the surfers then over to the life guard who was standing up Steve started to say something when the surfer came back up his board actually going against the current to go to him.  When he saw the surfer grab the board, Steve took another look over to the lifeguard who was even now relaxing as he saw the surfer was ok. 

     “He must be using a tether line,” Steve guessed as he watched the surfer head back out for another ride. “Think you would like to try that?”

     “What, the wipe out?” Buffy asked jokingly, “No I think I would much rather just sunbathe here on the beach.  I am going home with a tan.”

     “Surfing could be fun,” Steve said though his heart was not in it.  Seeing some of the better Surfers still flying with their feet over their heads did not look at all pleasant.  “On the other hand, something about keeping my feet below my head is comforting.”

     //This is the life,// Buffy thought as she laughed at Steve’s last comment, leaning back she let the Hawaiian sun do its work on her skin, her eyes scanned the beach for potential danger, picking out the bigger guys who might start fights with the weaker ones just because they were on the beach.  Not seeing anything like that she scanned the base of the water line checking to make sure that nothing was in the water that should not have been.  Finally she realized what she was doing and closed her eyes tight. //Damn it, you’re on vacation.//

     The two lovers stayed on the beach till the sun was casting its rays toward the east.  Buffy with the help of Coppertone had started a very deep tan, while Steve had discovered the wonderful world of body surfing, a few kids had shown him the basics then fell back and laughed as they watched the man drink more water than was healthy. 

     Coming out of the water just as Buffy was standing up brushing the sand off her legs and body, Steve paused in his step as it seemed to him time slowed while she shook out her hair.  Steve smiled as he noticed a couple other guys watching her, their jaws dropping just a bit.  Steve was not a jealous man and he knew that Buffy loved him.  However, that didn’t stop men from making snide remarks that neither he nor Buffy could deal with properly.  It was simply too dangerous; both he and Buffy were too highly trained in their line of work.  So they shied away from physical confrontations with the average person.

     Moving in, Steve slipped his arm around Buffy’s waist ignoring looks that came his way from a few of the guys on the beach.  As they moved up to where he parked the car, Steve kissed the top of Buffy’s head before he asked, “Where you want to go tonight?”

     “Let’s see the rest of the clubs on that street tonight,” Buffy said a bit too innocently.  “We missed about four clubs.”

     “Same street, huh?” Steve asked smiling down with Buffy.  “Want to go and change first?”

     “Course, I got the perfect outfit for tonight.” Buffy said with a smile, “Picked it up at the surf shop while we were shopping.”

     “Well this should be fun,” Steve smiled as they walked into their room. 

     “Going to take a shower,” Buffy called as she made her way into the bathroom.  “Why don’t you pick something out to go dancing in tonight?”



Polynesian Restaurant


     “This is great food,” Buffy said around a mouthful of Palm Grove Papaya Salad. “Wonder if we could get the recipe for it.”

     Steve leaned back watching Buffy enjoy her meal as he worked on his Polynesian Pork Chops.  It was a rare occasion that the two of them were able to eat at a place as nice as this without being in a rush for something.  As he took another bite of his Pork Chop he said.   “Even if we did, who would fix it?”

     “You could invite Casey down for a vacation.”  Buffy replied innocently.

     “I am not sure he would consider coming to Sunnydale a vacation.” Steve said as he finished his meal.  “Are you ready?”

     “Certainly kind sir,” Buffy replied with a smile as she took his hand and rose from the table.  “Where to now?”

     “Promised you a night on the town lets go dancing.” Steve replied with a grin.

     “You sure you can keep up with me tonight?” Buffy giggled as they walked out the door.  As they moved down the street, Buffy faltered as she looked toward the sunset.  The sun had painted the sky a reddish gold in strokes that reminded her of a paintbrush but no brush could make the colors so alive.  Next to her Steve paused as he followed her sight and sighed.  “My god, that is beautiful.”

     “Red skies at night sailors delight.” Steve recited the first part of an old saying while standing next to Buffy letting his hand slip around her back pulling her close.

     “I have lived near the beach most of my life,” Buffy told Steve her voice soft.  “But I have never seen a sunset as beautiful as that.”

     “I am sure the smog had something to do with that.” Steve laughed.

     “You never know what you miss till you see it huh?” Buffy asked.

     “California was not always like that, back in the early 70’s it was almost as clear as it is here.” Steve said his voice soft as they watched the end of the sunset.  As the colors left the sky Buffy turned to Steve and leaned her head back for a kiss that Steve was coming in for.  “Let us go trip the night fantastic.”

     “Huh?” Buffy asked.

     “Showing my age,” Steve laughed.  “Let’s go dancing.”

     “Cool,” Buffy replied as they entered the nearest bar, entering they were both assaulted by the smoke and the loud dance music that pounded the room.  Not one to need drink to dance, Buffy led Steve straight to the floor and was soon joined by a young woman who wore a military uniform.  At first Buffy was annoyed by this attack on her territory but it quickly turned into a sort of challenge when she saw how smoothly the new woman could move and how she complemented both hers and Steve’s way of dancing. 

     “You two move like water,” the woman said by way of introduction as the music died down and the singer of the band made the announcement of taking a ten minute break.  “Doesn’t hurt that the band is better than most in this area.”

     “Name’s Steve, this is Buffy.” Steve introduced, “You are a very fluent dancer yourself.”

     “Thank you,” the young woman replied,  “My name is Silvia, just out having a good time.  I saw you pick up the airman last night and knew you took her home safely, so I figured I would hook up with you and repay your kindness.”

     “Kindness had nothing to do with what we did last night,” Buffy replied stepping into the conversation.  “We did what we felt was necessary. If you saw it all, why didn’t you try to help her before we got there?”

     “I didn’t know she was in trouble until I saw her being loaded into your car.”  Silvia said, “I just wanted to know if I could show you around while you’re here on the island.”

     “Would be a lot easier than stumbling around using a map.” Steve said with a smile.

     “Map’s don’t show all the good spots,” Buffy went on warming up to the idea.

     “What time can you start tomorrow?” Steve asked.

     “I am on sort of a vacation till Wednesday.”  Silvia replied with a smile.  “I am coming up to 3 years with no vacation, so I have 90 days on the books its use or lose time.”

     “Well if you don’t mind spending some of that time with strangers you are most welcome to show us around.” Steve said with a smile,  “Where are you staying?”

     “In my barracks on Ford Island.”

     “I’m sure my honey can get you a room where we are staying,” Buffy said with a smile as she looked at Steve.  “It would be easier if she stayed with us, that way we would not have to go pick her up.”

     “Shouldn’t be a problem,” Steve replied as he pulled out his cell phone.  “It’s off season so we should be able to get a room without too much trouble.”

     “Let him deal with that,” Buffy told the girl as she started going up to the bar.  “Lets go get something to drink.”

     “Buffy I should tell you up front that I don’t have the kind of money it would take to live downtown in a motel.”  Silvia almost whispered.  “I send most of my money back home to my folks, only keep enough back to go dancing 2 weekends a month.”

     Accepting the three drinks and paying for them Buffy pushed one of the drinks to her while saying, “Don’t worry about that, it’s the least we could do with you spending some of your vacation time and showing us the island. This kind of works out for both parties.”

     “Alright deal,” Silvia replied as she accepted the drink.  “So where are we staying?”

     “The Waikiki Beach Marriott resort 4th floor.” Buffy replied as they made their way back to where Steve was just hanging up the phone.  Handing the second drink to her man, she turned back to Silvia who had stopped walking.  “Is there a problem?”

     “The Marriott resort is one of the most expensive hotels on the beach.”  Silvia whispered, “I can’t let you get me a room there.”

     “Already done,” Steve said having heard the girl’s protest;  “it’s across the hall from ours the key will be waiting for you at the front desk.  If you would like, we can go and pick you up with some of your clothes tomorrow.”

     “You two on the level?  I mean no strings attached cause I don’t play that way.”  Silvia asked a little suspicion in her voice.

     “Don’t worry Silvia we are both on the level,” Buffy laughed as she began to understand what the girl was saying.  “You offered to show us around and we are accepting your kind offer but we can not let you do it for free and spend your vacation time so here’s the deal.  What you say?”

     “You two don’t play around, in three or four minutes you accept my offer as guide and put me up, all without knowing me.”  Silvia said with wonder  in her voice.  “What makes you think I am not here to rip you off?”

     “We don’t.” Steve replied, as he looked the girl over a second time.  “But you wear the uniform and well, you can’t be all that bad.”

     “I wish,” Silvia, whispered to herself as she took a seat with the couple.  “Any ideas on what you want to see tomorrow?”

     “We can talk about that tomorrow,” Buffy replied as she stood up and put her hand out for Steve,  “Tonight we are dancing and having a good time.”

     “Works for me,” Silvia replied as she scoped over the room seeing someone she stood up with the couple.  “I see someone I owe a dance to, I will catch up with you by the end of the night.”

     “Come on old man,” Buffy said playfully as she pulled Steve up on the floor.  “Lets dance.”

     The night progressed with out any more interruptions, as the couple spent the evening dancing and just having a good time with each other.

     At the end of the night, the wayward couple found Silvia a bit tipsy sitting at a table with two men equally tipsy but not so tipsy that they were unable to force their attention on Silvia.  Moving up to the table Buffy noticed Silvia pushing one of the men’s arm away from her in a playful slap but could see that Silvia looked a bit uncomfortable. 


Robins Nest

A few hours earlier

     “Hey Higgins,” Tom called out as he entered the mansion on the east side of the Island.  Seeing Rachael sitting on the couch he went on, “You’re never going to believe who I saw down at the resort.”

     “Who?” Higgins asked as he came in from the back room with a book in his hands dressed in a robe.  “Magnum must you always wear those dirty shoes in the house?”

     “Sorry Higgins,” Thomas Magnum replied as he looked down at his partly muddy shoes.  “Was kind of excited by the news I’m bringing in.”

     “Well what is it?” Higgins asked as he took his seat getting comfortable as he opened his book before going on.  “What news do you have from the beach?”

     A knowing smile crossed Thomas’s face, as he looked first at Higgins stuffiness’ then to Rachael’s who was looking over her notebook probably working on a story before dropping a name he knew both of them would perk up to.  “Actually they passed along their hello’s.”

     “Who did?” Higgins asked in a huff as he put down his book knowing that Thomas would play this as long as it would take to get their attention.  “Who did you meet Thomas?”

     “I was with TC, and we were at the Waikiki Beach Marriott resort working on a case when we bumped into… St. Wolf.”

     At the name Rachael dropped her pen and Higgins actually dropped his book.  As the name like a powerful scent threw them both into memories of both the recent past and distant past, each of them thinking the same thing but neither of them could put their fears to words.

     “Don’t worry he is not on a case,” Thomas said as he saw their reaction and read them correctly.  “He told me they were just here for vacation.”

     “Unfortunately that is exactly what someone in his line of business would say.” Rachael said as she stood up picking up her pen.  “I wonder what he is really here for.”

     “He might be here for vacation,” Higgins said, steepling his fingers.  “You yourself told me that the situation in LA was pretty hectic he might just want some down time.”

     “That was over eight months ago, wouldn’t he have already had that down time?” Thomas said getting curious.  “I did invite him to dinner, or better I gave him your phone and address, maybe he will call tomorrow.”

     “Maybe I should call him and see what he is really here for,” Rachael said as she started to get up.

     “Sit down,” Higgins ordered looking at his daughter in-law, turning on the TV he went on.  “If they are here for vacation they deserve it, and if they aren’t we will know soon enough.”

     “I helped TC find his niece, she was just down at the beach having a good time.  No big mystery there.” Thomas said as he sat down.  “Just a college student who wanted to get away from the parents for a weekend.”

     “Are we just going to wait here, and hope he calls?” Rachael asked as she sat back knowing better than argue with her father in law. 

     “He will at least call,” Higgins said finishing the discussion,  “From what I have learned talking to the man he is at least honorable and his upbringing would demand him to at least come by and say hello.”

     “I hope you’re right, I don’t think Detective Machado could handle the shit storm he normally chases.”


Waikiki Beach Marriott resort

04:30 AM

     “Good morning honey,” Steve greeted Buffy as she exited the restroom with her hair still wrapped in a towel while she wore a hotel robe.  “You’re up awful early.”

     “Hey we have a guide, might as well use it she could show us the far side of the island first,” Buffy said.

     “Honey, the whole island is only about 50 miles wide.  I’ve heard people say they ride around the island on bikes in the morning.  So I think we could get a couple of hours sleep in before we go out and explore.”

     “Well if you’re going to get a bit more sleep, I am going out and run a few miles to start the day.” Buffy replied as she pulled out a pair of running shorts.  “Be back in an hour.”

     “Hold on I will run with you, then we can come back and take a shower before we go out to explore the island.” Steve said dropping out of bed and executing twenty-five push-ups before he threw on a pair of shorts and running shoes.  “How many miles you want to try for?”

     “Down to the boardwalk and back,” Buffy replied opening the door.  “That should be close to five miles, long enough to stretch our legs and keep us limber.”

     “Hey hold that elevator,” Buffy called to Silvia who was dressed in a work out outfit.  “Where you going?”

     “Out for a run, I would be back before six am to show you around.” Silvia replied after the pair joined her in the elevator, “Most places won’t open until eight or nine.”

     “What is your MOS?” Steve asked noticing her legs were well toned as was her arms. 

     “I work in security,” Silvia replied hedging the question.  “You served?”

     “For a few years several years ago,” Steve said.

     “Would you mind if I asked what your MOS was?” Silvia asked taking a better look at the man in front of her.

     “I worked with the 5th special forces” Steve replied honestly.

     “Franklin’s outfit huh?” Silvia asked almost too innocently.

     “You know Franklin isn’t part of the 5th he runs the 82nd.  Who spotted us and set you on us?” Steve asked also keeping his tone friendly.  “And what are your orders?”

     “I was told you were sharp,” Silvia replied after a moment exhaling knowing she was caught and from previous debriefing about this man knew it would be stupid to lie to him.  “Captain Simmons saw you in a video stream from when you returned the airman the other night.  Simmons served with you in Northern Ireland.”

     “What are your orders?” Steve asked again patiently

     “Just to observe and find out what you are doing here.”  Silvia replied honestly.  “He was concerned that you were working a case, and wanted to know what kind of case you were working on.”

     “We are actually here to relax,” Buffy informed Silvia, “You said this Simmons has reason to believe we might be here on a case, please let him know that since we got together it’s been one case after another.  We’ve have told we can take a vacation and that is exactly what we are doing.”

     “Would you still be willing to have me as a tourist guide?” Silvia asked with a small smile.

     “Unquestionably, you would easily know more than Steve would and I would like to make sure I see all the sights while I am here.” Buffy said taking control of the conversation.  Pulling out her cell phone she tossed it to Silvia before she went on.  “Call your superior and let him know what is going on.  He might wanna send someone else but we would know what to look for so tell him that it would be best to leave you on the case.”

     “Thank you,” Silvia replied as she made the phone call allowing the pair to listen in to at least her part of the conversation.  “Yes sir, He figured it out, No sir, she is going to allow me to continue to be their tour guide and that I could make my reports.  Yes Sir I think they are on the level, they both said they were here for vacation.  At twenty one hundred pm yes sir I will call you.”

     Closing the phone Silvia flashed a quick smile to Buffy as she tossed her phone back to her.  “Guess a career in Intel is out of the question huh?”

     “Oh I don’t know, you probably would have gotten away with it with someone else, I just felt you were testing me when you said Franklin, and I pretty much go with my gut hunches.”  Steve said, as he looked the woman over again.  “So are you in Intel or security?”

     “Kind of both, I work in Security but am called upon by both Navy and Air Force Intel when they want something to be ferreted out.”

     “Are we the first to catch you?” Buffy asked as they rode the elevator down to the main floor.

     “Yea, I knew I blew it when I tried to test Mr. St. Wolf, but I had to be sure he was telling me the truth.” Silvia replied.

     “Your superior didn’t tell you what my back ground was?” Steve asked shock showing easily in his voice. 

     “He just told me to be careful, that you might or might not be involved in a black ops group that he has heard rumors of.”

     “I think I would like to talk to this Simmons before I leave the island.” Steve said a harder chip in his voice.

       “What is the matter honey?” Buffy asked as they left the elevator and worked their way to the main exit.  Since meeting with Steve and consequently becoming his student she has accepted that they would be investigated many times by old friends of Steve.  Why this one would cause Steve to go into such a funk was puzzling.

     “He knew or suspected that I was in a black op group and he still sent this wet behind the ears teenager to investigate us.  Might as well have put her up against a firing squad.”

     “Damn if that’s so,” Buffy argued just before stepping off to a quick step.  “He knew you would never hurt her.”

     “Yea well, he probably should have come up to ask me what I was doing here.” Steve said keeping in step with Buffy but leaving Silvia behind, even though she was in the height of physical condition her daily workout was nowhere near theirs.

     “Hey girl,” Buffy called back to Silvia, “Do we have to slow down so you can keep up?”

     “What are you two machines?” Silvia whispered as she poured on a bit more power into her kicks, while it did shorten the distance between the two, it was not enough to keep her up with the young pair.

     Slowing down a bit Buffy allowed Silvia to close the distance, without conscious thought Steve also slowed down soon the three of them were keeping pace without Silvia having to push too hard to keep up.

     “Well we do this every morning; don’t worry though we promised that since we are on vacation we would only run eight miles instead of our normal twelve.” Buffy lightened the mood, seeing that Silvia was just beginning to catch her breath she went on.  “We aren’t even wearing the packs.”

     “Packs?” Silvia asked looking between the two without understanding.

     “Work out packs, they take the place of a outfitting.”  Steve informed the girl.  “Our packs are between 40 and 50 pounds.”

     “So you do belong to a military organization?” Silvia asked as they came to a stop at the end of a quick seven-mile run.  

     “I never said that,” Steve replied with a smile.  “I just like to keep in shape, remember I was once in a very hard military outfit.”


     “Just in case you need to check in, our itinerary is to do some shopping down on Waikiki, grabbing a quick bite to eat at a local place, probably some soup kitchen or salad bar.” Steve informed Silvia when they met up after taking a shower.  “After that we will come back here drop off our stuff then go to the beach or some other landmark that you will show us, then to dinner.”

     “It seems very much like someone on vacation,” Silvia said looking down at her note pad.  Bringing out her own phone she made the call and noticed that Steve was on a phone of his own contacting someone else.

     Buffy watched the exchange from the concierge desk where she was leaving her keys for their room and picking up a set of keys to a car they would be allowed to use while on the island.


     “Hello Higgins,” Steve said as the Higgins private line stopped ringing and he could hear a grunt on the other end of the line.  “It’s St Wolf.”

     “Been expecting your call, are you in trouble yet?” Higgins asked only half jokingly.  “Thomas told me he saw you in Waikiki last night.”

     “Figured he would,” Steve replied with a dry voice.  “Truth is I am here on vacation orders from higher up.”

     “Would you like to bring your lady friend over tonight for dinner?” Higgins asked after a couple of seconds, “Rachael said she was someone I had to meet.”

     “Well she is not someone you normally meet on the street, but she is nothing I would want to discuss over the phone either.” Steve replied, “What time would you like us there?”

     “Let’s say six o’clock.” Higgins invited, “It will be good to see you again Steve.”

     “Can you set a table for a third person?” Steve asked as an after thought.  “It would appear that I have a very proficient guide while I am here.”

     “Guide or escort?” Higgins asked guessing correctly.

     “One and the same, See you then.” Steve replied before hanging up.


     “Guess you’re doing the driving,” Buffy said as she tossed the keys to Silvia who was just finishing up her phone call.  “If I know Steve and I do, he will be on the phone for a while.  We might as well go get the car and bring it around front.”

     “Ok,” Silvia replied as she caught the keys.  “Do you mind answering a couple of questions?”

     “If I can, sure,” Buffy said as they started to the underground parking lot.

     “Why was Capt Simmons suddenly nervous when St. Wolf’s name is mentioned?”  Silvia asked, “At first he said the man was dead, made a few phone calls then locked himself in the office for an hour.  When he came out he was sort of a new man with a mission.”

     “My honey affects his old friends that way.”  Buffy smiled remembering a few other scenes that played out in front of her when a old friend of Steve’s came to visit.

     “Don’t take this wrong,” Silvia started staring at Buffy.  “But….”

     “Let me guess, you wanna know how old I am.” Buffy guessed correctly.

     “Yea,” Silvia replied puzzlement in her voice.  “I mean if he and Capt Simmons worked together he has to be older than he looks, I would say he is in his early 40’s but I might be wrong he could be in his late 30’s.”

     “I’m twenty four.” Buffy replied going with the story line that she and Steve worked out.  They had even gotten her a driver’s license to go along with the story line.

     “How did the two of you get involved?”

     “Mom set us up, he was new in town and she wanted me to be his guide.” Buffy replied giving Silvia the short answer.  “We’ve been semi-serious since then.”


     “We are still in the starting stages.  Only been about eight months.”  She said as they stepped off the elevator and advanced toward the rented car.  “What about you, anyone special?”

     “You know men,” Silvia replied with a smile.  “The one I am interested in is not sure about a relationship.”

     “I know how that runs.” Buffy laughed, “Steve was the same way.”

     “Looks like you put a rope on him.” Silvia smiled as they drove out of the parking area and around to the front of the building.  “So what do you wanna see first?”

     “We saw the Memorial yesterday, I’m sure that there are other sights historical in nature I mean.”  Buffy stated after thinking a minute she continued.  “Do you know where the hidden coves are, the beautiful countryside’s I mean?”

     “I know where a few of them are,” Silvia replied after a few minutes.  “The Zoo here is kind of different than the ones stateside if you want to go by there.  Also there are a couple of waterfalls, but there are a few historical buildings down town, King Kamehameha, he was the king who Captain Cook met.  Just wondering, are you going to do your whole vacation on this island?”

     “That would be cool, Steve don’t know about it yet,” Buffy said as they pulled up to the front of the building.  “But I wanna go over to the main island to see that active volcano.”

     “That Volcano is active but it’s not hot right now, so it’s just a mountain with the hole on the top.”  Silvia said puzzled by Buffy’s statement.  “I don’t think it would be safe to go up there though, gasses are always escaping well that is what I am told about it anyway.”

     “Steve was introduced to a man named TJ last night he is a helicopter pilot, maybe we can get him to fly us over it.”  Buffy mused to herself.  “You know just to look.”

     “That would be safe enough.”  Silvia replied as Steve joined them in the car.  “Do you want to go to the shops down on the beach or one of the local malls, I have found that purchasing things at the local malls is about thirty percent cheaper than at the shops along the boardwalk, however the shops down at the boardwalk are more geared toward the tourist and it’s fun to listen to what they say.  Generally the shops on the beach know more about the local hot and cold spots.”

     “The beach,” Buffy voted.  “That way we can just slip down to and walk on the beach, I need a good pedicure and they say that the beach sand is the best way to get one.”

     “Never could say no to my honey.” Steve said as Silvia slipped the car into gear and headed toward the beach. “What are your plans for dinner Silvia?”

     “I am available, but don’t want to smother you.”  She replied with a smile, “You should enjoy the nights and each others company.”

     “Well ok,” Steve replied with a sly look.  “But don’t blame me when you hear about us having a world class dinner at the Robins nest.”

     “The writer?” Silvia asked, her curiosity peaking up.  “How would you know him?”

     “Work tends to put me in contact with the strangest people.”

     As they traveled sharing small talk the trio began to enjoy themselves talking about the small things that constitute life, unconsciously shying away from anything too serious.  Before they knew it Silvia was pulling up into a parking lot of one of the largest malls that ran along the beach. 

     Having left the car the trio was aimlessly wondering the outside mall joking and just enjoying the each other’s company when from behind an argument developed followed by the sound of a sharp slap then a cry in pain.

     “Listen Bitch,” a male voice was heard in the unusual quietness that followed the slap.  “I said no, now fall in line.”

     “You bastard,” a female voice snapped back.  “I told you never to hit her in public.”

     “Shut up,” the male snapped.  “Both of you need a good beating.”

     “Excuse me,” Buffy politely excused herself as she turned to look at the man who was abusing two teen-aged girls.  “I’m sorry mister, are you having a bad day?”

     “Stay out of it bitch,” the offending man snapped as he looked at the bottle blond who was interrupting his business, looking up he noticed her two friends turning his attention to them he continued.  “I think you better call off your bitch before I decide to turn her out with these two hoes.”

     “I tried to control her once,” Steve replied with a grin as he put his hand on Silvia’s shoulder pulling her back as she started toward Buffy.  “The girl has a mind of her own.”

     “Hey dick,” Buffy snapped commanding the man’s attention.  “I’m here, the one who is talking to you.”

     “I said to shut up bitch.” The man said turning his attention back to the blond.  “Maybe I should teach you a lesson in keeping your mind in your own business.”

     “A lesson,” Buffy replied acting like she was deep in thought.  “Yes, that is exactly what is needed here.  The person who needs the lesson is the unclear.  Yes I think the lesson that needs to be taught here is how one should treat and respect their women.  But I am betting you have all kind of excuses about how come you treat them that way.”

     “I said shut up bitch.” The man snapped as he raised his hand. 

     Even though she was aware of his physical threat, Buffy’s only outward sign of it was a creepy smile that appeared on her face. 


     “Don’t worry,” Steve told Silvia as he pulled her back, “Buffy has her way with guys like this, watch.”

     “He is about three times her size.” Silvia replied after a few seconds of watching the play between the two.  “He looks like he is going to strike.”

     “Yea it does look like that doesn’t it?” Steve replied with a smile as he continued to watch the tension grow between the man and Buffy.  He smiled as he continued to watch the pair of them.

     Silvia looked at Steve for a brief second with questions in her eyes before she also turned back to watch the action unfold.


     Continuing her taunt as if the man was doing nothing, Buffy went on, “Let me guess you were abused as a child, your father treated your mother like shit so you think that is how it’s done.”

     “Since your man don’t know how to keep you in check.” The man said losing a little of his confidence as he noticed the man behind the girl holding off the soldier who was about to come to the blonde’s aid. “I will do it.”

     “How’re you going to do that?” Buffy taunted as she watched the guy standing there with his hand posed in the air, taking a pause to look around she turned back to him as she went on.  “We aren’t in class, no teacher around so why you holding up your hand?”

     The two girls who were being yelled at the man moved back each of them knowing the explosive nature of the man.  The older of the two stepped up afraid he would hurt the young girl she reached out to touch his shoulder but was hit for her trouble, knocked back she put her hand over the developing whelp that formed on her cheek.

     “Mister, if you want to hit someone turn this way,” Buffy snapped about ready to lose patience with the man.  “And while we are discussing your personality lets drift over to your style you reject from the seventies pimp days.  Before you hit anyone else you’d better pay more attention to me.”

     “What is going on here?” an authorative voice snapped as a crowd had gathered around the action.  “Back up and disperse.”

     “Guess you were looking for someone to come save you pansy.” Buffy said keeping her voice low.  “I think the girls are now going to give you a hard time now that part of your power has been taken from you by a girl.”

     “Let me through,” The voice said as the crowd slowly started to part.

     “I guess it’s true, any guy who would hit a girl is a pansy trying to compensate for other small matters.”  Buffy said as her eyes drifted over his body.  Glancing over to the two girls she spoke a bit louder knowing that her words were taunting him into something rash.  “Girls see how he quivers; all you have to do is point out that he is not as bad as he believes.”

     “What is going on here?” The officer asked as he finally broke through the crowd just as the pimp swung on the young blonde. 

     Bingo! Buffy thought to herself as the man swung on her; stepping aside she let his strike go past her turning slightly as he went off balance Buffy put a well placed fist into his kidneys followed by a kick behind the knee forcing the man to his knees, following it up with a solid strike with the knife-edge of her hand to the shoulder of the man knocking him down groaning.

     “Aloha officer,” Buffy replied as she stepped away from the man.  “I was trying to help the man get up.”

     “Step away from the man.” The officer ordered his hand on his pistol.  “Put your hands on your head and get down on your knees.”

     Complying with the orders Buffy wondered why the officer was taking such a hard line but since they were in a different state and she didn’t want to cause waves she went along with it.  “Sir,”

     “Shut up,” The officer ordered as he helped the man to his feet.  “Mike you ok?”

     “Yea, she just attacked me,” the man said his whole stance and attitude changing in front of Buffy’s eyes.  Before where there was a foul-mouth pimp now stood a man who was the personification of a gentleman. 

     “Do you want to press charges?”

     “Hell yes, she should be off the streets,” Mike said as he picked himself up off the floor.  A sly smile spread across his face as he winked at the girl who smacked him down.  “Girl needs to understand what the law is here.”

     “Officer,” Steve said stepping up to the arresting officer, “You’re making a mistake, both in judgment and action.”

     “Who are you?” The officer snapped as he turned toward the speaker, “what is your interest in this situation?”

     “I watched the whole thing, this man swung at the girl first.”  Steve said as he stepped up and looked over the man and the officer.  “If you continue your present course of action I will sue the city of Honolulu and the state of Hawaii and YOU.”

     “Are you willing to sign a statement to that fact?” the officer asked as he lifted Buffy by her still handcuffed arm. 

     “I’m willing to do a lot more than that.”  Steve said as he pulled out his own phone cell “I’m willing to call a lawyer and get the law suit started right now.”

     “Sir, there is no reason to get hostile” the officer said as he moved to un-cuff Buffy.  “I was only acting on the situation which I came across.”

     “I think there is something a bit more sinister here,” Steve, replied as he hung up his phone, looking the officer over he continued.  “I want to press some legitimate charges against this man.  I will follow you to the precinct to fill out those papers.”

     “What the hell are you talking about?” Mike asked as he brushed himself off.  “She attacked me, not the other way around.”

     “You took the first swing,” Silvia put in her thoughts, “You were just not able to connect first.”

     “Fine,” The officer snapped as he noticed more than a few of the crowd gathering around them nod their heads in agreement.  “My report will show what I saw.”

     “You do that.” Steve said taking Buffy by the arm leading her back to the car. 

     “Damn I wish he swung earlier, I would have loved to hit him a few more times.”

     “You know you just made a bad enemy with that cop and pimp right?” Silvia asked as she followed the pair down to the beach

     “Never had a good one,”

     “Those are the only one’s to have.” Steve added his thoughts to Buffy’s statement.


     Arriving at the precinct Steve asked the desk sergeant for a blank incident report, before he took the paper and went over to a stool where he could write out what had happen that morning, including the officer name and his actions when he arrived on scene including calling the perpetrator by his first name and automatically putting Buffy in cuffs.  He was just about to give the report back to the desk sergeant when a woman in a suit stepped forward and asked for the paper.

     “Sir, I am Lt. Billings with the Honolulu police with the Internal Affairs  department.  May I read this?”

     “Certainly,” Steve said as he handed over the paper, “I know a lot of good cops, and a few bad ones.  But I guess that is your job to find out which one this man is.”

     “I will read this and decide what course to take,” the woman said as she turned away from Steve and headed back to her office.

     Figuring his responsibilities ended there Steve turned to Buffy and Silvia and asked.  “You two ready to get back to the boardwalk?”

     “Oh yea,” the girls chorused together getting in the car.


     The trio spent the day walking along the boardwalk with Buffy making purchases for the group back in Sunnydale.  The sun was just beginning to sink into the ocean when Steve took a glance at his watch.  “Buffy we need to start heading back to the hotel, Higgins won’t be too understanding about us being late to dinner.”

     “We’ll make it, just have to drop these things off in the room and then change real quick.  Wonder if Rachael is going to be there.”

     “I don’t know,” Steve replied before he turned to Silvia and asked.  “Do you have any dresses?”

     “I have a couple, I won’t be too far out of place.”      

     “Honey it’s not too formal is it?”

     “No, but we should give some respect and come at least presentable.”

     “How do you know Mr. Masters?”

     “Through mutual friends,” Steve said off handedly.


     Entering the resort, they noticed that the receptionist was calling them over by holding an envelope in the air while waving them over.  Excusing himself from the girls, Steve walked over and accepted the envelope sticking it in his back pocket before he joined the girls in the elevator. 

     In the elevator Buffy and Silvia were laughing by the time Steve entered.  Looking at both of the girls, he shook his head before he asked what he knew was going to be a hot question. 

     “What’re you two laughing about?”

     “Oh I was just telling her about Xander and Cordelia, don’t know why she cut up laughing, but it was catchy.”

     “Well anyone who doesn’t know those two would laugh at them, was two men named Abbot and Costello back in the day.  They were comedians, most famous for the “Who’s on First” stitch.  Cordelia and Xander have some that would give them a run for the money.”

     “I’ve heard of that joke, never heard it done or seen it done.”

     “Never even heard of it,” Buffy said, leaning up against Steve she whispered, “you’re showing your age again old man.”

     “Go ahead and take a shower,” Steve said as he took a seat waiting for Buffy to enter the shower before taking out the letter seeing the seal on it he slowly expelled his breath before opening the letter.

Sir St. Wolf

     It has come to our lord’s attention that this week marks the anniversary of Mr. And Mrs. Mulders’ wedding.  Our Lord has offered them a week vacation to any resort they wish to go.  They immediately asked to join you in Hawaii.  While Lord Merlin knows that you deserve the vacation as well he requests that you accept their company on this vacation.

                                                Desk of   

                                                Marc Le Chevalier          

     After reading the note for the third time, Steve put the note down on top of the desk picking up his phone he hit the speed dial calling the famous FBI duo.  Leaving a message on the desk he gathered his clothes for the dinner while thinking how this vacation just got interesting.

     “Looks like Mulder and Scully are going to be joining us tomorrow,” Steve told Buffy as she walked out of the shower. 

     “That’s nice, going to be good to see them.”


     Two hours later the pair stepped into the lobby both Steve and Buffy stopped for a second when they noticed Silvia standing in the lobby.  Steve found himself letting his eyes surface scan Silvia more intently than he had previously while thinking to himself. //if Thomas is single he’s going to have a hard time with this one.//

     “A…hem” Buffy said in a low but playful voice while placing a hidden elbow in Steve’s side.  “Keep your eyes in your head.”

     “You’re the only one for me.” Steve said slipping his arm around her waist.  “Now lets collect her and get going.”

     “Hey,” Silvia greeted the pair as she advanced toward the pair.  “You two look great.”

     “Thanks,” Buffy replied with a genuine smile, “so you ready for dinner?”

     “Lets go,” Steve said as he started out the door closely followed by the two women. 


Robin’s Nest

1 Hour Later

     “State your business,” The electronic voice came over the speaker that was connected to the fence. 

     “It’s Steve St. Wolf and Buffy Summers with guest for dinner.” Steve said into the box.

     “Enter.” The voice invited grudgingly as the gate opened up allowing them to enter.

     “Looks like Rachael is here,” Buffy, said when she saw the trio standing on the steps leading to the main door of the mansion.  “Wonder if she is on a story.”

     “Probably taking a break,” Steve said identifying both Higgins and Magnum standing with Rachael.  As they all exited the car he stuck out his hand to the older man.  “Been a while Mr. Higgins, how is your son?”

     “He is good,” Higgins replied accepting Steve’s hand.  “Glad to see you healthy.”

     The group moved into the house where the dinner table was already set waiting for them to be seated before the food a rack of lamb accompanied with potatoes and gravy and glazed baby carrots, a bottle of chardonnay was on the table in a container of ice. 

     During dinner the conversation and the wine flowed with the same easiness. 

     More than once Steve noticed Magnum look over to where Silvia sat with querying eyes.

     “Silvia did you enjoy the meal?” Thomas asked after taking a another drink of wine. 

     “Immensely,” Silvia replied as she listened to the talk that passed around the table, amazed at some of the things she had heard.

     “You realize of course you’re under the same restrictions as I am,” Rachael notified Silvia.  “What you hear here can not be repeated on the outside or in your reports to your boss.”

     “Don’t worry, I don’t want to end up in Belview.”

     The look on Silvia’s face added with the truth behind her statement caused the whole table to explode in laughter for a good five minutes.

     “Just be thankful that you don’t have to deal with them on a steady basis.” Higgins said when the laughter died down, causing the laughter to redouble in intensity. 

     “So Silvia,” Thomas asked again trying to get Silvia involved in the conversation.  “How long do you have left on your tour here?”

     “I plan to re-enlist at the end of this year, I am going to ask for another four years here on the islands.  I have two more years to go for my degree in law enforcement at Hawaii University.”

     “You’re stationed here then.” Higgins asked after taking a quick glance over to Thomas.

     “At Pearl Harbor, Yes sir.”

     As if by an unspoken agreement the group rose from table and adjourned to the living room where the small talk continued until almost midnight when Steve finally announced that it was time for them to call it a night since they would have to pick up some friends at the airport at six am.

     “It’s been good seeing you again,” Rachael said as she stopped at the door watching the trio walk down to their car.  “If you need anything while you’re here in town give us a call.”

     “We won’t need anything,” Buffy said softening her words with a smile. “We have our tour guide and honestly we are on vacation.”

     Back at the resort, the trio returned to their rooms for a good night sleep which they would need as they all knew that tomorrow would be a long day. 

     “Goodnight Silvia,” Buffy said stifling a yawn.  “Remember we’re going to need to be at the airport at 6 am to pick up our friends.”

     Wiped out by the long day, Buffy was ready for the bed when she entered the hotel room finding Steve already in the shower Buffy smiled as she dropped her dress before entering the bathroom she announced.  “Well honey I won’t be waiting for hot water tonight.”


     The constant buzzing of the hotel phone finally pulled both Steve and Buffy out of a very deep and peaceful sleep.   Reaching over Steve pushed the phone off the hook just a bit then let it settle back down on the receiver effectively hanging the phone up, while on the other side of the bed Buffy reached over and turned off the alarm.  

     “Good thing we’re on vacation,” Buffy said as she rolled out of bed away from Steve who was reaching out to grab her.  “We can skip the exercise today and go straight to the airport and pick up Mulder and Scully at the airport then have breakfast.”

     “Sounds like a good idea, let’s go see if Silvia is awake, she may want to join us.”

     “I like her, think we should do something for her?  I mean we did sort of found her out fairly quickly.  I don’t want you’re being alert to cause her the promotion she is going for.”

     “I could make a few phone calls, but whatever we do has to be on the hush.  A woman like that does not like to owe anyone.  And believe me I know what it feels like when someone else paves your way.”

     “Hey girl, how’d you sleep?” Buffy asked as they stepped out into the hallway seeing the girl waiting for them.

     “Well enough had a very pleasant dream.”

     “Did it star a tall dark stranger with dark eyes and a shadowed chin?”

     “You’re just jealous; he was busy in my dreams.”

     “Oh this girl is going to give all you girls a run for the top,” Steve laughed when Buffy finally picked up her jaw and joined in the laughter.  “But we gotta go now.”

     “We’ll into the pits with us.” Silvia mumbled as she followed the couple her mind wondering what kind of friends this pair could have.  If they were anything close to what she imagined she knew her life and job was going to pick up dramatically. 

     “We really ain’t that bad, Steve exaggerates a lot.”

     The trio walked out of the resort in high spirits as they climbed into the car which was brought around by the valet.   They were able to get to the airport minutes before the white twin engine Cessna with the knight symbol displayed proudly on the tail section.  

     Watching the plane make a comfortable three point landing Steve started walking down to the gate they were scheduled to dock at, with Buffy and Silvia not far behind him. 

     “I knew we had Frank’s only available jet on the west coast, but I never expected this.” Steve said as he moved faster down the terminal.

     “Whose plane is that?” Buffy asked as Silvia stopped to watch the larger than normal private plane dock into the walkway. 

     Looking down the passage where Steve and Buffy came to a stop she noticed three well dressed men move into a guard position, her trained eyes picked up the flashes of some type of black hard surface as their jackets swung too wide. 

She was also able to make the telltale sign of some type of weapons her instincts caused her to dip her hand under her blazer causing two of them to also follow her movements. 

Her eyes shot open wide as her own hand closed around nothing but air but she saw their muscles tighten as their hands closed around the handles of whatever weapons they had hidden under their coats. 

Thinking fast, Silvia slowly brought her empty hand out from under her coat forcing a smile on her face, her eyes filled with questions.  Shot accusingly over to where Buffy looked down the walk obviously missing the deadly ballet which had just played out by herself and the trio who could only be part of Buffy’s organization.

     Reading the nod from the man who was obviously in charge of the trio correctly Silvia advanced slowly with her hands stiff by her sides.  She had no idea who these three men were but she had been around enough Special Forces people to understand that they were no one to trifle with.   She tried twice to call out to Buffy and Steve who by now had moved down the cat walk to see their friends, but all that came out was a squeak from her suddenly dry mouth. 

     “You’re in no danger young lady.”  The man she took as the leader of this trio said in a very warm Texan accent.  The smile on his face and the now warmth in his eyes made Silvia believe this young man, and he was young, maybe only a year older than herself.  “My men only moved to counter yours.  I suspect you know this to be true since you made no attempt to draw your weapon.”

     “I don’t have a weapon to draw.”

     “I believe that as well, your eyes told the story even as your hand did not feel what you expected to be there.”

     “What now?”

     “It is over as far as we are concerned.  You are free to go.”

     “I can’t, my friends went down that catwalk.”

     “You are with Sir St. Wolf and Lady Summers?”  The young man asked surprise easily heard in his voice as the other two began to look anywhere but toward Silvia, where just moments before they both been glaring at her with suspicion


     “Please accept my apologies for both myself and my men.  We saw you following Lady Summers but we had no idea you were with her.”

     Hearing the heartfelt apology coming from this young man Silvia could not help but smile as the other two continued to look like a couple of kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

     “Apology accepted” Silvia replied as Buffy, Steve and a second couple came out of the walk chatting it up like old friends. 

     “Oh Silvia,” Buffy said her face turning a light shade of pink as she remembered they were not alone.  Noticing the strange way the two men standing in guard positions was acting she continued.  “What happened?”

     “We” the young knight started in a slightly shameful voice.

     “Had a slight misunderstanding,” Silvia finished the statement while cutting the flustered man off.  

     “Uh huh,” Steve replied as he looked at the young man, causing the man to slink even further into himself.

     “Take a few days rest and then return to your unit.” Mulder ordered the man. 

     “Thank you for the assistance of you and your men Pete,” Scully said while giving Steve a sharp look.

     “Mulder, Scully allow me to introduce you to our personal tour guide Silvia, Silvia these are our friends Mulder and Scully.”

     “I’ll try not to hold that against you.”

     “Hey!” This from Buffy whose face registered shock at the girls thinly vale slam, “are you sure you want to start that?”

     “I was…” Silvia stammered her smirk falling away as her face turned the color of a very ripe apple.  The embarrassment was short lived as the group around her started busting up in laughter.

     “This one is going to fit right in.” Mulder finally got out when the laughter died down. 

     “You bring a bikini Dana?” Buffy asked as they piled in the sedan, “We’re going to the north shore today; Silvia says there is a small beach with a beautiful waterfall there.”

     “I have it in my bag, Mulder has one too so let’s go.”

     “Honey you drive, with Mulder riding shotgun the three of us can comfortably sit in the back seat.”

     Driving along state route 64 which swung around the island, they all watched the scenery roll by as the girls talked in the back seat.  Steve was dying to ask Mulder what they were doing for Merlin but didn’t want to bring it up where Silvia could hear it.  So far they had been able to keep any talk of monsters away from her, and he purposely didn’t tell Silvia what Mulder and Scully did for a living.  It wasn’t that he didn’t like the girl, he did.  But he was not sure if she could handle the truth about what really walks in the night.

     Pulling into a parking lot that Silvia pointed out, the girls headed down to the changing room leaving Steve and Mulder to bring the chairs and ice chest down to the beach. 

     “What were you doing?” 

     “Killer in Southern California turned out to be a demon, killing college kids.  We met up with Pete and his team in a fight with it, damn thing knocked me out with some kind of mace, and Scully lost her gun and had to use her sword.  Pete said she did a dance with the demon and her sword that went beyond anything any of them had seen before.  She ended up cutting off its head.”

     “Is she ok?”

     “She is.  Just seeing me fall threw her for a few moments.  Damn thing had an eye at the back of his head.”


     “Is everything ok?” Buffy asked Dana as they left the changing room.   “You seem a bit off.”

     “Somewhat, we’ll talk later.”

     “Should I leave you two alone?”

     “No,” Buffy and Dana chorused together.

     After a second Dana went on.  “Let’s have some fun.”

     As they walked down to join the men, Buffy noticed a woman waving her arms running down the beach screaming.  Turning she moved toward the woman without looking she knew Dana was coming with her and guessed Silvia was too.  As she moved closer the woman’s words were clear and the contents of them tugged at Buffy’s heart.

     Just as Buffy reached the woman a life guard Toyota Tacoma came to a stop with the passenger jumping out asking.  “What is going on?”

     “My baby, he’s missing.”

     “What does he look like?” The guard asked.

     “He’s my baby.”

     “How old is he?”

     “He’s eight,” the woman cried.   “His name is Robert.”

     “Do you have a picture of him?” the guard asked as the second guard got on the radio putting out an Amber alert which should bring fifty qualified lifeguards and a half a dozen staff members to the area within five minutes.   

     “What’s going on?” Steve asked as he and Mulder came on the scene.

     “The woman’s child is missing, we have to find him.” Buffy said as she looked at the picture.  Digging in her bag she pulled out her phone and took a picture of the picture then sent it to the rest of the group.   “Look at the picture, let’s split up we can cover more ground.”

     Nodding in agreement and without waiting for the lifeguards the group split up after looking at the picture.  Buffy walked back the way the woman had come from while calling out the child’s name.

     Moving down the beach Buffy forced her eyes to scan the crowd looking for the lost child.  Her heart raced as she thought about the child wondering what could have happen, but not allowing the worst case scenario to play out in her mind.  She was able to hear first Steve then Mulder call out to the boy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

     Buffy had traveled about half a mile south from where the lady said her town and son was, and was about to turn around when she saw a swing moving near a small playground.  Moving to it she noticed a little boy playing in the sand, he had a large mound of sand with a trench dug around it, the water had seeped into the trench and created a moat guarding the castle. 

     “Hello,” Buffy said as she came up to the child being careful to keep her voice as calm as possible.  “What ya doing?”


     “I can see that,” she replied as she got down on her knees putting her hands on her thighs.  “Do you know your mother is worried about you?”

     Beyond a shrugging of shoulders the boy didn’t say anything else but when Buffy reached out to take the boys hand, he pulled back as he turned his eyes to her he said.  “Mother told me not to talk to strangers.”

     “Smart man,” Buffy said pulling out her phone she called Steve telling him where they were and asking him to collect the woman and bring her down with him. “Ok, so I guess we can just sit here til your mother comes.”

     “You should leave; I know how to call the police.”

     “Do you have a phone?”

     “I don’t need one.  I can yell really loud.”


     “Uh huh, wanna hear?”

     “No, not right now, maybe later.  So how did you get this far from your mother?”

     “Well see this?” the boy asked holding several long strands of kelp, “I needed it for the moat.”

     “I see, so you’re building a castle?”

     “Uh huh for my treasure.”

     “That is good, what kind of treasure do you have?”

     The boy looked around to see if anyone was near before he reached into his pocket his big brown eyes looked up at Buffy with the seriousness only a child could present he brought his hand out his fist closed around what ever was in his hand while the other hand pointed at Buffy while he said.  “You promise not to tell anyone?”

     Buffy could only nod her head while keeping her face as serious as she possible.  Her eyes widened when the boy opened his hand to show her a half a dozen teeth which at one time belonged to a shark of some type.  By the size of them the teeth came from a very large shark.  “Wow, you’re not going to keep those?”

     “Forever, that’s what the castle is for.”

     Smiling at the boy’s logic Buffy watched him until his mother came on scene.  As the mother picked up the boy hugging him close while crying and whispering something in a foreign language. 

     “Mamma, I have to bury the treasure,” the boy said as he pushed himself away from her.  Pushing the teeth into the finger holes he had made the boy seemed satisfied that they would be safe and followed his mother down the beach. 

     “What was his treasure?” Steve asked putting his arm around Buffy as she watched the boy walk away taking looks over his shoulder every once in a while.

     “Teeth, probably to some shark, you could find them on the beach all over the world if you look, his were a bit bigger than normal, maybe a great white.”

     “Not in these waters”.

     “They looked old,” Buffy said to Dana’s statement.  “Well let’s go back to the falls.  We are on vacation.”

     “Of course we are,” Dana, said puzzled about Buffy’s statement.  “This was just a fluke, let’s start enjoying ourselves.”

     “You would think,” Buffy said as she started walking back to the ice chest. 

     For the rest of the afternoon the group played in the lagoon and enjoyed each other’s company.  Silvia, who was basically an outsider, could feel the respect and love the group had for each other.  Working in the staff offices of Pearl Harbor she had the opportunity to witness the Special Forces personnel at play and at training, and seeing this group at play she knew that this was a very close team.  She briefly wondered if Mulder and Dana were part of the black ops organization Steve supposedly belonged to. 

     “What are our dinner plans?” Silvia asked as the group came out of the water.  “If you don’t mind, I have a restaurant that you might find appealing.”

     “We bow to your knowledge of the area,” Mulder said toweling himself off as Scully and Buffy came out of the water.  “What do they serve?”

     “They serve up the best steaks on the island, and they will cook said steak anyway you want it, they have even been known to serve it up in a greasy burger.”

     “Uhhhh” Mulder groaned while holding his stomach eliciting a laugh from the girls. 

     “Mulder isn’t into greasy spoons.”

     “I personally like their vegetable lasagna, their salads are a meal as well.”

     “Now that is a place I think I could like.”

     “Flyboys” Buffy, Scully and St. Wolf all chorused as they followed Silvia back to the car.

     “Okay, anyway, the restaurant is down the highway a couple of miles, I think you will like the scenery if nothing else.”

     The scenery was all a person would expect from a mountainous road in Hawaii, the ocean’s landscape was breathtaking, and some parts of the road had everyone in the car leaning away from the chasm that ran parallel with the road. 

     Pulling off the highway on a private road, Silvia maneuvered the sedan down the short road into a parking lot with a dozen other cars.  The restaurant looked more like a private home than a public establishment.  The whole staff appeared to be related and worked with the familiarity of a good team.  Which made for an excellent dining experience for the whole group.

     “There is only one thing to do after a meal like this one,” Mulder said as he pushed away a very clean plate. 

     “Sleep,” Dana continued Mulders statement as she also pushed her plate away.  “That was the best meal I have had in about a month.”

     “On my tab Paula,” Silvia said as the waitress started to leave the bill on the table. 

     “That is not necessary,” Steve said.

     “Don’t worry about it, this is my treat.”

     Leaving the small restaurant the group headed back to the resort, they had not traveled more than a mile before both Mulder and Scully were fast asleep in the back seat while Sylvia drove. 

     At the Resort Scully and Mulder was given a room next to Steve and Buffy’s with an adjoining door.  The foursome retired to their rooms asleep almost as soon as their heads hit the pillow.


          “Sir, they appear to be on vacation just as they claimed. A couple named Mulder and Scully joined them tonight. I've not been told who they are or if they are anyone important, but today they were just two normal couples out having a good time.”

     “That would be Fox Mulder and Dana Scully of the FBI, known associates of St. Wolfs.  Question is, why have they come to Hawaii at this time?”

     “Vacation sir, I got the impression they were all forced on vacation by their superiors.  Another impression I got was that they all have been hitting the bad guys very hard, for a very long time.”

     “Lieutenant those four are very dangerous people.  Careers have been built and tore down on their words.  Be very careful how close you get to them.  You can call your mission anytime you want, tonight will be the last report you will have to make.”

     “Thank you sir, to be honest, I didn’t like deceiving them even though they knew what I was doing.  They are good people.”

     “Goodnight Lieutenant.”

     “Good night sir.”


     “Good morning Mulder,” Steve greeted as they met in the lobby.  “What are you two doing today?”

     “Just going down to the beach, maybe even take the tour of the Arizona memorial.”

     “I recommend the tour, but you might wanna take some napkins with you.  Cause it effected me and Buffy deeply.”

      “Was it your first trip to it?”

     “Actually yes it was.”

     “It does that the first time around.” Mulder replied, “I have seen it a dozen times, but I have to be honest and say that the list of names will have a new meaning to me.”

     “Amen to that brother.”

     “What about you two?”

     “Big Island, have signed Buffy and myself up for a pig hunt, and she wants to see the volcano.”

     “How long will you be over there?”

     “Couple of days, we haven’t decided yet.”

     “We are here for seven days, kind of hoping we would have a couple of those days with you.”

     “We will be back before you leave.  But I could only get the helicopter and pilot for the next three days.”

     “OK we will hang around here, maybe get a bit of a tan while we are at it.”

     “Just remember that you’re on vacation and relax.”

     “Did you really pull out your gun?”

     “Yea, I really did, and it showed me that Merlin was correct we all need to take some time down. When we get back home I am going to send the guys out two at a time.  Probably by couples let them have some time off together.”

     “Bet they would appreciate that, just hope that they go places that won’t be high on the nocturnal lifestyle.  But Steve those kids are on a combat high, they are so in tune to it that any spark is going to send them into a fight, the question now is, do they have the strength of character to step back and make the correct call when to and when not to fight and when not to?”

     “I believe they do, don’t you?”

     “I don’t know, in Sunnydale they are close to the perfect soldiers, a lot of that has to do with you and Buffy being there.”

     “Are you saying I’m mollycoddling them?”

     “What I’m saying is that none of them have had to make any hard choices yet.  With the exception of possibly Xander, you told me that you intended to have Willow take negotiations class, have you asked Merlin or even Gordon about that?”

     “It’s not that bad is it?”

     “Listen Steve, in the past two years we have become as close as brothers, but yeah in a way it is that bad.  The kids are gaining ground, but if you left today the kids would lo         se ground fast.”

     “Do you think it’s too early to let them go out on their own?”

     “What, for vacation?  I think you better make sure they get out of town soon.  But I think where ever they go you should have a stable hand near.”


Steve and Buffy’s room

     Buffy was hurriedly tossing things in a small suitcase an identical one sat next to the one she was filling already packed with Steve’s clothes.  She had just put in another nightgown when Dana walked into the room. 

     “Hey Buffy what’s going on?”

     “Not much, Steve and I are going to the big island take a helicopter ride over the volcano just to look at it.”

     “Sounds like fun, how long are you going to be over there?”

     “Two maybe three days we haven’t decided yet.”

     “Well have a good time over there.  Mulder and I want to go to the Arizona monument, and check out some shopping.  Is Silvia going with you?”

     “Don’t know, I guess we really haven’t asked her.”

     “Has she been a good tour guide?”

     “Oh yea, she knew a lot of places we didn’t know.  I suppose we should ask her it’s been nice having her around.”

     “She won’t have much time if you don’t ask her soon?”

     “Ya you’re right,” Buffy said as she moved across the passage and knocked on Silvia’s door.  “Hey Silvia we are going over to the big island today for about three days, do you want to come?”

     “Be out in a minute,” Silvia’s voice was heard after a minute.  As the door opened, she said.  “I am off the case, told my superior that I believed you were only here for vacation only and I didn’t think it was worth continuing to report in.”

     “So you have to go back to work now?” Buffy asked.

     “Wait, you didn’t tell me she was working on a case involving the two of you?”

     “Well Steve spotted me.” Silvia grinned after a moment.  Turning to Buffy she went on.  “No, I asked to have a week off, I didn’t lie about the ninety days it’s use my vacation or lose it all together.”

     “Would you like to come with us?”

     “Sure, haven’t ever been to the big island though so I won’t be much of a tour guide.”

     “That’s ok, we have a guy who gives helicopter tours and I think Steve got us invited to a luau out.”

     “You know those are started with a boar hunt.”

     “That would be fun,” Buffy said excitedly.  “Are they wild or tame raised for hunting?”

     “I never been, but I was told they were wild and you hunt them with spears.”

     “That should not be too hard for you Buffy, I bet you would be good with a spear.”

     The two women laughed, at the inside joke leaving Silvia to look at the pair like they were nuts.  Leaving them alone she walked into her room to get ready for the trip. 

     “That girl doesn’t know what she is getting into does she?”  Dana asked Buffy as Silvia closed the door to her room. 

     “Ya know she is the first person we have spent anytime with who has no clue who we are, and well it’s nice.”’   

     “You haven’t told her anything?”

     “No, I mean she knows we are black ops, and high on her bosses list of who to watch, but she don’t know why and we aren’t telling her.”

     “Good luck with that, so how was the beginning of your vacation?  Have you been able to stay out of trouble?”

     “For the most part, we found a girl laying in a alley way, at first we though she was dead, but we found out that she was just passed out.  Steve even pulled a gun and was ready to call for back up.  It was kind of funny.”

     “That would have been funny to watch.  Outside that how has your vacation been?”

     “We went shopping, picked up some stuff for everyone, and no t-shirts.”

     “How long do you intend to stay?”

     “To be honest I’m about ready to go home, back to normality.”

     “So you’re already to get back to the fight?”

     “No, no the fighting, I miss the group.”

     “I am betting they miss you too, have you called them?”

     “No, our pact was no home talk at all.”

     “Do they know about that?”

     “Oh yea, they are the ones who put it in words.  Willow is the one who said she didn’t wanna hear from us until a day before we were to come back.”

     “That sounds like her.” 

     “Hey Buffy, you ready to go?” Steve asked as he walked in the room closely followed by Mulder.  “TJ is flying us over to the main island in an hour.”

     “You two have fun, Mulder and I will see you when you get back.” 

     “You too.”


     On the ride over to the mainland they had the privilege to see the phenomenon called St. Elmo’s fire, which TJ pointed out, was just an optical illusion that the setting sun plays on masts that are normally out at sea.  He also pointed out that it normally happens to wooden masts and he had heard that an old five mast training ship was supposed to be docking in Hawaii this week.

          On the main island the couple made arrangements with TJ for a ride over the volcano the next morning, as it was too late to see anything that night.  Leaving the airport the pair went to the #1 Akiko’s bed and Breakfast that was recommended by a knight in Merlin’s personal detachment.  The bed and breakfast sat on a cliff off old Mamalohoa highway. 

          “Not sure how I am going to feel on this little get away,” Silvia said as they pulled up into the driveway of the B&B.  “This is a couples place.”

          “Don’t worry, I am sure they have an extra room for you.  If they don’t we can go somewhere else.”

          The resort looked more like an upper middle class home than a motel.  Entering the house they were greeted by a teenaged boy who stood about 6’ with short black hair and a stocky frame. 

          “Aloha Mr. St Wolf, I am Danny” the boy said as he led the trio deeper into the house.  “We were expecting only two of you?”

          “I’m sorry to be dropping this on you, but can we get another room for our friend?”

          “Of course,” the boy smiled as he picked up their bags,  “Please come with me.”

          Giving them the only two rooms available he told them that dinner was served at six and breakfast was at 8 in the morning before he excused himself, leaving the group to get settled.

          “Let’s take a walk,” Buffy said as she leaned up against Steve while standing on the porch later that night.  Looking out over the cliff to the ocean she stepped off the porch while saying, “This isn’t the cliffs in the valley, but it is a very romantic scene.”

          “Bonus points, no chance of getting hit by dropping from the sky.”

          “That is something I didn’t need to visualize.”

          “Nothing you want to live through either.”

          “I guess not, have you lived through it?”

          “I will never tell.’

          “So what do you have planned for us for the next couple of days?”

          “Well I signed us up for a boar hunt for tomorrow, followed by a luau out.” Steve said as he turned toward Buffy pulling her into his arms for a kiss as the sun sank into the ocean. 

          Buffy melted into Steve’s protective arms, as their kiss encompassed their beings making one where there were two.  She glanced again at the sunset, as she leaned back into him.  “Steve, have you ever seen the opening of a volcano?”

          “What is it with you and this volcano?” Steve asked holding Buffy back at arms length.  As he felt the change in her mood every time they talked about the visit to the volcano.

          “I don’t know what it is, something about one of my past lives.  I think I was sacrificed into a volcano.”

          “I thought all your past lives were Slayers?”

          “At least one of them wasn’t, in this one dream I am falling into what appears to be a flow of lava.  I can’t shake the feeling that I was thrown in, or fell in, but in it I was.  I want to see if seeing one of these things closer will spark a memory in me.  This dream I keep having is becoming more and more real.  It’s scaring me.”

          “I knew something was wrong, felt it, why didn’t you tell me?”

          “Nothing honey, honest, I just get this feeling that something important is going to happen.  Something life changing.”


          “I don’t know yet.”

          The pair turned away from the ocean and started back to the inn, Steve wrapped his arm around Buffy pulling her closer.  Kissing her on the head he whispered.  “We will face what ever it is together.”

          “Thanks honey that means a lot.”

           As they entered the inn, Silvia was sitting in the main room listening to Danny tell a story which had her captivated her drink still full in front of her as he moved his arms in perfect sync with the story he was telling.  As Buffy watched his movements she looked into the boys eyes and watched how the smile in them turned to sadness as his story came closer to an end.  The gestures of his hands and arms never ceased to move and soon Buffy was caught up in the story moving over she sat next to Silvia hanging on every word he said.

          At first Steve thought the boy was casting a spell, but after a moments though he knew that could not happen, as Vampire Slayer would have rendered the spell worthless, as he watched and listened to a story, a timeless story of two people who met and fell in love only to have the man swept away by a tsunami leaving the girl on the island alone forever.  The arm movements started to make since, the boy was telling the story in sign language as well as telling it in words, Steve could not follow the story in sign language but he listened to the story and even though they came in about half way into the story he felt as it pulled at his heart his chest tightening up.

          “He is one of the best story tellers on the island,” the woman who ran the house said as she stepped up next to Steve causing him to jump a bit.  “I have yet to see anyone who could escape his web once he starts to weave it.”

          “He definitely has those two tied in his web don’t he.”

          “You should see how he gets during the bar-b-q, he will have them all eating out of his hands.  Believe me no one is immune to his stories.”

          “No one?”

          “I have seen him hold in his stories groups of sixty people and more people to a point where even if it rained on them they were not going anywhere.  It is said that once in a generation a person with the talent will come along, and that one person could hold life or death in his or her words.  The story does not come from the teller, not from a book, nor will the story ever be written not in a book you or I could buy, for once it is told it can’t be re-told. Not in the purity it is originally told, do you understand what I mean?”

          “That could be dangerous in the wrong hands.”

          “It has never been in the wrong hands in the path, I believe that an evil person could not harness the power.  The story has to come from the soul and nothing that beautiful could come from an evil soul.”

          “A tape recording, or a person threatening the life of his loved ones it could be dangerous.”

          “It don’t work that way, try it, tape him and see if it will work.  I promise it won’t.  Nor would it work if he were in distress.  Believe me we have tried it all. To make sure it doesn’t work.  This world if full of wondrous things the storyteller is just one of those things.  Believe me; I have heard stories from this young boy that would make you cry.  Stories of true evil and pure good since he came here I have heard all type of stories, stories that on one side of the coin I hope they are true, and the other side I hope they are not.”

          “Like what?” Steve asked trying to find out what this woman was talking about.

          “Stories of young children giving their youth for the people around them, not only their families but for their neighbors and strangers they don’t even know, and grown men and women who lay down their lives for mankind, do you know what that means?  Mankind not some religion or creed or color, or some idea, they give everything they have for the future.”

          Steve nodded his head; afraid to say anything for fear his voice would give way to his emotions.   The lady just described the gang back in Sunnydale and the knights and other groups that he knew.  But this storyteller was something he never heard of, he knew he had to make sure it was something that could not be used by the other side. Looking at the woman he finally nodded his head and said.  “People like those you talked, whether they are real or not, it would lift the heart of a human to think they are out there.”

          “Yes,” the woman said as she touched Steve’s wrist. “It does.”



          Later that night Steve called Giles asking him if he had heard anything about the storyteller or the abilities of such a person, receiving a negative answer.  Steve told what he had learned from the old woman and what he had personally seen, finishing it with he noticed no long term effect on the girls except that they both seemed to be relaxed almost as if awaking from a night’s sleep.  Receiving Giles promise that he would look into it; Steve hung up the phone and joined Buffy in bed.


          “So are you ready for today?” Steve asked the girls as they sat around the breakfast table after having a very good meal.

          “Sure, when is TJ supposed to pick us up for the tour?” Buffy asked.

          “Any time now, we will be in the air for forty-five minutes flying over the only active volcano on the island.  Then we have a hog hunt this afternoon in preparation for the bar–b–q tomorrow.”

          “That sounds great!”

          “If you don’t mind I would rather stay here while you go look at the volcano, I was in Washington when Helen went off and don’t wanna see that again... EVER.”

          “Really? Was it as bad as the news people made it out to be?”

          “The soot was ten inches thick where I was, my poor car had about three feet stacked on it. Pretty much the whole town was buried in even though it wasn’t really dangerous it was scary.”

          “No lava though right?”

          “Not that I am aware of.  But the ash was really bad; people had to wear masks so they didn’t breathe it in.  The effects lasted for months after the initial explosion.  No I don’t want to get anywhere close to a volcano again.”

          The sound of a helicopter coming in drew them outside.  The Hughes/McDonnell 500 painted sky blue came in and touched down almost as light as a feather.  But there was nothing feather like coming from the wash of the rotor blades.  Buffy’s hair was whipped badly out of her scrunchie.  When they heard the engine of the helicopter change it’s pitch the lovers advanced toward the door keeping their heads down. 

          “Hey Steve, Buffy, are you ready to take the Volcano?” TJ asked as the pair climbed into the helicopter, “Buckle yourself in, and put on one of those head sets, and please keep all body parts in the helicopter until I tell you different.”

          Putting the headset on St. Wolf leaned back getting comfortable as he asked.  “TJ is this one active?”

          “It’s the only active volcano on the islands, but right now it’s dormant, scientists have tried to predict it’s eruptions but to date no one has been able to do that.”

          “Is there a hole in the top of the mountain?”

          “About a quarter of a mile in diameter and as deep as the mountain itself which is very tall.  There is a landing spot near the hole if you want to take a close look.”

          “Would you do that?” Buffy asked getting excited.

          “If you want, Tom asked me to be accommodating, said that one never knows when he would need help.”


          “This trip is all about you.”

          “Thanks honey, please land I have to see this as close as I can.”

          “Roger,” TJ said as he banked the helicopter and brought it in for a soft landing.  Disengaging the rotor but not turning off the engine he made sure the blades were stopped before he allowed his passengers to get out and explore the mountaintop.


          Leaving the helicopter Buffy was drawn to the mouth of the volcano; taking off her jacket she laid it down on the ground so she could lie on top of it and look down into the hole.  Looking down into the Volcano she felt like she was looking into the past, something about this hill made her feel as if she was there before.  Tears welled up in her eyes as memories flooded her, they were too numerous to separate as they assaulted her. 

          As the visions flashed in her mind, some crystal clear, others vague. The world itself seemed to be closing in on her.  Some were memories of old slayers, she knew this by the way the memories gave her strength others were something else, she felt hopeless yet still she was comforted by an inner strength that had nothing to do with the Slayer, it was a family, a father and a mother people who cared for her, people who she cared for.  It was the only time she felt loved the only time in all the time she was alive that she felt truly loved and wanted.   The emotions were too much for her, she shivered once then passed out.



Mind’s Eye.

          She was standing on a beach, looking out to the horizon where a small speck slowly disappeared from sight.  Her body was pulled away from the island as she traveled up she looked down watching the island disappear almost as if it was swallowed by the world. Her next memory surrounded her, leaving her in Rome as a slave girl destined for the arena.  Here she didn’t what she was only that she enjoyed fighting and was better than most at it. It was scary being a girl of only 5’ 3” beating men twice her weight into submission time and again.  The emperor was there this night to watch the fight; honored by his presence she beat five gladiators in succession only to be attacked as she walked out of the coliseum into a darken alley where someone stabbed from behind the blade passing through her and sticking out the front.

          “Buffy are you ok?” A worried Steve asked as he moved over to his lover when he heard her sniffling.

          “Yea,” Buffy said wiping her eyes, “memories of the Slayer, but something else too.  Just don’t know what.  This volcano is a jolt for memories.”

           “Do you want to stay longer?”

          “No, I’ve had enough for now.  Maybe it’s better not to know all the memories.”



          TJ took the pair on a helicopter tour of the island showing them spots they might want to take a look at on the ground, beginning with a look at the restaurant that was built into the side of the volcano and ending with the Wiamea falls.  Before taking the pair back to Akiko’s, getting them there just in time for them to join the hunt for the boar that would be their dinner at the luau out.

          Besides Buffy, Steve and Silvia there were five other participants to the hunt.  After they were all warned about the dangers of hunting down a wild hog the band moved into the controlled area for the hunt.  

          Danny the Storyteller decided to work with Silvia on the hunt since they were requested to hunt in pairs. 

The hunt lasted almost three hours with Danny bringing home a trophy boar which weighted in almost six hundred pounds.  Four hundred of which should be eatable.

          Looking at the boar with the spear sticking out of its neck then at Danny who weighted almost one hundred fifty pounds, Buffy commented “Sure glad you didn’t have to fight it.”

          “Yea, cause that is something I would do,” Danny said looking at the boar then at Buffy.

          “What do we do with it now?”

          “The jeep should be coming to pick it up,  but until he gets here we have to bleed it,  first we tie it up using a high branch like that one there,”  the guide said as he took a coil of rope out of the truck they used.  Tying the boars back feet together he hoisted it up just a foot before slicing the beasts neck as the blood poured out he hoisted it even higher letting the blood run down on to the ground.  “When the transport jeep gets here you all will ride it in and I will carry the boar back with me.”


          Buffy and Steve went back to the hotel to take a shower before heading out to the restaurant that TJ had shown them on the helicopter tour.  The restaurant was in fact placed in a cave on the side of the volcano, the proprietor kept his costs down even further by using open grill pits for the stove and ovens instead of the ones normal restaurants used.  The walls of the cave were decorated with graphics arranged to tell a story of a giant sea monster fighting two ships. The end of the story has four tentacles wrapped around each of the ships and pulling them under the sea.  Walking along the story Buffy wondered how old the drawing was or if it was just recently painted. 

          “The Kraken a story older than time.” A soft voice said as Buffy felt someone moving up along side of her.  “It is said the gods used it to keep what was theirs.”

          “Trust me, if the Gods wanted to keep something they didn’t need some fish to do it.”

          “Maybe not, but it is a good story don’t you think?”

          “So what happened to it?”

          “The stories have it still out there, waiting for the Gods to give the next command.”

          “Hard to believe something that big is still out there.”

          “It’s there, the ocean is a large place.”

          “The Kraken,” Steve said slipping his hand around Buffy’s waist.  “They say that the Giant Squid is the closest living relative.”

          “Yes, but it would be the daddy of them all.” The man who had joined Buffy said.  “It would have tentacles that reached over a thousand yards about three hundred feet in diameter at it’s body.”

          “And able to pull a ship down under the water? Giles would say something like “my word?”” Buffy laughed after they all looked at the story again.  “Who drew this?”

          “It’s been here since before the restaurant was built.”

          “Are you suggesting it’s that old?”

          “I am just stating the facts as they were told to me.”

          “Well those would be some very old facts,” Buffy laughed. 

          “Well its something we will never worry about,” Steve said with a grin.  “I promise . . . I think.”

          “Lets go,” Buffy said as she hooked her arm around Steve and led him out of the cave.  Outside she sucked in a deep breath of fresh air before saying.  “This is the best vacation I have ever had.”

          “Me too,” Steve said while pulling her in for a deep soul searching kiss. 


          On the way back to the Bed and Breakfast, Steve pulled over in a spot that looked over the ocean, the sun had already gone down leaving the painted in vibrant colors.         Holding Buffy close, Steve signed in contentment his mind wishing this was all there was to it.

          “I have never seen the sky like this,” Buffy said as she snuggled into Steve’s arms.  “But back in LA there was a few places that could have been this beautiful if I had someone to share it with.”

          “Maybe when we go home we can check out some of those spots.”

          “That would be a good thing.”

          “It’s getting late, lets go we have a early day tomorrow.”

          “And I am looking for it all.”


            Back at the hotel, the lovers barely let the door close before they were at each other taking off each other’s clothes and enjoying exploring each other’s bodies.  As they fell into the room they welcomed the coming of the Alpha and the Omega.  It was well after midnight before the pair exhausted fell into the arms of Morpheus.

          “Good morning honey,” Buffy mumbled as she opened her eyes seeing her lover watching her.

          “Good morning baby, how did you sleep?”

          “I am so relaxed I could be poured into a cup.”

          “Yea I’m pretty much the same way.”

          “Almost time to go home,”

          “First we do the luau out.  After that anything you wanna do.”

          “You going to join me in the shower?” Buffy asked as she rolled out of the bed moving toward the shower. 

          Following his lover into the shower, St. Wolf had to smile at the way Buffy had been acting as of late, almost as if she was just another teenaged girl living a normal life.

          As the day progressed Steve noticed that neither he nor Buffy watched for the shadows to move.  Neither of them jumped when something out of the ordinary happened. 

          Danny the Storyteller was telling a story holding a dozen kids and three adults in his spell. 

          The story this time was about dragons and men fighting together against an enemy, which was so dark and old, it didn’t have a name.  Old Heroes stepped out of the pages of the history books to come to the aid of mankind against the shadows.

          No names were mentioned in the story, and they didn’t have to be, the crowd was wrapped up in the story when the final foe fell a collective grasp could be heard from the listeners, as the spell was broken.  The two female adults were actually crying from the impact of the story.

          “He can capture a crowd,” St. Wolf said as he and Buffy joined the woman who ran the bed and breakfast. 

          “This story was the strangest he has told so far.  Makes me wonder what he will say at the luau out today.”

          “Is he going to tell a story at the Luau Out?” Buffy asked watching Danny walk away from his listeners not bothering to wait for the complements.

          “Yes,” the woman replied sadly.  “He told me that this would be the last story he would tell here on the islands.  The world is calling to him and he says he needs to answer the call.  It is how he came here so who am I to stop him from going to the next step of his journey?”

          “Where will the Luau out be?”

          “Near the cliff where it has been for centuries the Hawaiians from Molokai will be here just before dark, these people still live the old ways, they come here to perform for the tourists as well as for themselves.  It is the season of the first planting they will dance in prayer for a good season.  You are in for a treat.”

          “When does the ceremony begin?”

          “At noon,”

          “Would you like help setting up?” Buffy asked as they followed the woman over to where a pit was being prepared.

          “It is mostly set up, the logs have been prepared and the hog is ready.” The woman said as she moved over to the pit throwing in a match the logs flashed and readily caught the flame.  “Now we just need to wait for the flames to die a bit, before putting the hog over them.”

          “Sounds like you been doing this for a long time.” St. Wolf said as he stepped back from the fire that leaped a few feet into the air. 

          “My family has owned this bed and breakfast for over two hundred years, they have been doing the ceremony since then.”

          The morning progressed quicker then any of them expected the hog was placed on the fire around noon while people from miles around began to gather for the festivities.  As they came the locals brought fresh vegetables, breads, meats and fruits.  The luau came together quickly as the people showed.  By dark the hog was taken off the fire and taken to second pit where it would stay over embers while it was carved on.  The main fire was stroked up again, and the dancers gathered it while a couple of drummers started to build a beat that the dancers could move to. 

          The vacationers began to gather by the fire, taking the seats provided by the motel.  The dancers moved in time with the beat of the drums the movement of the hips on the girls daring the males to turn away, while the women envied the fluent way they moved their bodys.

           When the dance ended more than a few guys kept their seats while the girls got up to get something to eat.  The males followed the women after they had enough time to calm down joining their wife’s and girlfriends at the picnic tables.  For the next two hours the group ate and talked about the hula dancers who had already left the island headed back to their own island.

          As the party wound down the sun setting into the ocean Danny, the Storyteller moved up to take his place in front of the fire, facing the vacationers who were sitting in the chairs.

          “Tonight will be my last story here on the islands, but fear not, the story you are about to be part of is more powerful than any that I have so far told here on the island.  The story I tell you now have nothing to do with Heroes or Villains, or fights.  Please sit back and enjoy the story.”

          The Storyteller began to spin his tale quickly bringing the crowd into the story as the story of love and family unfolded with just enough darkness to keep the story interesting and keeping the listeners enthralled in the story.  For an hour the Storyteller spun his wave keeping the visitors at the edge of their seats.  As he told the story Danny watched the faces of the crowd for a sign of discontent finding none he continued with the story, his eyes often glancing at Steve and Buffy who were looking at him with an unbelievable look on their faces.  After another half hour he brought his story gently to a close a smile on his face as he heard the collective gasp for breath that told him everyone indeed enjoyed that story. 

          Danny waited for a couple of minutes before he looked over his audience before he addressed them.  “I do not know where the stories come from only that they are out there being told in life as I tell them.  I hope that at least a few of you understand what the stories are trying to say and move toward giving a little to gain a lot.  If not for you than for those who follow you, Thank you for coming out to the Festival of the seasonal Planting, I hope you all had a wonderful time.  Good night, and good bye.”

            The applause, which followed, was thunderous and kept going until Danny left the campfire heading back toward the lodge.  Buffy and Steve sat silent in shock for the story they were just told could have been about them, About their group in Sunnydale and all their friends. Like all of his other stories no names were used however the descriptions he used hit real close to home. Standing up, they moved to follow Danny however by the time they arrived at the lodge Danny was gone, driving away in a cab that had been waiting for him.     

          “I believe we will see him or someone like him again,” Steve said as they watched the taxi roll out of sight.

          “Lets take a walk,” Buffy said as she took Steve’s hand, a tremble in her voice as they walked down the road toward the bluff. 

          “Are you ok?”

          “Story hit pretty close to home, but the deaths did spook me a bit, got me thinking about the guys.  I mean Merlin got a group of knights to back them up, but well who is going to back up the knights?”

          “I am sure they are ok.”

          “I know I am being silly, but well this vacation has been more than I have ever though it could be.  But I am ready to go home now.”

          “To be honest, so am I, I miss them.”

          “So we agree to leave tomorrow?”

          “Well first we have to go get our gear from Oahu and check out with Dana and Fox.”

          “Alright, but lets go home tomorrow ok?”



          The lovers woke up the next morning not remembering much about the night before except that they had a wonderful time.   Stepping out off the porch the couple started off at an easy pace starting their morning exercises being joined by Silvia who had become a shadow for the pair since they had met.

          “Silvia, we are leaving tomorrow,” Buffy told the girl as she pulled the woman aside after the morning run.  “I want you to know that we enjoyed the time with you and very happy you were up to showing us around.”

          “I hope you enjoyed your stay in Hawaii, I know you have others who work with you, let them know if they are in Hawaii to give me a call and I will do what I can.”  

          “Thank you, I am sure that anyone who follows us would enjoy your knowledge of the island, the rooms at the resort have been paid up through the end of the week so you can stay at least that long.”

          “It should be me thanking you for allowing me to come with you and stay there in the first place, to be honest I could never afford a week at that resort.”

          “TJ will be here in the morning to pick us up,” St. Wolf said as he joined the girls.

          “Looks like they are breaking up the luau out, and I am getting kind of tired,” Silvia said looking over to where someone was pouring sand on the fire pit.  “I will join you two on the ride back to Oahu tomorrow?”

          “Good night, Silvia,” the lovers said watching her walk away before they adjourned to their room to spend their last night in the lodge.


          The flight back to the Oahu was uneventful, and Dana and Mulder who looked a bit pensive met the group at the airport.   Mulder advanced to Steve even before he had a chance to grab his over night bag from the helicopter.

          “Merlin just called us,” Mulder said keeping his voice low as he pulled Steve to the side.  “A classmate of the kids has been missing since thing with Cordelia.”

          “Are the knights involved?”

          “Only in the back ground, I was told that Xander has been keeping the kids in line but they are all in mobile mode.  They asked Sonja and Gabrielle to go talk to a family member who knows something about the whole mess.  We have your clothes and stuff packed up, your plane is setting on go.”

          “We were ready to go back anyway.  See that Silvia gets back to the hotel if you don’t mind.”

          “We will do that.”

          “Steve, Dana just told me the guys are in trouble.”

          “We are already on our way honey, but from what Mulder told me there is no reason to hurry, they already know what is happening and that’s more than half the problem.”

          “I still wanna be there for them.”

          “And we will be.”

          “What’s going on?” Silvia asked as she walked up to the foursome.

          “A problem at home has arrived so we are definitely heading home right now.  Don’t worry though, Mulder and Scully will make sure you get back ok.”  Buffy said giving Silvia a hug.  “You have our phone number if you need anything please don’t hesitate to call.”

          “Good bye, thank you for the vacation.”

          Moving toward where their jet waited for them Buffy tried not to think about the danger her friends were in.  Boarding the jet she took her seat before asking.  “Did you call the group and let them know we are on our way back?”

          “Yes I told Oz, he said they would try to be there. But right now they were in scramble mode.”

          “I hope they are ok,”

          “Oz didn’t sound too worried, but then again that boy could be on fire and still talk to you like it was a boring Sunday.”

          “This is the Captain, Mr. St. Wolf.” the electronic voice came over the intercom system.  “They have some kind of show going on at the Sunnydale airport so we are going to have to land at LA international.  We have been approved for a six a.m. landing.”

          Nodding his head Steve leaned back and turned off his overhead light putting his arm around Buffy who had already dropped off to sleep.

The end