Section 7 - Mission Files


 Alternate Realities

Main Stories only (recommended for people starting with the Wandererverse)  This is a list of the must reads

Important Stories only  Main stories plus some 'flesh'.


An Armor's Tale

Mike Weyer Part 1
How the Order got its armor.

In The Pale Moonlight

Tim Knight Part 1
May 20th, 1985
A villain encounters a new wildcard occupying space in his stomping grounds, and is somewhat taken aback by the dark emotions fueling someone who would appear to be one of those idealistic hero types.

Rebekah's Story

Tim Knight Part 1
September 15th, 1988
Armored Knights, Psychic Beta Readers, naked elves, and British and Irish myths

Redemption & Rebirth

Steve Pantovich Part 1
November 1990
Steve St. Wolf has had Enough. He's quit. But the Fates chose not to leave him alone

Silver And Gold

Tim Knight Part 1
May 20th, 1985
Shawukay Redarrow comes face to face with one of Ravenloft's oldest and most powerful denizens

Files of Life

Mike Weyer Part 1 NC-17
July 11th, 1996
Mulder and Scully get together

Heart of the Huntress

Charlie SchoneStory
January 1997


Mike Weyer Part 1
April 9th, 1997
Ever wondered who is President in the US during all these stories? Or why gold is so cheap and the US economy is booming? Well, now you can know.

A Glimpse at the Past

Anne Parnell Part 1
Demonic evil isn't the only evil on the Hellmouth

Trick or Treat

Anne Parnell Part 1
October 30th, 1997
Another look at this memorable Halloween festival.

First Time Out

Mike Weyer Part 1
November 1997
When Mulder and Scully hunt a Serial Killer...

Hellmouth - New Beginnings

Steve Pantovich Part 1
February 2nd, 1998 Part 2
Steve St. Wolf decides to take a little vacation from Demon Hunting. He takes a job in the nice, peaceful town of Sunnydale, California.

How Cordelia Got Her Amazon Groove

Steve Pantovich Part 1
February 26th, 1998
Steve trains the Slayerettes, but Cordy has problems to keep up. There is nothing that could be done, or is there? A certain goddess certainly thinks there is.

Dating - Sunnydale Style

Steve Pantovich Part 1
February 27th, 1998
Cordelia finally admits her love for Xander. But the Sunnydale Football Team has other ideas.

First Date Blues

Steve Pantovich Part 1
February 27th, 1998
Buffy's Mom sets her up with the new salesman at the local antiques shop. And Buffy doesn't want to have anything to do with the Dweeb.

The Section Seven Chronicles

Charlie Schone 

Training Blue Series: Sutho Man 'U's, the Immortal Man

with assistance from:  HarveyPart 1

Ringside Seat in the Bleachers

Anne Parnell Part 1
February 26th - 27th, 1998
An outside view.

Kitty's Tale

Steve Pantovich Part 1
March 1998
Ever wonder who the hell Duke is? Well you're about to find out. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Midnight Visitations

Steve Pantovich Part 1 NC-17
May 3rd to 11th, 1998
A night to remember, a night to cherish and a night to kill.

How Buffy Got Her Sword

Steve Pantovich Part 1
May 18th, 1998
Steve throws a yearly 'Birthday' party for one of his best friends, the Dragon Fragnar. But this year's party is marred by an evil plan of revenge and retribution by the Dragon Smaug.

Calling Out the Clan

Steve Pantovich Part 1
July 9th to 13th, 1998 Part 2 NC-17
A vampire cult has Los Angeles in turmoil and the local police and FBI can't stop them. The local FBI office calls in Mulder and Scully to help solve the case. Mulder and Scully quickly realize that the cult is a small army of vampires bent on raising an ancient terror and ruling the world. Part 3
Part 4
Clan Cast

Council at War

Mike Weyer Part 1
August 12th, 1998
Introducing Robin Goodfellow, Giles gets his own from "the Council of Watchers"

Vacation File

HawkPart 1
July 1998
Buffy and St. Wolf on vacation in Hawaii.

The Slayer Gig

Tim Knight Part 1
July 11th to 29th, 1998
It's all about Faith

Slayer Run: Trial of Frank Scully

Steve Pantovich Part 1
July 1998
Frank’s been found out and learns just how wrong he was about his personal history

Where Everything knows your name

Mike Weyer Part 1
August 21st, 1998
Summoned by a old friend, Giles leads the Slayerettes to a bar in Los Angeles. Little does he know that another old friend is waiting for the Scooby Gang when they arrive. Also, Giles has a close encounter with the demonic answers to Cliff and Norm.

Born to Raise Hellmouth

Tim Knight Part 1
May 12, 1998 Thru Sept 14, 1998 Introducing Shaw Madison Hunter Part 2
A warrior escapes a dark realm only to become part of a prophecy that involves Drusilla and her new toy, a certain puzzle box, and the warrior discovers a connection to a Slayerette that neither ever imagined.
Question of Identity madjack1564Part 1
   Part 2
A Bureau 13 team in trouble is rescued by Section 7, leading to some surprise revelations, new allies, and one heck of a party. Oh yeah, and the world is saved again

A Normal Three Days On The Hellmouth

Anne Parnell Part 1
September 2nd - 4th, 1998
Shaw's first day in high school, from another perspective.

Gucci and Bowies

Tim Knight Part 1
September 11th, 1998
This story takes place during Born to Raise Hellmouth, the first story introducing Shaw Hunter, shortly after Part 21, but before Part 22. It is recommended that you read that story before this one.

Slayer in Black

Tim Knight Part 1
November 2, 1998
While the Wanderer and Section Seven head for the City by the Bay, Shaw Hunter and Kendra are caught between vampires and new players in town: A young Predator and the Nightbreed.

Destiny Unfolding

Tim Knight Part 1
15 November 1998
Kendra is called as the next Chosen One, after Buffy dies.

Hunter in Darkness

Tim Knight Part 1
November 19, 1998 Part 2
In the aftermath of Witch Hunt and Slayer In Black, Steve St. Wolf and the Slayerettes must hunt down one of their own affected by a Dark Quickening Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

A Dragon's Scale

Erica L. Marr Part 1
October 1st, 1998
You think Shaw cusses badly? Well this girl out-cusses her, and that in many more languages than our half-elf speaks.

The Song

Tim Knight Part 1
December 1998
While Steve, Buffy and most of the Slayerettes are in the Wishverse, fighting the forces of the Master, Shaw Hunter shares a special part of her past with Amy Madison.

Best Served Cold

Tim Knight Part 1
December 25th, 1998
Presents given and presents received

A Taste of Friendship

Tim KnightPart 1

Road Trip: Solo

Tenhawk Part 1
December 26th, 1998
Xander makes a little delivery run to the friends and allies of Section Seven... and manages to get himself into as much trouble as ever could on the Hellmouth

This Little Piggy...

L. L. Gunn Part 1
January 1999
Amazons are cracy, I tell you... crazy.

Dating Blues 2

Tim Knight Part 1
January 1999
Amy and Cordelia set up Shaw with a nice enough guy she meets in the bar, but being on the Hellmouth, things are never as they appear.


Fox Story
When you find a two hundred and Fifty year old Immortal stuck in a twelve year old body there is only one thing to do.  call in a witch.

A Mid-Life...Crisis?

Mike Weyer Part 1
February 6th, 1999
Drinking from the Grail is a purely positive thing... isn't it?

Faith's Story

Hawk & Harvey Part 1
 Introducing Felicia WinningstarPart 2
 Faith meets Buffy Part 3
   Part 4
   Part 5

Another Tuesday Night In Sunnydale

Tim Knight Part 1
February 16th, 1999
Faith is to be expelled from school. Lucky for her, Snyder is in love with Joyce. And he isn't the only one.

Scooby Snacks

Tim Knight, Mike Weyer Part 1, Tim
March 6th, 1998 to 4th March 1999 Part 2, Mike
 Just a series of ficlets featuring some of our beloved heroes at various points of their lives. Some serious, some not so serious.Part 3, Tim
Part 4, Mike
Part 5, Tim

Another Run

Hawk Part 1
February 1999  Introducing  Arrin Parkin Part 2
A Visitor comes hunting trouble. And causes as much trouble as he solves.

Arrin's Travels

HawkPart 1
Leaving Sunnydale Arrin finds a new kind of trouble.Part 2

Sahara's Revenge

Hawk Part 1
March 4th, 1999
Facts and lies, but which is which, and what is true?

Scoobies to the Rescue

Hawk Part 1
Larry comes up missing and it's up to the Scooby gang to find him.

Death Before Dishonor

Tim Knight Part 1
April 7th 1999
The Lost Boys gain another member

Soul Sisters

Tim Knight Part 1
April 9th 1999
 two Slayerettes deal with the issues between them. One will face her greatest foe, another will remember hers, and between the two of them, discover something special.

Immortal Kombat

Mike Weyer Part 1
April 24th, 1999 Part 2
Outworld invades Sunnydale. A few Slayerettes get away and gather some new allies to overcome this newest challenge. Part 3
Part 4

A Fighter's Worth

Mike Weyer Part 1
April 28th, 1999
The IRS comes to Sunnydale, and nobody acts like you'd expect.

Of Immortal Life And Liberty

Mike Weyer Part 1 NC-17
April 29th 1999
A routine case for the JAG lawyers Commander Harmon Rabb (USN) and Major Sarah MacKenzie (USMC) turns into something but routine.

And the Pursuit of Happiness

Mike Weyer Part 1 NC-17
May 7th 1999
Answers a few of the remaining questions from Of Immortal Life And Liberty.

Working Girl

Tim Knight Part 1
May 4th, 1999
Shaw gets a job.

One Hell Of A Night

Mike Weyer Part 1
May 9th, 1999
A sniper misses his target. What's the biggie? 

Year To The Day

Tim Knight Part 1
May 12th, 1999
Shaw's on Earth for a year now...

Simple Thanks

Dennis Wellman Part 1
May 27th, 1999
And here they say average people can't deal with the real world...

Pantheon Rising

Mike Weyer Part 1
Part 2
May 23rd, 1999

Part 3
You'd think that people would learn to not always believe everything. But do they? 


Mike Weyer Part 1
June 2nd, 1999
Always the problems with lawyers....

For Valorous Conduct

Mike Weyer Part 1
June 6th, 1999
And so the conspiracy begins

Blast For The Past

Tim Knight Part 1
June 10th, 1999
A Slayerette punishes a criminal, and nobody appreciates it, though they haven't a problem with cold blooded murdering the likes of him. What's the justice?

Pizza Crusts

Anne Parnell Part 1
February 3rd, 1998 - June 12th, 1999
"Romeo's Pizza. How may I help you?"

Curses and Crumbs

Mike Weyer Part 1


Mike Weyer Part 1

Birthday Treats, Hellmouth Style

Mike Weyer Part 1
July 10th, 1999
A special present for a special friend.

Road Trip: Duet

Tenhawk Part 1
July 21st - 24th, 1999
After graduation Xander and Cordelia decide to get away from the Hellmouth and relax. BIG mistake.

Lost in the Darkness

liptonrmPart 1

Soul Searching

Tim Knight Part 1
August 1st, 1999
After an ass kicking and near loss makes them want to know more about the strange bond they share, the Soul Sisters end up finding out just why that nickname is so appropriate.


Mike Wolfe  Story
August 1st, 1999   

"A fouled up rescue mission leads the Wanderer's Little Brother to a 'Galaxy Far,Far, Away' where he rips a Sith Lord's careful plans to shreds, discovers he is a force user then returns to Earth with Allies for Section 7"


College Blues

Tim Knight Part 1
August 19th, 1999
A young woman arrives in Sunnydale and reflects on her impending college education. Of course, you know what happens to daydreamers in Sunnydale..... they get bailed out by one of our beloved heroes.


Tim Knight Part 1
August 25th, 1999
Who would want to make vacation on the Mouth of Hell?

Calendar Girls

Harvey Part 1
June 10th, November 1st, December 1st
VAN needs money. Any ideas? Or how to summon the Ripper.

The Chosen One

Tim Knight Part 1
September 4th, 1999
Of the origin of Slayers

Sounds of Silence

Mike WeyerPart 1
in which a deaf person is queen in the valley of the hearing

Life and Lies

Mike WeyerPart 1
September 1999

SG Shield 

Part 1
A snake among the starsPart 2
Part 3


Outlined by TimPart 1
New group meet Scoobies

Standing Proud

Tim Knight Part 1
November 9th, 1999
The past comes haunting a certain Slayer, again! But who says it always has to be a bad thing?

A Tale That Had To Be Told

Steve Pantovich Part 1
January 2000
Four people who mind their own business are exposed to real dragons... but don't expect them to react to it.

Price Of Victory

Tim Knight Part 1
January 30th, 2000
Shaw has suffered a great loss

Maiden's Sword

Harvey Part 1
Willow learns something new about her sword

Fatal Four Way

Tim Knight Part 1
April 2nd, 2000
We take a look at a vampire's attack, the close call of the victim, the ass kicking of the vampire, hasty explanations about what just happened, and rewards for the heroines, all from the victim's point of view.


Mike Wolfe Part 1
June 2000 Part 2

Wizards And Women

Tim Knight Part 1
August 11th, 2000
During the biggest gaming convention of the year, a somewhat famous author gets some guests at his home; some expected and some not so expected.

Scooby Snacks 2001

Tim Knight Part 1
August 20th, 2001
Some more Short Stories...


Part 1

 Beyond the Silent Knight

Michael WeyerPart 1
 In loving Memory of Tim Knight 
 March 11, 1970  to June 28th, 2003