Section 7 - Mission Files


 Alternate Realities



Scooby Snacks

Mike WeyerPart 1
Several tales about the background events in the Wishverse. 

Treats and Tricks

Mike WeyerPart 1 NC-17
October 31st, 1997
Spike comes to Sunnydale

A Quarry Found

Mike WeyerPart 1 NC-17
September 14th
The past of the Pretender in the Wishverse

Be Careful What You Wish For

Tim Knight Part 1
December 7th, 1998 (Wandererverse)


Part 2
In the aftermath of Witch Hunt and Hunter In Dark, some new players (and old favorites) arrive in town, and the Scooby Gang must decide who's who (or who's what) in a game of cat and mouse. Then, things get really interesting, as Steve St. Wolf and Buffy Summers must assemble a team to jump into another reality where neither Steve St. Wolf nor Buffy Summers ever came to a quiet little town on the Hellmouth Part 3
Part 4 NC-17
Part 5

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Mike WeyerPart 1 NC-17
Christmas 98
Smut m/f, m/f/f, f/f

Nudging Things Along

Mike WeyerPart 1 NC-17
January 10th to 12th
Mulder and Scully deal with meeting their counterparts.

Wishes and Desires

Mike Weyer Part 1 NC-17
January 17th, 1999


Part 2
The past comes hunting. And it won't stop for anything. Or will it?

Class Reunion, Hellmouth Style

Tim Knight Part 1
March 2nd, 1999  
One of the Scoobies' classmates has gone into a new line of work, but has undergone some… changes.


Mike Weyer Part 1
April 2nd, 1999
Payback's a Bastard comes out in the open

When You Wish Upon a Stargate

Mike Weyer Part 1 NC-17
May 28th, 1999
When Tok'ra mess with Tau'ri love lives...

What If?

Immortal Kombat

Mike WeyerPart 1
April 99 - Wandererverse
What if the story Immortal Kombat would actually cover all the characters in Sunnyhell at that time?

Scooby Snack: Mystery Meat

Tim KnightPart 1
September 98 - Wandererverse
What if Shaw's arrival in Sunnydale had happened a little bit different?